Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+
Marvel Entertainment
You’ll like her when she’s angry.
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, an Original series from Marvel Studios, starts streaming August 17 on Disney+.
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  • Istebrak

    Shrek 5 looks great

  • Izzy Aran
    Izzy Aran

    I see Fiona is getting her own standalone movie now. She looks great

  • Bosco Pappas
    Bosco Pappas

    The humor in She-Hulk’s comics was some of the best stuff about the character. In John Byrne’s run she frequently broke the 4th wall and made fun of the readers of the comic. I hope they include some of that here. But the CGI has GOT to be cleaned up. It’s a multi-billion dollar company. Spend some money!

  • Liam Davidson
    Liam Davidson

    They literally just made her green, made her 6’5” or something and called it a day 😂😅😭

  • Aaron Shibu
    Aaron Shibu

    the trailer really says alot on how a woman lead movie or series would have: Best friends, scenes at a bar, them getting drunk, the lead's dating life, literally having a line every 5 mins either on the woman's looks or their attitude.

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R

    “You’ll like her” that’s too big of a statement for me.

  • TrueUnderDawgGaming

    It's great to see Hulk jumping again

  • Steam 187
    Steam 187

    We all know Matt Murdoc is the best attorney.

  • Jesse A
    Jesse A

    Someone pointed out that the reason Hulk still looks so good and She Hulk does not is because Hulk was able to have grain and facial hair textures that gave it a bit more realistic looking detail. She Hulk cannot grow facial hair and doesn't usually have a lot of grain except for during fights where she would get bruised and dirty. This is also the same reason that Thanos looked so good because of the natural grain and the texture of his unnatural chin. There is also the issue that She Hulk looks a lot more human than Hulk and Thanos. Humans are really good at spotting when something on the human body just isn't right, whether it would be plastic surgery or if it's LITERALLY animated. This task was honestly doomed from the start and all I am really hoping for is that the show is well written and funny.

  • Sean Adams
    Sean Adams

    She Hulk comics were hands down some of the funniest comics I read as a kid. Decent action, but mostly hilarious. If this is half as funny they'll have a winner.

  • Рустамжон Ильясов
    Рустамжон Ильясов

    The main secret and intrigue in this series is the secret of high-quality, elastic clothes that fit the figure. For some reason, when it transforms into a green form and the body grows, the clothes do not tear and do not come apart at the seams.

  • Logan Thooft
    Logan Thooft

    After watching this episode of Ms. Marvel, I've come to the realization that the people at

  • Xavier

    I really want Banner or hulk to have much more screentime because they're my fav character. And I wish this show will be like Moonknight. Unexpected, with good comedic timing

  • Hardy Silver
    Hardy Silver

    First it was Sonic, now it's She Hulk. I am sure they'll fix that when they finish the whole filming process.

  • Chris Koren
    Chris Koren

    The new 16 bit CGI looks amazing!

  • Kris Cook
    Kris Cook

    Seriously, if there is no cameo by Nelson, Murdock, and Page, I'm gonna turn green. My life will not be complete if Charlie Cox and Tatiana Maslany do not get at a scene together. Two of my most favorite actors/actresses.

  • Jarett Fisher
    Jarett Fisher

    Wow I was highly skeptical...but this Mask sequel looks great!

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    I miss Bruce Banner. I'm expecting this series to explain why he is back in his human form in Shang Chi's end credits

  • Jamie Costa
    Jamie Costa

    The coolest thing was that Tim Roth cameo

  • W/Healthy Life
    W/Healthy Life

    This definitely falls in the uncanny valley