Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+
Marvel Entertainment
You’ll like her when she’s angry.
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, an Original series from Marvel Studios, starts streaming August 17 on Disney+.
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نظر: 44 676
  • RapisGames

    I'm a little worried about the CGI for her, but outside of that it looks like it is going to be an absolute blast of a show. Can't wait!

    • Kevin M
      Kevin M

      Yea well most of us are not as easy as you!

    • Vincent Blin
      Vincent Blin

      @S. J. They're just 2 shapes like a cartoon. It looks bad...

    • Ron Platz
      Ron Platz

      yeah the CGI is a step down from the movies. Not Green Lantern bad but still....

    • Rupiner Gill
      Rupiner Gill

      @Pete R lol didn’t even notice that lol

  • Justin Rudy
    Justin Rudy

    Loved the comic series. Look foward to seeing what this is all about. Hopefully the CGI is cleaned up before it is released.

    • Twisted Lain
      Twisted Lain

      Same, there are some pretty iffy parts in the trailer with the CGI but they still have a few months to polish it up more. I love seeing the superpowered in "civilian" roles and the scene of her in the courtroom about to fight caught my eye right way! Even the superpowered need lawyers so I think this will be a fun ride! She will take no crap from her clients! lol

  • tara balaoing
    tara balaoing

    I loved her in Orphan Black!!! Can’t wait to see her as She Hulk!!! 😍

    • stegomon

      She is going to be the only reason why my wife and I are going to watch this. We are big fans of Tatiana Maslany.

    • Daniel N
      Daniel N

      She was real good actress in that show

  • Mider-Span Man
    Mider-Span Man

    Looks like a colorful rendition that will be heavily pulled from the comics! I really wish the Hulk's situation would get settled so that he can have his own movies and shows doing his own thing.

    • Mider-Span Man
      Mider-Span Man

      @Jello Jiggler I know and that's why I said I hope they get their whole situation settled because they have with every other character. If they can make a Hulk show I wonder why they are not, or have not done so.

    • Cactus Malone
      Cactus Malone

      @Austin Morrison the Incredible Hulk wasn’t even bad

    • Jello Jiggler
      Jello Jiggler

      As I recall Universal Pictures co-owns rights to the hulk, including solo movie rights, so marvel can't make their own hulk movie. They CAN make a hulk tv show, and I assume that's why we're getting a she hulk tv show co starring the hulk. It's kind of like the Sony situation with spider man.

    • Sharp Man
      Sharp Man

      @Austin Morrisonagree I hop so he was originally my favorite

    • Austin Morrison
      Austin Morrison

      @Sharp Man I’m sure they can make a new prequel movie about before he met the Avengers. I’m sure people would buy it considering the actor is different. Wouldn’t mess with continuity.

  • igor barroso
    igor barroso

    I'm so happy with this trailer. Finally they will continue the Fiona story in this new Sherek movie.

    • The All-Use Channel
      The All-Use Channel


  • Tanjim The Tech Guy
    Tanjim The Tech Guy

    CGI looks weird but as a hulk fan I am actually pretty hyped for this. Hope this is not the finished product.

    • Boseibert

      @Fedaygin well. Of course, How i would compare to Fiona If i haven't seen shreck before? But her tone of Green also reminds of the First Hulk, and her skin seems like It lacks details, looks too smooth. It kinda hits the uncanny valey feeling for me. In some scenes more than others. And about her beeing muscular, at First i thought that in the comics she was Allways way more muscular, but gave a look tô remind myself and sometimes she ain't THAT muscular in the comics. But even moon Knight didn't had the best CGI.

    • Fedaygin

      ​@Boseibert "but on She-Hulk reminds me of Fiona from shrek"

    • ultra slasher
      ultra slasher

      @hindustani bhau fan club bruh in this dudes comment 💀

    • ultra slasher
      ultra slasher

      @Briyu IF you know what i meant then why try to correct me -_-

  • Jr. Over 360
    Jr. Over 360

    Cool this trailer of Hulk-a

  • Matt Perciful
    Matt Perciful

    Seeing hulk run away is genuinely one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen

  • Elijah Hawkins
    Elijah Hawkins

    Hopefully, they can put a costume under her clothes and that way we can finally see her clothes shred and rip off as she transforms

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht

    im glad that they are keeping in the humor of the comic and it's great that she is representing the abomination

  • JayShockblast

    Looking forward to this. CGI looks a little weird but whatever I get it. As long as it's fun I'll suspend my disbelief.

    • the truth
      the truth

      @Mazel tov Disney didn't get to be a multi billion dollar company by throwing money away over producing a show that is never going to give them a return on their investment.

    • PolarBearFromNY

      It's not going to be

    • Mazel tov
      Mazel tov

      @Hey It's Eleven Multi billion dollar company how is money still an issue and they always make crazy profit

    • Freight Train
      Freight Train

      @T'Proxy You are right about the Hulks being slighted, but it's not about 'lighthearted themes'. The avengers kill people. Thanos destroyed half the Universe and everyone still knows it happened. Nick Fury got his chest blown open in one of the most serious, adult themed movies you'll ever see(Winter Soldier)'s NOT about Disney overruling Marvel - thats not an issue since Age of Ultron where they got heavy handed and Marvel backed them off, for good. It's about them not having rights to Hulk, so they treat him as a joke/2nd tier character. Jennifer? Probably won't get the same treatment because the rules are different, and she's a woman so she will get some preferential treatment for sure. But we will see. I will believe Marvel got the Hulk rights back(a longstanding rumor) and that there is actually a Hulk movie in pre-production(the newer rumor), when I see actual evidence to that fact. Until then, I will stay a long time Hulk fan who got underserved by an MCU who seems to have NOT underserved EVERY OTHER FAN IN EXISTENCE. lol

    • the truth
      the truth

      @Soma Higashikata I've seen a lot of people speculate that the CGI isn't finished yet, which I find to be a dubious assertion. Disney has no incentive to release a trialer that is meant to drum up interest in a product using partially rendered CGI that, as we can see in these comments, actually puts off potential viewers. That's just bad marketing.

  • Willcheetah

    I mean not to be too critical or anything but I mean, it looks alright. I’m glad to see hulk again but a lawyer who turns into a female version of the hulk? I mean I’ll have to wait to see the show


    I think she looks fine to me. Also i think they did the same thing on previous film for Avenger endgame for Hulk texture render. It's just this time we can clearly see those texture a bit brighter. And also bcs no wrinkles like hulk did.

  • Mike Basil
    Mike Basil

    Tatiana is an amazing actress. I admire her ambition and courage in taking on the role of She Hulk.

  • Terry Beal 2
    Terry Beal 2

    I can't wait! This looks like it's going to be good. 😁

  • Tomographic

    This looks so fun! Mark's Hulk CGI is clearly much better compared to She-Hulk (yikes) but fingers crossed Hulk gets somewhat of a redemption since he's been pretty AFK in the MCU up until now and I'm counting on some surprises! 🤞

    • Dustydude

      @BLAHBLAHPOCALYSPE? you’ll watch anything won’t you

    • Malia

      @Alphonsus Ho Exactly! I don’t like this design at all, she should have more muscular features too.

    • Ahmed Al-kashef
      Ahmed Al-kashef

      @Tech Riot LOL, Annihilation starts all women cast and it was one of the best sci-fi movies in the past years so who's is crying now?!

    • Last

      jar jar binks legit was better than this

  • Chuck Green
    Chuck Green

    Love Hulk! Excited seeing more of him.

  • IdriKo

    Marvel has always done a good job on their movies and TV series. I already know that I will enjoy this show even without watching the trailer. I know you know what you’re doing. I trust you.

  • Conscientious Observer
    Conscientious Observer

    The look reminds me of the animated shehulk from the 90’-early00’s can’t wait to see it

  • Matipedia

    I hope they do a Sonic The Hedgehog on this one. The thing looks fun but the CGI just isn't doing it for most people.

    • noliver guy
      noliver guy

      they even used the final trailer sonic 2 music

  • TrueUnderDawgGaming

    It's great to see Hulk jumping again

    • Kit Fisto
      Kit Fisto

      @PRO aQUB ratio

    • Kit Fisto
      Kit Fisto

      @SparrowIZ get ratiod

    • Kit Fisto
      Kit Fisto

      @SparrowIZ people like you have genuine issues dude stop crying so much about things in life

    • Fake Smile
      Fake Smile

      @techno639 Louder for the people in the back

    • ja sk
      ja sk

      I don’t think anyone expects shehulk to be male. Pushing identity politics is though. Based on Disneys current views I’m sure it will be pushing an agenda instead of just being entertaining.

  • Nick Otto-Bernstein
    Nick Otto-Bernstein

    That looks sick! I’m pumped!

  • Lunar Gaming
    Lunar Gaming

    I'm a little worried about the CGI for her, but outside of that it looks like it is going to be an absolute blast of a show. Can't wait!

  • Nebulia

    where are her muscles? shes she-hulk not she-yoga instructor

    • John Daniels
      John Daniels

      You must not be familiar with the character. A quick Google search should fix that. Jen has ALWAYS been hot 🔥 looking. Except for a more recent run, which failed, miserably.

  • Stacy! T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
    Stacy! T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    This is the right mix of hilarious and totally out there! And having both Hulks and Abomination in one series, that's pretty exciting!

    • Ecstatic Wind
      Ecstatic Wind

      @forever tipsy i figured lol

    • forever tipsy
      forever tipsy

      @Ecstatic Wind its a bot

    • Ecstatic Wind
      Ecstatic Wind

      did u forget what account u were in? lol

  • Xavier

    I really want Banner or hulk to have much more screentime because they're my fav character. And I wish this show will be like Moonknight. Unexpected, with good comedic timing

    • y d
      y d

      @EvangelPlays yea like scarlet witch has more screentime then dr strange

    • Next Anvil
      Next Anvil

      @EvangelPlays she hulk sucks. We already have the hulk. Why bother making a complete copie of him. She hulk is a joke

    • Stealthy

      @Surya Chandra because Wong isn't the main character 😝

    • Surya Chandra
      Surya Chandra

      @Stealthy even Wong did many fights. Why wasn't the movie named as Wong and Wanda?

    • Sir Mother-Foquin Dansbury IV
      Sir Mother-Foquin Dansbury IV

      I've been seeing a whole lot of you lately

  • Michael Greenlaw
    Michael Greenlaw

    CGI looks like it needs to be improved, but I'm looking forward for what this series could deliver!

  • June🍆𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶le💋
    June🍆𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶le💋

    I hope if we do see Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in this series , I hope it’s not just for a cameo here or there , he needs to be part of the story in any given way & rumors are saying he could appear in a few episodes as a guest star

  • Lesli 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me
    Lesli 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me

    I hope if we do see Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in this series , I hope it’s not just for a cameo here or there , he needs to be part of the story in any given way & rumors are saying he could appear in a few episodes as a guest star

  • Equitelo

    I'm expecting alot from Abomination, even though Wong beated him🤩

  • Moxie Cillin
    Moxie Cillin

    I'm a little worried about the CGI for her, but outside of that it looks like it is going to be an absolute blast of a show. Can't wait!

    • Lukas Hardy
      Lukas Hardy

      @Jeffrey Suen yah and why not just body double, possibly just changing the scale digitally. Maybe they did that but just cleaned it up way too much. It always looks glowing because natural light and how color is produced is intricately dynamic. Anything 3 dimensional that is just "filled" pops like its entirely emitting the color.

    • Moxie Cillin
      Moxie Cillin

      @Mr. Teton incorrect, I am the original. "RapisGames" is a Russian account, just check some of their other comments, the grammar doesn't match.

    • Tmoddrummer 35
      Tmoddrummer 35

      Nice fake account

    • Mr. Teton
      Mr. Teton

      Stolen comment

    • Adam Klase
      Adam Klase

      @icey diablo since this is bigger budget Disney MCU level series I feel like "fine" shouldn't be involved here. Just top notch. Shows like Arrow can have "fine" CGI tho.

  • ADDY Pro
    ADDY Pro

    I love Tatiana Maslany!!! She 's gorgeous !!! I fell in love with her in the TV series Orphan Black !!! She's a great actress.)))

  • Skiski

    Not sure how I feel about this one.. but non the less it looks great!

  • Mr Gamer Smith
    Mr Gamer Smith

    I'm very excited to see how the show goes, but us as marvel fans really need to see some improved CGI bc it looks very cartoony to me.

  • Ian Krauss
    Ian Krauss

    To quote the invisible man, "you are horrifying to look at"

  • Gamerstrix

    This looks so different and unique! Excited for this! and I hope this wasn't the final CGI as it looks unfinished.

    • John Irving
      John Irving

      ​@Regula H and, what way.

    • Dustydude

      @John Nelson TMF yes, he is.

    • flint studios
      flint studios

      @Karan Kapoor thats true however by this point in production they would have atleast a few shots fully complete so why not show those?

    • lorrence castro
      lorrence castro

      Just because it's different or unique doesn't mean it will be good. She Hulk is going to be bad 110%.

  • UtkarSH KumAR
    UtkarSH KumAR

    I remember hulk and she hulk stories being much darker in cartoons and comics. Like Hulk's classic villian with big mind(i forgot his name) always trying to capture Hulk and make him angrier to get more destruction anc so 9n. It was fun. But they really have made Hulk's story too ligh hearted in mcu. I hope hulk gets a r rated movie, like horror type

    • John Daniels
      John Daniels

      The Leader.

  • 1MightyR

    Looks cool enough. I'll check it out!!👍

  • Capitão Hank Murphy
    Capitão Hank Murphy

    I Like it. Seems the same tone of John Byrne and Dan Slott's runs.

  • Poseidon Gaming
    Poseidon Gaming


  • 100k challenge with 0 video
    100k challenge with 0 video

    I'm a little worried about the CGI for her, but outside of that it looks like it is going to be an absolute blast of a show. Can't wait!

    • Harris O.M.O
      Harris O.M.O

      Take a shot every time you see this comment copy pasted by a bot

    • Gabe Logan
      Gabe Logan

      @Myke Day You're missing the point. $25 million is standard budget for high concept prestige streaming shows. The Crown and Star Discovery had seasons with $150 million seasons. Stranger Things, GOT prequel, and the LOTR had $30 million episodes with budgets ranging 20-30 million. Marvel films are typically in the $200-300 range (less frequently 300-400) not counting $100-150 million for marketing. And you're forgetting the HUGE part of these streaming shows budget is used to buyout actors and other participants financial stakes so the streaming services won't have to pay them in perpetuity.

    • Nat Peterson
      Nat Peterson

      You guys are talking to a bot right now, they just copied a comment

    • Danni Edwards
      Danni Edwards

      Ye doesn't look the best looks animated cartoon not a live action fiom

  • cousinit799

    Okay, I'm officially hyped. 🤗

    • Gorilla Cookies
      Gorilla Cookies

      Wow when the wind blows real hard does that get you hyped too?

  • Brando

    Look, that final scene awakening something within me & Daredevil probably making an appearance is cool & all, but I desperately need to see more of Frogman after that very brief shot of him.

  • Isolated_Wonder

    The cgi is spotty but I'm pretty excited for this! Im looking forward to seeing which direction they take with this

  • Minahil Baig
    Minahil Baig

    Love it! ❤💖😍

  • SonicHaXD

    Glad Banner will be in the show too XD

    • Tz2

      and i thought she hulk will be in other universe

    • Anthony Lucero
      Anthony Lucero


    • Stephen Blankson
      Stephen Blankson

      @Cqllel also you can't replace the HULK he is one if Stan Lee greatest creations

    • Stephen Blankson
      Stephen Blankson

      @Cqllel they won't be replaced they will just get less screen time in upcoming movies the soon enough screen time will be shared evenly

    • Stephen Blankson
      Stephen Blankson

      @AndroGamerz world War hulk the illuminati are deeply involved and get a beating from hulk in the end

  • Mike t
    Mike t

    love how they give the husband a beta personality

  • Jacob Gwiazdowski
    Jacob Gwiazdowski

    after great success of the Batwoman I simply cannot wait any longer!

  • Denis Ghior
    Denis Ghior

    This ain’t She-Hulk, this She-rek with that animation

  • Yousif TUT
    Yousif TUT

    is this David Otunga? isn't he a hydra agent ??

  • Fabss

    I'm a little worried about the CGI for her, but outside of that it looks like it is going to be an absolute blast of a show. Can't wait!

    • K I R A
      K I R A

      @John Smith actually now that i think about it, cgi in wandavision was p f-ing great too!

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      @2Many Hobbies it's not always going to be better than

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      @K I R A nobody's talking about that

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      @Larniie Playz have you ever seen a goddamn TV show that you CGI and then saw a movie with CGI

    • Harry Wilkinson
      Harry Wilkinson

      Wow a fabulous copy and paste answer, great job bud!!


    This is an insult to women 🤣 Oh, you want to be a Hulk too? Let me just paint you green 🤣🤣🤣

  • kurtinator9

    This looks awsome I cant wait to watch it

  • FilmFreak

    The series looks fun! But I don't get why they released this trailer, while the series is still in post-production. They should take their time to make the CGI for She-Hulk as perfect as possible. I mean we have a lot of new Marvel and Star Wars shows to watch anyway. It's def. ok, when the show premieres later.

  • Swoosh


  • Our Kind of Entertainment
    Our Kind of Entertainment

    With all of the multiverse hopping, god-tier characters, variants, etc. it feels good to get a more 'grounded' story on the main MCU earth for a change!

    • Marshall Arts Entertainment
      Marshall Arts Entertainment

      Bruh... it's two gamma powered beings that have battled aliens/Gods/Thanos, etc. With "god-tier" strength. There is nothing "grounded" about it.

    • craigime

      how much did they pay you to write this

    • никогда тебя не брошу
      никогда тебя не брошу

      @Stefantius they're talking about she-hulk

    • Febreeze


  • Maison Fuller
    Maison Fuller

    Dudes when Peter Parker struggles to maintain a romantic, professional and superhero life: 😃 Dudes when a woman struggles to maintain a romantic professional and superhero life: 😠

  • sumit wankhede
    sumit wankhede

    Amazing....thanks to Marvel studios that provide us Such kind of movies...🙏😊

    • sumit wankhede
      sumit wankhede

      @Aaru la thanks for watching and Subscribe to my channel 🙏🙏

    • Aaru la
      Aaru la

      Hii Sumit wankhede your channel is also good About india and related things..I Subscribed your Channel 😊

  • Beato

    Not gonna lie, this is the first trailer that hasn't made me run to the calendar to mark its release date.

  • Lowkey King
    Lowkey King

    I hope we get a good movie and not another wonder woman movie that tries to make it seem like women are not in powering

  • Fast Lane Gaming
    Fast Lane Gaming

    She just carried the date, literally 😂

    • The One & Only
      The One & Only

      She def pegged him

    • Al Network
      Al Network

      "Don’t hurt him.”

    • Your Waifu Sucks
      Your Waifu Sucks

      Gosh, I wish that was me.

    • Last

      like regular hulk is gonna carry this debacle

  • Ooze Bros
    Ooze Bros

    I have been wanting a series for Soooooooooooo long with She-Hulk.!!!! YES :D - But the CGI is a little off, hope there's some fixing before final release :)

  • RyoNotRio

    Would love to see the like to disklike ratio on this unfinished as hell trailer

  • Fjorzek

    I’m not much of a Marvel stan so I don’t know much about this woman but literally she’s just the same woman but green-skinned. Like… what? Not even buff or strong-looking or anything, just slightly taller and supposedly stronger. (Edit:) Decided to look her up, and looking at the comic covers I’m seeing, I will say they actually did a great job representing how she looks in the comics. A pretty lady who just happens to have hulk strength.

  • Delta Tango
    Delta Tango

    Imagine 0:50 was the kind of training you do during your Child hood just for simply opening the Freaking Door 😂😂😂😂


    This is the right mix of hilarious and totally out there! And having both Hulks and Abomination in one series, that's pretty exciting!

    • Oliver Withers
      Oliver Withers

      @Jarrett Reynolds female Thor was in the comics and she isn’t quite female Thor, (not as strong as who Thor is becoming), she-hulk I don’t think will be a main character and the real hulk will overshadow her. We may have a female Hawkeye but the person Hawkeye is becoming is 10x as strong as Hawkeye (Ronin one of the most badass heroes in the comics). And Obviously we have another black widow. The only one I am really against as “wokeness” is Ms Marvel as they screwed captain marvel up so much that they can’t even use her anymore (essentially a walking plot hole) and Ms Marvel will probably go the same way. (Spoilers for multiverse of madness below) Scarlet witch was the villain of the movie and she is killed in the end, America Chavez while strong was completely over shadowed by Steven being badass, not to mention strange becomes even stronger at the end of the movie and they introduced his student and wife from the comics.

    • Jarrett Reynolds
      Jarrett Reynolds

      @Oliver Withers well the CGI is crap and it got terrible reviews on that alone and now we got a female Thor, She hulk, another Captain marvel, Hawkeye, another black widow, scarlet witch headlined over dr strange in his own movie not to mention more all female avengers and heroes soon. That’s why it’s woke crap and people call it the M-She-U.

    • Dead Channel
      Dead Channel

      @Razorsfury I mean not really lol. I do like more stuff than marvel.

    • David Sultan
      David Sultan

      @Jayden Aiken DC are done


    i had so much fun with 2 minute clip, i love this already

  • Grimmie

    It looks like such a fun show, I hope that it'll actually be. >:c

  • RememberRox

    0:50 Love that scream though!

  • Demarcus Q
    Demarcus Q

    You know you can’t just add thumpy startlingly intense music and think that’s what’s gettin everyone pumped up for this new movie ☠️ I think Marvel died with its pops it’s over, the shindig is up.

  • Chaitanya Dancer
    Chaitanya Dancer

    It looks really good and really fun. My only thing, though its really fun, is the CGI on jennifer is just a tiny bit off but maybe it'll get touched up if not eh it's whatever

    • Jordan J1601
      Jordan J1601

      @Blackleg Benji I think that skipping the rampage she hulk part is a good idea bc it'll just be her acting as the REAL Hulk even though we all know she's a very comedic character and with the REAL Hulk around, well....😒

    • Let's Get Lyrics
      Let's Get Lyrics

      early trailers usually have cheap CGI because they're usualy from early production. The touch up depends on the budget.

    • Joe Kiger
      Joe Kiger

      @Jesus Velueta 😂 I literally criticized one thing that tons of people having been pointing out is an issue

    • Jordan J1601
      Jordan J1601

      @Joe Kiger 🤣🤣🤣

    • Gabre

      @lakitha tolbert FAR too thin for her size. Her hands should not be bigger than her body is wide

  • Niall Webb
    Niall Webb

    Her CGI is so off, some shots seem more like The Mask. Especially when they do Hulk so right, I feel they’ve put in a lot of effort into making Hulk believable, his skin is convincing, the green too feels more like a green pigmentation than just a green guy, but her look feels more synthetic. They should carry some of that across from Hulk.

  • Ronnie Beaton
    Ronnie Beaton

    Ok, I'm sold, This is gonna be a total hoot.

  • MaxImpact

    Why think of a new hero with an original backstory, own goals, personality, failures and weaknesses when you can just copy an existing one and change it's gender?

  • Gil Gil
    Gil Gil

    Some of the CGI look's like a video game but I'm still very excited

  • Spectrum Cinema
    Spectrum Cinema

    *I’m just looking forward to see my favorite Lawyer show up again!*

    • You need a medic
      You need a medic

      @The BlackViperOg The crowd must pander!

    • The BlackViperOg
      The BlackViperOg

      @IRON GAMING so when I said “new character” in my very first comment I’m clearly talking about she hulk stop bringing daredevil everybody knows who he is it’s simple knowledge


      @The BlackViperOg no u didn’t make it clear at all buddy nowhere in ur comment said she hulk

    • Jason Brown
      Jason Brown

      Daredevil needs to stay far away from this shite.

    • The BlackViperOg
      The BlackViperOg

      @Matt Juckett omfg read my previous comments I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT DAREDEVIL

  • Klippikyt🇺🇦

    Watch Disney kill off Hulk and replace him with a female, this seems to be the new trend they’re doing 😔

  • Sree Harsha
    Sree Harsha

    Finally Hulk

  • Allan Allan
    Allan Allan

    Is there any thing more depressing than dating in your 30’s? Can relate that…

  • AJ Ceylan
    AJ Ceylan

    improve the CGI for her, other than that, im looking forward to this!

  • thewkovacs

    im glad that they are keeping in the humor of the comic and it's great that she is representing the abomination

    • Jackolantern_

      They've said it's primarily a legal comedy (but I assume it'll have generic superhero shenanigans in it too)

    • RePankow

      @rieq greg Like this wasn't peak cringe.

    • rieq greg
      rieq greg

      @Jefferson Uko usual MCU humour is cringe kid humour but she hulk humour is self awareness and fourth wall breaking like Deadpool, you can see the humour in this trailer is actually funnier than your average MCU joke because she hulk is comedy action comic.

    • light darksoul
      light darksoul

      @Jefferson Uko This style of humor, the kind that is in her comics

  • C Lyne
    C Lyne

    If you're gonna cake her with cgi at least give her some muscles too. The hulk is buff as hell but she has an hourglass figure???

  • Rufus Shinra Raid
    Rufus Shinra Raid

    Other than the CGI which is not as bad as pre-fix Sonic, but still bad, I think it's interesting and worth a chance.

  • Sam Holt
    Sam Holt

    Wow -- Fiona's backstory looks great!

  • Ginger beard
    Ginger beard

    The only thing I really like is that Tim Roth's Abomination is back.👍

  • 2 Left Thumbs
    2 Left Thumbs

    Very interesting to see both of Bruce's arms intact! I guess this show starts at some point after Bruce creates Professor Hulk, but before the final showdown against Thanos? Maybe we'll even get to see a little bit of him experimenting, and creating Professor Hulk?? EDIT: A lot of people are saying his arm just healed. In the Shang-Chi post credits he was back to being Bruce, with his arm still in a sling. I had assumed that meant he had both undone Professor Hulk, and that it was a permanent injury. I guess this instead means Hulk is gone, and he changes from Bruce to Professor Hulk only now?? That's disappointing.

    • Eddie Cruz
      Eddie Cruz

      Your thinking way into this. It just healed man

    • Ed Goldstein
      Ed Goldstein

      There's enough context in canon that Bruce/Hulk can pretty much heal through a nuclear bomb, he can manage to regrow a limb.

    • Mondo

      Anything Mark Ruffalo is garbage

    • Armitage Shanks
      Armitage Shanks

      If it was set before endgame then shehulk would've been there to fight thanos


      @Basil where the confirmation

  • Madhuri Ravi
    Madhuri Ravi

    Crazy how even in her transformed state she NEEDS to fit into a pencil skirt

  • rappadapp

    My mind is going all sorts of directions from the last few seconds of that trailer.

    • John Daniels
      John Daniels

      That's the point. 😉😆😆

  • Telli 22
    Telli 22

    honestly i dont even care about this movie, i just love watching Tatiana Maslany on screen, loved her since orphan black, shes so grate

  • James David
    James David

    CGI on Hulk perfectly fine.. She Hulk on the other hand.. Questionable.

  • Sushan Tandukar
    Sushan Tandukar

    I feel the CGI in the trailer is little weird but Im excited to see this series . I hope they make their best till it release.

    • redeyez

      @Braden Ferris Yeah, ever since Black Widow it seems the CGI in some scenes (not all) in the movies/shows is a little iffy

    • manikanta chinnari
      manikanta chinnari

      @Sushan Tandukar 🤣🤣🤣

    • jspaceman

      @Mahim Majee you act like people cared about guardians of the galaxy before it released 💀

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker

      It's very bad Don't sugarcoat it

    • Jaye Stewart
      Jaye Stewart

      @Sushan Tandukar 😭😭😭🤷🏾

  • GamPro

    I'm pleasantly surprised all the comments in here are "please improve cgi, I hope this is true to the comic" and not "BIG GREEN MOMMY" or "DEATH BY SNU SNU" or "GREEN IS THE NEW THICC". Either way, I look forward to see how things play out with Tim Roth's Abomination and Mark Ruffalo is involved so I am in.

  • Micah Potter
    Micah Potter

    I guess we need to start calling it the M-She-U

  • Tejas

    Wow, this is gonna be awesome. Fingers crossed for the CGI🤞🤞💜

  • Kevin Bissinger
    Kevin Bissinger

    I was hoping for something like Harvey Birdman: Attorney at law. and like... maybe? Cartoon would have been cool too

  • David Kang
    David Kang

    It looks good. I’m rooting for this one. My only issue so far is that she looks too cartoony especially compared to Bruce. It’s either the skin looks too clean or it’s the lighting. Chances are the effects will be fixed up more by the time it launches. EDIT: I should’ve said that I don’t hate the way she looks currently. I do like her design. Her body looks great. And her animations look good so far. She’s almost there.

    • AlphaCroissant Man
      AlphaCroissant Man

      @Bandaii notice how I said *"phase 4"* cause phase four is when they realized their fans will consume everything they feed them no matter the quality, so now they just don't even try with the cgi.

    • Bandaii

      @AlphaCroissant Man that’s bs😭 look at infinity war..

    • teresa rivi
      teresa rivi

      I wish they'd make her more muscular.. she looks stick thin next to Hulk

    • Riley Severn
      Riley Severn

      @AlphaCroissant Man So your making a bold claim that they don’t change the cgi off of…. Nothing?? Wow man your really smart😂 I cant wait for you to give your review on the next movie without seeing it

  • Marjo Supra
    Marjo Supra

    Man this looks amazing I totally am sure hyped for this bro I loooooooooooooooooooooove marvel BATCHEST

  • Oscar Pesantes
    Oscar Pesantes

    I feel like they should make her a taller and a little more muscle( just a pin drop)

  • Keira Odell
    Keira Odell

    Pretty excited for this show but I do share worries for the CGI and I’m also worried they’ll slim her down for sexual appeal. I just want to see my big green buff wife pls!!!!!😤

  • Jp Villacreces
    Jp Villacreces

    This is the quality we are settling for 😔