How Steph Curry Works On His Shot & Game! Exclusive Look On How The Best Shooter EVER Trains!
Steph Curry showing us how he works out and how he's perfected his shot over the years. Hope you learned something new from Steph today! This is from Steph's put on by Under Armour.
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  • Atano Desvarieux
    Atano Desvarieux

    Stephen is the greatest shooter of all time no debate.

    • david stokan555
      david stokan555


    • ٴ

      @stiles pulsar Bruh moment

    • Echo_Cloaked


    • OSR LEviTAte
      OSR LEviTAte

      There isn’t even a debate anymore

    • Ivan Esparza
      Ivan Esparza

      @The Answer what

  • Just Lee
    Just Lee

    Look at curry man out here doing great things for these current high school players of this generation. Inspirational stuff man. Nice!

    • rj


    • Young Money
      Young Money

      Made me smile made me happy NICE! 😁😁

    • Leek Bando
      Leek Bando


    • FBI we got em
      FBI we got em

      That’s my type of shot i did the same tho, the batteries died, but wait till june man

    • Zyion Smith
      Zyion Smith

      Aight flight

  • Oliver Grand
    Oliver Grand

    He's so humble. Letting everyone feel like they all at the same level. What an inspiring person.

    • Luis Baez
      Luis Baez

      @Eskil Boyesen y

    • Ralph Canlas
      Ralph Canlas

      guay ang sugs gsaehu

  • Crusty The Oz
    Crusty The Oz

    People always sleep on the fact that he’s also a world class playmaker and can finish at the rim. Yes he’s made layups over some of the toughest defenders and it shocks everyone everytime. Yet people don’t acknowledge how hard it is to make those

    • Erdbeeren_2004

      People can't acknowledge how hard those to make because Stephen makes it look easy.

    • Erdbeeren_2004

      People can't acknowledge hiw hard those to make because Stephen makes it look easy.

    • stonedog23

      No one underrates him as a finisher. He’s underrated in your own mind apparently. Of the smalls, only Kyrie finishes better and both use their handles to get them to where they can finish at the rim.

    • LuckyToe

      Its ok man its not that deep

    • Jackyy

      People were saying kyrie is better since curry isn’t as good at dribbling and finishing LMAO

  • Rafi Rahmani
    Rafi Rahmani

    He makes it look so easy that people forget how hard he’s worked

  • Memphis Mane Media
    Memphis Mane Media

    He literally saves all the energy in his arms.. No wasted motions. Even as he walks around he keeps his shoulders relaxed.

    • Justin

      y’all walk around with ur shoulders tensed🤨

    • Smug Ram
      Smug Ram

      his shoulder would get fucked up if he dont warm it up

    • Keanu Tavares
      Keanu Tavares

      Good observation bro didn’t notice until you said something

    • zohoro

      People walk around normally with their shoulder relaxed like whatbu talking about bruh -_-

  • SportGuyD(M)V

    That's insane shooting, Great muscle memory, and spectacular consistency🏀

  • Bradley Johnson
    Bradley Johnson

    Got inspired by this, went outside and shot 2 for 10 from the line. 🤦‍♂️

    • Ed Ross
      Ed Ross

      Bro, you beat me by one.😂

    • MrFranknitty718

      Lol lol too funny

    • Mr WFH
      Mr WFH

      @Snake Raji your words are difficult to understand Raji, are you understand English? Where do you live?

    • Snake Raji
      Snake Raji

      Focus on them brackets where the rim meets the net. Literally fall in love with that spot. Work at it hard the ball will find it’s way

    • Jonathan SHAW
      Jonathan SHAW

      Wondering how you doing now, a couple of years went by………

  • tightfoo

    Stephen Curry is an artist. Glad this is being recorded and will be in the history books. He’s a gliding effortlessly with his tool of choice. This is amazing and I hope all are able to appreciate how great this guy is.

  • dis pater
    dis pater

    The fact they still cant replicate him in a game shows how amazing of a shooter this guy is

  • Br uH
    Br uH

    There are only 2 things in the nba no one can argue about, and that’s Vince carter is the best dunker ever, and Steph is the greatest shooter ever.

    • disinary

      @Joe Stuehmer u good?

    • MasyWasy

      no cap

    • Kev De Kev
      Kev De Kev

      Lebron james is better😏

    • newbassplayer400

      @BasketballNerDZ nah Vince is the best. You know during the dunk contest he didn't pratice any of those dunks he just went out there and dunk.

    • Sherman Pearson
      Sherman Pearson

      Dr j

  • Jess The Investor
    Jess The Investor

    I always admired how Curry can make tough shots, even layups in the paint. Yea, they’re not worth as much as 3 pointers, but he finishes again dang near 7 footers consistently

  • Fatima Daniels
    Fatima Daniels

    I love love love this player. His height was never a problem for him and he used it to his advantage. This man has skills galore.

  • MasyWasy

    Stephen Curry has always been a role model and to see him do these things for high school kids that are on the rise is just mind-blowing to me. Thank you Steph for 11 GREAT seasons with The Bay.

  • Puro Machete
    Puro Machete

    Must be great for Steph to train and teach at the same time. I have to say he looked gassed though, but still making it look easy. I didn't like Steph in the beginning when he won his first 🏆, but now I have mad respect for his game and what he does in the community. He changed the game with his shooting.

  • Keagan McClure
    Keagan McClure

    It’s very nice to see Steph miss some even while practicing and no body guarding him considering he’s the best shooter in the world

  • Mack McCoy
    Mack McCoy

    Does anybody else watch Steph on the court and say, " How can somebody so good? " To me, he is the Jordan version of shooters. # Legendary status#

    • Yung Felix
      Yung Felix

      He practiced like hell, but it was worth it

    • MarQuavis KaMarri Dottery
      MarQuavis KaMarri Dottery

      Said the same thing.

    • Micah Wilson
      Micah Wilson

      Wow I thought I was the only one who said this spot on

  • Jesse Lee
    Jesse Lee

    Looks like moves I could do... then I tried it out and realized why he's in the NBA and I'm watching him on TV.

  • Dwight Howard
    Dwight Howard

    Are we all just gonna ignore how fast his release is? Look at Curry man



    • Jackyy

      It’s so fast but stable it’s like he’s the flash because everyone can shoot fast but they won’t have all the shot mechanics

    • Neil Uko
      Neil Uko

      That's it for me

    • Marco Trinidad
      Marco Trinidad

      Hey are u real howard

  • Joana J
    Joana J

    i love how hard working stephen is! Please, i hope all the effort and dedication he puts into basketball can receive everything good and all the sucess that he truly deserves! 💙💛

  • R J
    R J

    He's so efficient in his movements.

    • Guts

      @Marie k what about boban

    • Marie k
      Marie k

      Steph and Tim Duncan is a really humble players that ive ever seen.

  • JoseHealthFitness

    So inspirational. Being in the court with Steph making those 3s. I got motivated.

  • Hoony K.
    Hoony K.

    there's just a moment of touch that he has that is more precise than anybody else. So crafty.. you can't teach that in-the-moment instinct

    • stckmn 2
      stckmn 2

      @Real Creation appears it had not changed a single thing

  • Vivian Darden
    Vivian Darden

    Beautiful splashes, Steph! It's wonderful seeing you share your knowledge with the youth!


    Curry is so humble man glad to see a superstar like him down to earth to this level

  • John mark Benitez
    John mark Benitez

    Nico mannion just watching his future teammate Steph lol🤣


      Wiseman is there too wachung curry

    • Romeo Smith
      Romeo Smith

      Fyi, this much older than the date posted. They were not teammates at the time, this is nearly 3 years old. Some of the guys had just finished senior year of high school.

    • Mac McDonald
      Mac McDonald


    • Jimmy Peters
      Jimmy Peters

      @Mighty Mercer 👽🙇📍🚬📌😏🤔🍝🎯 tú "Cannon" #74 The Kylie at 3,516 SF represents an

    • Mighty Mercer
      Mighty Mercer

      And James


    Holy crap I miss an indoor hoop

    • Dey run
      Dey run

      Ive never been to one ;-;

    • Sthjyd Tjst
      Sthjyd Tjst

      Don’t say that, Jesus loves you bro, but I miss indoor too!


      Yessirrr, ball is life!!!!!!!

    • Drippy_J24 Dj24
      Drippy_J24 Dj24

      Me to but it’s bout to be cold so indoor gym need to open up

    • Hoop Smoke
      Hoop Smoke



    He legit did the same thing every step in the shooting drill that shows consistency

  • YeetLord69

    The way he shoots it and making them in looks way too easy 😆 Big respect to this legend

  • Crab lord
    Crab lord

    Imagine being so good that missing 2 in a row is a rare sight to behold

  • Frank kleo
    Frank kleo

    He really works hard..No wonder he shoots from anywhere 💯

  • Bfitzgerald82

    Gonna be great to see who of these kids become BIG names of their own and looking back to see them here working with Steph. So cool.

  • MXP

    Bro Steph Curry is so ELITE wtf. Y’all don’t see the way he’s movin like he makes it look way easier than what it actually is 👀

  • KingJKickz Haley
    KingJKickz Haley

    Watching him shoot is just wild

  • lonely mud crab
    lonely mud crab

    I swear the older you get, the more you start to appreciate shooting.

  • Saish Jethe
    Saish Jethe

    Look at Curry man, so inspirational.

  • Alexander

    I tried Curry's first move by myself ... Twisted my ankle out for season 😂💎😅

    • 2k Michael Jordan
      2k Michael Jordan

      How? Are you saying school season or season because there’s no school.

    • Washi わし
      Washi わし

      well corona will still be here so... XD

    • Deion E
      Deion E

      U garbo

  • Warrior Q
    Warrior Q

    I'm just watching the footwork.. My 2nd time ever watching this video all the way through and so much great teaching points in form shooting can be dissected bit by bit.. Great video.. Edited: Btw Curry will be one of the TOP 5 GOATs to ever play the game.. He pretty changed the game from power to finesse globally 🌎 Klay and Steph pretty much changed the whole League in a matter of 6 years and still in their prime.. KD will learn first hand back a full season that Kyrie is not the same Caliber Overall Point Guard Curry is.. And will never say it until the 30 for 30 when they're all retired that he regrets leaving the Bay Area.. If the warriors win couple more rings then consider KD to be envy no doubt

  • toobasaurus23

    The Master... passing on the knowledge to the next generation.

  • W. Hairston
    W. Hairston

    Look at Curry man, he's inspirational.

  • PressCAPLOCK

    Here before all the “Look at Curry man” comments

    • Mac McDonald
      Mac McDonald


    • playboii2cold

      I think I came late

    • Taconada

      @Frankie M look at curry man

    • Melon Boy
      Melon Boy

      The comment below though Lol

  • Manu Lukusa
    Manu Lukusa

    Humble and charismatic at the same time 👍. He is so good!!!

  • TicTac Zach
    TicTac Zach

    Look at Curry man, acts the same whether he misses or makes it.

    • KidCat

      He missed a lot more than he makes for his life so it’s won’t be surprised for him

    • seankeith fabro
      seankeith fabro

      “ Even The Big Boys Can’t Make em All. “ - Steph Curry Foot Locker UA Commercial

    • HUHBDH

      when you have made like thousands and thousands of shots tbh watching them go in isnt that suprising anymore its more suprising when you miss you are like wtf did i just do that

  • Lucas Ault
    Lucas Ault

    I love how they showed the misses so that people understand that everyone misses a shot here and there

  • steve young
    steve young

    This is why hes my favorite!!hes a beast!

  • 11RossLeronX

    7:40 that move Curry did is FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • the black joker🤡
      the black joker🤡

      Heard he's still lookin for

  • Mariah Lin
    Mariah Lin

    Best shooter in the NBA so far, his game is more than just elite shooting, but his shooting is extraordinary.

  • Ace Truth
    Ace Truth

    He is one of the best in the World right now ❤️ 💯 gotta give it to him

  • enru

    Steph and Tim Duncan is a really humble players that ive ever seen.

    • Prince DaKing
      Prince DaKing

      He's saying on the court

    • sawsaw lang
      sawsaw lang

      Westbrook too

    • Free Spirit
      Free Spirit

      Being humble and being emotionless are two different things people

    • Kwaku Frempong
      Kwaku Frempong

      LeBron? He built a whole school my g

  • Frank Nitti
    Frank Nitti

    A master at work!!!!🏀🏀🏀🏀🔥🔥...

  • Robert Hudson
    Robert Hudson

    I honestly think Steph should take more mid range jumpers especially in the playoffs

  • norvinzor

    We went from from Bad shot to Good shot in a span of 6 years

  • Danx Online
    Danx Online

    Nico manion and James wiseman from training camp with steph to actually being his teamate on the warriors.

  • K T
    K T

    a Legend for me already.. his shots are buttery shooting into the basket. Its to satisfying

  • Yannick Nguiffo
    Yannick Nguiffo

    Look at Curry man, so inspirational!

  • Caircn

    Look at Curry man. So inspirational!

  • Tommy G
    Tommy G

    He gets the benefits of both being an all time great and fit in with the crowd. If your staring at him it's watching him make baskets not being head n shoulders taller then everyone else

  • Shii Wahd
    Shii Wahd

    Even the GOAT misses, never give up 💯

  • Laura Garno
    Laura Garno

    Love how the realistically show the misses

    • Shifty _10
      Shifty _10

      @Q ! thats cuz its his double fool

    • Q !
      Q !

      @Shifty _10 he clearly missed in the video multiple times 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Shifty _10
      Shifty _10

      Curry doesn't miss noob.

  • BDawgDrizzle

    its more suprising when he misses than when he makes it lmao

  • Kirk Lazarus
    Kirk Lazarus

    One of the best role players scorers in NBA history.

  • Renzo Artates
    Renzo Artates

    Look at Curry man. So inspirational.

  • Chocolate Thunder
    Chocolate Thunder

    “”Curry just made me dance in my pants” 😂😂

    • Peace

      Chocolate Thunder huh🤣

  • Lil Henny
    Lil Henny

    I swear he can’t miss🔥🏀


    14:57 sick move but the double step in the middle makes it a travel. I guess that the pace at which he's doing it hides it well.

  • Martino Arioli
    Martino Arioli

    Funny how everybody focuses on tactics in team sports when reality is that the only thing a coach can really control is the individual development of the players

  • Gilly Goat
    Gilly Goat

    look at curry man inspirational stuff going to add this to my scoring package in june nice

  • kucing catycaty
    kucing catycaty

    Look at curry man,so inspirational

  • Mitchell Webb
    Mitchell Webb

    I love how Steph loves to coach. Kobe loved to coach.

  • X_ZComboxs

    Bruu this man really took flight move losing the ball so inspirational man 😆 7:34

  • Snbjojo

    Living proof ! You can never say curry ain’t suppose to hit that on 2k😂

  • SmplyMade

    Look at Curry man, so inspirational

  • Motorcyclesarecool 123
    Motorcyclesarecool 123

    Look at Curry man, so inspirational

  • Aaron Ye
    Aaron Ye

    你講得非常棒! 加油~希望繼續產出這麼優質的解析

  • ikato kiyazaki2
    ikato kiyazaki2

    Who else wants to do these shooting drills but has no one to rebound it for you😂

  • Louis Potter
    Louis Potter

    It must feel good when you’re just the same height as Stephen Curry or any other NBA players

  • aa1944

    I am impressed that coach can actually stand up

  • Ekow Agbonyitor
    Ekow Agbonyitor

    Epic video I just get confused about how Steph Curry shots 3s just like that. Like it's nothing he's insane

  • Beatsbykr rios
    Beatsbykr rios

    😭😭😭 “his shot really like that in 2k that’s crazy”

  • Don Dudley
    Don Dudley

    In my 65 years of watching basketball, he is the greatest shooter of all time, up to now.

    • Ivan Marshall
      Ivan Marshall

      They don’t let the Defenders touch you or bump you very much anymore, and the Centers and Power Forwards don’t block the Lane. However, he is an exceptionally skilled Shooter. Thank God for Draymond, so he can run free, and doesn’t have to set all of his teammates up, and get bumped while bringing it up the floor. Curry really is a Shooting Guard, in a Point Guard’s body. That’s why he ended up at Davidson, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, his Dad’s Alma Mater, none wanted him, because he was 165 pounds, and couldn’t play the Point. He still doesn’t, and they dumped Monta Ellis for Steph, but they didn’t win until Draymond replaced David Lee.