3-HOUR STUDY WITH ME🏡 / calm lofi / A Rainy Evening in Tokyo / with countdown+alarm
Abao in Tokyo

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  • 阿鲍Abao

    👋🏼 How do you like the music&vibe? 🏡 Please like this comment to let me know! 如果你喜歡這次的音樂,請點讚告訴我~👍 ⏱ 時間戳 | 目次| TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER 0:00 - INTRO 1:16 - session #1 26:16 - break 31:16 - session #2 56:16 - break 1:01:16 - session #3 1:26:16 - break 1:31:16 - session #4 1:56:16 - break 2:01:16 - session #5 2:26:16 - break 2:31:16 - session #6 2:56:16 - OUTRO

    • simin daraee
      simin daraee

      so good

    • Toán Học Thần Đồng
      Toán Học Thần Đồng

      I love this . Thank you for the video .

    • Micah's vlog
      Micah's vlog

      very relaxing and productive video!

    • Wu Angelyn
      Wu Angelyn


    • Ngọc Anh Phạm
      Ngọc Anh Phạm

      I like this music because it helps me sleep better 👍 tks

  • Chill with Vee
    Chill with Vee

    To everyone who's studying with this video: Checklist: • A bottle of water, at least 1liter. Your brain works better if it has enough water and drinking helps you to concentrate💧 • Your charger. You sometimes don't even notice that your device's battery is going down, so better have it plugged in all the time🔋 • Your headphones. You will be able to focus more with headphones, because it blocks background noises. Also, if it's a late night study session, you won't wake up anyone🎧 • a tea or coffee. Coffee keeps you awake, green or black tea can make you feel more awake as well.☕ • Your study/work stuff: your laptop/tablet/phone , a few pens, paper or whatever you need.⌨️ • Anything else you could need, what about a heat pad, a blanket, a good lamp, your pet so you have a study buddy 🐈 Reminder: After an hour, you should stand up and walk a bit around. Better stop the music or put on different music for the break. Open your window, even if it's cold outside. Fresh air will make it better, trust me. You could also lay your head down on your desk for ten minutes and listen to a podcast. Or, if you have to read a book, listen to the audiobook of it. You can also listen to the audiobook while doing another thing, that's even better than listening to music while reading the book. 📖 I hope y'all had a good day, if not, that's okay too. Remember to take care of yourself and try to get some sleep tonight 😴🧸

    • Revelation

      Thanks so much study buddy!

    • Subham Nayak
      Subham Nayak

      great idea

    • Sk. Naaz
      Sk. Naaz

      thank you so much bestiee!! hope you're having a wonderful day so far :)

    • 絆瓔Isla{Gachatuber}


    • mei

      u have no idea how much motivation this gave me and how much i absolutely NEED TO SEE THIS EVERYDAY

  • Space Code
    Space Code

    Coming back to this after knowing I passed all my exams, it’s giving me goosebumps. Thank you 💞 To who ever reads this, 2021-2022 is going to be our year to shine

    • koschwitz karl
      koschwitz karl

      @Far endlich vorbei und nicht mehr morgens aufstehen um bauphysik lernen

    • Far

      übermorgen bauphysik digga, gaar kein bock egal mal gucken grade flanken machen mal sehen.

    • PixelFlames

      Im going into development as a career this year so amped!

    • PC

      Ayo I have an extremely important exam coming up (college entrance exam for Medical College) and I've been really working hard for it. I'll update once I crack it. Also this video is useful for the last moment cramming up 😂

    • Volodymyr Mandryka
      Volodymyr Mandryka

      ​@Story Mode yeah... hello from the bomb shelter

  • Amanda Ross
    Amanda Ross

    I started this video feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I feel so much more lighter and relaxed now. Thank you

  • Divya

    This is the first video in the entire world that I can ACTUALLY study with and not get distracted due to music or video. You betcha, I subscribed. Idk if you'll even see this, Abao, but I owe you one, thanks :)

    • Tushar Chouhan
      Tushar Chouhan

      agreed +1

  • Maria Jesus Olivares
    Maria Jesus Olivares

    From someone who procrastinates a lot, this videos are everything. I've been able to really focus during all of my study sessions. Thank you for making this videos

  • Starling ASMR
    Starling ASMR

    this is absolutely beautiful!

    • prince thomas
      prince thomas


    • Reeshu Rajput
      Reeshu Rajput


  • Harmo

    I often procrastinate on my assignments whenever I am stressed. I feel like the work is impossible to complete. But working with a 25-minute session makes me feel like it is not too bad! The soft music in the background makes me relaxed and focused. I am now capable of finishing my work at late night. Thanks for creating this series!

  • Rita Devi
    Rita Devi

    I've been studying biology (genetics) for my exams in 4 days!!...I didn't even realise that I finished the entire chapter with so much concentration. The vibe and atmosphere created in the video really helped. Thank you so much.

  • Sallynium.s Study
    Sallynium.s Study

    reason why i love your study playlist is because the visual is warm and simple without any unnecessary element that others call it "aesthetic" which is actually pretty distracting lol... and of course, the amazing tokyo city view.. it makes me feel like i am in japan :"""")

  • HQblox

    this is literally so good. Srsly i never studied for 3 hours on a row but this video made me do it, you got a new fan and subscriber! thank you soooooo much abao!

  • Cate Waters
    Cate Waters

    I've been using this everyday to study and get my homework done. I have a bad habit of procrastinating, and then I get super distracted once I do manage to start my work. This video has been helping me stay on track, thank you!!

    • Rafał Ignaczak
      Rafał Ignaczak

      Same here, I use it when studying foreign languages 👍😁

    • Larissa Gessner
      Larissa Gessner

      Same for mee👍👍👍

    • Volodymyr Mandryka
      Volodymyr Mandryka

      Just use the "Pomodoro" technique like here) Planning your day/week, half-year goal. A bit of rest. Good workplace around and great community. These changed hole my life)

    • Atharva Haldule
      Atharva Haldule

      Same with me whenever I start programming and my work I get distracted easily but since I started doing it while watching this video I have improved very much.😊😊

    • nova

      wow could never be me

  • fgueva

    Can't study without this!!!! Love the smooth music too. Thanks for everything!!!

  • Jess Fallis
    Jess Fallis

    this feels so personal when you watch it :) i had my exam a week prior and didnt do as well as i wanted. now is the holidays and it is calmer than normal school weeks so im revisiting what i didn't know so that i can move on with peace of mind and a better grade next time 👍

    • Kwther Alsager
      Kwther Alsager

      @Mali_nga 🥺💕oh , i wish you better now , please never give up , your dream deserve everything you doing now 🤎 take rest and complete, fighting 🫶🏻🫶🏻

    • Mali_nga

      @Kwther Alsager Thank you. As someone feeling the exact same way, I think I needed this bit of encouragement. Your statement felt so personal. Thank you

    • Kwther Alsager
      Kwther Alsager

      It’s fine , please take rest and stop saying that you didn’t do enough 🤎 you did a great work so I’m proud of you, every thing will be fine

  • Higor Js
    Higor Js

    After a long period stuck and feeling bad, I decided to go back to do my TCC and finally finish my chemical engineering course. Your video is helping me a lot with concentration. Sorry if English is bad, I'm from Brazil and still learning. :)

  • Andreas Fitzner
    Andreas Fitzner

    After I tried out the first time, I recognize that this vibes are giving me the chance to focus on my work without procrastination. Good work, Abao. Thank you!

  • ARMY Forever
    ARMY Forever

    This was amazing!!!!!!!!!! I completed a whole chapter which was pending for a long time and also solved many questions and it was sooooo relaxing and my productivity increased so much. Thank you!!! :)

  • Veronika

    HI! I usually don't comment on youtube videos but I really wanted you to know that this video has helped me so so much!! I have watched many "study with me" videos on here but this is by far the best. The music, the vibes, everything is perfect! Thank you for helping me concentrate I am convinced that I've watched this video at least a 100 times haha keep going you're great!

  • Matt Johnston
    Matt Johnston

    Honestly surprised with how fast that went by. Studying for finals for nursing school and this really helped me focus. TYSM!!

  • Illy

    Fifth year of high school in Italy, studying for my final exam, these are going to be two harsh weeks and this is going to help me a lot Ty sm ✨

  • Tiktok Chill Mix
    Tiktok Chill Mix

    Imagine living in a world where everything looks like Studio Ghibli's art style.

    • Shazneen Fathima
      Shazneen Fathima

      You guys need to visit south africa for definition of eww

    • Avni Sadiku
      Avni Sadiku

      @S0ursk3 Japan isn't ew.It's actually a beautiful place with a amazing culture,you should come here in the Balkans u'll know what ew is,goggle the balkans and trust me thats ``ew`` (-from a fellow balkan)

    • ✨violet🦋

      just don't visit brazil lol but studio ghibli is a dream

    • Sleep, Study & Meditation Sounds
      Sleep, Study & Meditation Sounds

      @autee reign yes I know...

    • autee reign
      autee reign

      @Sleep, Study & Meditation Sounds studio ghibli art is literally japan. they didn't make japan look this way cause of studio ghibli films, they made studio ghibli films look like japan.

  • Revelation

    The lofi was wonderful, I saved some of the songs to my study playlist when I'm travelling.

  • Sunwi

    I've been having a hard time getting back into studying since I've been feeling burnouts but this really helped me out a lot!!!

  • Akiko

    I am currently studying Law. I am extremely stressed and this video and the music has seemed to have taken all my stress away. I'm really grateful for this video. Thank you for posting it

    • fart boy MAX
      fart boy MAX

      No way

  • Bonzai

    this is the first time ive felt productive in a long LONG time, thank you Abao! Lets keep it up, hopefully I can make this a more regular routine lol.

  • Leah's Fieldnotes
    Leah's Fieldnotes

    ahhh this is so beautiful and relaxing 😭

    • طـه عمــار
      طـه عمــار

      @阿鲍Abao 😂😂

    • Zeynep

      omggg leah it's so nice to see you here!

    • Zirah Suraya Balqis
      Zirah Suraya Balqis

      OMG Leah is here.... my two favourite channel. i'm cryin'

  • Cherry Airlines 체리
    Cherry Airlines 체리

    Every video that Abao posts has great music but this one is just way too special to me, I absolutely love this one! 💕

  • Dead Gamerz
    Dead Gamerz

    Finished with a ch in two sessions which is kinda good for me coz I can never do this without this session also it is raining in India today so this one is perfect for me..🙌🙌

  • Lois Koroma
    Lois Koroma

    I'm a sixteen-year-old law student, and this helps me to study effectively. I feel relaxed and I'm able to take in what is required of me in an examination. Thank you😇💗💋

  • Ruksinda

    Your videos are the only ones that always work on me and keep me motivated to go on,really appreciate them

  • Rebecca

    I am currently studying for my law exams at the end of this month and honestly I haven’t been able to sit down that long and focus on work for this whole semester but this video actually helps. I struggle a lot with procrastination tbh in every aspect of my life and I really want to do the things that I want to do but most of the time I can’t…I am currently on the second break in the video and already revised a big topic from contractural obligations (if anyone even cares lmao) I hope I can get more done today and tomorrow and the days and weeks after! I really want to ace my exams! edit: I did finish some more civil law topics that day (I worked about 4-5 hours with this video) didn’t do anything since but I am rooting for myself and for all the other people out there who just can’t focus and “just do” their stuff! Remember every single step no matter how small is progress even if that step means saying to yourself: tomorrow I’ll try again for the millionth time :) be kind to yourself and oh thank you for the good luck wishes I’ll update about my results here :) edit pt.2 bc why not: Currently watching this video for the fourth time I think and doing constitutional law rn which was a subject I struggled with the most but yea you heard that right WAS :) I am being productive today but wasn’t yesterday and for everyone who’s studying rn or rlly should be studying it’s okay if you don’t just keep trying! Also a little tip: don’t try to look for motivation that’s going to make you start studying because when you study something that does not 100% motivate you then you won’t be able to do it. This is coming from a law student were 80% of the topics covered are quite dry and can get boring or even too difficult at times. So what I am trying to say is an athlete doesn’t train every morning because he is such a motivated ray of sunshine but because it’s necessary for them to do it in order to pursue what they want to do or when we apply this to studying: yes maybe that topic rn is so hard or boring and you really don’t want to do it but you HAVE to,simply as that and no you don’t need to be WANTING to do it you just do it! just keep that in mind and make studying a habit/routine! Alright bye gtg study some more :) edit pt. 3 Honestly I have been in a productivity slump the past week, which wasn’t optimal…like at all…lmao bc I wrote my first two exams this week…yesterday and today. Yesterday’s one was fine it was us law and just a multiple choice test but today was criminal law…let’s just say I broke down in tears after submitting it. So my tip to you is write your exams cry about it and then move on. If you try to compare your answers to others it will just make you even more anxious about your results. I know it’s hard after a semester of work to be okay with whatever result that ur gonna get but that’s life and no the world will not end if you fail your class. So if I do fail one of my exams I’ll just retake them next semester and will have learned from my studying mistakes. Heads up people, everything’s going to be okay. I suggest you to listen to a song and read the lyrics to it: everythingoes by rm :) „It all passes, someday, for sure, certainly […] Just like the night leaves and the morning comes The spring leaves and summer comes Just like the flower wilts and the fruit grows ripe Everything needs to go through pain“ edit 4: Hello once again :) it’s been a while right…well since my last update Ive finished my exams and don’t have lectures at the moment but what I have is an essay to write which is killing me slowly day by day ( jk ) no but really getting things done is mentally exhausting especially when you don’t get them done. So if today you messed up and didn’t do anything what you were supposed to do heck so be it. Turn off you phone, go outside whatever you feel like doing even if its just crying in bed all night that’s completely okay. Pat yourself on your shoulders for how far you’ve come even if that „far“ is just being able to get out of bed each day. I know life is hard and I know everyone and their mother, especially your own mind keeps telling you: oh other people have it worse, just do what you need to do stop whining and so on…but guess what your feelings are valid and if you are feeling crappy about not being able to get up and study then FEEL it, I just think we as humans should be kinder to ourselves really…anyways I am starting to rant rn…if today has been crappy get your mind of what ur doing and try again tomorrow. I know you can do it! As for me I have less than a week left and I am not even half way done with my paper and honestly feeling so stressed out about this that i couldn’t even sleep last night so I felt very out of it today and did not get much done which only adds to the stress, I cried a lot and now I am feeling relieved and will just try again tomorrow. Log off and let it all out!

    • عبد وهاب Abdi
      عبد وهاب Abdi


    • Gabrielle Sudal
      Gabrielle Sudal

      I'm studying law too😭😭 it's soo much to learn and on top of being in multiple legal classes, I am currently doing accelerated 8-week classes so I really have to sit down and commit a lot of time. I'm hella adhd so the struggle is real lol. I am so glad I discovered lofi and pomodoro bc it has rly helped me to focus and get and stay in the zone, I'm able to get a lot of stuff done effectively now. Well, most of the time lol. I'm almost done with my associates degree in paralegal studies. I've already taken business law 1, litigation/civil procedures, real property/real estate law, contracts, estate law, and torts. I am currently in criminal law and family law. there's soo much to learn and law is so complex but it's interesting. i can't wait to get my bachelor's next and go from there. i'm already set to start fall 2022 for my bachelors planning to double major in law and business administration. good luck to u in all ur academic and professional endeavors! and props to u bc law is a lot lol

    • Cecilia Keeney
      Cecilia Keeney

      Thank you for making me feel less alone. Reading this made me feel more at ease about my own anxiety and struggle with procrastination. I cannot thank you enough, Rebecca. Now I have the motivation to get my research paper done!! I'm rooting for your success in your studies.

    • Eiko Isler
      Eiko Isler

      I hope you made it?

    • Heena Khajuriya
      Heena Khajuriya

      GOOD LUCK Rebecca

  • Quang Anh Cu
    Quang Anh Cu

    this is the best background verse i ever heared it help me to retain a highly concentration through the sessions, really great honestly!

  • Faye Prime
    Faye Prime

    This is the first time I used something like this to study to! Your choice in music is perfect too! Im using this video to study for my final exam in my pastry cook apprenticeship!! Keep up the good work! Thank you for making this!

  • Renata Santos
    Renata Santos

    Studying for my exams and this is just the perfect pomodoro video❤

  • 9812Kati

    I'm studying Engineering and for my programming exam in 4 days! started around 5pm too and it's so nice to see it getting dark at your place too :D the vibes are so good in this video and the music is great!

    • 9812Kati

      @Fysioh good luck! :D

    • Fysioh

      oh hey im studying engineering too! got me rlly stressed out, wishing us both luck :]

  • 👹Vwomp👹

    This is so good to the point I'm studying even at 5-minute breaks.

    • Wafflz

      @arturo s doesnt work for everybody The pomodoro is one of the most if not the worst technique for me personally. I can study for hours at a time sitting in 1 chair considering I am absorbed in my studies I tried pomodoro and all it did was break my concentration and I had a hard time continuing my studies with the same level of concentration as before. Not trying to be mean, but please understand everyone has different mindsets and methods ❤😀 I love this video and the songs and the scenery but i also study during the breaks 😅

    • Maria Rita Carvalho
      Maria Rita Carvalho


    • arturo s
      arturo s

      Force yourself to stop. The whole point of the pomodoro is to take breaks and reset your concentration

    • Anaís Espinoza
      Anaís Espinoza


    • Leonhard Pinkle
      Leonhard Pinkle

      Rip pomodoro.

  • Tyler MacDonald
    Tyler MacDonald

    This is amazing, studying in Tokyo would be incredible

  • Alex Esposito
    Alex Esposito

    I find this so peaceful as I'm writing my master's thesis in history. I have probably watched this video over 5 times.

  • Alina Shin
    Alina Shin

    喜歡這個音樂!!聽起來很放鬆,感覺也比較沒有壓力,謝謝阿鮑❤️❤️ 祝你有美好的一天~~

  • Anwarr

    The vibe with this study session🥶💯🌎

  • Andrzej Pawlik
    Andrzej Pawlik

    Study with YOU is addictive bro. I can’t stop, really.

    • NeOnEuN nAmAnUi SpEcIaL
      NeOnEuN nAmAnUi SpEcIaL

      I cannot stop either!!

  • xiomara cama hinojosa
    xiomara cama hinojosa

    For all my study pals here, I´m proud of you. You can do this! Keep going!

  • Sophia Lopes Farias
    Sophia Lopes Farias

    this kind of video helped me a lot with studying! Right now im studying history and is so relaxing and good take breaks sometimes! Keep going guys, keep the hard work!!!!!!

  • Anoushka Nag
    Anoushka Nag

    I’m studying Mandarin Chinese, even tho sometimes I feel like giving up. I tell myself “ Get up ,Go play a study vid and start working for ur dream “ . That’s when ur vids n the music helps me focus & completes my assignments,lessons in no time. 谢谢 你!

  • birdie

    just done with 2 hr 35 mins session and got my work done!! thanks abao, ur vids help me so much!

  • Vera Qiu
    Vera Qiu

    Literally the best study music on IRglo, thanks so much and pls keep bringing this quality videos!

    • °Df - Tori°
      °Df - Tori°

      He/She is really rich 💸💅🏻 Lol

    • Abdul Basith
      Abdul Basith

      @katelyn cyprian youtube takes 30% of 2$

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      Master Dementer

      well well didnt knew you could comment money to support. Im gonna try it sometime

    • Paulo Oliveira
      Paulo Oliveira

      eu n concordo

    • Adam

      @Fireswag You asked for it.

  • TwistySquid

    Thank you for this! I am reading "Embracing Defeat" for my Japanese film course - such an interesting book, just a lot of it that I have to read. This has been so helpful :)

  • qrator

    This actually makes me exited to study, thanks for setting the atmosphere

    • fart boy MAX
      fart boy MAX

      No way

  • english.toffee

    Started using this to get into the habit of effective studying and I've gotten so much more work done in a shorter period!! super helpful

  • Sham

    this gets me in a strong momentum that keeps me going even during the break! thank u sm! also, anyone reading this pls remember that even tho momentum is nice, u need to stretch and take eyes of the screen!

  • Laís msavi
    Laís msavi

    this is very relaxing and keeps me focus, im literally in love with this video and that kind of study, pomodoro and study vlogs are saving my life !

  • Benjamin Poliak
    Benjamin Poliak

    Best lo-fi playlist ever made! Already watched it thousands of times while studying.

  • 0416 yashasvi Chandela
    0416 yashasvi Chandela

    I've been studying with this video for a couple of months...and i'm really thankful for this content as it helps me stay on track and study effectively and efficiently and i've been productive all this time. Thanks a lot !!!

  • Denisse Rangel Robles
    Denisse Rangel Robles

    Acabo de descubrir esto y estoy encantadaaaa, es lo único que me ayuda a concentrarme para estudiar para mi exámen de titulación, graciaaaas!

  • Grant Keith
    Grant Keith

    For some reason, the vibe of these sessions makes me excited to study every day, and taking breaks in between leaves me impatient to get back into the atmosphere created in your videos! Thank you for making things much easier.

    • 雨の日


  • The

    This is one of the best study with me video out there. Thank you. Great vibes. Loved it

  • 까공녀

    i love your videos, so calm and soothing. keep up the great work!

  • Lamia Hilal Yavuz
    Lamia Hilal Yavuz

    This is the only study with me that can get me to study!

    • lejouet007


  • Diluc

    i’m studying physics for my test tomorrow and starting to study all the other subjects test this is helping me aloootttt and i love it thank you for making it

  • Shwe Wunn Lae
    Shwe Wunn Lae

    I tend to use my phone a lot while studying and now I just studied without being distracted by my phone! I'm half way through this but it's so late at night here and I'm really getting sleepy so I will go to bed for now. Will definitely study tomorrow morning with this again. This is gonna be so useful in the future. Also the view is just so relaxing. It gives me vibes like I am actually sitting at the desk studying.

  • Christina

    This man killed all the videos "study with me" he does it perfectly!!

  • Laura Birnbaum
    Laura Birnbaum

    this helps me calm down and focus on my studies. my life is extremely busy rn and i got my exams for my hunting license coming up - a loot to learn besides a full time job. thank you for the little "island of focus and calm"

  • Elisa Fernandez
    Elisa Fernandez

    I wish I had videos like this when I was in college. Now I use these for my work or housework! You can achieve a lot if you concentrate for 25 minutes!

  • TaleaKai

    I have used this countless times in the past year with great success. I am a university student finishing up my third year and starting my fourth. I cannot thank you enough. This has helped keep me on track. Best of luck to everyone studying with this! You've got this!

  • Ashlyn Roos
    Ashlyn Roos

    I’m studying architecture and I’ve had a focus issue for a while now, this is such a huge help, I just found you today, really hoping that I can stay consistent and stick to being productive and not getting distracted!! Love what I have seen so far, please keep making videos

    • Nox McCarthy
      Nox McCarthy

      oooo that sounds intersting i hope it goes well im doing marine bio :)

    • Anahita Emami
      Anahita Emami

      same here

    • Snow

      I felt this on a spiritual level lmao. Also, I'm an architecture student too!

    • Syd Resurreccion
      Syd Resurreccion

      yoooo listening on this while cramming

    • Mambo

      arch student too!

  • Lavenderskittles

    i'm studying chemistry. I hate chemistry. your videos really helped me get more into it and i understood alot and i feel motivated to continue! thank u so much abao! to everyone reading this; dont let yourself down. dont do things that will in the future make you say ''I should have'' or ''I should'nt have'' do whats best for you! you are loved by many people. including me! i love u!

  • genevieve Blaeser Russo
    genevieve Blaeser Russo

    The vibe definitely keeps me relaxed and motivated to keep myself on track all the way through the study session. :D

  • Daejah ♡
    Daejah ♡

    super cute. love the introduction. a whole vibe ~ studying with you ate 4am

  • b e t t y
    b e t t y

    I'm using this for the preparation of my finals.... It's helping me alot...Thanku sm

  • George Knowles
    George Knowles

    This video tripled my productivity. It's just a combination of things that make me more productive, like seeing someone else studying and the timer at the bottom of the video that urges me to keep studying until the end. I've tried the pomodoro method plenty of times but this is the first time I truly 'get' it, thank you.

  • Tokka

    I've been using this video for a few weeks now, usually I never study for 3 hours consistently so i had yet to reach the end of it. But today. today i did it!! And the the little box linked in the corner was such a sweet surprise my goodness.

  • sugartheme

    I really enjoy using this whenever I have to write a paper. I can get so lost in the writing that it really does help to take breaks, collect my thoughts and then to get back to what I need to write. Thank you so much for curating these playlists!

  • Tilly Tilbrook
    Tilly Tilbrook

    I have spent all day avoiding doing my assignment, but the moment I put on this video, I became very motivated, thank you! (Unfortunately, I only found this video at midnight, but better late than never :D)

  • AnLa _K
    AnLa _K

    Im so proud of myself. Before I could barely study one hour without looking at clock every 5 min but now i did 3 hours without wishing it to end fast. I really enjoyed this and it helped me a lot. Thank you


      Great work! I cant wait to reach that point.

    • Maja Dinić
      Maja Dinić

      I'M PROUD OF YOU TOO, good work!

    • Amatya

      I hope i can be like you one day

    • NeOnEuN nAmAnUi SpEcIaL
      NeOnEuN nAmAnUi SpEcIaL

      Facts !!

  • Apple Peng
    Apple Peng

    I usually listen to this when studying, the music help me a lot. Really thank you!

  • José Anchieta
    José Anchieta

    I was studying Seismology, you video helped me a lot to stay focused! Thank you!

  • jae

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  • Aspasia Karozou
    Aspasia Karozou

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  • Ashvini Bandara
    Ashvini Bandara

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    • shravani gite
      shravani gite

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      G S

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    • Fabian C. Vargas
      Fabian C. Vargas

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      sayed eshath

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