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Thanks to Alphacool for the watercooling parts!

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  • dbrand

    Just send us back your PS5 Slim and we'll call it even.


      @DIY Perks man this looks beautiful honestly. As much as resellers want almost 1k for ps5 I’d pay that much just for one of these

    • Chadrick Walker
      Chadrick Walker


    • AQHackAQ

      @Lucifer Morningstar 🅥 Was about to dislike, block, and report for spam but turns out it's a cute innocent kitten video.

    • C0LEsGaMinG 9089
      C0LEsGaMinG 9089

      @LennyT420 **almost dies due to laughter**

    • LennyT420

      wouldnt survive the mail 😂

  • Kim Jong Il
    Kim Jong Il

    26 years I've been on the net, and this is one of the most impressive projects I've ever seen. Well done. You just know Sony's design department watched this

    • MEM•756

      Hopefully the PS6 will look like this from the factory!

    • Mike Brown
      Mike Brown

      has sony sent a reply back to this post?

    • Víctor Galo
      Víctor Galo

      Spread butter, not hate ☯️

    • EYJ Chiu
      EYJ Chiu

      @Liza why do I need to waste my time making an argument for free online? People pay me to do this in life. I expressed my opinion for my own pleasure and you can take it or leave it

  • dynamite650

    I love how he shows when it doesn't turn on and figures it out cause that's real life with all electronics. Dude this is awesome content!

  • Tunechi Lee
    Tunechi Lee

    Honestly, it's just nice to see Theon having done well for himself.

    • Kai Ichinose
      Kai Ichinose

      Lmao 🤣 Theon Grey Joy. Classic

    • suhel ahmed
      suhel ahmed

      He had nothing to do after his banana got eaten 😂

    • WoolfyFX

      im fucking dead

    • Hasri Jaya
      Hasri Jaya

      If Theon and Ramsay had a baby

    • Matt Kennedy
      Matt Kennedy

      He’s a good man

  • Cholula Hot Sauce
    Cholula Hot Sauce

    Other than the unreasonably gigantic power supply and cables, well done.

    • Xavier

      @Fuzzy Kitty Sure but I mean taking away a lot of the simplicity and mobility that consoles have compared to a pc

    • Fuzzy Kitty
      Fuzzy Kitty

      @Xavier I mean all consoles are pc with thier specific OS on them.

    • Xavier

      It’s a cool build but basically all he did was break one ps5 and turn another into a pc

    • Isa Tsaqif
      Isa Tsaqif

      ​@Fuzzy Kitty ofc, first it's watercooled instead of aircooled. Second did you see the size of the water pump unit? if it were to be mounted on the console itself (just like how the original ps5 tries to fit all of it's component in one) it would've been thicker than the original ps5. But still clever engineering and presentation indeed, thumbs up for him👍

    • Fuzzy Kitty
      Fuzzy Kitty

      @Piter his runs alot cooler then the original ps5

  • Fix This Build That
    Fix This Build That

    That custom copper water block is brilliant. You've outdone yourself making something so complex seem so simple. Awesome project, Matt!

    • HelplesWatchmen


    • Lcj3

      Man i wish i had one of these too

    • Gameplay videos. Oyunlar ve kendi fikirlerim.
      Gameplay videos. Oyunlar ve kendi fikirlerim.

      @DIY Perks make a PS5 laptop too

    • Lance Cyber
      Lance Cyber

      And it's just slightly thicker than a DVD. Not a DVD case. Amazing. 0:39

    • Gameplay videos. Oyunlar ve kendi fikirlerim.
      Gameplay videos. Oyunlar ve kendi fikirlerim.

      ​@DIY Perks "try to buid nintendo switch-like modular odin handheld(but with windows11) console(AYN Odin Pro). And mount a android smart watch, to back of the device, do usb tethering connection. (by using a tv/smartphone/PC repairman. And a 3D printer for new fit case/body)."

  • MasterOogway

    This is literally the coolest thing I've seen in a long time, no pun intended. Subscribed, and I'm too scared to try it myself but I am really tempted to, although I lack your level of skill haha.

    • John Fernandez
      John Fernandez

      Yup, quick clean video with the goal accomplished at the end Now that's peak content

  • Samsung Tab s8
    Samsung Tab s8

    Its the smallest ps5 with a surprisingly low portability, imagine draggin the psu with you everywhere, nevertheless it's brilliant.

    • David Supolík
      David Supolík

      @ISoSoCool Videos same for me. If i go, my friend have second monitor. But if he go, he has to take his monitor so i always going to help him. We play for fun, so its better for us to talk with each other in same room. Not in a party call.

    • ISoSoCool Videos
      ISoSoCool Videos

      @Rover yes thats why i said it we go to that friend who has 2tvs or bring monitors and play

    • Rover

      @ISoSoCool Videos And you do ?

    • Caliginous Moira
      Caliginous Moira

      @Lixtronic Garage my bros and i still do it...

    • Caliginous Moira
      Caliginous Moira

      @Aleph Null lan party.... which seems to be dying :(

  • عبد الجليل فرجاني
    عبد الجليل فرجاني

    This was probably the coolest project i've seen in a long time.....when the slim didn't turn back on....I was devistated. But thanks to your tireless efforts and unlimited drive and curiosity, you got it to run again. Brilliant! Truly an amazing video!

    • Mouhamed Zarzi
      Mouhamed Zarzi

      عبد الجليل او هنا ! حطيت روحي غير انا العربي كحل الراس هنا. عندي بيسي بورتابل و حاب نديرلو فكرة كيما هك مع العلم اني ريباراتور تعهم . بصح الامكانيات محدودة مش كيما حبيبنا . با ربي نوب علينا بخرجة من بقعة الشر.

  • Michael Lampell
    Michael Lampell

    It’s pretty amazing to see what you can do with engineering knowledge, tools, materials, and source materials (the PS5s). Here in Japan, getting a PS5 in the first place is a little challenging now. I’m aware of that irony. Well done Matt.

  • Aleph_ Zero
    Aleph_ Zero

    I really like how you actually show the fail instead of hiding it. It really shows that nothing can go smoothly everytime and that's normal

    • John Paul Buce
      John Paul Buce

      thats diy for everyone

    • Aprile Cotton
      Aprile Cotton

      @Van Muhammad no, I’m so tired of seeing people fail. Only losers make mistakes

    • JazzDemon

      His frustration at 24:34 really hit home. So glad he included this feeling because it 100% will happen when working on custom projects.

    • Jade Nepia
      Jade Nepia

      @Earth Taurus why would I want to make a huge fire hazard that couldn't fit behind most tv units with huge ass cables running into a cookie tin lid that cost twice as much ass a normal PS5? And why would I try and do better? the size of the PS5 doesn't bother me.

    • Earth Taurus
      Earth Taurus

      @Jade Nepia If you can do better then prove it.

  • tony359

    This video literally blew my mind. As a tinkerer myself I know those moments when things go wrong very well - but my projects are NOWHERE NEAR the complexity of yours and I usually work on old junk which is worthless! This is marvellous and exquisitely performed. You have my respect and my admiration. PS: Thumbs down on Sony for allowing the PS5 to just kill itself for a simple overheating situation - not to mention for running their console(s) at those stupid temps? Sony: seriously?

  • jordan

    Always appreciate seeing the mistakes along the way, realizing that everyone makes them helps!

  • Adim

    I do my own custom water loop systems for my PC, and the way you did it in this video is absolutely amazing considering you have to sacrifice space, this is just probably the best console modding video I came across. The ingenuity of how you used that custom copper water block is goddamn brilliant, simple but effective.

  • HaiHatcHi

    Congrats on the unique design. You even improved the cooling system compared to the original ps5. Amazing work and an inspiration as well.

  • marsgizmo

    remarkable project! 👏😎

    • xKristofer

      Honestly, it makes me want to make my own or pay someone to

    • IMY123

      @gort TIKI 🤫

    • gort

      @TurtleShit on god 😂😂

    • TurtleShit

      man calls it a slim but the console go a whole ass dlc pack attached to it

    • Xtecher Studios
      Xtecher Studios

      Didnt know u were here, you 2 should colab

  • A. Aaron Burns
    A. Aaron Burns

    This shows clearly the main design obstacles Sony is trying to overcome lol

  • Lydia Martinez
    Lydia Martinez

    Hermosa elección 18KISSX.UNO de los mejores conciertos ❤ 2:30 Ariana Marie 3:40 Brenna Sparks 3:50 Natalia Starr 4:45 Keisha Grey 4:53 Aria Michaels yjzs 6:10 Mia Martinez 6:40 Carmen Valentina 6:50 Riley Reid 8:30 Gabriella Lane 9:12 Cece Cappella 10:15 Vicki Chase 13:28 August Ames 15:31 Cameron Canela 22:22 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente zifn 🖤 15:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos

  • Shahab Sheikhzadeh
    Shahab Sheikhzadeh

    I love watching people create something from nothing but I'll be honest I'd love to see the 'how did you come up with this and did you design it in CAD first" type video. I feel like some engineering types just come up with stuff like this all the time. Amazing

  • Valerie B.Thibeault
    Valerie B.Thibeault

    I will never understand why Sony didn't include any way to shutdown their console in case of overheating. This specific case of console death could have easily been prevented. Unless the tampering with the case screwed heat sensors or something ? Either way, I had a sad laugh when I saw the power supply lying down on the floor. RIP.

    • Isaac Kaiser
      Isaac Kaiser

      Even PS4 is equipped with system that will shut it down when it’s overheating so yeah a PS5 definitely had that feature built in as well. Which usually mean, it’s the tampering.

  • Dr. Swaster
    Dr. Swaster

    The fact that you were able to replace the motherboard proved the concept. Making something work is one thing. Making it repairable is entirely another level. Well done.

    • TheBanjoShow

      @Dr. Swaster my level of "repairability" is entirely dependent on modularity. Which means if you have to pull out a soldering station at any point ever, that is not repairable for 99% of consumers.

    • Cesar Aguirre
      Cesar Aguirre

      @Ja Gil no, forcing you into swapping the whole car is what apple used to do, now at least they will let you swap some parts...

    • Cesar Aguirre
      Cesar Aguirre

      @Ja Gil and it may sound laughable, but until recently, you would not be able to do that with apple products and keep it legal... Weird huh?

    • Rick

      @Highfighter219er agreed. And i also think it’s awesome what he did. But this isn’t a real ps5 slim.

    • Highfighter219er

      @N Benjamin Oh shut up I never said that what he did wasn't amazing or took great skill and ingenuity it's just impractical imo. I hope he sees my comments as a challenge to to make an efficiently cooled PS5 slim where everything is in the chassis. Power brick can be external as some computers and consoles do that. Again it's a great first mock up I just don't think he made it any slimmer than the original.

  • Kazuma Mikura
    Kazuma Mikura

    I've watched some of your videos 5 years ago, and wow i have to say: u made so much progress. Your builds are so much cleaner now. So professional and well thought through. Awesome!

  • ZTalap

    Good job, Theon Greyjoy. Way to win the hearts of the fans back - by making insanely awesome videos.

    • AMJ

      He does look like Theone 😅

  • Tijn Vos
    Tijn Vos

    I respect your honesty in your video's. Every creator has to deal with problems during their projects, you don't hide them.

  • WKG-Scorpio

    Incredible, love the copper estetic, if I had the ability to do something like this I would sacrifice thickness for comfort features like a denser waterblock, integrated PSU, and a rear IO sheild, and a mounted reservoir, but these are just comfort features overall great build wish Sony could do this.

    • Brandon Poyser
      Brandon Poyser

      @Marcus Borderlands Esthetic is another word we here in the U.S. of A made a synonym for aesthetic because we can.

    • Marcus Borderlands
      Marcus Borderlands

      @Brandon Poyser it's not a word tho. It's a spelling mistake...

    • Brandon Poyser
      Brandon Poyser

      I hate to be that guy but…. Aesthetic*, but esthetic is a word that shouldn’t be a word but it cus MURICAAA

  • DeSinc

    That is so incredibly slick. Looks like high end audio equipment.

    • rivrr

      oh hey


      Desinc here

    • VENAS

      @WaveForceful Forbidden candy tablet

    • Clarice Hardy
      Clarice Hardy

      and with a huge radiator...

    • SamM

      Hey DeSinc, a guy here

  • Modna89

    Just a warning: Liquid Metal has Gallium, which will attack the copper and corrode it over time. The thermal performance will drop off as that happens

    • Modna89

      @Phil Maitrot makes sense. After some more research, it seems Gamers Nexus has tested this and at least in the timeline of their testing - they saw visible discoloration but no testable performance loss.

    • Phil Maitrot
      Phil Maitrot

      @Modna89 Batteries require an electrolyte to work. Without it you get a buildup of charge without the possibility to transport ions. Air moisture might be a candidate but it´s highly unlikely. So, yes in theory you are right, but in practice it won´t matter. Also, keep in mind it´s not pure gallium in most cases with approx. 1/3rd indium and some tin.

    • TomWi

      copper and liquid metal is no problem. not even in the long run. what would cause a problem would be using aluminum and copper together, or even worse liquid metal directly on an aluminum surface! as far as the case of copper and liquid metal is concerned, ... yes, the liquid metal will definitely penetrate the surface of the copper plate and cause very unsightly black discolorations due to known chemical reactions, but that's about it. Incidentally, this is also the reason why manufacturers very often apply a nickel coating to copper heat sinks! And this is not explicitly because of liquid metal, but because copper in its raw state is generally known to be very reactive in terms of all environmental influences and contact with other materials (no matter what state of aggregation)

    • Modna89

      @Phil Maitrot isn’t don’t copper and gallium effectively form a battery? I thought you’d have galvanic corrosion

    • Phil Maitrot
      Phil Maitrot

      No, not true. Chemist here speaking: It would attack aluminium as gallium allows the aluminium oxide passivation layer to be compromised, but that is only true for aluminium, mostly. So never use liquid metal with aluminium coolers, but since even sony is using liquid metal based heat paste, at least they would know how to do it, right?

  • Kiger Neko
    Kiger Neko

    Beautiful case and impressive work, but is it really 2cm if you need a big box mounted behind it to make it work as a PS5?

  • Shad0wplay

    This immensely cool and interesting. You should be a design consultant over at Sony. Thanks for your effort, best video I've seen in a while. Cheers!

  • OnlyStreams

    “I can’t believe how slim it is” just don’t look behind the tv

    • Final Cat Pro
      Final Cat Pro

      With some effort of course you can make a custom water cooler system that mounted within the main body, adding just another 2cm.

    • Dave

      Along that line of cheat, my plan is to mount a remote power button in a beautifully polished 6mm cube that sits on the desk and just screw the rest of the PS5 to the wall behind the TV.

  • S1m0ne

    I'm really glad you included the failures and the troubleshooting. A reminder to not give up when things get hard and don't work out like you hope.

    • S1m0ne

      @Precision Haze Lesbian, actually, but thanks.

    • theguapo1975channel

      Yeah, just make sure you have 2 ps5's. The other one to waste and the other one to actually work.

    • falias4

      The more important lesson is... be careful AF and double-check everything or you can destroy your whole project on the finish line xD

    • Pac

      Yeah just buy a second ps5

    • TastyMeat8675

      @Precision Haze based

  • Old World Radio - Boston
    Old World Radio - Boston

    This is great. Can... can I have it? 👾

  • Pedro_

    17:30 with a lot of dangly bits attached to it. Either way, what is the final volume, including all the parts, and what was the original volume? Also, it's hard to believe that thermal issues caused the PS5 to die, it would be incredibly dumb not to have thermal shutdown incorporated in all the heat producing bits, perhaps it's something else that caused that lock up? And with some luck, you may be able to fix it, who knows.

    • MC CM
      MC CM

      I'd like to know too. You can't just make the cooling external and say the console is super slim now...

  • Dirty Tesla
    Dirty Tesla

    This is one of the coolest channels I've seen in a very long time. Thanks for all the hard work. Very impressive.

  • Razumen

    What I'd like to see is something along the same idea, but the entire cooling apparatus is self contained in the unit. Having the power supply be separate is fine, and quite common actually, but there's just too much that go catastrophically wrong with liquid cooling.

  • yoyoheads

    This must be the only channel that I watch entirely, every second without clicking off or getting bored. Not only did you manage to make it as slim as you wanted, but it's even cooler?! Insane

    • Begrip Respect
      Begrip Respect

      Me to haha

    • lobster whisperer
      lobster whisperer

      if this dude could shrink it, why couldn't Sony?

    • The Shield
      The Shield

      2023 or 2024 the ps5 slim or ps5 pro will be launched.

    • The Shield
      The Shield


    • MONICA------👇💋

      Only for fans over 18 years old That outfit drives me Bestgirl.Online nuts on you and you have that curvy body, you did a good job modelingi it too Also like the last outfit Love how the garter belts connect to the stockings and shear top

  • George Demner
    George Demner

    Incredible video! I actually can't believe that with some relatively simple hand tools you've been able to achieve such an incredible result. As with all your videos, really cool project!

  • Marcia Almeida Mendes
    Marcia Almeida Mendes

    Matt, you're brilliant! It is so exciting to see your work. And thanks for showing things going wrong. It keeps us all human!

  • 伊芙琳

    That is amazing that he made his own super slim PS5 casing. You can tell how authentic his emotions are in this video as he had put many hours, blood, sweat, and tears into that project. Months actually and the little beep of power I can relate to him about a system transfer. Well done video.

  • LiquidHaus

    This is just so excellent. Well done mate, can't wait to see what you do next!

  • Ranajit Dey
    Ranajit Dey

    What's so incredible about this build and this video as well, is that all the crucial moments (till the completion of the project) were covered in detail. The failures were not hidden but rather showcased and dealt with proper investigation, making the video more informative. This video is not just about making a cool new product, but exploring the limits of science, engineering and design to make an existing product look and function, cooler. Thanks Matt, for making IRglo worthy.

  • J J
    J J

    Nice job. It would be prohibitively expensive to make it "official" or an aftermarket DIY kit, but good to know that it can be done in a such nice way.

  • Kalle Klæp
    Kalle Klæp

    I really enjoy your enthusiasm even if things go sideways. Yeah, I know the copper plate is insanely expensive. However, in this case, it was well worth the money as you couldn't have had so much thermal transfer with cheaper materials. Excellent idea to use a low heat solder and a mini oven for soldering it all together. :) Besides wicking the heat away copper does also warp when heated with a torch (in fact most metals do). You avoided letting it look banana shape by using the oven.

  • Andrew Stutler
    Andrew Stutler

    This video was nuts! Great job Matt! Can't wait to see you collab with ltt, love to see what you can do with their tools and budget.

  • Cedrick Gousse
    Cedrick Gousse

    man I have been designing and building things my entire life, so believe me when I say the LEVEL of execution you have achieved here is jaw-dropping. My wife is over here chuckling at my reaction. Kudos friend, the world is a brighter place with you in it

    • Ho Cares
      Ho Cares

      @FightedMeAlready life

    • FightedMeAlready

      Just curious, what do you design and build?

    • ThatComedyGuy

      @MONICA------👇💋 jesus christ

  • DopeShady

    I love your success & how emotions are shared through it all. I also felt sad when it froze. But, sweet results! Congrats! 👏 We all hope PS6 is inspired by you. ❤👌

  • kris hunt
    kris hunt

    Man the things you come up with are amazing. Great skills. You and StuffMadeHere are pure genius.

  • Kasper Dove
    Kasper Dove

    Using rubbing alcohol with water at a 50/50 mix makes it non-flammable and will make for a much better cooling liquid than just plain water. I know he said in the video that he's using a special coolant. I just wanted to say this neat fact for others trying to get better cooling for their pc's and at a cheap price at that

  • UglyAmericanLobster

    This was an incredible video dude. You did a fantastic job of explaining how and why you designed the water block that way, as well with the external PSU/radiator/pump unit. One question I have is how loud are those tiny Noctua-looking fans on the radiator? Are they quieter than the original PS5 fan? If not I personally would've gone with a larger radiator and larger diameter fans like 120mm so they could move the same amount of air through the fin stack but at a lower RPM. Either way you are a seriously talented engineer and have made a new subscriber out of me!

  • SodlidDesu

    The fact that you included the failures and frustration on this video made it feel much more real. I obviously haven't bricked a PS5 with any of my kludges but I understand the frustration of "What the hell am I doing wrong? Why doesn't it work?"

    • B JAD
      B JAD

      @Thamidu Dharshitha 😂 i was wondering

    • Thamidu Dharshitha
      Thamidu Dharshitha

      @Araiguma Alice Kiruno Nope the fun is where you have to put a DBrand Ad, so you fake freeze your PS5.

    • Araiguma Alice Kiruno
      Araiguma Alice Kiruno

      the fun of DIY projects, theres failures, frustrations, giving ups, troubleshooting

    • Nasheer SAR
      Nasheer SAR

      Plash speed 5 right..

  • Naresh Chandra Chakma
    Naresh Chandra Chakma

    That's what we call pure engineering work 😊❤️

  • Sal Torres
    Sal Torres

    This is beyond impressive, you've gained a subscriber with this project. Cant wait to see your other projects and future ones as well. Cheers

  • James Klippel
    James Klippel

    You are a madman and I appreciate your passion and excitement for creating!!!!

  • Fady69

    This video was Thrilling! Nice job on making the PS5 slim ;) it was AWESOME!

  • Zlatan Onkovic
    Zlatan Onkovic

    I love that you include the setbacks. This is just brilliant storytelling.

    • Boid

      It makes his videos far more human in my opinion. A reminder that we all experience mistakes

    • Public Profile Name
      Public Profile Name

      I thought the same thing. There were points "especially when the board fried" that I thought it was legit gonna end with him not pulling it off. The suspense was palpable lol I was literally biting my nails lmao

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star

      @bocoy noiu Wait... Were you hacked in the last 6 days?

    • Synchroniz Daniel
      Synchroniz Daniel


    • Pls

      I had a lot of fun watching this

  • anony mous
    anony mous

    When you see how thin the core board is it kind of makes you feel like the machine isn't as space age as let on.

  • Jamie Voce
    Jamie Voce

    This is easily one of the best tech projects I’ve seen

  • zvotaï svfi
    zvotaï svfi

    Difficult to believe! Was amazed by the complexity of the process, and your inspired solutions to what seemed like impossible problems!

  • Samad Hoosen
    Samad Hoosen

    I don't think he knows how big this is as an achievement, yet. This video is going to spread through every gaming news website there is, within a month.

    • dahlhouseEH

      its sexy but... cost. $314.95 for 3 copper sheets. severin oven. alphacool water cooling parts/ bay. copper heat pipes, prusa 3d printer, copper braiding, brass bolts/pillars/hardware. roughly $2000.00. the 7ft long power supply is ridiculous.

    • Jorge Andrés
      Jorge Andrés

      My Google feed has been begging me to read multiple articles about this video for a week now

    • Lad Boii
      Lad Boii

      @Handsome Stranger why should he make it? He's not a Sony's engineer. The slim version isnt impossible for Sony, that's it. Slim and Pro versions are just a marketing gimmick from them to earn more money, that's why they release it later.

    • Handsome Stranger
      Handsome Stranger

      @LEXICON DEVIL how about you make it then

    • macdaddymario

      And nothing will come of it officially due to cost of material and labor. So don't expect the official slim, when it does happen because we all know it will, to be anywhere close to this either.

  • Juicebox

    I am absolutely astounded by the amount of work you put in, this is the first video i've watched on your channel, but it's left a strong impression, so i might binge watch the vids

  • BN Pray
    BN Pray

    thanks dbrand for literally making this video possible hahaha anyway this project is insane, the amount of effort you put is crazy and the result is even crazier!

  • Tab Ally
    Tab Ally

    Super Awesome work man!! The copper model of the PS5 looks crisp and clean. Really beautiful craftsmanship. Sony should be learning from you lol :).

  • Marius Hansen
    Marius Hansen

    I decided to wait for the ps5 slim just because of the original’s size - but when it releases I bet i still want this one, _and_ that sony’s slim version is twice as beefy 🤭 Wicked good job! 👏🏼👏🏼 Absolutely love the idea of cooling the whole chassie! Amazing thinking dude. But why am I surprised, the man with a fake sun and an actual breathing pc 😂🤯 What could possibly come next🍴🧠🥸

  • Myles Daly
    Myles Daly

    You should be incredibly proud of yourself, Matt. Not only did you accomplish a size that no one thought was possible for such a powerful console, but you IMPROVED the thermal temperatures while not sacrificing any performance. I am at a genuine loss for words-- incredible work.

    • Epic Gamer
      Epic Gamer

      @Kasim Abbasi no it got 30% to 40% cooler results.. games on console aren't going to be developed to take advantage of being able to push more power nore is the hardware. They have safety limits put in place to protect the hardware as shipped that you can't just remove

    • Earn Money Online
      Earn Money Online

      Dont Read My Name👍

    • Shrek


    • konzo

      @Nifty The Undying trex brute force, can tow a tractor, or any decent mounting tape

    • Nifty The Undying
      Nifty The Undying

      @konzo whatever tape you have, i want

  • ck digital communications
    ck digital communications

    I totally like it..A straight forward, fully documented projects with all the glitches and triumphs included, totally worth my subscription.

  • MrBirchieBirch

    Love watching your content. It reminds me of when I made my own custom Megadrive controller for a college project way back in 1993.

  • Casey Wood
    Casey Wood

    I very much enjoyed this. Now I'd love to see you do the same for the version with the disk drive... :)

  • whotube

    Wow, that takes up so much less room now 😉 man, you are special. So much talent and so much patience 😊👍

  • Eitan Schwartz
    Eitan Schwartz

    If he had put the motherboard in an external block behind the table he could have probably achieved a 1mm copper box. Galaxy brain aside, it is an impressive project and well done.

    • t0wle

      i mean you could just build a copper box with a power button and put all the components separately but no-one would ever know

    • 9aL7

      if he put the ps5 on another room he will achieve an invisible ps5 version

    • igna cio
      igna cio

      If you hide the entire ps5 behind the tv you can achieve a 0mm ps5 slim. I know, universe brain right here

    • Matej Stano
      Matej Stano

      Yes, incredible work, but this is just offloading a huge portion of the console behind the desk and calling it slim. And making it nonportable of course.

  • Someone Says
    Someone Says

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    Geedis McJoizus

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    Awesome projects and I love your enthusiasm. But you can make a playlist out of that kind of big projects imo. Just record videos,part them to 7 videos(or make some plan to record them part by part so it feels more natural),stock them until project finishes,and then release it as series of 10/15 minutes videos Monday to Sunday. We would love to feel get involved in the process.

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    • The Baby Eating Bishop Of Bath And Wells.
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      Ronaldo Rodriguez

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    • David Nuno
      David Nuno

      But did he apply the perfect amount of thermal paste?