Real Madrid 2 x 3 Barcelona ● La Liga 16/17 Extended Goals & Highlights HD
With another brilliant performance by Lionel Messi, Barcelona got the better of Real Madrid and won by 3-2 the super (and super booty) classic Spanish. A breathtaking classic. An intense classic from the first to the last minute. A classic that had Real taking the lead with Casemiro. But on the other side, Messi, impious, scored twice - the victory in the additions of the final stage -, reached 500 goals in official matches for the Catalan club and secured the triumph of the turn at the Santiago Bernabéu. Rakitic and James Rodríguez scored the other goals of the duel that had Cristiano Ronaldo erased, in addition to Sergio Ramos sent off in the second half.

El Clasico's top scorer with 23 goals, Messi reached 500 goals in official matches for Barcelona. In the first half, the player received an elbow from Marcelo. Even with cotton in his mouth, he tied the game with a great goal. In addition, it provoked cards for Real. First yellow for Casemiro (who had to be replaced in order not to be expelled). Then a red for Sergio Ramos. In the second half, with a sublime slap, gave Barça the triumph.

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  • Dilin Dasan
    Dilin Dasan

    Messi is the best player in the world... No one is better than Messi 🔥🔥🔥

  • S H A D Y
    S H A D Y


  • Pan kaj
    Pan kaj


  • Isai Reyes
    Isai Reyes

    If Ramos didn't have a red card, it wasn't a good Clasico

  • CHINO    FF      ↗️
    CHINO FF ↗️

    Para el que culpa a Messi , el se vengo de ramos por tantos golpes que le ah dado

  • Shah Noryn
    Shah Noryn


  • Taw Pogatick
    Taw Pogatick

    This is the Match of the Century

  • Abdelhak Zouahri
    Abdelhak Zouahri


  • André Montero Tapia
    André Montero Tapia

    Bridge your batshit Stanford gris

  • André Montero Tapia
    André Montero Tapia

    Twitter Fortnite

  • Umme salma opi
    Umme salma opi


  • Mikey Dimes
    Mikey Dimes

    This is probably my favorite match of all time

  • Agustin Faccio
    Agustin Faccio


  • Mahamid MD
    Mahamid MD

    The legendary match..

  • Francisco Javier Quinteros Alvarez
    Francisco Javier Quinteros Alvarez

    Messi es el eterno padre del madrid

  • Alx Tc
    Alx Tc

    Verdad que el Barza sin Messi no es el mismo ❤️💙, ¿ Verdad ?

  • Joaquín Sánchez
    Joaquín Sánchez

    Este partido fue otro gran robo y atraco a mano armada al Real Madrid ,que mereció golear al rovarcelona TRAMPASCELONA . Penalti de umtiti a cr7 con 0 a 0 ,penalti de Busquets a Ramos, roja injusta a Ramos que no era ni falta, y el farsa contra 10 ilegalmente en el descuento ilegal marcó el enano mercenario Messinalti . El Real Madrid ganó la liga a pesar de estos 3 puntos mas ROBADOS, y también ganó la champions y todo. Messinalti mercenario burofax y el rovarcelona no ganaron absolutamente nada. Por eso enseñó la mierda de camiseta apestosa andrajosa del farsa el enano. Jajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja Inferiores en todo BASURA HUMANA

  • Josiah Mundy
    Josiah Mundy

    This is the first time I'm watching the highlights of this match. I'm a Madrid fan and that match hurt so much it took me 4 years to overcome.

    • Ali Chanzi
      Ali Chanzi

      Ooh hi broh

  • ツHugoツ

    Cadê os Br? 🇧🇷🔥

  • Md Khan
    Md Khan

    messi got yellow card for celebration

  • Александр Войтенко
    Александр Войтенко

    13:22 🥰😍

  • Jose Luis Meza
    Jose Luis Meza

    hola joseluis

  • Mahfuzur Rahman Asif
    Mahfuzur Rahman Asif

    Best match ❤️💙

  • imprs Ed
    imprs Ed

    എത്ര കണ്ടാലും മതിവരാത്ത ചെക്കന്റെ അഴിഞ്ഞാട്ടം 💥 Leo ⚡️🐐

  • Alexander Mendoza
    Alexander Mendoza


  • Raul Eduardo
    Raul Eduardo

    Éramos felices

  • Ttaaddoo o
    Ttaaddoo o

    Im Barca fan but Real Madrid is better in this match

  • ♤Daniel souza♤
    ♤Daniel souza♤

    O pique e uma lenda do futebol❤⚽️👏🏻

  • Boubacar Cice
    Boubacar Cice


  • Galih Anggara
    Galih Anggara


  • Abdulla alshamsi
    Abdulla alshamsi

    11 0

  • Sc0ut JR
    Sc0ut JR

    Best classico ever seen. Messi silenced Real

  • Luciano Shimabukuro
    Luciano Shimabukuro

    Para los Ramos, los Pepe, los Casemiro. Sin pegar y sin Keylor se comían 7.

  • اولاد غریب
    اولاد غریب

    ter stegen is legend goodluck to him

  • kevin daniel Velasco cortez
    kevin daniel Velasco cortez

    messi y cristiano son los mejores no hay duda


    El partido que siempre recordaremos toda nuestra vida los hinchas del Barcelona 🤙❤️💙

    • Alx Tc
      Alx Tc

      Si ❤️💙

  • Miskat Sunny
    Miskat Sunny

    Remember the next match 😈 Cristiano Ronaldo show his power😈


    Ahora solo quedan recuerdos de este Barça 🥺

    • Agustin Rodriguez
      Agustin Rodriguez

      es por que se fue dal psg?

  • Rex Still
    Rex Still

    Messsi messi messi messi!!

  • MT Siblings
    MT Siblings

    If neymar was also on the pitch 👍👍👍

  • Elio Corisse
    Elio Corisse


  • Jose Bolanos
    Jose Bolanos

    No me canso de ver esto

  • Krishnanunni KP
    Krishnanunni KP

    One of legendary match.

  • Nairit das
    Nairit das

    Messi god

  • ほねくわ


  • Daniyal Shaikh
    Daniyal Shaikh

    LIONel Messi is always the king

  • Chris HP
    Chris HP

    The left jason frustratingly allow because rutabaga byerly strap out a magnificent discussion. striped, hurt weeder

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez


  • Juan López
    Juan López

    bamos barsa

  • Paula Campos
    Paula Campos

    donde esta cr7 cr7 donde esta

  • Alexiis Iván
    Alexiis Iván

    Messi km siempre teniendolo d hijo a penaldo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jad Aido
    Jad Aido

    The best match of real madrid vs bercelona ;)

  • Ricardo Ramadian
    Ricardo Ramadian

    3:50 wont the sewe

  • Say Sed
    Say Sed



    That celebration 🥰🥰

  • Wira Sports
    Wira Sports

    good information, Come on, find information about sports on our channel too :)


    Qué le pasaba a Messi antes del partido que tenía los ojos así?

  • MOHIT king
    MOHIT king

    Who is seeing in 2021

  • Agabaz Family
    Agabaz Family

    Messi lionel is 34 years 😍😍😃

  • Sheila Gank
    Sheila Gank


  • daniel 999
    daniel 999

    The time that barca vs madrid the thing was from footbal vs now :(

  • daniel 999
    daniel 999

    9:59 bite alert if you make him angryer he can bite. Don't take this serieus its a joke

  • Bintang Hidayah
    Bintang Hidayah


  • tech syndrome
    tech syndrome

    do all spanish commentators sound so annoying ?

  • H singson Alex
    H singson Alex

    Messi he one of my favourite football player, he is the one i admire him alot may God bless him

  • H singson Alex
    H singson Alex

    Messi he the i admire him alot, he is alway the acording to me

  • Trissy

    Such a Goated game 😩😭😭

  • D A N Y G R A M
    D A N Y G R A M

    No importa de que equipo seas, este fue un maldito partido, de los mejor que veremos en muchos años ❤️😢

  • Gustavo Adolfo  González Camacho
    Gustavo Adolfo González Camacho

    Que tremendo clàsico fue ese!

  • D A N Y G R A M
    D A N Y G R A M

    La mejor celebración de todos los tiempos ❤️😢

  • Ivan Spareche
    Ivan Spareche

    alguien me dice algun partido mano a mano entre messi y crsitiano en el que cristiano halla sido mejor, por que todos los que vi messi fue mejor y por mucho

  • Ana Cristina Perez Rodriguez
    Ana Cristina Perez Rodriguez

    4:33 1-0 (Casemiro) 5:11 1-1 (Messi) 10:20 1-2 (Rakitic) 12:09 2-2 (James) 13:22 2-3 (Messi) Barcelona wins

  • The Magic Gaming
    The Magic Gaming

    Magical messi ❤️

  • Mohidil Mamajonova
    Mohidil Mamajonova

    That day was my birthday day and I hope Messi did his best, I was really happy for the last goal! Love you Messi👍😍

  • Dionesgamer7

    Iai galera, criei um canal de PES, se quiserem conhecer meu trabalho eu agradeço muito, estou apenas começando, acredito q ao passar do tempo com muito estudo e dedicação eu vá melhorando, Deus abençoe galera !!

    • Hinchas del Sheriff desde la Cuna
      Hinchas del Sheriff desde la Cuna

      Sub 😃👍

  • mumeikun

    What a brilliant game. Glorious.

  • 𝙷 𝚈 𝙳 𝚁 𝙰  🅗︎ • 10 years ago
    𝙷 𝚈 𝙳 𝚁 𝙰 🅗︎ • 10 years ago

    Leo Messi ❤️

  • OBITO 444
    OBITO 444

    9:01 mira como le gana pique ah ramos y Ronaldo, en ese tiempo yo creo q era el mejor defensa del mundo.

  • Aziz Aziz00397
    Aziz Aziz00397


  • Vitor Silva
    Vitor Silva

    Foi pênalti no Cristiano Ronaldo, não marcaram


    Agai again isee tha match

  • Javier jonathan Alegria cadena
    Javier jonathan Alegria cadena

    Real madri le ganaba las cooas mas inportate malisimo ese messi

    • Hinchas del Sheriff desde la Cuna
      Hinchas del Sheriff desde la Cuna

      Le arde

  • Paulo _PY
    Paulo _PY


  • Swifty Jay
    Swifty Jay

    I Love Messi

  • Farhana Sumia
    Farhana Sumia

    Penaldo always asks for penalty . P E N A L D O

  • Cristián Camilo
    Cristián Camilo

    Messi demostrando por qué es el mejor de.todos los tiempos...

  • Fefe thedude
    Fefe thedude

    i think we can agree that the goalies were playing world class today

  • rohit Grg
    rohit Grg

    For the real Cristiano fans, it's a relief since real is in our good old memories now we all are GGMU.

  • Aayush Kalhapure
    Aayush Kalhapure

    I understood the importance of goalkeepers in this match! Never knew they did so much.

    • Hinchas del Sheriff desde la Cuna
      Hinchas del Sheriff desde la Cuna

      El partido que se sacaron los porteros increíble


    Grande Messi ostiaaa

  • Kylie Minta
    Kylie Minta

    Commentators is rap god

  • Antônio Marcos
    Antônio Marcos

    Gostei muito desta musica

  • Sony Sony
    Sony Sony

    penaldo could never 😏

  • Sony Sony
    Sony Sony

    penaldo who? 🤓

  • edson perez
    edson perez

    Me gusta ver este partido porque en el siguiente clásico se vengó el Madrid 😈

  • sahra xxxgrt
    sahra xxxgrt

    Dejastes un recuerdo hermoso Messi ⚽⚽🏃🏃🤭!!! Bello trabajo 👍😅!!!,esto queda en History para Barca 😁!!Sl desde Austria 🇦🇹🙋💞

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia

    definitivamente en este partido los arqueros tuvieron intervenciones magistrales!


    this was a legendary game.

  • Anindo Shing
    Anindo Shing

    thank you

  • Gonza_ARG