"Wassup THEN!? You TOO SOFT!" Trash Talkers Were Playing ROUGH So We Took It PERSONAL!
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We HAD TO go back to Bakersfield, CA and the city showed OUT once again. This takeover was absolutely crazy, so many insane highlights and moments. Hope you guys enjoy.
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نظر: 445
  • Ballislife

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    • Z T
      Z T

      I can dunk btw :)

    • Z T
      Z T

      I’d like to challenge your team with mine I’m broke but I’ll put cash on the line

    • TreLoaded

      Tre Loaded-Border Music Video Out Now🔥🎒❗️irglo.info/from/hZV_nGaMn7LRonU/fy-lm-h-y.html

  • Andy Ausman
    Andy Ausman

    Man flexing like he did something... nice foul and almost knocking him out!

    • Jose Rodriguez
      Jose Rodriguez

      he did knock him out

    • Tim Murphy
      Tim Murphy

      @Max Culley if we can body check dudes mid-air without consequence then what sport are we playing now because its not basketball anymore

    • Jayy Stunnaa
      Jayy Stunnaa

      it was a foul but dude was acting dramatic asf he ain’t get hit that hard

    • All Headshotz
      All Headshotz

      @Max Culley he went for the ball but didn’t hit the ball😂he hit his whole body and didn’t go straight up

  • Edgar Jasmin
    Edgar Jasmin

    This is quality streetball content right here and everyone in the squad goes hard

  • Sean Anderer
    Sean Anderer

    We not gonna talk about Ty’s acting for the intro? The man can do it all

    • sleep Sheep
      sleep Sheep

      Suss ty

    • hank diggs
      hank diggs

      The dance is fucking HILARIOUS!!!!!

  • Hard Hitter101
    Hard Hitter101

    When ty glover dunks on people he needs to do the blue chew dance on them 😅🤣😂

  • Samuel Justin
    Samuel Justin

    “So when I RKO a nigga I don’t wanna hear shit” lowkey had me dieing🤣Nitty was really thinking about it

  • Progression Sessions
    Progression Sessions

    wow Ty's acting is really good , man is killing it like a real pro

  • Supreme

    Every time I’m tryna get hyped and be In the hoop mood I watch y’all to hype me up and get some moves I can use too much love from me💯


    The fellow fouled Caesar, and he was proud of it, what a weakling

    • W

      Yea that dudes a clown it was satisfying to see Monstar come in the next play and little boy him out of the way for a bucket

    • Maalec

      Lol your soft. He tried to make a play. Caesars was well guarded & he went up funny on the lay up. Ain’t nobody really out here trying to end careers

    • Mkvli


  • Jimmy 2 Times
    Jimmy 2 Times

    Ty practicing his stroke game in the intro 😂 the man's a GOAT

  • Ethan Davis
    Ethan Davis

    Lmao this fool said. “Ayo we’re in Bakersfield” like he was proud of being in bako like that. Delusional man

  • Cheddarfry

    "No L's, came and took the W and took over Bakersfield," respectable disrespect.

  • Bme Films
    Bme Films

    "this is Bakersfield California, theres no such thing as a foul" next play....

  • Stefan Jones
    Stefan Jones

    Ty owned this run! Love seeing our guys go crazy.

  • Eric Tagg
    Eric Tagg

    Before I knew what it meant, I was driving by a park and saw 40 people banging the top of their heads in unison and I thought its nice they take them to places like the park to get some fresh air and run around.

    • dcort100

      best comment ever

  • Sallad

    I done commented once but I love how they come together after the game and actually listen to each other and take criticism/advice.

  • Timothy Byrd
    Timothy Byrd

    Marcus got alot better, I'm glad he being more active.

  • Andy Ausman
    Andy Ausman

    26:00 , we don't call fouls out here! Next play they call foul lol whoo staying true 👍 🤣 😂 😌

  • CeezTheMoment

    Bakersfield Always Bringing The Energy 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mikey

    I’m gonna say it until it happens, so like this to get those 👀 on it…they need to do a White Man Can’t Jump reboot with Frank and Milly. What a freakin combo with Nitty as Snipes 😂 Nitty is the reason I watch these vids…fool 😂 Great content all around. 🙌

  • Daniel Richardson
    Daniel Richardson

    19:56 give the camera man props for that great highlight!

    • James Pinson
      James Pinson

      fr I was thinking that too, but the whole video was good camera work fr

    • Maurice Thomas
      Maurice Thomas

      U messed it up😭 it rlly start at 19:51 u gotta get the kid talkin in the background

  • Jalen Graham
    Jalen Graham

    Ty you didn’t have to do him like that for the first basket

  • Darius Mccloud
    Darius Mccloud

    The fact he fouled tf out of em n hurt em n start flexing is Killin me

  • allenjustdance

    "ain't no such thing as fouling" so stupid. Pretty much saying ballers from there don't know how to play properly.

  • Joker

    so he thought it was cool to hurt a person ?🤔

  • piknikkopi

    I hope Cezar is okay man. Camera didn't catch the impact but it looked pretty bad. Court looked like it's slippery as hell.

    • Ndo Jimmy
      Ndo Jimmy

      Mannn up ! That’s was a flop

    • Honest Fan
      Honest Fan

      That was a flop g

  • Whit3 Iverson
    Whit3 Iverson

    Bakersfield always shows out! It was lit🔥🔥🏀

    • Averyッ

      @KB PLAYZZ got called out bro ☠️☠️

    • Ballislife

      @KB PLAYZZ maybe you should come out to a run so we can show you how "ass" you are.


      it was ass no competition for y’all 😭😭😭

  • CashMon3y Ju
    CashMon3y Ju

    27:19 dude pulled the chair on him. Nitty petty for that 😂😂😂😂😂

  • FearmyHoming-x Fear
    FearmyHoming-x Fear

    Prayer up for Cesar 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • NewEraNoah

    No such thing as fouls…let’s me know all I need to know

  • Chris Sly
    Chris Sly

    Ty been showing out more since that 1v1 💯

  • Honest Fan
    Honest Fan

    7:33 why would bro fall like that 🤣💀

  • Gregory Brown
    Gregory Brown

    Yiiiiiiikes..Westcoast looking savage…good run, no b.s. calls, mad talent, McLovin dis shyt…that is streetball at its finest…Ball is life to this viewer and you gentlemen demonstrated perfectly why

  • Garrett Vosberg
    Garrett Vosberg

    20:00 Alan: “Ty up there somewhere”

  • Cody Drew
    Cody Drew

    Cesar still hasn’t had a single hair move in yet another video. And Ty still never drives in iso.

  • Kirby Peter
    Kirby Peter

    Nah the dance at half-court caught me off guard. 💀💀 But homie got moves tho. 💯👏

  • rygarr75

    The boys are back in town! Great content as usual

  • Bryan Manabat
    Bryan Manabat

    Ty's ad video always be something funny. Great game!

  • Light Skin TV
    Light Skin TV

    27:25 Ty knew what he was doing 😏😏

  • ItsYaBoiSlothy

    23:45 lol, more carry than hardens effort in 2018 season

  • JGamingX1800

    23:43 yoo my guy hit him with the “do the stanky leg!!!” Lol hahahahah

  • Red Fire
    Red Fire

    Peace n love to the guys monster has got the right guys round him to use his size nobody wants to go against monster

  • john jones
    john jones

    "We really like that.. certified foulers u heard" 🤦🏽‍♂️🤡💩

  • TAG

    the wasy cesar flopped at 21:40 he couldve broken his arm. no refs for those kind of plays dont hurt yourself.

  • ChillxTheVybeLord

    All they doing is fouling tf outta white Iverson lol

  • My Kids Bad
    My Kids Bad

    Ty Really Bouta Make Me Try Bluechew

  • Ha David
    Ha David

    Ty be taking a bluechew every time he balls

  • 🅱️J‼️

    Ain’t gonna lie they was locking iverson up💯💯💯

    • Just Here
      Just Here

      @ECI 10 nah that was terrible defense any in real game situation that would have been reaching foul

    • ECI 10
      ECI 10

      @Just Here WI was being too nonchalant with the rock. Yes that was good outdoor physical defense.

    • Just Here
      Just Here

      @ECI 10 be honest that wasn’t good defense

    • ECI 10
      ECI 10

      @Reginald Drake 1st game he got clamped bad

    • Reginald Drake
      Reginald Drake

      He was scoring the most . You hating

  • brandon boggess
    brandon boggess

    Great video as always

  • bertmj23

    Monstar should never call fouls the way he hacks🙅

  • For Tha A.M.
    For Tha A.M.

    Pick up a 6'6 big boy with handles and limitless range ✊️🤧

  • Dusse Smooth
    Dusse Smooth

    I've found myself doing the big ty Bluechew Dance lately 🤷🏾‍♂️😂🤣🧑🏾‍🦯🧑🏾‍🦯

  • Cris Benito
    Cris Benito

    When the old man said: he’ll nahhh to da naw naw naw 🤣

  • Kingprezzz GOATTEEDDD
    Kingprezzz GOATTEEDDD

    Bruh from the captions looked like he got knocked out😳😳


    GREAT games. Oh yeah 🏀 🔥

  • Him

    Crazy seeing my city n courts I play on everyday in this vid , n all my homies was there . BIL gotta come to bako again soon .

  • 1v1HOOPS

    That bluechew intro might be the best thing i ever seen

  • BigAceWitta556

    I think this is the first sponsorship I’ve ever watched on any video dude was hype 😂😂

  • RealKey

    West coast squad is too friggin good.

  • Davonta Travis
    Davonta Travis

    Damn I love watching WCS play

  • GirthyBonBon

    Yall just needa work on your shot selection n sharpen up on defense (yall seem to give up sometimes). Sometimes yall just chuck 3s (thanks curry) or mid rangers and hope God is on your side Any team with a single pro, would probably dismantle yall. Just some constructive criticism

  • Owen Coote
    Owen Coote

    Basketball starts at 6:00

  • Steve Guti
    Steve Guti

    We would appreciate it deeply if anyone could pray for us our 12 year old daughter Candice living with chronic congestive heart failure passed away may 30 peacefully in her sleep she is with the Lord we are all devastated we desperately need your prayers please pray for peace and comfort with God's love conquers all amen we lost our first daughter Angel at 15 years old in 2018 peacefully in her sleep she had Ms this is very tough we are grateful to God for two wonderful daughters and we will be altogether again praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

    • Itz Ninjamaster
      Itz Ninjamaster


    • Mperfect T.V.
      Mperfect T.V.

      I'm just now seeing this but my prayers to you and your family. I know she's looking down and proud of her parents.

    • Jose Suarez
      Jose Suarez


    • Malakai Cole
      Malakai Cole

      God bless u and ur family

    • Jeremy Brown
      Jeremy Brown

      @Tanner Taylor thanks for this. I thought it odd.. and then I see your comment. Glad I’m not trippin..

  • mr Jangles
    mr Jangles

    No fouls? Hell then when the nilla goes to shoot just punch em in the damn mouth

  • Ness Sett
    Ness Sett

    Cesar be actin like he got sniped from the roof

  • YRP Cam
    YRP Cam

    No bro that Iverson alley oop where he lost the ball between 2 defenders absolutely crazy fam like the IQ omg 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥

  • Jae Bill
    Jae Bill

    Squad Went dummmy whole video🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • MotorCityGAMING

    For a second I thought the person in the orange shirt sunglasses and cowboy hat was the kids mom 🤣🤣.

  • G Wavy
    G Wavy

    2nd play of the game is wild

  • GirthyBonBon

    Someone needs to keep stats, I really wonder what the shooting %s be looking like


    that 2nd team was fucking awful how did they even get downs 🤧

  • Just Here
    Just Here

    6:46 I had that on auto mic rewind at least 5 times 😬

  • con queso
    con queso

    Dude in all black at the 24:00 minute mark man ya should pick him up as a trail run

  • Vonja Bibbs
    Vonja Bibbs

    "We in Bakersfield CA! Fk all that soft sh1t!" 😭😭😭 Said nobody ever

  • HNL_HypeKage

    20:13 dude in the Nets jersey, thats my mood, WI to Ty SHEEEEESH

  • Iamjacksteven

    I love is ball is life great content 💯💯

    • Ballislife


  • BigHeadedMartian

    #1 Player Iverson, putting in some work.

  • Number2

    Ty gettin jiggy in that intro killed me

  • Banks

    Iverson was a turn over machine this run lol

  • BedlamiteRHCP

    Man, don't you guys ever want to play better competition? This is like watching adults play kids. How is winning even fun at these runs? Y'all can keep those Ty intros comin' though, that's the good content

    • Felix303

      @John Nguyen IRglo and clout got them thinking they nicer than they are

    • John Nguyen
      John Nguyen

      When they go up against real comp, they get rocked. Like when will Bynum made nitty his son

    • Felix303

      Everytime they play real competition they usually lose. There is only a few BIL players I truly respect. Got to remember that most of BIL fans are teenage kids I mean look at the crowds always