LaMelo Ball: One Of One | An Original Documentary
LaMelo Ball: One Of One | An Original Documentary
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  • Choc

    This was super dope. He's going to be special!

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      @bighadaddy he's killing it in the NBA right now so you were saying

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      @Sam Oso he'll be in the Hall of Fame one day

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      Man His dad lit 🔥🔥 under him because after that point bruh went crazy

    • Weak Playz
      Weak Playz

      @bighadaddy what about you talk now?

    • Weak Playz
      Weak Playz

      @bighadaddy yeah but he's an all star now

  • Вера Гусева
    Вера Гусева

    Man..that part where Lavar thanked melo's teammates after their loss made me tear up a bit. It really shows you how much he really cares for his boys. Some people are too quick to judge him sometimes

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      Because his father says all kinds crazy shit that's not last talking crazy alot of parents talk their kids up especially the really good parents lavar just took it to another level and made a bag from it 🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽

    • IRTStv

      u git me bih

    • The Art Of Be
      The Art Of Be

      That shit fucked me up

    • Mohit Duggal
      Mohit Duggal

      @GEORGEPAULTHA GOAT ohhhhh fair


      @Mohit Duggal haha I meant one of the people who judges lavar

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    It’s crazy how everyone doubted him but his pops still believed in him

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      @Matthew Lominy man his sister is actually better than him 😅😅😅😅😅😅

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      I believed in him Julian Newman not so much 🤣😅🤣😅😅

    • jonathan

      all those doubts aged well ESP "i dont think theyre nba type players"

    • KingLarry

      all he wants is for his children to be great

    • ahmed isse
      ahmed isse

      I knew my bwoi was a beast. Woahhh

  • Bobby Greene
    Bobby Greene

    Followed Melo from those early days. To see him go through all of that and still manage to end up going #3 in the draft and winning rookie of the year almost had me in tears. So proud of him for sticking with it. And so proud of him for telling Lavar he wanted to go back to the states to finish up high school - that's where things took a nice turn for him.

  • James Chongorito
    James Chongorito

    Whether you hate him or not, this guy just proved everyone he's gonna make it to the NBA. It's kinda funny how his haters switched to " he's not making it to the NBA to he's gonna be a bust in the NBA." That's how social media is nowadays where people would try to bring you down because they don't have the talent you have and they always find excuses to hate the person, not offending anyone but just based on my opinion. To all of you guys out there who wants to pursue your passion and goal, just remember to not let these haters take over you and no matter what happens just keep grinding and you'll see results. Have a nice day and God Bless to everyone :)

    • Daniel Haney
      Daniel Haney

      No better haters than Melo haters! They have a seemingly insatiable appetite for eating their own words. Talk, eat, repeat!

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      Thank you

    • tkn

      You too


    I remember like yesterday they said he would not make it to the NBA.

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      @Papi Detroit you need new friends

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      @Raphael Laruy he didn't go number one but top 3 isn't bad

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      @B M obliterated by Rick and Morty 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      And they are eating them words like chicken noodle soup 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Spicy Shizz
      Spicy Shizz

      @Raphael Laruy he didn’t go number 1, wtf are u talking about

  • Yung itsJuan
    Yung itsJuan

    “Kids cannot play around grown men” *16 year old Luka is typing...*

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      Luka is one of one just like LaMelo ball

    • Αλέξανδρος Μπάτσης
      Αλέξανδρος Μπάτσης

      🆎13 typing...

    • Kojuma

      exactly what i thought when i heard that lol

    • Lucas Lakas
      Lucas Lakas

      rubio play on olympics when he was a kid

    • KoldheartedBam

      @Aldion Locaberte true pg

  • Javi Mac
    Javi Mac

    This video snapped! LaMelo snapped! I can't see what he does next. Hopefully Gelo gets in the league as well.

    • Nicholas Khan
      Nicholas Khan

      @Brass Tacks Boxing Jermain said that relating to the media, he didn't want people to dislike or have extremely high expectations for melo, like they did for zo

    • Brass Tacks Boxing
      Brass Tacks Boxing

      @Nicholas Khan lavar the one that mad him who he is. Fuck you mean? That's his father.

    • Monas311

      @erik nansen absolutely

    • Nelson Dendomo
      Nelson Dendomo

      @Madueño ...

    • Nelson Dendomo
      Nelson Dendomo

      @Sheep Life Is The Only Life For Me not anymore lol

  • Massive Conn
    Massive Conn

    He could've given up as soon as things started to fall apart for him. I'm genuinely happy to finally see Lamelo drafted & hope NUTHIN but the best for his future in the NBA💯💯💯

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      @Daniel Haney year 3 superstar

    • Daniel Haney
      Daniel Haney

      Year 1: ROTY Year 2: All-Star

  • Stay Solid
    Stay Solid

    If all athletes had dads like Lavar, we’d all have a better chance at going pro. He really believe in his kids. #DadGoals


    The way the music shifted on the Spire part was a nice touch as I think that’s where his career really turned around and what paved the way for him being where he is today. The Lavar effect is interesting. He clearly pushed LaMelo really hard and adopted a tough love approach which made him work on his game and had a positive impact on his skills and work ethic, however I think Lavar enabling him to shot chuck and cherry pick and stat pad had a mixed effect. It got him fame and national attention which helped his career but bred so many bad habits that hindered it. So I find it hard with Lavar as he helped LaMelo’s career a tonne but also hindered it in other ways. Ultimately though I think he really needed Spire and it was amazing to watch his game evolve there. It’s like Lavar built him up as a brand and gave him the tools he needed to work hard and grind to improve his game, but he needed to shed Lavar’s influence to develop a well rounded game that could elevate teammates and work in the NBA.

  • Solomon E. McNair
    Solomon E. McNair

    WoW, I forgot that it wasn’t always easy. Ups and downs. Awesome story! Who’s watching after the draft?

  • Cecilia Rivera
    Cecilia Rivera

    I’m so proud of him. I personally don’t know him, of course, but it’s amazing watching his growth not only as player but his personal growth as well.

  • William •
    William •

    He’s doing so well in the league now.. just had a triple double last night


    I hope this grind pays off for your bro, you’ve covered him in depth from the start, pretty much from when he got a name. Iv watched you cover everything he’s done and I hope you get rewarded for your efforts. I appreciate your work bro.

  • DwayneStorm

    This REALLY impressed me about Melo. He overcame adversity at EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. and came out on the other side a top 3 pick. What a job by him and Lavar though. Rootin' for him

  • Blessed 1
    Blessed 1

    This kid went hard for his spot, I cant wait for this new season,... God Bless us all...

  • Scenery

    Absolutely phenomenal content you've put together, DKM. Great job. I'm sure you will go far.

  • Nathan Darr
    Nathan Darr

    I'vr watched Melo since he was a 14 year old dominating with his brothers in Chino. I have his Chino Jersey, his Lithuania, his JBA Jersey, he's my favorite player. And this tells the the story perfectly. This documentary looks like something ESPN would make. Insane work. Round of Applause bro. Much respect

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      @sey king superstar

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      LaMelo ball is a legend in the making he has become one of the most polarizing players of this past generation him Luka Zion Williamson etc the league is in good hands after LeBron retires

    • Jodyuo

      @sey king this aged well

    • Senor C
      Senor C

      "Kings" Honored to share my birthday with one of my best friends: @scarra

    • Nathan Darr
      Nathan Darr

      @Abby IK same here. I base my game after Chino Melo. Shooting from anywhere, right handles, great passing


    Lavar really was a dam good father. I admit I didn't like the attitude but he really brought the best out in his boys

  • Isacc Sierra
    Isacc Sierra

    That dude lamelo lowkey living the naruto life 😂 was doubted when he was young but as soon as everyone see what he is now they act like they never hated

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      LaMelo channeled his nine tail fox

    • Lyte H20
      Lyte H20

      Yeah but that can be said for a lot of protag

    • Drewleaguenz

      @nico075_ if you think Naruto gay then you transgender

    • Saucy RBLX
      Saucy RBLX

      @nico075_ ayy relax naruto aint gay

    • nico075_

      Never compare a sports player to some gay naruto

  • Rye Basinal
    Rye Basinal

    What I like about Melo is that he isn't cocky. He stays humble even tho all the hype is on him.

    • uncle bob
      uncle bob

      Rite why they making him up to he cocky legit just media twisting words

  • Chelsea Salvador
    Chelsea Salvador

    Melo went through so much stuff as a kid and we all watched him grow up before our eyes

  • M N.
    M N.

    Man..that part where Lavar thanked melo's teammates after their loss made me tear up a bit. It really shows you how much he really cares for his boys. Some people are too quick to judge him sometimes

    • Jorgethecow

      Fr shit hit hard you can see that he’s thankful they helped him become the player he is starting to become

    • noboost


  • Jay Carlos
    Jay Carlos

    Can’t wait for the update because The Hornets and LaMelo is killing it right now

  • PRiMENuVaL

    I knew this kid is gonna be special one day! Proud of you my guy!

  • Chadackle


  • Joker Jr
    Joker Jr

    Hearing Lavar tell the team thank you, Broke my heart.

  • Christopher Severe
    Christopher Severe

    Shout to DKM because through out the years he kept us updated with all the news with the ball family when the media was lying to public

    • Made Nesian.83
      Made Nesian.83

      100% DKM bringing the heat, but a positive spin on BALL Family coverage not most of the sports shows and media, hating on Melo because dat boy, just wanna hoop 🏀💯

    • Charlie Swango
      Charlie Swango

      @Aaron Schaffer thanks skippy. I'm gonna turn my life around!

    • Aaron Schaffer
      Aaron Schaffer

      What news was this? Focus on your fucking grades

    • Charlie Swango
      Charlie Swango

      I just commented something similar then I scrolled down. It's so true. Kids got 100 mill contract, a lambo and his own sports team and he hasn't played a game yet. He terrifies the establishment.

    • Grayson

      Yeah DKM always has the real

  • mud guts
    mud guts

    The Aussies cheering for you Melo God Bless ya brother light the NBA up.

  • Kenny Henderson
    Kenny Henderson

    Proud to see you and your family are in life right now. I believed in all three of y’all since the first time I watched y’all 6 years ago. Keep grinding and be yourself bro

  • Brother EDEN
    Brother EDEN

    Most Excellent Compilation and Edit, DKM. You have always been here. No one can take that away from you. The BEST is still being written.

  • Rob Stevens
    Rob Stevens

    how can this only be at only 1 million views? I just watched for the 3rd time and still get me pumped. DKM please update with 1st season content... IRglo algorithm - push this...

  • Ryan Razooky
    Ryan Razooky

    Dope documentary 💯

    • DLS BROS
      DLS BROS

      dope documentary? thats more than a documetary, that kid is greater than great

    • David Leblanc
      David Leblanc


    • Madara


    • Lawrence Bauer Lawrence
      Lawrence Bauer Lawrence

      Lavar may have been crazy at times, but he really is a great father, he has potentially have 2 top 3 picks in the NBA. Edit:(And he was the 3rd overall pick)

    • Trey Tomiee
      Trey Tomiee

      KOT4Q freestyle with a beat (audio) .


    A journey to greatness is tough and takes time and he was willing to work through it all

  • Lisa Peters
    Lisa Peters

    Man..that part where Lavar thanked melo's teammates after their loss made me tear up a bit. It really shows you how much he really cares for his boys. Some people are too quick to judge him sometimes

  • Isaiah ?
    Isaiah ?

    It’s crazy how we watched melo grow up from a high school freshman and now he’s in the nba he’s come so far

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez

    This chapters going to be C R A Z Y for Lamelo. It’s good to see somebody I’ve been a fan of for so long prosper!



    • Putin’s Gay Twin
      Putin’s Gay Twin

      Yup he has the mentality to deal with people who are better than him at basketball but also knows how to deal with the crazy media.

  • Kendall D. Dawkins
    Kendall D. Dawkins

    This was great. Great way to capture emotions in scenes. Looking forward to your future work

    • DKM

      thank you

  • CerealMilK

    I’m halfway thru watching it. So glad lamelos on the way of roty rn. Pulling him from highschool to train him was the best decision. Props to lavar.

  • 2Glock30s

    This was a great documentary! It is also very motivating!

  • Gnrv Hrnndz
    Gnrv Hrnndz

    Love him or hate him, he's overcome all adversity and doubt.

    • Brian Cannon
      Brian Cannon

      Not only that. But the pressure he must felt. There's a whole bbb brand on his shoulders! A brand that he necessarily didn't ask for

    • Ruzifur Namrah
      Ruzifur Namrah

      you were right, hopefully also with the injury we would see the same.

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C

    He different you could see it. His story is amazing, he went over seas and then went back to high school and went back to over seas again. Where do you see a teen go through all that jus in 19 years of age. All I gotta say is his dad influenced him well and i wouldnt be surprised if gelo makes a comeback.

  • Recap

    This is beautiful. Made me shed a tear man. Heading to the gym right now

  • Haben Gurung
    Haben Gurung

    This family is the proof of speaking this into existence and backing your words with action

  • Faze Asta
    Faze Asta

    This video makes me have even more respect for melo and LaVar they been through a lot of shit but they out of it know my mans is injured.

  • 286mic

    Lamelo is one of the only child prodigies during the IRglo era that actually panned out. There were a ton of Julian Newmans from 2008-2020.

    • RFM Mike
      RFM Mike

      @ChampagnePettis He hasn't made it to the league yet, he probably will but we gotta see him become a star first

    • ChampagnePettis

      And we still have Mikey as well


      @cmplX a foot injury not that serious

    • cmplX

      @OFFBRAND _TFUE this aged like milk sitting out on a hot summer day

    • Randy Savage
      Randy Savage

      Dats a fact

  • lucygoosey

    My brother just said “proud of that kid man” Like hes melo Big brother😂

  • Matt Zering
    Matt Zering

    I used to not like this kid. But overtime he’s become one of my favorites in the game. He’s a star and one of the best basketball players non professional I’ve seen...he’s gonna kill it in the NBA

  • R G
    R G

    the only bad thing about all this, is that these commentators still have there jobs. not one of them nailed it! great document

  • Hendrix GG
    Hendrix GG

    I litterally cried when he got drafted man he was my whole childhood and watching everyone hate him but I still loved watching him no matter what. wonder what the talk show hosts are saying now.

  • ryansaunders65

    Lavar doesn't seem so crazy now does he? The result of hard work, talent and support. Wishing you and the fam the best... Keep going strong✊🏾

    • eyecxn

      @BIgPimPing H to the izzo you still live in your mamas garage

    • Nick Peacock
      Nick Peacock

      @BIgPimPing H to the izzo If having 2 kids worth 200 million is crazy sign me up 🤷🏿‍♂️ oh, and stop hating because you broke.

    • 286mic

      @BIgPimPing H to the izzo 2 kids are top two NBA picks. I guarantee you'll never accomplish anything remotely close to that 😂

    • Dom

      @BIgPimPing H to the izzo Lonzo is far from a busy lol. He may not be playing up to #2 pick level, but his defense alone will give him a 10+ year career

    • CHINO

      @BIgPimPing H to the izzo 2 of his kids are made it to the nba and third will do eventually through the g league that’s ridiculous

  • Mista KLC
    Mista KLC

    Never underestimate the value of a strong, loving father in the household. For young boys it can mean the difference between greatness and failure.

  • Jay Joshi
    Jay Joshi

    You don't have to be a fan, but his story is inspiring as hell. Wish the best for the kid. Amazing!

  • Aqib Shah
    Aqib Shah

    Just like I said for his bro, I wish him the best in the NBA and hope he becomes an all star!

  • Hubert G
    Hubert G

    Wow! we see the evolution of this kid, the ups & downs, critics panning him then hopping the bandwagon , through out all this Dad who is being consistent in dedicating to teaching & mentoring his kid. Hats off to Mr Lavar & the Ball family.

  • rinab333

    Melo went through so much stuff as a kid and we all watched him grow up before our eyes

    • Isaac Raltee
      Isaac Raltee nba draft no.1 to 3 pick reactions

  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones

    This is really the NBA dream it's like a My career story all of the ups and downs the doubters and he still made it to the NBA and he was an all star last year the Sky is the limit for Melo

  • Lane Maddock
    Lane Maddock

    Great dad, great brothers, great player, and a great job DKM!

  • KungKung Gonmei
    KungKung Gonmei

    It’s a gem seeing him grow up all the way to making history in the NBA already

  • Aroneazy

    Great video!! 🙌 people hate on Lavar but I just see a father doing everything he can to help his sons achieve their dreams


    Jermaine Jackson's mentoring really change LaMelo not just on the court but off the court. Melo got matured bruh.

    • Daniel Haney
      Daniel Haney

      Tina, Lavar, Zo and JJ Well done! Congratulations your boys an NBA All-star!

    • Abby Boyars
      Abby Boyars

      i swear melo totally matured so much after meeting JJ

    • oculusdexter x
      oculusdexter x

      Oscar made the right decision listening to melo instead of pushing hard into whatever direction he saw fit. It came down to a father wanting to make his son happy more than anything else. The funny thing is he would have been lost in playing overseas eventually falling out love with basketball

    • Lisa Peters
      Lisa Peters

      This feels like dkm dropping his son for his first day at school

    • Ibouzz

      JJ is to Melo what jiraiya was to naruto

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez

    I remember being in middle school watching his freshmen year of highschool I remember all the hype like it was yesterday now I’m 18 time flew man this is special😔❤️💯

  • DaHipHopAnalyst

    This is so dope to come back too after seeing how well he’s doing rn... old media was all wrong about him. He was always going to be this player, real ones knew from the beginning..✊🏾

    • daindigokid

      Fax. #Numedia

  • Byron Taylor
    Byron Taylor

    Kid had a teenage experience, I would not want! He rose to the challenge, he has greatness in him!!💪🏼

  • Jay O
    Jay O

    Ay my eyes started welling up when Lavar thanked the team for accepting his son and making him smile again. #DadMoment

  • David Estrada
    David Estrada

    Deberían subir con subtitulos, para mi es el mejor de los 3 hermanos ball. Lo sigo desde que estaba en chino hills y su avance a sido muy sorprendente, yo creo que si le dan la oportunidad y la confianza en los hornets puede hacerla bien

  • William Guiltinan
    William Guiltinan

    Dope video. Crazy how we all witness Lamelo Ball grow up to the player/person he is today

  • Ayden Davis
    Ayden Davis

    it’s crazy how many people doubted him but when he got the chance to show why he deserves to be in the NBA everybody started to like him more and more

  • Kevin Truong
    Kevin Truong

    The fact that he's playing so well makes this so much better.

  • Lesco C
    Lesco C

    Been waiting for him to get to the NBA, my favorite player. The ceiling this guy has is through the roof! Don’t sleep on him!

  • iLikeTurtles 7
    iLikeTurtles 7

    Look at him now. A superstar in the making

  • Preston Mygrant
    Preston Mygrant

    This video really deserves to blow up!! This is soooo much better than the MJ documentary, you did a fantastic job!!!!

  • Tony

    I got chills... can't believe it's been 4-5 years since I first watched this kid. I'm getting old. He has really matured though, he was wild on Ball in the Family when he was younger

  • ydd.albert _
    ydd.albert _

    Been watching your LÁMELO videos for awhile man it’s crazy how he’s almost in the NBA and thanks DKM for the awesome journey and for keeping us posted! 👌🏽💯💫

  • Casey Gouge
    Casey Gouge

    I love this video. I’ve believed in him since the day I watched chino hills win the state championship his freshman year. Through all the hate... still believed. I get goosebumps watching this!

  • Lexi Laurenne
    Lexi Laurenne

    Brooooo this was amazing!!! You killed it with this video! You’re crazy talented! Melo is gunna go offfffff

  • KamiKaze

    How they go from loving him to hating him to loving him again. Love how he never let it bring him down and stop him from beinghim

  • Athlete Remedy
    Athlete Remedy

    Wild and different! Exactly what the NBA needs! Pumped to see him change the game! He's about to make some grown men look silly

  • ChipHxncho

    Everyone literally hated on the kid. The KID, didn’t even believe in him even now in the draft “Oh well he’s not number 1” dude wasn’t even ranked top 10 in his Senior in HS and is a top 3 pick in the draft. Greatness always shines through

    • Haban, Jethro B.
      Haban, Jethro B.

      there's your ROTY :)))))

    • #DREEZY514💯

      Fuck yea he is overated.. the whole league is overated with centres who can't ball and have 0 bball IQ ... there's a BUNCH of ppl on the personel team that don't know nothing about bball.. not to mention half the coaches in the League don't have a clue what they're doing... you never see an assistant coach or one of the 20 personel members say anything to coaches when they're fukin up, its a joke... cause they're all millionaires they can't put someone in their place.. the league is Full of tall players who have millions and don't know shit about bball 🤷‍♂️..

    • Omarr2x •
      Omarr2x •

      @#DREEZY514💯 aged terribly

    • James J
      James J

      @B.C. i bet dreezy cant even play ball lol

    • B.C.

      @James J was boutta ask the same thing lolol

  • Akash Teotia
    Akash Teotia

    I guess i have watched this atleast 25-27 times. Man love watching him play. DKM way to go, a befitting docu for a legend in making. Love from India bro. Can't wait to watching him on NBA .

  • Alan Velez
    Alan Velez

    I'm supporting this kid 💯 percent. Hope he becomes a hall of famer. Really. How fucking great would the final documentary be!? Growing up in the spotlight just to out shine it! Fingers crossed for this young man. May he live up to an be greater than all the hype!

  • Velocity

    Great video bro, loved it. Especially following Melo for years that just made this so much more entertaining!

    • DKM

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • William Yu
    William Yu


  • Isaac Walker
    Isaac Walker

    Lavar may have been crazy at times, but he really is a great father, he has potentially have 2 top 3 picks in the NBA. Edit:(And he was the 3rd overall pick)

    • Sheep Life Is The Only Life For Me
      Sheep Life Is The Only Life For Me

      @Isaac Walker bro he made pistons

    • Franco Fone
      Franco Fone

      This comment definitely aged well 🔥🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆💯

    • Raymond Arsedale
      Raymond Arsedale

      Potentially? Already done my bro. But yeah love to see Lavar kicking his haters ass now!! Man hope gelo gets on the nba.

    • kavienjay8

      I think hes a great father regardless of their basketball accomplishments

    • HEMAN 22
      HEMAN 22

      @BIgPimPing H to the izzo watch melo do great in the nba and you as a sad sack is gonna cry in the corner of your Mother's basement.

  • Dualshock OneShot
    Dualshock OneShot

    Damn this was amazing I’ve always been a fan of lamelo Lonzo and liangelo since the chino hills days and this is only the start of the ball brothers greatness

  • Lucas Blais
    Lucas Blais

    The amount of shit he was put through he really does deserve his spot on the hornets

  • modesigns

    This documentary is something else, very well put together

  • Joey Lonergan
    Joey Lonergan

    That was absolutely amazing. I don’t just think lamelo matured when going to spire though I think lavar did through that whole process and it’s just amazing for both. I am still questioning what liangelo is gonna do though that was some good work definitely showing this to some friends

  • Hi

    Been here since he was a freshman. It’s been a long time coming and I’m so happy to see him living out his dreams and showing everyone how wrong they were about him

  • Daniel Zayt
    Daniel Zayt

    Imagine if Melo recreates his half court pull up in the NBA🙌

  • Adrian Wheeler
    Adrian Wheeler

    Good video showing he ups n downs bra definitely put in the work and didn’t listen to the haters he deserves to be where he at he earned it!

  • Kelvin Gillett
    Kelvin Gillett

    The Thing that i notice about him so far is that he doesn't want to be like nobody but himself and that's pretty cool to me .

  • Ken Barracoso
    Ken Barracoso

    Lamelo is truly a rare breed. 1 of 1 for sure. I'm one of his biggest fans!!!

  • Nate Banks
    Nate Banks

    The Croatia move was the one move that was too much for Melo. They were pushing him too hard. Going back to high school was the best move he could have made. The kids loved him and he was in his level of play so he could have fun and grow.

  • Çhinø Dang
    Çhinø Dang

    Lamelo is the true definition of “Started from the bottom now I’m here.”

    • blikk!

      @Çhinø Dang they weren't trash bro prob better than you he just grew mentally and it imprived his game

    • MysticX YT
      MysticX YT

      Compared to now yea of course he was trash but for his age he pretty good

    • Çhinø Dang
      Çhinø Dang

      @Cj Pearce financially he’s rich. But his basketball skills were trash back when he was younger. Right now, he’s considered one of the best rookie NBA player

    • Cj Pearce
      Cj Pearce

      Relax he grew up rich in chino hills

  • LouieNY

    This was great ‼️ All the people doubting him and he made it 💯

  • Unkownn

    lamelo life has been a rollercoaster but at the end of the day he achieved his goal and made the NBA, happy for the ball family just waiting on liangelo to make it.


    As a father... Lavar, believes in his kids more than anything... truly amazing and fun to watch/ witness.