LaMelo Ball, Kyrie Irving, Trae Young & James Harden Go OFF At Rico Hines Private Runs!!
Rico Hines Private Runs is home of the best summertime basketball runs for NBA pros. Here are some of the best runs from last summer featuring James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Trae Young, LaMelo Ball, and many of your favorite players!
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  • Wancad

    The way James harden play is like me when there is no ball in my hands and I'm like shadow dribbling.

    • 이승현

      anyone know what kyrie wear? the gray one please

    • wthPastoo

      @Frostixity im sayin it as in if he can use everytime like harden

    • Frostixity

      @wthPastoo yo this might b old af but kyrie already did hardens double step back on hardens head in a game once

    • Benjamin Huang
      Benjamin Huang

      lol i do that all the time

    • Lxck _DF
      Lxck _DF

      @Mr.Pupskie Amens's Lords's

  • Toluwanimi Bankole
    Toluwanimi Bankole

    Imagine if Giannis pulled up with all his brothers 😳

    • 이승현

      :anyone know what kyrie wear? the gray one please

    • Zayne S
      Zayne S

      @A Random Celtics Fan It’s like saying Seth is going to be better than Stephen. Stephen did come in first and didn’t have almost immediate success with the Warriors, but through hard work Curry has become a quite assassin.

    • Zayne S
      Zayne S

      @RJ Binning I actually think Thanasis who is at Bucks too. He’s better at midrange and shooting but Giannis has honed his post game to the point where it’s virtually impossible to guard him. I remember in high school I had the misfortune every tike I came off the bench I was getting screens and switches with this one guy named Brian Sterling, who was only 6’4 at the time, but he was so long (pause) that I couldn’t even really play defense #1 because he was taller than me and 2 because he had such long arms he could be there to get the boards. I felt like a kid.

    • cezz

      @Pedro Henrique i guarantee they're all better than you!

    • no name
      no name

      @Big Papi hell nah they’d never be better than giannis

  • J Ro
    J Ro

    1:59 That pass by Lamelo though 😳🔥

    • Kenneth Geraldo
      Kenneth Geraldo

      @이승현 Its a Nike Pro Dri Fit Longsleeve

    • 이승현

      anyone know what kyrie wear? the gray one please


      @Lucifer same 😂

    • Eric Xia
      Eric Xia

      Lamelo's got wild body proportions seen in this shot and the pink shorts shot just before. Tall with really narrow shoulders, super long arms, and kind of a big ass. If I saw him in real life I'd be almost certain this guy couldn't dribble but here we are.

    • Thabiso Simelane
      Thabiso Simelane

      that shit was crazy

  • Calvin Lindsey
    Calvin Lindsey

    Imagine playing pickup and your teams like "iight you guarding kyie"

    • cezz

      Ikr, nightmare!

    • Faysal Elayoubi
      Faysal Elayoubi

      Bruhhh haaaa

  • 12345 12345
    12345 12345

    Harden’s step back is “social distancing” ! Man create so much space🤣

    • 이승현

      :anyone know what kyrie wear? the gray one please

    • Bryan Baker
      Bryan Baker

      The step back is a travel. Has been since the first day anyone tried it. The NBA is garbage.

    • 12345 12345
      12345 12345

      @Sofian Rasheed Came up with it on my own lol…

    • Reese Scheib
      Reese Scheib


    • K J
      K J

      He social distance on defense also

  • Demetres Blakley
    Demetres Blakley

    You can feel the NBA experience, they are fast pace professionals!!

  • T K
    T K

    Crazy how many hoopers were in this. Every minute I noticed someone new. Even some young guys, Cassius Stanley, Josh Christopher, KJ Martin. Wouldn’t mind just sitting in the gym all day and watching these guys go at it

  • Jay Anderson
    Jay Anderson

    Coronavirus: come here Harden: *steps back



    • Fovo

      @Francisco Cabrera spot on!

    • Onigiri-san

      Bruuh!! good one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • moriFNBR

      @Pranav 1

    • Gg_Ez69 Lol
      Gg_Ez69 Lol

      @M Not even 240 countries m8

  • Laden Perez
    Laden Perez

    2:23 James Harden deadly footwork🔥

    • Reemo Brooklyn
      Reemo Brooklyn

      😂😂😂😂 practicing for when the season started back. lmaoo

  • Andrew Horner
    Andrew Horner

    Ballislife: Watch Trae Young, James Harden, Lamelo Ball and Kyrie Irving play in private runs. All the other nba players there: Am I a joke to you?

    • Blyxis

      Did jimmy dirty

    • 이승현

      anyone know what kyrie wear? the gray one please

    • JKITN

      Laundry Shamet, Jordan Bell and Lou Williams Go OFF At Rico Hines Private Runs!! dont got the same ring to it bruh

    • I Love You
      I Love You

      @Smooth Goose ASMR remember every said that about Jordan, then comes Kobe, then in terms of impact came lebron, then curry, although curry's impact is heavy, it just hasn't lasted as long as lebron's has, if melo gets built, maintains a shot and passing skills he has? Why not????? He already has clout, rookie of the year... And hear this, it gelo and zo find a way to play together, and win even half their games, they'll have an impact, both lebron and curry changed the way the game was seen, so can melo... But... Dudes gonna hate all the way

    • Braden Macurdy
      Braden Macurdy

      Precious, Thomas Bryant, Cassius, Jordan McRae, Stanley Johnson, pascal, bagley the list goes on and on. These private runs are so fun to watch tho Fr

  • big dlo
    big dlo

    Imagine just walking in to this gym by accident 😂

    • Fenix Wiles
      Fenix Wiles

      Well seeing as though it’s a private run @ UCLA. Idk if that’s happening 😂

    • Yapha

      haha frfr

    • Jabryd

      Turning right back around on purpose 😆

  • iscokc12

    Harden was having an historic season (attended Rico Hines runs) Siakam was having a MVP season (attended Rico Hines runs) Buddy Hield won the 3 point challenge (attended Rico Hines runs) Chris Boucher was having a breakout season (attended Rico Hines runs) Trae Young was averaging 30ppp (attended Rico Hines runs) Lamelo Ball prospect n1 of 2020 draft (attended Rico Hines runs) Lou and Harrell having another incredible season having 2 superstars in the team (attended Rico Hines) Josh Christopher 5star prospect (attended Rico Hines runs)

    • Ramon Queiros
      Ramon Queiros

      @iscokc12 i still can't believe that the Kings passed on Luka Dončić

    • iscokc12

      @Ramon Queiros yes Shamet stayed the same and Bagley can't stay healthy

    • Ramon Queiros
      Ramon Queiros

      I saw Shamet and Bagley too

    • Kevin Corrales 13
      Kevin Corrales 13

      @Teziño "most haven't happened YET" when the video was recorded was last summer and some hasn't happened

    • Teziño

      Kevin Corrales 13 everything he said has happened

  • Ant Dav
    Ant Dav

    this is how the playoffs finna sound

    • Charles Lee-Ray
      Charles Lee-Ray

      Fast forward to a year later 😂💀

    • KAL on YT
      KAL on YT

      @Bxller Dav lmaoooo🤣

    • Bxller Dav
      Bxller Dav

      @KAL on YT accept corona came around🤣😭😭

    • KAL on YT
      KAL on YT

      7 months later still fax 🙌

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James

      So easy parsley jack good

  • eddy mack
    eddy mack

    Harden’s dribbling is so damn smooth.

  • Conor Kinsella
    Conor Kinsella

    Hardens shot is one of the cleanest things I’ve ever seen

  • Aidan LeBlanc
    Aidan LeBlanc

    NBA Players: James Harden 0:00 Kyrie Irving 0:17 Pascal Siakam 0:19 Trevor Ariza 0:21 Buddy Hield 0:36 Jordan Bell 0:55 Trae Young 1:02 Montrezl Harrell 2:31 Thomas Bryant 2:38 Julius Randle 3:13 Marvin Bagley III 3:22 Donta Hall 3:35 Lou Williams 3:47 Shabazz Muhammad 4:21 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 4:21 Ben McLemore 6:53 Khyri Thomas 7:06 Eric Gordon? 7:07 Isaiah Hartenstein 7:09 Javale McGee 7:23 Chris Boucher 7:26 Norman Powell 7:28 Christian Wood 12:28 Let me know if I missed someone!

    • BasketballEdits Prod.
      BasketballEdits Prod.

      4:21 Landry Shamet

    • Curt97

      Cassius Stanley 1:06

    • Curt97

      @Kevin G Arpasitand KJ Martin (Kenyon Martin son)

    • Kevin G Arpasitand
      Kevin G Arpasitand

      4:31 who is name?

    • TIz Zz
      TIz Zz


  • YGK

    Lamelo Ball reminds me of Penny Hardaway, tall Point Guard, good handles, smooth and elite passer

    • ThatOneBozo

      bro wont ever dunk, be making me mad

  • Air Espenilla
    Air Espenilla

    How did Harden fall off so fast smh He’s a shadow of his old self

  • Halfmoon

    Damn it's easy to forgot how athletic and huge some of these nba players are when you see them on an NBA court.

    • 이승현

      :anyone know what kyrie wear? the gray one please

    • Akash Patil-Terhune
      Akash Patil-Terhune

      j Smith tf lmao

    • zaywxlk

      @j Smith bro lets get into a discord call and debate

    • zaywxlk

      @j Smith see you dont listen lmao, I said he is still in High School the boy is 5'5" and shoots out of his chest, thats gonna get blocked by 6'+ dudes all day, sooo case closed

    • zaywxlk

      @j Smith "elite player" is not equal to nba player

  • onesidequeens

    4:16 that put back 💥🔥🔥

    • Three Martin
      Three Martin

      @RyloKay Kenyon Martin Jr.

    • RyloKay

      Who was that?

  • silversmith

    These videos really open my eyes to how insanely better NBA players are at basketball than 95% of other humans.

    • Yapha


    • ThunderZ Agario
      ThunderZ Agario

      *big news flash* Jk xd

  • David Hall
    David Hall

    9:24 😂 Wasn't expecting his voice to be that high

  • Jeremy Briggie
    Jeremy Briggie

    4:15 nobody gonna say anything about how this mans entire chest was above the rim?

    • Dirtymile podcast
      Dirtymile podcast

      I scrolled thru the comments to see if anybody noticed…. That shit was ridiculous

  • moose zk
    moose zk

    This is still lit, pure basketball clips at a time when we’re all in need

    • Da Coldest
      Da Coldest

      Lmaooo “in need”

    • MFY -SAMA
      MFY -SAMA


    • Eryll

      this is lit. Every choke player on one video

    • KanjiKingッ

      Philippe Mudaheranwa stoopid

  • jon delmundo
    jon delmundo

    0:27 when I just want to do a fast spin move on 2k but my character does it super slow af and I get locked down by the defender 😒

  • Paul Granda
    Paul Granda

    I miss watching my boy Harden play 🙏🏼🔥👌🏼

  • Aaron Carver
    Aaron Carver

    1:20 that Lamelo defence haha

  • Wisdomism

    Harden just shooting step backs and throwing it up 😂😂

  • Solomon Rubin
    Solomon Rubin

    I love how bench players got a chance to shine in this, because in games a lot of these people don’t get minutes. So to see them have a chance to really play and showcase their skills, is great to see. Mad props to Rico Hines

  • rcasagranda

    4:17 Kennyon Martin JR. Head and elbows above the rim in that put back dunk! That’s insane hops!!

  • Arjun Chahal
    Arjun Chahal

    I’ve never seen dunking look soo easy

  • SBDukes51

    used to think LaMelo was hyped up, but he'll do just fine in the league right now.

    • Logan

      This aged well

  • KingKlutch13

    Damn remember when ppl said melo wasnt making the league. He deserves the best for how far hes come👍🏽‼️💯


    Every off season I was hella excited for these runs

  • Scorpio&Sebek Universe
    Scorpio&Sebek Universe

    I can't wait to see lamelo and trae young go at it in the NBA

  • Static

    The way Capela handled the ball and shot jumpers was a *WOAH* moment for me. Why doesn't the man do it in games?

  • Giovanni

    That no look behind the back pass by melo sheeeeesh🔥

  • Julio Maldonado
    Julio Maldonado

    Harden one legged step back is knees hurt and I am 35...damn! Mad props!

  • nothin much
    nothin much

    Even though I'm not as great as this people, I still miss and love playing basketball

  • Idk123

    I miss basketball so freaking much😭

  • PCY

    Damn, I must have missed where LaMelo was going OFF.

  • Jan Ivan Matias
    Jan Ivan Matias

    You can clearly see that lamelo has improved a lot

  • shef

    sometimes i be forgetting how good these dudes are

  • Greg Prowell
    Greg Prowell

    3:36 Harden step back so far he shooting from out of bounds. And McLemore waiting on the pass to shoot from out of bounds lol

    • Jerome Ashley
      Jerome Ashley

      Did you see harden 3 pointer off one leg though

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Harden with all that damn the rest of the league!!! But, these runs are clutch!!

  • ONYX

    3:42 this close up reveals what harden always does ,it aint no killer stepback ,he just pushes the defender ,refs been blind the whole time in the NBA

  • Trev4DaWin Win
    Trev4DaWin Win

    12:34 siakim elbowed the shit out of him lol

    • Brow Ming
      Brow Ming

      Siakim dirty af

    • Kobe Bryant
      Kobe Bryant

      The comment that I searched

  • Sayed El Amin
    Sayed El Amin

    They make it look so effing easy... amazing entertainment

  • Kim Araño
    Kim Araño

    The pass at 2:01 I didn't see the ball great pass lamelo


    Fans: this is crazy all these dudes in one gym Nets Owner: Kyrie ain't you injured

    • Mk6_Juan

      Mr Smooth yea but he decided to get surgery in feb so now he’s out for the season

    • Mr Sedano
      Mr Sedano

      Desjuan Anderson Didn’t he come back on January?

    • Mk6_Juan

      Mr Smooth no he supposed to be out the whole season

    • Justyn Alexander
      Justyn Alexander

      Scratch No Sniff this is old

    • Mr Sedano
      Mr Sedano

      Scratch No Sniff Pretty sure he returned already

  • Luke W
    Luke W

    I'm convinced this game was played on the moon and shown to us at 2x speed. My goodness...

  • Ernis G.
    Ernis G.

    Amazing.. Though i think we need to put the rims higher man, this is getting absurd how people dunk these days.. Just make it official to bring it higher, maybe like 5 inches at least or even higher

  • Marcus Cornelious
    Marcus Cornelious

    Man Trae put Jordan bell on them skates, so glad we traded him lmao

  • Andy

    How Harden is able to play competitively in the NBA with that body is beyond my imagination...wait...oh right he doesn't play defense

  • Sincethe90sTV

    So y’all going to act like y’all didn’t see Pascal foul this man 😂😂😂

  • George Trevor Tan
    George Trevor Tan

    these are the best pickup practices ive seen. these guys still havent lost a step at all.

  • Lizi

    Trae Young is literally one trick pony, but that one trick is lethal. It's like AI. You know he can't go left and will always go right after a bunch of dribble, but you just can't stop him.

  • Dreamy

    He is now in the NBA League, that's just insane

  • Blake Weir
    Blake Weir

    I love seeing Bobby in videos. Wish he could stay active on a team :/

  • XAVY 24
    XAVY 24

    This video in a few years is going to be iconic. You got a bunch of nba players and futures nba players hooping in a gym.

  • Great Igbakpa
    Great Igbakpa

    I remember seeing melo in 9th grade and he was a stick but now he actually got some muscle on him

  • KennyGotBandz

    Harden, Kyrie, Lamelo , and Trae literally are my 4 favorite players lmao i love isogods

  • Tyler Domiano
    Tyler Domiano

    Harden the most out of shape in shape player I’ve ever seen

    • D


    • Blayr Bernard
      Blayr Bernard

      I bet he would still beat you

    • Nathan Moore
      Nathan Moore


  • 424

    1:58 that was a crazy pass from lamelo.

  • Jabril Mckevie
    Jabril Mckevie

    Some good hoops bein played , could watch dat all day🐐💯

  • Speedy1998

    Gotta love the young dudes like melo, Cassius and kj Martin hooping w some of the nba’s best players rn

  • Ali Mabrok
    Ali Mabrok

    Melo is already an elite point guard whatever teams he gets drafted 2 he will elevate it to another level for sure

  • GoProxRyan

    Lamelo passing on another level

  • rw bricks
    rw bricks

    Man, the good old James Harden is long gone…

  • Infamous Melo2
    Infamous Melo2

    6:16 my mans stepped out of bounds

  • jabezm official
    jabezm official

    In every gym: Ill be the one that shouts "EY" every basket lmao

  • LB

    2:53 what a play

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    2:00 that vanishing behind the back super combo special pass assist from melo tho

  • R bm
    R bm

    Yo: pero que buena jugada hice Mi entrenador: 4:09

  • Leo Breezy
    Leo Breezy

    Harden be like : “Just let me do my step back travel, and we good “ 😅👌👌

  • Timmy Rondon
    Timmy Rondon

    That behind the back pass that lamelo did 👀 damn man

    • AC Grizzle
      AC Grizzle

      Yeah that was filthy

    • Paulz

      Literally had to replay it a few times to see what went down...that was sick man!

    • Jay

      scrolled too far to see a comment about that pass, shit was nasty

    • Eduardo Josviak
      Eduardo Josviak

      Atrocitus Rage 2:00

    • Davari

      Atrocitus Rage 1:58

  • 狗狗

    Lamelo’s passing is incredible

  • さかいしじぇれまいあ

    I went to Norman North my freshman year with Trae. We had first hour, which was gym. That man used to ball on us. Along with this senior Marcus Dickinson. Trae and Marcus were both supposed to end up going pro. At least one of them did.

  • Owen

    It’s cool to see very decent nba players go off

  • jofjjhh77

    Came here just for Kyrie 🔥