Diamonds are not forever
NileRed Shorts
Making the world's most expensive carbonated water:
What I have here are a bunch diamonds. They're all uncut and pretty small, but I still think they're pretty nice. What I've always wanted to try, was blast them with a blowtorch.
• Nile talks about lab safety (chemistry is dangerous): ​
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  • NileRed Shorts
    NileRed Shorts

    Making the world's most expensive carbonated water:

    • Marshal Chisholm
      Marshal Chisholm

      There’s know way you used real diamonds

    • TmacPlushVideos

      @Legion God bless you too! ❤️

    • Legion

      @TmacPlushVideos Its just nice to be reminded every once in awhile. Thank you very much for posting that comment. I read it at a difficult and trying time in my life and being reminded that Jesus sacrificed for us and how we will not be condemned if we put our faith in Christ! *_Thank You & God Bless!_* 👏

    • EMA

      You just could have given me the diamonds🤚🏽😢

    • Mr. Everywhere
      Mr. Everywhere

      what is your net worth?... you know... just asking before the deeds...

  • Krypto137 - Indie vtuber clips
    Krypto137 - Indie vtuber clips

    "Now I will proceed to turn this carbon dioxide gas back into diamonds."

    • fightingblind

      All you have to do is eat Taco Bell and you will have diamonds coming out your back side in a couple days

    • Breadon (The bread god)
      Breadon (The bread god)


    • Jayden

      @Dhananjay Sejwal Diamonds aren’t rare though.

    • RubyG59

      was literally waiting for this mad scientist to turn the gas into one big diamond or some shit lol this dudes on another level

  • ♥︎𝕜𝕚𝕞 𝕝𝕦𝕟𝕒♥︎
    ♥︎𝕜𝕚𝕞 𝕝𝕦𝕟𝕒♥︎

    "do you want diamonds for free" "yea,ofc" "here" *empty jar * "where are they" "oh thats diamond air"

    • Eric Flores
      Eric Flores

      That’ll be $5,000,000

    • Hutao_XP


    • That one bass guy
      That one bass guy


    • Lara Saligumba
      Lara Saligumba


  • Mercury

    "It's not about the money, it's about sending a very scientific message"

    • BarneyWillSlayAll

      Rip those hundreds of diamonds

    • Dorian

      @subrat kumar sahoo u said well kiddo

    • subrat kumar sahoo
      subrat kumar sahoo

      But it can be done with 1 or 2 dimonds

  • Manni-Gaming

    So, wait... Why should it not be possible to reverse the process?

  • Nishtha Kadyan
    Nishtha Kadyan

    Imagine he hadn't started the recording

    • dunQer

      @La Vorbitor 💀

    • La Vorbitor
      La Vorbitor

      @A-10 Thunderbolt II That's not a misspelling genius

    • A-10 Thunderbolt II
      A-10 Thunderbolt II

      @La Vorbitor had not*

    • La Vorbitor
      La Vorbitor

      @Spy Smoking hadn't*

    • Spy Smoking
      Spy Smoking

      handn't started*

  • Grunky Scripples The Schwomp
    Grunky Scripples The Schwomp

    "Ah, breathe it in. That's the smell of diamonds, honey." "Where's your wedding ring, Ron?!"

    • Shady Bolos
      Shady Bolos Finally it’s here.

    • Adelia Kimsey
      Adelia Kimsey


    • BabaTV

      Diamonds are actually worthless… don’t hold any real value…

    • Hecker


    • Pokemon Master3313
      Pokemon Master3313

      In your lungs

  • Ryguy 5407
    Ryguy 5407

    “They are all uncut and pretty small” Me too Me too

    • Summer Law
      Summer Law

      What did I just read 😳 💀

    • t w
      t w


    • Gary4 DLC
      Gary4 DLC


    • Frognutz 0o
      Frognutz 0o


  • AgentIceberg

    Can we all just appreciate this mans budget.

    • SPP

      most raw diamonds are actually cheap. its the post processing that's difficult and raises its value.

  • abby

    “they’re small” that’s small? wdym? thats HUGE, and probably has a good personality

  • Siyam Bhai Playz
    Siyam Bhai Playz

    "Son, where's the diamonds we Bought?" " *i turned them into carbon dio-diamonds* "

  • Tristan Rihaly
    Tristan Rihaly

    This ladies and gentlemen is called a “business expense”

    • Ary Tiwa
      Ary Tiwa

      Sounds like thinkSchool guy


      @szadec2375 partially true. diamonds are abundant *where* they occur naturally, but they only occur naturally in a few regions not “1/5 of the planet”, with most the world’s natural supply coming from mines in southern Africa, India, and Russia-meaning the year-to-year supply that hit the market is tightly controlled by 5 or 6 companies and government agencies, each with a vested interest in keeping the supply artificially low to keep prices as high as possible. While the skilled labor costs of appraising and cutting gem-quality diamonds aren’t insignificant, they pale in comparison to the value added by this artificial rarity in new natural gem-quality diamonds, and the perceived value created by the massive “Diamonds are Forever” marketing push by the De Beers corporation that made diamonds particularly desirable status symbols. The official industry-standard diamond certification system is basically just regular gem appraisal process plus a way to reject artificial diamonds (which are often objectively *clearer* and better than their natural counterparts in any way the consumer cares about EXCEPT ‘rarity’, and not too expensive to make by precious-and-semi-precious-crystal standards) as “not real” and place a tax on any diamonds not coming out of the main industry mines to bring their prices in line with the rest so equally good hand-me-down diamonds don’t deflate the price of newly mined ones. As you say, diamonds intended for industrial purposes, both artificial and the natural ones too small or flawed to be made into gems don’t go through any of that process and have prices much more reflective of the Semi-Precious stone diamonds were classified as for most of history.

    • szadec2375

      Wait… did this video teach everyone just Like gold diamonds are only exspenive do to process and not inherently rarity or value. You can literally go dig up diamonds on 1/5th of the planet it’s the cutting and accrediting that costs money

    • Shady Bolos
      Shady Bolos Finally it’s here

  • Eleina Santiago
    Eleina Santiago

    "They're nice and all but... I was too tempted to vaporize them."

  • Emmanuel Garcia Martinez
    Emmanuel Garcia Martinez

    Jojo fans: “DIAMOND IS UNBREAKABLE” Jojo fans after they see this: **depression**

    • Hrodebert

      Crazy diamond where are you

    • Gavenissmelly

      @Blankz k

    • Blankz


    • Gavenissmelly

      W comment

    • máhãråj 007
      máhãråj 007


  • xdffcgvcnjjv

    Giga chad DAD : I make money out of thin air. SON : I turn money into thin air.

  • R4ND0M

    So after seeing this video, my friend litterally came up with a single diamond very small like might be worth a couple hundred dollars. Anyway he wanted to turn it into a knofe when he had a lot of them, I said, “Don’t oxidize it…

  • Zachary Mesecke
    Zachary Mesecke

    The opposite of an alchemist. Instead of trying to turn lead into gold, he's turning diamonds into air

    • dccasey1

      The anti-alchemist!

    • Dix BFloppin
      Dix BFloppin

      Bros the anti-alchemist

    • Skip Hoffenflaven
      Skip Hoffenflaven


    • Vinay


  • Jarren Smith
    Jarren Smith

    I'm more impressed with that glasses resistance to the torch. I break collector's every couple months from heating the nail up too much.


    Me: where are my diamonds? Him: gone, reduced to atoms.

  • shush jpr
    shush jpr

    Diamonds: take about 40 minutes to melt with fire Minecraft cactus: *Pathetic.*

  • ・*・ ThyoryxPlayz・*・
    ・*・ ThyoryxPlayz・*・

    I’m just imagining him saying: “So yeah I have diamonds in the air and you’re breathing them in right now!” 😊

  • Mirina Im
    Mirina Im

    “Honey, where is my diamond ring?” “I suppose the answer is up in the air”

    • LilGoatX

      the answer is in the carbonated water

    • Abhishek Kumar
      Abhishek Kumar

      @Riscool yes

    • Shady Bolos
      Shady Bolos

      @ShiPlays Finally it’s here

    • Missgrace97

      Idk why I imagine this being said by Claire and Phil from modern family 😂

  • Enperor 1
    Enperor 1

    The first question I had was how the hell does he have so many diamonds

  • shehzadi Sharma
    shehzadi Sharma

    Just one question - HOW MUCH DID THEY COST

  • Soumaya R6
    Soumaya R6

    Nile: owns 10000 of diamonds Nile: yea that's cool but let's melt them

  • Zach

    Diamonds: *toughest material in the world* Quartz tube: “who?”

  • WoodenYup

    "I would like to sell my jar of diamonds" "It's empty" "It's diamond air" "Ahhh"

    • Han Dolo
      Han Dolo

      @Comic Space 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Je Gr
      Je Gr

      Why not? People were selling farts in a jar a few years ago, bagged air supposedly from a Kanye concert was also a big seller.

    • 2MB

      Diamond Gaz

    • Kagiso Lekoa
      Kagiso Lekoa

      @NormalDaDude remember belle delphine,,,lol??

  • Aradhya Srivastava
    Aradhya Srivastava

    If you gave me those diamonds, I wouldv'e given you as much CO2 as you wish 😂

  • Childe

    "All of my Diamonds have disappeared." As A Minecraft player, I can relate.

  • Shana Butler
    Shana Butler

    They say “Diamonds are a girls best friend” I never believed that until all those beautiful little diamonds disappeared. It hurt my feelings. I cried a little. What kind of animal are you?

  • Tomi Ogundana
    Tomi Ogundana

    'Pressure makes diamonds' 'Heat and Oxygen makes very, very expensive air'

  • Lucas Barros
    Lucas Barros

    "the tutorial of how to burn money in a cool way"

    • Antisocial Apple
      Antisocial Apple


    • Akib Al Azad
      Akib Al Azad

      @Anarcocapitalista they are real diamonds but very rough low clarity diamonds these ones are as cheap as iron

    • Silent Entertainment
      Silent Entertainment

      Just go to the gas station and make a molotov cocktail. Instant flex.

    • Samia Khalil
      Samia Khalil


  • poodiepie

    Shouldn't you technically be able to turn the gas back to diamonds with a compression machine of sorts?

  • Not real sisters!
    Not real sisters!

    Imagine not breathing diamond air🙄 Get on my level -The person who stole the tube❤️

  • Madhuri Sana
    Madhuri Sana

    Me as a Minecraft player: Oh no, my chest having stacks of diamonds covered inside secret quartz block room are in danger😳😬😳

  • Delphin Prince
    Delphin Prince

    That must be what's happening to all my diamonds in Minecraft. I guess I should apologize to my friend. XD

  • Ghdffdgh

    Shoutouts to the most expensive Soda Water made from Tap Water that I know of Edit: I forgot to write "I"

    • Shady Bolos
      Shady Bolos

      @Kumquat Lord Finally it’s here

    • Ekl Haft
      Ekl Haft

      @R0FLC4T5 I mean it's not exactly cheap or easy but it's much cheaper than those overpriced stones.

    • Jfieldsend94

      I remember a jontron video where there was someone selling diamond water where they basically just ran water over diamonds. At least if they carbonated it this way that'd be something interesting.


    Nature: spends millions of years compressing carbon into a precious gem trough the combined forces of tectonic movements Some bored dude with a blowtorch:

  • sharky

    Him: NOTHING IS GONNA HAPPEN 😀 also him: I lost all my diamonds 😔

  • Nahknoff Yofa Kinbees Ness
    Nahknoff Yofa Kinbees Ness

    Imagine being able to BLOW TORCH DIAMONDS WITHOUT BATTING AN EYELASH… I wish bro😔✋

  • V 1 N C E (Normal but clone)
    V 1 N C E (Normal but clone)

    I present to you" The worlds most expensive glass."

  • Kuro Okami
    Kuro Okami

    "Honey, we need to sell those diamonds. Where are they?" "Gone, reduced to carbon dioxide"

    • Najwan H
      Najwan H


    • diary diary1
      diary diary1

      He made it into a carbonated water lol

    • GreenSaint


    • Ďэᆻỗи𖥟ЂoŸツ

      @Kuro Okami Bla bla bla there is too many explanations🙃

    • Kuro Okami
      Kuro Okami

      @Ďэᆻỗи𖥟ЂoŸツ by the way, there are too many I's in onii-chan. Also, I don't see how that's connected to anything

  • Doazon

    I love how no one in these comments actually knows the price of uncut diamonds 😂 this is like a few hundred bux of D's

  • Jose George Acabado
    Jose George Acabado

    "These are diamonds I bought a few years ago!" "Oh cool!" "So anyways, I started vaporizing"

  • Skyze

    “DUDE? WHERE ARE OUR DIAMONDS?? “Nile:I turned them into a gas.

  • Free Styler
    Free Styler

    Just imagine how many chocolates I could've bought with that dias

  • Cee_yarr

    "Nigel, where are the diamonds?" "Gone. Reduced to ato- uh, molecules."

    • Pramod Bisht
      Pramod Bisht

      Are they not artificial?

    • E

      @Rishi Thakur organic molecules combust *and atoms*

    • Rishi Thakur
      Rishi Thakur

      Well technically it got oxidised but yeah!

    • E

      @Luke Crawford small uncut diamonds are actually pretty cheap.

    • Shirley Jeannite
      Shirley Jeannite

      😂🤣😂 So True!!!

  • LiterallySneaXy

    Him: *Touches table* Him: Everyone dinners ready!

  • Divya A
    Divya A

    Can real diamonds be vaporised so easily?

  • Herobrine

    I was expecting him to lower down the temperature and turn them back to diamonds

  • ZitroLino

    Minecraft player: Where the hell are my diamonds!

  • noobmaster69 🏳️‍🌈⃠
    noobmaster69 🏳️‍🌈⃠

    "What I have here is a bunch of diamonds." *casually vapourises diamonds*

    • Michelle L.
      Michelle L.

      What I think is really cool tho is your blow torch lasting for 40 minutes!

    • K-Anator™

      @Bepmephisto Um, to actually answer your question, the listing he bought the diamonds from is in the "Most Expensive Carbonated Water" video linked in the pinned comment. It cost $46USD for the whole lot.

    • Vinny

      @T So is it an understatement or an over statement lol. Two says its an over statement

    • T

      @Vinny One that's an understatement two they're only that expensive because people associate diamonds with luxury so companies shit up the prices and act like they're super hard to get your hands on.

    • Vinny

      This is disturbing right? That looked like a couple thousand dollars worth of diamonds

  • Rachelle Rodulfo
    Rachelle Rodulfo

    Tell me you're rich without telling me you're rich: I vaporized diamonds😎

  • V Leaky
    V Leaky

    Her: he's probably thinking about other women Him: how can I evaporate diamonds?

  • Walking Tacos666
    Walking Tacos666

    What i have here is a stack of diemonds What I hear- "What I have here is more then your life savings all together"

  • Aniket Sane
    Aniket Sane

    That moment when he realized he accidentally bought sugar crystals online 🤣😂

  • ModyWasHere

    "So how rich are you?" "So rich that I vaporize my diamonds for fun"

    • The Cheaterman
      The Cheaterman

      @Alex Reid Completely forgot that part despite watching the original video hahahahhaa. You're right, this is just recycling :-) quite the opposite of waste!

    • ElMirc

      This was not for fun. Pretty sure he made sparkling water using the diamond CO2 and drank it.

    • Shaun bunds is not here
      Shaun bunds is not here

      @Dexter Morgan well that’s what we are all mostly doing: recycling common facts that often get met with no acknowledgement as they are repeated down every ten or so comments.

    • Dexter Morgan
      Dexter Morgan

      @Shaun bunds is not here yea I know

    • Shaun bunds is not here
      Shaun bunds is not here

      @Dexter Morgan diamonds are superficially kept more valuable by the traders.

  • 수닐샴

    This makes "Into the unknown" a whole new level of meaning

  • Pantatisko

    Imagine walking up to people with diamonds jewelry and just evaporating their diamonds lmao

  • Eclipse 1680
    Eclipse 1680

    Me who wanted liquid diamonds Science: "take this air"


    Man must had been inhaling some premium air for a minute or two

  • Hanif the Fish
    Hanif the Fish

    "...and after about 40 minutes, all of my diamonds had disappeared." Just normal Minecraft multiplayer

    • Rick Robert
      Rick Robert

      Here finally

    • Swapan Das
      Swapan Das

      @Ryan Krozz r/wooooooooooosh

    • AJ

      @Rick Robert Rickroll.

    • Asher

      2b2t be like:

    • Rick Robert
      Rick Robert

      Here finally

  • flar

    no one gonna talk about how he sat there with a blowtorch for 40 minutes for a short

  • greyson daniels
    greyson daniels

    The evaporation temp for diamonds is lower than the melting point for quartz?! Wtf

  • Yeah, Life goes on like this again.
    Yeah, Life goes on like this again.

    I wonder if it also depends on the quality of the diamond(?)

  • Micheal Jackson fan 13
    Micheal Jackson fan 13

    this is the richest man alive being able to afford that many diamonds

  • Brandon Green
    Brandon Green

    This money heist plot finna be fire, I can’t wait for him to make the diamonds reappear from thin air now🔥

    • Shady Bolos
      Shady Bolos

      @Kai McDragonfist Finally it’s here

    • Efren III Bravante
      Efren III Bravante

      I was finding a comment that involves a heist and found one

    • Vinícius V8
      Vinícius V8

      @Kai McDragonfist 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ooh nooo

    • Luke Crawford
      Luke Crawford

      No way they were real diamonds, cause you had like 50 million worth there if they were real

    • Peter Seaboldt
      Peter Seaboldt

      @Kai McDragonfist "Okay, the guards are gone. It's safe to make the diamonds reappear." "What do you mean 'reappear'?"

  • ann

    Me thinking , if these diamonds were real , Someone must be doing pretty shady things to hide them

  • New Thought
    New Thought

    Yes... by giving diamonds pure oxygen, he made carbon dioxide.. He can't even inhale it for imperial respiration. 😊

  • HyperBlaster143Brand account
    HyperBlaster143Brand account

    The true meaning of "1 minute I was the riches man in the world, the next minute I'm back to being poor again."

  • Cheri

    Diamonds were worthless once upon a time, the marketing behind diamonds provided demand which gave them value

  • Krushna Bothe
    Krushna Bothe

    Honey, the diamonds, where are they? Nile: **in my lungs**

    • Rick Robert
      Rick Robert

      Here finally

    • Krushna Bothe
      Krushna Bothe

      @AdityA SharmA It's nilered tho💀

    • Krushna Bothe
      Krushna Bothe

      @Patrik Kuník He sniffed it all in😂

    • brawmanker l'exterminateur de la vie
      brawmanker l'exterminateur de la vie

      He sniff it good

    • Patrik Kuník
      Patrik Kuník

      *in* *our* *lungs**

  • ShanayaMTD

    Him:Burning diamonds Me: Burning hours of my life watching him.

  • D E M A N
    D E M A N

    Bro could’ve done it with one of those diamonds and we still would’ve gotten what happened

  • Ayush Garg
    Ayush Garg

    "After 40 minutes, I was finally able to get rid of the pocket money I had" Dad:🤨🤨🤨

  • Techno blade never dies
    Techno blade never dies

    Now you have to mine more diamond's, make sure to not run in to a creeper, those are annoying. Cool experiment tho

  • random human
    random human

    “All of my diamonds had disappeared” *Ah yes, The avg minecraft server player*

    • random human
      random human

      @lispy2010 lmao

    • lispy2010

      the average myself with friend

    • random human
      random human

      @TheEmperor31 *AOT theme plays*

    • TheEmperor31

      And then few moments later a full scale civil war begins on the server

  • E Dashura
    E Dashura

    Im not sure but i guess when the oxygen enters in the tube atmosphere it grabs the inestable carbon (diamond) molecules and make CO2. Thats why it looks like it disappears.

  • Nisha Mae Ganibo
    Nisha Mae Ganibo

    the ppl who spent their whole life mining this: 👁👄👁 our hardwork just got to waste 💜💜😇

  • Ash

    I think these were impure diamonds which are not "Actual" diamonds but you can call them a cheap copy, we had them in our university and asked the professor "why not have real diamonds?" And the professor said "if we had real diamonds laying around they would get easily stolen"