NO RULES FIFA 19! | Hugo Lloris & Jan Vertonghen v Moussa Sissoko & Kieran Trippier
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch as Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen go head-to-head with Moussa Sissoko and Kieran Trippier in a game of no rules FIFA 19!
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  • Pack Tactics
    Pack Tactics

    Lol Jan “I never play” Pulling fake shots and perfectly weighted through balls 😂

    • Umair Ahmad
      Umair Ahmad

      @Nishhnishh ya bro

    • Nishhnishh

      Hahaha have you seen the new one with Son, Gazzaniga. They played pretty good. I bet they all play the game at home

    • Rifat Fahad
      Rifat Fahad

      Fate ridere

    • Fyzzen W
      Fyzzen W

      he's PES player

  • TigoMan

    Verthongen: slides everyone from the back Lloris: laughing about verthongen’s tackles Trippier: trashtalking Sisokko Sisokko: just having fun

    • Arrie Griffin
      Arrie Griffin


    • Lynn Martin
      Lynn Martin

      We all love moussa

    • alic e
      alic e

      Critical-OPS English Vertonghen*** Sissoko***


    Who's here after watching Son and Serge!

    • Amogus

      ITS YOU

    • mr dude
      mr dude


    • Joker | Super sus
      Joker | Super sus

      Me hahahaha

    • Maral mousavi
      Maral mousavi

      Yep I saw the score was 5-3

    • Maral mousavi
      Maral mousavi

      Yep the score was 5-3

  • Light Noir
    Light Noir

    I love this kind of content! The players have such good personalities, the editing was on point, and they actually knew how to play the game (unlike the channels I watch who do this for a living). Jan and Hugo were hilarious. COYS

  • TigoMan

    I love how lloris laughs at every tackle

  • Alice Bout
    Alice Bout

    I think that everybody want more videos with Hugo !

    • Eezlum Mockelchev
      Eezlum Mockelchev

      Vertonghen is also very nice. A very good defender in his prime.

    • Eezlum Mockelchev
      Eezlum Mockelchev

      Yeah... very nice guy. I'm a juve fan but i watch every tot video with Hugo in it.

  • Lydia tea
    Lydia tea

    hugo celebrating scoring against himself hahahhaa

    • Гульзат Жаксыгелдина
      Гульзат Жаксыгелдина


    • SBTC yuH
      SBTC yuH

      im really waiting for him to say : What good saves from Me :))))

  • MNZR 22
    MNZR 22

    4:38 that moment 😂😂😂

  • rly gud prayer
    rly gud prayer

    Lloris: destroys attacker’s ankles from outside the box commentator: it’s the save of the season, it was that good

  • Penny M
    Penny M

    This is brilliant. Anything with Jan is gold! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 More please!!

  • Sophie Shearer
    Sophie Shearer

    *My favourite part was Hugo saying nothing but instead laughing his ass off each time someone got tackled*

  • Job Nyangacha
    Job Nyangacha

    Lol was Trippier actually getting salty???

    • Nice Person
      Nice Person

      @Neil Gardner and then he's closer to league titles

    • harsimran bajwa
      harsimran bajwa

      Brother When Me and My family Play Mario Kart Wii........................

    • Jamie

      @Perry 88 Rangers ayy you and me too bro

    • Perry 88 Rangers
      Perry 88 Rangers

      @Tactical Elite you to

    • Neil Gardner
      Neil Gardner

      Lol thats why he left to spain

  • Raunak Kc
    Raunak Kc

    Vetronghen - why did you lost Sissoko - because we had a slow defender called vertonghen 😂😂

    • Fifa 20 Videoları
      Fifa 20 Videoları


    • alic e
      alic e

      Augusto Lopez VERTONGHEN!!!! U can’t correct someone wrong 😂

    • fazemonkey896

      Hi Harry kane

    • Zachary Crystal 23
      Zachary Crystal 23

      RkO spurs bad grammar

    • Aisha Laroor
      Aisha Laroor

      Slow defender

  • Just

    0:50 Vertonghen:"no foul" Sissoko : "oh yes" BIG HIT 😂

    • Arrie Griffin
      Arrie Griffin

      It was tripps

    • Blue Kush
      Blue Kush

      It's Trippier, not Vertonghen


    6:00 omg I just can't stop laughing literally brought tears to my eyes 🤣🤣

  • Pororo Alive
    Pororo Alive

    Best part; *Take Jan out. Bring Toby in.*

    • Sean Chin
      Sean Chin

      Kieran looks pissed af lmaooo

  • LeWestBrookInFo

    I swear Hugo’s laugh is contagious 😂😂😂

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro

    O Lloris nao para de rachar o bico kkkkkkkk

  • Kaitlin Cassell
    Kaitlin Cassell

    2:13 I'm laughing too hard now 😂😂😂

  • rly gud prayer
    rly gud prayer

    defender: takes out attacker’s ankles from behind commentator: that’s very good defending

    • Sharvesh Kelvin
      Sharvesh Kelvin

      stopping that attack

    • 2010aeae

      Very well said

  • Sophia Drew
    Sophia Drew

    Jans faces are keeping me sane through lockdown 😂😂😂

  • l u n a r
    l u n a r

    vertonghen is the funniest person ever lol

    • Icebearboi117 Rmz
      Icebearboi117 Rmz

      Maybe cause he looks like pewdiepie

    • MidGodż


    • Alex Kumar
      Alex Kumar

      Sonny is

    • l u n a r
      l u n a r

      Insane0industry it’s my hobby

    • l u n a r
      l u n a r

      Gaston he’s what pewdiepie wishes to be

  • • WOLFO •
    • WOLFO •

    Gracias por los subtitulos ❤

  • twothousandgt

    0:50 Trippier's face when he says "theres no fouls..." Terrifying

  • Mine Is The Fury
    Mine Is The Fury

    The editing of this video made the humour just 1000x time funnier and it was already hilarious

  • specjalone

    Fantastic team. I love Spurs ❤️

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson

    Lloris seemed like he was having a really good time lol

  • Dayman

    Hugo's laugh kills me everytime

  • muhammad aidil
    muhammad aidil


  • Rajdeep B
    Rajdeep B

    loved it guys :) quite entertaining. Jan those were perfect fake shots for a beginner

  • Kayla Dean
    Kayla Dean

    Jan is a handsome living meme. lol

    • Caleb Friend
      Caleb Friend

      Reminds me of Harrison Ford from some angles

  • Vuk Đ.
    Vuk Đ.

    Vertonghen is a meme machine He be throwing jokes out like he threw BVB out of the UCL

  • Yelisey_24

    Hugos reactions are priceless!

  • Elijah Arsenault
    Elijah Arsenault

    Nobody: Hugo: uncontrolled wheezing

  • Jack Steel
    Jack Steel

    Jan: Pissing off Trippier Hugo: Having a great time Trippier: Being salty Moussa: Blaming Jan for everything

  • Arbuzz

    I love Lloris' smile 😍

    • Timothe Davit
      Timothe Davit

      @Reinildo Do Brasil par contre en se moment il sourit plus trop Lloris

    • Eugénie Langlais
      Eugénie Langlais

      France ❤🇫🇷

    • Skye Blues
      Skye Blues

      ArbuzPrzewodnik I love Lloris ❤️

    • Tekerz boy Esaie
      Tekerz boy Esaie

      Me to

    • Fusion

      ArbuzPrzewodnik prolly cuz he is French They all have nice smiles

  • Caroline O Connor
    Caroline O Connor

    Jan is so funny LOL🤣

  • Abderrazak Akassou
    Abderrazak Akassou

    Lloris... A LEGEND GK

  • Nathan Holt
    Nathan Holt

    More of this and shop pranks please!! Highlights are cool but not exclusive like this! We love the players and seeing them like this helps include your fanbase.

  • Sofie Hanset
    Sofie Hanset

    4:46 That face😂

    • Leonardo Rocha
      Leonardo Rocha


    • Arrie Griffin
      Arrie Griffin

      Gooooooooooooooooooooooool golgolgolgolgoooooooooooool

  • Sean Lim
    Sean Lim

    2:11 This moment is so funny!🤣🤣

  • Darren Juan
    Darren Juan

    Farewell Super Jan!!! You still in our heart🔥❤️

  • Obi_Wan Shinobi
    Obi_Wan Shinobi

    Only thing this video is missing now is Suraj coming in to say how Tripps and Moussa would’ve won if they opted to play Lamela instead of Son.

  • G for GEORGE408
    G for GEORGE408

    Trippier: *1-0* down Also trippier: dont make it to easy guys

  • littytitty

    vertonghen is a legend man he’s a meme i love him

  • Blaparty

    The music makes it so much better, (PS, Hugo Lloris has the best laugh)

  • rh1812

    Love this Next one should be with Lucas, Toby, Son and dele

  • Legends of Pokémon
    Legends of Pokémon

    Llorris's laughing always makes me happy

  • Ryan Schneider
    Ryan Schneider

    Amo esse clube

  • 권상학

    Thank you for writing Korean subtitles Vertonghen, Trippier, Lloris, Sissoko so funny and Good🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️👍🏻

  • Tata

    they are so silly, i love it.Good that they have some laughs.

  • Knightfall

    Jan is so funny😂😂😂

  • teoh

    Need more of these content! Jan a joker and added a dramatic effect to the video, hilarious

  • Amiliana Riandya
    Amiliana Riandya

    Jan had me dying 😂😂😂

  • Sungha Ryu
    Sungha Ryu

    Jan : No rules. The way Moussa plays God I miss that guy so much

  • Gilgarth

    3:58 "very good defending!" Lmao He murdered the striker from behind xD

  • Nia

    5:17 trippier is so angry 😂😂😂 more fifa videos please

  • BladeRunner

    they made Lloris too OP in FIFA 19 no wonder he's having a blast playing this game LOL

  • Ross Winder
    Ross Winder

    Watching Trippier trying not to get FIFA rage at Sissoko for being rubbish 😂😂

  • Mein Ciaooo
    Mein Ciaooo

    Lloris was enjoying that 😂

  • ScrewInTheTuna

    They should play fans once a month. It would be very well watched on twitch!

  • Cris Cabrera
    Cris Cabrera

    Vertonghen's face when Sissoko missed XD

  • Brad

    Lloris is loving it😂❤️

  • Casey C
    Casey C

    i can watch them playing fifa all day

  • Henry

    Lloris looks soooo happy ❤️

  • Jewels Gleaming
    Jewels Gleaming

    "But he says it was your fault" "Nooo it wasn't" 😂😂😂😂

  • Marvel Fan!!!
    Marvel Fan!!!

    i love how lloris laughs in every foul

  • Clément

    En vrai Hugo ne fait que rire!!

  • Ellie Clifford
    Ellie Clifford

    I would just like to say a massive thank you to kiren trippier for giving me his shirt after a match, it's very precious to me and I am very thankful👍

  • Nigel Nyoni
    Nigel Nyoni

    Sisokko's interview at the end 😂😂😂

  • Qeewoi

    Arsenal fan here cracking😂😂😂 6:01 If post match interviews were this honest it would be much more fun

  • Danish Mapper
    Danish Mapper

    Lloris has laughing fit!🤣😂😅

  • THEO!

    they’re actually funny to watch 😂

  • Dwort

    Actually better than FIFA youtubers

    • Duy Khanh
      Duy Khanh


    • Ale

      pablo00fc djpalos

    • A-10 Warthog enjoyer
      A-10 Warthog enjoyer


    • Sämst Yt
      Sämst Yt


    • Matias Cuevas
      Matias Cuevas

      -[P]ablo querrás decir djpalos

  • OrvaKi Gaming
    OrvaKi Gaming

    Have poch as a player please that would be amazing

  • YenCent

    I love it when Lloris laughs his face doesn’t move

  • Judy W
    Judy W

    Jan + Hugo = 🔥

  • Thomas Wibowo
    Thomas Wibowo

    You guys should make a video with Jan and Son.. Would be hilarious

  • Henry

    1:11 look at lloris's smile 🙃

  • incog

    Lloris seems like such a fun guy lol

  • Lella Ripamonti
    Lella Ripamonti

    Hugo should not exult when he scores because he's the keeper 😂😂😂

  • Valdemar Schack
    Valdemar Schack

    Even as a Chelsea fan, i must admit this was funny

  • Ataladin87


    • Nicky Goodwin
      Nicky Goodwin

      You said that 2 times

  • Kana Bhatiya
    Kana Bhatiya

    SISSOKO is Crazy man really awesome 🙏

  • Morris Vink
    Morris Vink

    Hugo Lloris is my FAV player in the world! :D :D :D Go SPURS!

  • jani

    2:51 Hugo's expression 😂

  • Nathan Forbes
    Nathan Forbes

    It’s weird seeing Lloris without GK gloves on

  • Kompoism

    Moussa:- 'Great pass Toby!' LoL Hugo and his Muttley laugh as well!

  • Simple Lynx
    Simple Lynx

    I watched this so many times before and it never got boring

  • Vuk Đ.
    Vuk Đ.

    A video with Dele, Sonny, Toby and Ben wouldbe great

  • o

    The editing was superb mate

  • Gamers Paradise
    Gamers Paradise

    Vertonghen can not control himself 😂😂😂

  • 2010aeae

    1:31= Well said Sissoko!

  • Boris O.C.
    Boris O.C.

    Me divertí mucho 😂

  • Jake Long
    Jake Long

    They always blame Jan because it’s defending but the problem is the one who is controlling it

  • Marr

    Hugo Lloris😍😍😍😍😍😍👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

    • Arrie Griffin
      Arrie Griffin

      @Marr yup

    • Marr

      Archie Griffin true

    • Arrie Griffin
      Arrie Griffin

      Best captain and goalkeeper in world

    • WazoxRL

      Tonio Broly pourquoi ?

    • Hoàng

      @Tonio Broly ? I am a yellow man and not a black man

  • AlienNick25

    Watching it again and again everytimeeee hugo laughs HAHAHAH xdd

  • nobody

    Second time Sissoko lost😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AIM SnowHazarrd
    AIM SnowHazarrd

    Hugo's expressions are the best

  • Bengali horror stories
    Bengali horror stories

    *Jan misses* Kieran: missin? U know u playin in spurs right? 😂😂what a savage