LeBron James Coaches Bronny Jr to Championship vs Chris Paul's Team in HEATED OT BATTLE!
LeBron James coaching Bronny Jr & Blue Chips against Chris Paul's Team CP3 leads to heated overtime battle.
North Coast Blue Chips secures the 75-71 victory over team cp3 for the USBA National Championship
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  • KingKintaro

    Knowing that Lebron had similar moments like this but didn't get to share them with his own father or have his father there to coach n' cheer him on shows a lot that he makes sure to show up to every game he can. Lebron out here being the dad every person in the comment section wishes they had, lol.

    • Huskie Huskerson
      Huskie Huskerson

      Also he gets worshipped every game he shows up for, while being a good father or whatever, he knows what's he doing

    • jahbril plays games and stuff
      jahbril plays games and stuff

      @J Dawson ye but LeBron didn't have his dad around all his life

    • JaredTSM

      @Mahnoor . W nobody said anything like that wth

    • lukas boysen
      lukas boysen

      @Blerman97 Blerman97 are you this heartless that you don't think that LeBron loves to see his son play?

    • Blerman97 Blerman97
      Blerman97 Blerman97

      KingKintaro nah media would tear lebron up if they found out he didn’t go to his son game

  • Uproarking

    2:44 those moves r underrated

    • Huskie Huskerson
      Huskie Huskerson

      @Bodziu good stuff man

    • LoganJay

      Mikey cold as hell

    • PlzStopThis Plz
      PlzStopThis Plz

      For some reason it reminds me of Michael Jordan’s last jump shot in the bulls to win the championship

    • Prismatic Drez
      Prismatic Drez


    • Bodziu

      I watched it like 5 times dude

  • Traej6

    It's a tradition to watch this every once and a while.

    • Elijah Davis
      Elijah Davis

      Fr I'm still hyped

    • Jacccツ


    • Team Blaze
      Team Blaze


    • Chris


    • Supreme Kj
      Supreme Kj


  • gwuapo_ 45
    gwuapo_ 45

    Almost 2 years ago, look how each of them grown, Bronny, Mikey, Gabe, Jahzare especially jahzare that man only 15 and he's 7'0 😂

    • Sheluv._Kam

      He in ote now

    • Leigh Horston
      Leigh Horston

      @M Black kids from the city don't play baseball or soccer so noooo waaaay is soccer taking over basketball in the USA!

    • xFrmHezi

      16 now and on ote

    • King Neptune
      King Neptune

      @r3dbullbbs baseball 🤣

    • Convaier


  • Lebron_Goat

    I love how lebron is so chill everybody else is so mad at the bad calls he's very chill and he's the coach calming everybody else down

    • Huskie Huskerson
      Huskie Huskerson

      @Tony Bandz I hope you mean Mikey, since he's way better

    • Huskie Huskerson
      Huskie Huskerson

      It ain't our ball?

    • Tony Bandz
      Tony Bandz

      Vet teaching the young kings game

  • MugrosoTony

    17 minutes of pure heat

    • Robby2MucH _
      Robby2MucH _

      17 minutes and 10 seconds

    • AND1 Prod.
      AND1 Prod.


    • Shantika Craig
      Shantika Craig


    • Mike Lotz
      Mike Lotz

      Tony Hemetona a

    • nbayung goat
      nbayung goat

      Tony Hemetona and 10 seconds

  • elem0goesLMO

    11:38 “let a young king prosper” 😭

    • Ripu2shredz 1zz1
      Ripu2shredz 1zz1

      @skillz256 truth lmao

    • skillz256

      Shit was cringe

    • BallerBeans


  • Jonathan James-Patterson
    Jonathan James-Patterson

    This game was entertaining as hell 😂

  • Just. Mathew.2024
    Just. Mathew.2024

    Y’all ever watch a game so good you get nervous for them. Idk maybe it’s just me but I’m like shaking rn🤷🏾‍♂️😂

    • NightmareIsStupid

      It be like the cavs vs warriors in 2017 tho

    • lmao

      Reminds me of game 5 of the 2020 finals Lakers vs Heat

    • Cam Townsend
      Cam Townsend

      It do be like that

  • Random Youtuber
    Random Youtuber

    Best thing about Lebron is he always plays with poise. Never loses his cool or acts stupid and fights. Keeps things in control even at this game when the crowd gets feisty. Also gets into 0 trouble off the court. Props to Lebron for that!

  • Tong Vang
    Tong Vang

    Holy shit that was a good game. Honestly that game was way more intense to me than a NBA game lol. Some of these kids are good as hell.

    • Dylan Gruenwald
      Dylan Gruenwald

      @Chris O Well at least two of them are already NBA bound Mikey Williams #9(best player on the court) and Bronny James #0(Lebron's son)...

    • Chris O
      Chris O

      KI113R Gaming - Look at you all emotional and in your feelings. You do realize statistically there's literally a better chance of several of these kids winning the lottery right?? Or are you too emotional to understand that?

  • Patrick Generoso
    Patrick Generoso

    13:03 Bron: Learn from the best

    • ACIDDD

      @And-1 u say now like this wasn’t 2 years ago lol

    • And-1

      He's a flopper now like his dad

    • Malcolm Holley
      Malcolm Holley


  • amarixvvs

    Loved how this whole game, refs kept calling fouls on bronnys team for no reason. 😂✌️

    • Huskie Huskerson
      Huskie Huskerson

      Yeah ok dude 🙄

  • Dj Calvaresi
    Dj Calvaresi

    Anytime I see Mikey on a team I know it’s already a W for them

  • Isaiah Randall
    Isaiah Randall

    Yo this never gets old. I rewatched it like 5 times.

  • Kr_buckets14 : Kyle Raquidan
    Kr_buckets14 : Kyle Raquidan

    This game was intense. Better then 2018 nba finals for sure

    • Kashley Walker
      Kashley Walker

      Blade/ Kyle when lebron got beat 3-0

    • Kukarock

      Nba finals were boring

    • BMD 17
      BMD 17

      Ali A cringe *LMAO* haha even better

    • •Snow•Nood TV
      •Snow•Nood TV

      Xem thuy diem ha sanh con trai

  • Mr. Mando
    Mr. Mando

    imagine bron telling you “ we got it we know it’s a foul”

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin

    It’s amazing how unselfish he is if I was LeBron’s son I’d be shooting every possession

  • nickscap

    4:33 bro number 35 is tripping 😂😂

    • adib aqil
      adib aqil

      his face tho 😆

    • wompa

      he showboating


      BIG TIME

    • Eduardo Orozco
      Eduardo Orozco


    • Fredy Sandoval
      Fredy Sandoval

      I was thinking that too😭🤣

  • Jorden Randall
    Jorden Randall

    8:25 “better dunk that Mikey” he fasho doin that shi now 😂

  • Zach .amschl
    Zach .amschl

    Lebron enjoyed this more than the real finals😂😂😂

    • papito5ft6

      As a parent...I'm sure Lebron would say to that "If I could trade my rings and my finals appearances for my children to succeed..consider it done!!"...

    • ItzFusionPlex

      Zaclov I would too if I saw my son playing good basketball

    • hugo montano
      hugo montano

      Zaclov because the cavs got sweep

    • BW

      True af

    • Christian Mobley
      Christian Mobley

      Godson 86 That's was so true

  • Jamel Toste
    Jamel Toste

    Watching this now shows me that Mikey was so underrated and makes sense why he blew up

    • mounted

      He was number 1 for 8th graders at the time

  • Chris Hong
    Chris Hong

    Rest easy Kobe and Gigi the best duo ever fly high

    • karuza.

      But not to high

  • Wanye Kest
    Wanye Kest

    It would totally suck if you grew up being a die hard fan of Lebron James only to meet his son in the finals and Lebron chanting for you to lose 😂🤷‍♂️

    • Itz Crumb
      Itz Crumb

      I was just thinking of this

  • LetsGoDeezy Music
    LetsGoDeezy Music

    This game was so competitive in every aspect

  • DJ LiXxer
    DJ LiXxer

    Thank God for Ball Is Life during the off season 🙌🏽

    • Marian Hargrett
      Marian Hargrett

      DJ LiXxer people falling

    • eL Digge
      eL Digge

      Amen bro!

    • HABOW

      DJ LiXxer ,

  • RCM KR3W
    RCM KR3W

    Both teams are legit players 💯

  • Regiel Manaongsong
    Regiel Manaongsong

    It's so cool even beeing a crowd he still manage to make people calm

  • Jahmoy Bartley
    Jahmoy Bartley

    Let's all look back at the days when Mikey Williams and bronny James was on the same team the good old days 😢

  • Ժվӏɑղ

    4:28 it’s all fun and games till big boy come out!😂😂💪🏼💪🏼.

  • Spider - Man
    Spider - Man

    Coming back to this video I just realized how good Mikey Williams actually is.

    • xFrmHezi

      Here 3 years later and my vid was alr half way done

    • prezice

      @Bwady4308 Lonzo is skinny

    • Nadir Bajrić
      Nadir Bajrić

      @Andrew lmao

    • Matthew Tucker
      Matthew Tucker


  • poppiclan

    Imagine this team gets back together in high school

    • jamarii

      it happened.

    • wapwapsssss

      @Over Squad this is middle school lmao

    • Football is Life10
      Football is Life10

      @Maasttt its not

    • Maasttt

      This is high school

    • Over Squad
      Over Squad

      They are in high school

  • Clash Of Youtube
    Clash Of Youtube

    This is the most hyped & viewed middle school basketball match of all time. No Cap

  • JW1

    Coming back and watching this years later, I just realize how many famous HS basketball players are in this game. Bronny, Mikey, Gabe, and Jah for Blue chips And Trey Parker, Aden Holloway and Jayden Curry for CP3

    • JW1

      Forgot to add Khoi, Rodney, and Rayvon too

  • Void

    I like how #35 on red was acting all tough till someone bigger than him hopped on😂

  • Dedrick Parker
    Dedrick Parker

    I am very impressed with both teams.......these youngstas are BALLIN big time. Great emotion.......great skill..........and the love for this game displayed by these young men is superb. The only thing that is missing is the sparkling white grape drink celebration.

    • katatay


    • Sour Suprexme
      Sour Suprexme

      What are you a mom

    • Teresa Wicks
      Teresa Wicks


    • vincentduenasjr Thunder123
      vincentduenasjr Thunder123


  • Russo

    Can we just stop a moment and watch only the number 9 playing? Amazing.

  • OnlyXolbor

    I love how I'm always rewatching this😂

  • Dahlia Coronado
    Dahlia Coronado

    Kid took a nasty fall @8:11 and got back up like nothing 😭

  • Dax Bulan
    Dax Bulan

    I liked how lebron handles the situation when the referee does not sure whether it’s a foul or nah

  • Zo _____
    Zo _____

    I like how more people watch high school games than WNBA games

    • Kamari Smith
      Kamari Smith

      It gets more views because it has LeBron James in it and LeBron James son and Mikey Williams

    • Melo

      @Stuart Little vlogs 123 also WNBA players can’t even dunk who tf wants to watch that

    • Mickeyy

      @Luhree_ / How to make it more entertaining?

  • Flamingo 100k
    Flamingo 100k

    5:25 mikeys fighting skills be hittin difrent😂

  • hcwcane

    8:12 my boy got a full concussion lmao

    • glenn…



      @Jeromemombia Did i stutter daddy?

    • Jeromemombia

      @DONNY JIONNI ayooo

    • Mo Kuyateh
      Mo Kuyateh

      @DONNY JIONNI huh🤨


      @lolfluid aye preciate it daddy

  • Jas M
    Jas M

    I feel like Mikey should of been put in the game if bronny did bc that would be a powerful team!

  • Joshua Douangdara
    Joshua Douangdara

    Yo I never realized how many good players are in this game.

  • SentientCentrist

    Congrats to both teams. Several of these studs will share the court in the future at the next levels.

    • Double_Snag

      Urj Dhbd "Next levels"

    • SentientCentrist

      Urj Dhbd bingo

    • Urj j
      Urj j

      SentientCentrist next level... Highschool?

    • Ramon Turner
      Ramon Turner

      brum brum daddy already 5 are guaranteed full scholarships this is high level AAU basketball

    • Aaron moise
      Aaron moise

      brum brum daddy nigga the next level is high school and college more than 1 or 2 of the kids we just watched will make it that far

  • Sports News
    Sports News

    That was a real heated game!

  • Carti da goat
    Carti da goat

    number 35 on cp3 team was mad the whole game 😂😂

  • Cayo Le Docteur
    Cayo Le Docteur

    The #2 from chips have a bright future. He is gonna be a beast if he keeps up

  • Rock_SA

    When Lebron gets mad I can’t take him serous Lmaoo

  • M Hay
    M Hay

    Yo how come everyone on the red team look like evil versions of bronny's team lmao

    • lunardestruction

      All basket ball players really be having the same haircut since the jahlil okafir justice Winslow duke team

    • 2k Demiks
      2k Demiks

      5:20 especially with this menacing ahh move😂

    • Abejuela Shilwyne
      Abejuela Shilwyne

      Sama mong lalaki🤣

    • Joshua Niusila
      Joshua Niusila

      Paw petrol

    • Charlie Olsen
      Charlie Olsen

      Kevin hart and Mikey Williams

  • Flx Highlitz
    Flx Highlitz

    Imagine having Lebron James as your coach...

  • Jeffrey Velasquez
    Jeffrey Velasquez

    6:25 bronny just lands on this poor man

  • xLqfi MC
    xLqfi MC

    CP3 team is just getting aggressive when they get baskets lmao


    Only if Mikey and Bronny still played together

  • Raven Panganiban Lim
    Raven Panganiban Lim

    After the win Lebron: Lets go to the mall and buy whatever you want

    • builds made it
      builds made it

      @CODY TV then they go everyday till its empty

    • builds made it
      builds made it

      @SCOOBYDOING fax

    • kis012ger ;lut'noh
      kis012ger ;lut'noh

      4:29 "why i hear boss music?"

    • Gearldine Schneck
      Gearldine Schneck

      8:12 my boy got a full concussion lmao

    • issabkworld

      Incorrect.. It's Let's Go Have Tacos On Taco Tuuueeessdaaayy!!!

  • Zachary Hensler
    Zachary Hensler

    The glow-ups of all of these players are insane

    • JuJu3x

      Mikey, Bronny, Aden, Trey, Jaylen, Gabe, Jah

    • Jordan Green
      Jordan Green

      Fr dude on cp3 didn’t even know he was trey parker

  • ll blitz ll
    ll blitz ll

    All the people including the ref looking at lebron at 6:41 got me dead

  • Gearldine Schneck
    Gearldine Schneck

    2:42 this dude rlly bringing underwater goggles to a basketball game......

  • David Marquez
    David Marquez

    I like how people laugh at Bronny and act like they are a savage and the best

  • LOWKEY_LEO❤️🤍🖤

    Holy I feel the energy bro!!

  • Brody Fields
    Brody Fields

    I was like wth #9 is so good, then I realize #9 is Mikey 🤣

  • Abdulwali Warsame
    Abdulwali Warsame

    I love how CP3's players are wearing NMD's which are not good shoes for sports, and lebrons team is decked out in basketball shoes

  • A.G Hoops
    A.G Hoops

    Can you imagine how Over powered this team would be now with: Bronny James Mikey Williams Jah Gabe Cupps Jeez I wouldn’t mess with this team 😬

  • John Noel Santoyo
    John Noel Santoyo

    When you come back and realise how STACKED blue chips really were 😂😩

    • Jaleel

      @Dylan you answered your own question 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Dylan

      @bando w where was rob pretty sure he was on team united for 8th

    • bando w
      bando w

      now come back n look at cp3 Aden Trey Rob


      Nah fr 😂

    • SkyManiac


  • Pranav

    Back when Mikey played real comp and had good teammates

  • Jbhazard

    We all just gonna ignore Mikey dropping points like candy

  • Tahi White
    Tahi White

    16:40 that guy jah has his arm around probably feels so left out🤣

  • Tameka Olds
    Tameka Olds

    you got me crying lebron james is my favorite i have most of his shoes

  • sebo lebo
    sebo lebo

    Coming back to this video I just realized how good Mikey Williams actually is.

  • Ian DEorbe
    Ian DEorbe

    4:35 killed me

    • kush


    • GLOPE


  • Marcus Rios
    Marcus Rios

    4:50 I don’t know lil dudes name but he D’d up bronny and shut him down. And the crowd hyped him up. That was dope no lie

    • Resko

      @Clinical Phenom yea fair enough

    • Resko

      @Clinical Phenom why everytime when someone gets a praise theres always someone like you

  • BaristaAri

    How many time's did they all say "let's go!" Hahaha

  • JP

    bro mikey had ENERGY this game 👑

  • Calvin Nelson
    Calvin Nelson

    I can’t imagine reffing one of these games😭😭

  • unknown

    I watch this video like 5 times already and it’s still hype

  • ItzRushy

    Imagine being coached by Lebron James LOL

  • M S
    M S

    This video is *90% flexing* *10% playing*

    • Official YB
      Official YB

      Luis Fernandez dum ass

    • Justin Kim
      Justin Kim

      Why the fuck is everyone so mad in the comments lol


    I like how Chris Paul’s team thought they were all good when they were basically playing 5v5 in a alley in Brooklyn

  • FVV The GOAT
    FVV The GOAT

    I remember watching this video when it came out and I was so hyped