How Many Giant Balloons Stops An Arrow?
How Ridiculous
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A big thanks to RAC Arena for letting us do this crazy video, what an epic place to do it!
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  • Real Terrain Hobbies
    Real Terrain Hobbies

    You guys gotta get these balloon makers to make these things have some actual colour! I know comments on the colour of the balloons are exactly what you want to hear hahaha. Apologies but couldn’t help it. Big fan. Think I’ve watched every video of your guy’s.🙂💛

  • Xavier

    Can’t believe I have just spent 15mins of my lifetime to watch this stupid stuff 😂😂 these 3 guys are good

  • Rick Pontificates
    Rick Pontificates

    It also depends on the transfer of energy from the arrow to the balloons. If the balloons give (move) when they're hit, they will absorb more of the arrows inertia. This is much the way a swaying rollercoaster track will slow a coaster down faster, for example.

  • Samurai

    Could we all acknowledge how cool popping balloons in slow motion is

  • subbing to whoever subs to me
    subbing to whoever subs to me

    It really depends on how you throw the item. If you throw it down wards it won’t pop much, but if you throw it up wards it still won’t do that much, but if you throw it right in the middle you’ll pop a lot.

  • ian morrison
    ian morrison

    Just found you guys yesterday - subscribed IMMEDIATELY and now binge-watching!

  • Matty Bear
    Matty Bear

    My opinion on the rounds

  • Belliard

    the reason why the balloon pops so easily is because the items they used had a small surface area, which force then is used more efficiently

  • 5k challenge with 0 video
    5k challenge with 0 video

    I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I've ever seen on IRglo,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!

  • P'Lay C. Holder
    P'Lay C. Holder

    The pen and screws totally surprised me. I'd love to see another video with more high speed footage of that.

  • JunJieRBX_2

    Not gonna lie, watching balloons fading away into pieces of rubber and big air balls in slowmo is satisfying

  • Beth Redmond Walsh
    Beth Redmond Walsh

    Watched it all the way through a few times. Have to see more of their shananigans, so funny!

  • Neon, An Normal Person!
    Neon, An Normal Person!

    "A pen is a stronger that a sword."

  • PhoenixStar 07
    PhoenixStar 07

    Brett’s performance in this video was fantastic up until the golf and needles. The fact that he got one with the peel and two with the Al foil was fantastic, but he hit the ball far too late on the golf shot and really choked up with the needles. But it’s safe to say he had the best performance out of the three by a large margin, despite not winning.

  • AP

    This is really amusing and fun. Thanks for taking my boredom away😄!

  • Fahad Tariq
    Fahad Tariq

    I didn't expect that the pen could blow 6 balloons. That was impressive.

  • aletheia.c73

    You guys are too cool! You make great ideas for science experiments that are fairly educational! Awesome dude!

  • Lonesome XJ
    Lonesome XJ

    As the arrow progressed to #3 balloon, the balloon break traveled faster than the arrow

  • Jack McLane
    Jack McLane

    The pen and the screws totally surprised me. I'd love to see some high speed footage of that.

  • Deanna Valadez
    Deanna Valadez

    i would honestly love to see the try guys collaborate with these guys!!! would be such a great video!!!