"We worked well with a very clear vision" | Conte discusses transfer window ahead of Fulham clash
Tottenham Hotspur
Antonio Conte previews Saturday's Premier League clash with Fulham FC.
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نظر: 161
  • alexander moonen
    alexander moonen

    I quite agree with Conte everything says about the vision,the strategy and our project and plan and the transfer market as well.Conte is not stupid,he knows what he sees,inside and outside of the club,buying new players will be a good thing as a fan I want to be patient and finish it in the top four in the right way,as fans we all have to do what is best. ,winning the cup would be a dream as all the fans and the players and the club who are waiting for.

  • Alexander

    Come on Spurs this match against Fulham is a must win to keep within the pack at the top

    • Baggy

      @John Skinnwr 🤦🤦🤦🤦

    • John Skinnwr
      John Skinnwr

      And for fulham

  • Blink

    I really hope that Tottenham can win the Fulham match with good performance.

    • Joe Village
      Joe Village

      @Blink tactics vary according to the technical qualities and abilities of the players you have. At Inter Conte would use a variety but when your team is not up to the standards of the monsters it would be foolish to risk falling face flat simply to please the audience.

    • Blink

      @Joe Village You are right, but you must be able to grow with more diverse tactics than you do now.

    • passdaboof

      nice grammar everyone

    • Ivan D.
      Ivan D.

      @Slanted Lustre losser mentality

    • Zeddy Walskie
      Zeddy Walskie

      @Slanted Lustrea drawing mentality is a loosing mentality

  • T10

    Will he be there for 2 more transfer seasons ? I want him to. We trust him.

  • Kpop Maniac
    Kpop Maniac

    As week goes on Spurs will gear up. BIG UP. Mark my words.

  • Mustaffa

    It appears to me Conte does not think of Djed Spence highly. I truly believe he offers a lot more going forward on the right wing than Emerson. Come on Conte, Spence is ready. He is or was in the England U-21 setup. I had seen enough of Emerson.

    • Jeffrey Prehn
      Jeffrey Prehn

      @Mustaffa He will. Emerson can't play every game. Plus there's Doherty. Conte will go for experience until he's absolutely sure Spence is ready. I trust Conte's judgement over yours any day.

    • Jeffrey Prehn
      Jeffrey Prehn

      @passdaboof I don't think that's indicative of what he thinks of him. Pure speculation on your part. This is his first taste of PL football and Conte is waiting for the right time. Nothing more than that.

    • Sasa Zaza
      Sasa Zaza

      He just trying to take pressure of the kid

    • Mustaffa

      @Jeffrey Prehn Emerson is not great going forward. He cannot run and beat an opponent. From what i see , Spence can do better than Emerson. So let him play

    • Mustaffa

      @파리 Djed Spence is or was in the England U21 setup together with Ryan Sesegnon and Oliver Skipp. Spence is now 22. You have to be of quality to represent your country.

  • Char321

    at least we have a coach who don’t lie to us for them anymore…

  • Stu D
    Stu D

    Creative midfielder like Eriksen is needed.

  • J.O

    In the past 2 windows they've signed 9 players (Kulu, Bentancur, Richy, Bissouma, Perisic, Lenglet, Forster, Spence, Udogie). The only 2 major positions that just needs solid reinforcements is another midfielder and centre back imo. Also if you consider that Spence + Destiny are supposed to be future prospects then maybe they could bring in someone more experienced than Emerson at RWB as they done with Reguilon at LWB. Apart from that, the only other position that may also need a replacement is at LW if they intend on sending Gil on loan. However Richy is so versatile he can play right across the front 3. Every other position already seems to have been reinforced imo. So does Conte require 1 or 3 more transfer windows though?

  • mhtbfecsq1

    Can see much thought has gone in to trying to build a squad in a clever and healthy way with the resources they have at their disposal and they've done a good job so far but still much to do and it will take time because we're behind the process of other clubs where managers have had much more time (except man united but they can buy world class players whenever they want).

  • scarssiel

    I suggest to try 4-4-2 'Son KaRry Klu(Son-Kane-Richarlson-Klu)' strategy for Fullham. Conte needs to change the strategy. More goals gained > goals lost ==> WIN!. And all defence and rapid (lucky) counter attack for Man city(Haaland). How about this idea?

  • Europe.Football

    One of the greatest managers

  • Andes Kurnia
    Andes Kurnia

    Learning from Pep's instructon to all City's players that they must always supply the ball to Haaland (the striker), I think Conte should instruct the same thing to Spurs' players to supply the ball to either Kane or Son.

  • Jim Boxell   Spurs till i die
    Jim Boxell Spurs till i die

    It was a good window we are a long way in front of last season give this man a few windows we will be fighting for the prem coysss

  • Mark Shaz
    Mark Shaz

    We need new owners.

  • Kieran 32
    Kieran 32

    Best stadium in the world,worldclass manager...all we need now is owners who put football before profit.

  • Leonegaming 03
    Leonegaming 03

    Tbf we signed richarlison bissouma and perisic which are good but that still makes our window a 6. It Can jump to an 8 however if Spence and lenglet turn out to be good

  • When they go low_ We go high
    When they go low_ We go high

    It's not that Conte can't do it because other teams are also paying a lot of money to get players. However, it seems that we need to improve our weaknesses and raise the level of the team to achieve better results than last season. 🤍

  • ojula Jacksion
    ojula Jacksion

    I really don't like what Conte talks about Spence everytime yet I feel there is no one who can compete Spence in that position now the likes of Doherty and Royal just annoy me every time why not play Spence really

  • ItzSozzo

    Best manager we’ve had COYS

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      Not yet. Bill Nick, Burkinshaw and Poch for me. Conte could outdo them all, but his style isn't ours. I think he's banking on a cup this season, and the league the next.

  • Ajitem Pisal
    Ajitem Pisal

    To be at top we need to win the fulham game

  • Georges Donaldo
    Georges Donaldo

    Let's go tottenham let's go . we are not lost yet

  • Nwosu Chimobi
    Nwosu Chimobi

    It's so funny how inpatient and annoying a lot of spurs fans could be. The same Conte that picked this team from the scratch last season and reformed the team, to the point that we qualified for a top 4 spot out of nowhere...is the same Conte getting all these tantrums, some persons even calling him 'stupid'. The same Son that 'almost' single-handedly give us the UCL qualification last season is the same person that we are all smashing because of a drop in form. Last time I checked, he started with a poor form. And he picked up. How hard it is to please a Tottenham fan? Conte must be getting annoyed with the atmosphere, which is always the case with all managers, including Mou. Son must be getting fed up at the moment. Please cut him some slack, he can never improve with the negatives in front of him everyday. He will only do better with all the supoort he can get If these hatings bring out the best in them, then let's form an online group of haters ONLY. Let's hate till we can no longer hate and let's see how far. If not, then quit the hating an back these guys up. Y'all see Arsenal and how they've improved, is it not the se Arteta that has improved this team after 3years of very poor play? All because of the team stood by him. We have a great coach, good dedicated players. Let's stand by them in their highs ad their lows. They are also human beings remember, and they have feelings. #COYS

  • Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin


  • Christian, Netherlands
    Christian, Netherlands

    Let's hope sonny will score agains fulham

    • Christian, Netherlands
      Christian, Netherlands

      @Zeddy Walskie 🤣😄 That's allright

    • Zeddy Walskie
      Zeddy Walskie

      I think he's waiting for Man City to score his first goal

  • Gameboys NK
    Gameboys NK

    Let’s grab these three points!COYS

  • Gaetano.

    Forza Conte! My captain.....

    • Claudia Vasile
      Claudia Vasile


  • David's Kitchen
    David's Kitchen

    U know the reason why Sonny was depressed now because of Conte' stupid strategy.... Sonny is spending too much energy to depend like wingback so it shows he often seemed weak during 3 games. Conte doesn't know how to use top player " Sonny " who made 23 goals without any penaltykick at the last season as legend. Sonny please transfer to other Clubs especially Manchester city or Liverpool Their Coaches are greater than stupid Conte

  • Ncho Victor
    Ncho Victor

    We was poor againt West ham and he is sounding like we should loose hope for a trophy this season.Hojberg was doing almost nothing after he complain but Conte refuse to change him.

    • Baggy



    11:43 He is very open, Spence is club investment for the future

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      Poch would put Spence straight in the team.

    • KryptoManiac


  • Texasbruh06

    As an American Daniel Levy, Joe Lewis, and ENIC GROUP, please listen…: we have done the ground work and worked USA to accept Spurs. Now you and Conte have to prove to America that you are Prem and European trophy worthy and worth investing in. Spend 200 million in the the next two windows to potentially make 4.5 BILLION next year with new owners. My Dallas Cowboys don’t want the potential revenue(I already asked the Jones family), so someone will make a killing if they invest correctly. Tottenham is a “sleeping giant” as a global brand. COYS from Texas!!!!!!!!!

  • 덕용 장
    덕용 장

    i think , conte is an unbelievale man.

  • Seth Sefali
    Seth Sefali

    We need to win the game so our player can be happy with you so better win to win the league so we can learn how to win games LET'S GOOOOOOOO!

  • Martik Abramian
    Martik Abramian

    Son is going to score tomorrow if he plays 90 minutes.

    • Ivan D.
      Ivan D.

      Richarllison time

  • remiranplays

    we have to win every damn game

  • Bini Tegene
    Bini Tegene

    The press conference of spurs need sound clarity. We are listening contes answer only

  • win_nasdaq

    please check pass map of westham match,,, something wrong there. where is our brilliant build up and attacking pattern.. where is magician kulu, where is smart passer kane, where is clinical son…

    • DD디디앤미

      생각해보면 개성있는 감독들이 왔다갔지만 박차를 달리는 클럽 팬들만 남아있네요 시간이 지나면 멍든 선수들이 팀에 나가고 들어오고 욕먹고 반복일뿐 상황이 나빠지면 유명한 감독은 다시 다른팀 지휘하겠죠 토트넘 선수들 응원합니다 믿을것은 스스로의 운명이 달려있는 선수들 과 팬 뿐입니다

  • Jeff

    Spurs needs Son back to his top form to achieve anything this season since he's been the most lethal weapon Spurs've got for this couple years.

    • Ivan D.
      Ivan D.


  • Spurs Mehdi
    Spurs Mehdi

    I dont feel well about this one maybe a loss can change our mentality again COYS ⚪

  • Anil Magar
    Anil Magar

    Now I'm 100% sure that Spur will end undefeated as league champion crown. Same as Conte's Juve first season .

  • Go WOKE, You Become BROKE.
    Go WOKE, You Become BROKE.

    What's with all the comments moaning? Too many flippin armchair managers these days. Doesn't matter how many players we sign, there's always some glum steward saying the manager wasn't backed. Like reading Gooners. Support the team or bog off to the Emirates.

  • Alex Chetverik
    Alex Chetverik

    Thanks for the video. Just wondering why you wouldn't enable Closed Captions/subtitles on your videos? Besides the fact that it's almost impossible to hear the journos' questions, you're not exactly catering to accessibility/people with impairments. Hope you consider this for the future. Anyway ... COYS


    Why we didn’t get Eriksen ??? I really can’t understand that.

  • Don't go passion
    Don't go passion

    우리 흥민이 놔줘~라!

  • cola Y
    cola Y

    kane will get good results this year and transfer next year.So these day,he is greedy for goals.He is only trying to solve it himself.pass him Heung-Min Son, whi has good shooting skills.

  • Abdulmumin Danmallam
    Abdulmumin Danmallam

    Please give the questioner's more volume. We can barely hear them.

  • Tony Dew
    Tony Dew

    So lets get this right, we let go Ndombele, Winks, Le Celso, Alli, Bergwijn, Reguilon and Joe Rodon since Conte has been manager. We have brought in, Kuluseski, Bentancur, Bissouma, Fraser Foster, Richarlison, Perisic, Langlet and Spence. So thats 7 gone and 8 signed, so we are meant to be challenging in 4 Competitions. We can now also have 5 subs, there will be more games to play in a shorter period because of the World Cup. So it was obvious we would need a bigger squad, yet we have signed 8 and let 7 go. No wonder Conte is baffled, lets also not forget, Spence was not Contes signing. The Club wanted Spence, for the future. So really Conte has the same size squad as when he took over. The Club announced £150 million to be put in to the club this summer, for us to buy players. Will thats not just because the club were being nice and backing Conte. It is mostly down to the fact, Conte unexpectedly got us in the Champions League. So that has given us a lot more extra income, you have the scum down the road. Who have not finished in the top 4 since 2016, spending more money than anybody else. With a manager who isn't even proven, we have a World Class manager. A manager who brings success where ever he goes, so what is the problem with these owners. Lets also think about something else, the likes of Sanchez, Royale, Davies and Dier. Were players who before Conte came, us fans wouldn't of been surprised if they were sold. Its only because how brilliant a manager Conte is, them players have all improved hugely. So with the exception of Kulusevski and Bentancur, Conte got us in the top 4, with a squad of players he should never of been able too. So I expected the owners to back him and give him all the tools he needed, with the amount of players let go and brought in, that obviuolsy hasn't happened. I also have to look at it another way, Tottenham for the first time, got all their signings done very early. So Conte could work with the players in pre season, they also made Kulusevski and Romero permenant signings, so money was put aside for that. Also if Conte believed he was going to be short, then why not say I will keep Winks, Ndombele, Le Celso, Reguillon. Them players have all been loaned out, so Conte must of said they wasn't in his plans. Well why not keep them to make up the numbers and see if you can get them going this season. To be fair to Reguilon, I have liked him at Tottenham, he has also done very well. Also Ndomebele hasn't been given a chance under Conte, its clear he is a very good player. A player we really could do with, he runs with the ball, dribbles, can score and gets assists. Then you have Bergwijn, why let him go, he did really well for Conte when he was given chances. I think Conte was a bit harsh with Bergwijn, he deserved to start more games. I also undertand at the time, Son and Kulusevski were undroppable. My final thought on the matter, why did we not go for Eriksen on a free transfer. It was obvious he would choose Tottenham over United. Maybe Conte didn't want him, he signed him at Inter and didn't start him. He spent more time on the bench, so there is an argument on both sides to be fair. Then again Conte is not a manager to want to take years building a team, he wants to challenge straight away. Yet he must of already known that was not possible, if he was to become manager at Tottenham. I hope this doesn't derail our season and Conte points to lack of players as the reason. He hasn't rotated the team so far this season, he hasn't started any new signings in the first few games. Just Persisic was brought in, the others were becasue of injuries. Langlet hasn't played, Richarlison has had 20 minutes here and there. Conte only used one sub last match, when he can use 5. Bissouma only came in because Bentancur was injured, so he needs to make his mind up Conte.

    • A.M. Armstrong
      A.M. Armstrong

      I take your point about investment, though Poch got bugger-all backing while losing world class players. Conte wants a certain type of player: The magicians have gone, replaced by technicians. The team can play it many ways, but the default is always Catenaccio. We're most likely stronger against stronger, weaker against aggressive smaller clubs. I prefer Poch's approach! Why wait for mistakes?!

    • Leslie Crawford
      Leslie Crawford

      We also have Papa Sarr and Gil added to the 25 man squad. KULU, is still on loan and won't be made permanent till next summer.

  • davros diesel
    davros diesel

    He sounds pissed like last year Enic out

  • Javier Aguirre
    Javier Aguirre

    Conte you need to modify your tactics

    • Geo World
      Geo World

      yeah the squad lack so hard going forward, playing ball on sanchez dier and lloris is causing me cancer

  • Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin

    AntoNICK ConteFURY of Marvel SPURHEROES 😍😍😍🙏🏾

  • Suv

    Can Anotio sub off Kane???does he have a right??

  • MarktheUnexpected

    My manager 💙🤍 COYS

  • juvely

    콘테 저 전술로 아직 안지고버티지만 이제 강팀들만나면 탈탈 털릴꺼같은데 이 팀 수비랑 중원 개판인거 모를리없을텐데 전술좀 바꿔라 상대팀들이미 간파다했는데 언제까지 손흥민 미끼전술할꺼여 공격축구좀하게해줘

  • gautam nanda
    gautam nanda

    Before Levy and ENIC took over, Spurs won 25 major trophies and atleast won one trophy every 5-6 years. Since ENIC took over, Spurs won 1 trophy in more than 20 years. They charge more ticket prices than most, they charge more money for spurs play than other clubs. They only focus on getting top 4 and getting all the money they can. Levy out ENIC out.

  • Mr Express
    Mr Express

    Football before profit!

  • machoman richards
    machoman richards

    Well dear Conte, I love you. However the vision seems blur to me right now. The West ham game, I almost killed myself out of frustration. It was a lousy lousy game. We need a new CB who can dribble pass front players, pass from the back and for god sake build the game from behind. Eric Dier can't do that. Sessegnon and Emerson are beyond average level. First one doesn't have a flair of a wingback. The latter can't even put one decent cross in the box for Kane to use his super heading ability. That should have been evident by now and I see him in every game. We now have a front that can kill any team. Its these low qualities at the back that's hurting us. The only solution I see is to get a new CB. Just watch Eric Dier, he always has so much space to see and build the game from the back but he just can't do it. Every league players knows he doesn't needs to be pressed. Always predictable. Just watch him! And its hurts so much to see Sonny not being able to score. I just want him to score soon and see that man smile again.

    • machoman richards
      machoman richards

      @Nii Barnor Saba Nope it was Kim who plays for Napoli now and is shinning for them. Even Koulibaly couldn't dribble like him past front players. He was the one.

    • Nii Barnor Saba
      Nii Barnor Saba

      We tried with Bastoni who ticks those boxes. Inter wouldn’t sell.

  • adrian connor
    adrian connor

    Gotta start richeleson

  • officialmb.24s

    Levy Out! ENIC Out! HAVE NOT FULLY BACKED CONTE SERGIO REGGY>Ryan and Steven Sess we need ball playing CBS which we haven’t covered we can’t get a trophy playing Davies Royal Dier Sanchez we just can’t No Squad depth in a attack other than Richy (Lucas has 9 goals in the last 3 seasons) We have 6s we don’t have 8s or a 10

  • Michael Reid
    Michael Reid

    Can’t be any clearer Sarr, Gill and Spence no ready yet. They may get minutes here and there, but there are ones for the future.

    • Michael Reid
      Michael Reid

      @David Negus he may well be better, but can he be relied upon. Game after game

    • David Negus
      David Negus

      Doherty aswell

    • David Negus
      David Negus

      Spence is way better than Deadmerson

  • Ian Luscombe
    Ian Luscombe

    Can we have a microphone so we can hear the question please.

  • davide

    Attivati i sottotitoli!!

  • Aroos Akif
    Aroos Akif

    Tottenham Hotspur 3 - 0 Fulham COYS

  • Jeffrey Prehn
    Jeffrey Prehn


  • Boris Barr Barayev
    Boris Barr Barayev

    AC sounds upset.

  • Adrian ZAMFIR
    Adrian ZAMFIR

    Great MISTER 👋

  • faruq abdullah
    faruq abdullah

    bring lucas moura!

  • 덕용 장
    덕용 장

    요즘 서서히 본성을 드러내는 콘테의 발언을 죽들어보면 , 내 생각에 콘테는 정말 인간 쓰레기 라는 생각이 든다. 한때 손흥민이나 나 나 대한민국 팬들은 콘테의 주동이에 우롱당햇다고 본다. 그것도 모르고 토트넘 팀이 한국에 왓을때 정말 진심을 다하여 환대를 해주엇다니, 정말 분통이 터진다. 아마 저들은 대접을, 대우를 받으면서도 속으로 비웃었을거라는 생각이 든다. 콘테가 케인 이나 다른 백인선수들에게 대하는 태도, 발언을 볼때 그가 요즘 손흥민에 대하는 발언을 보면 한마디로 진솔성이 없는 의리없는 위선자, 즉 더러운 개시끼 라는 생각이 든다. 정말 신뢰할수, 믿을수 없는 넘이라는 생각이 든다. 정말 무리뉴에, 전 감독들에 비해 가장 믿을 수 없는 백인우월주의에 빠진 정신병자라는 생각도 든다. 다른 역대 감독들에 비해 가장 심하다 라는 생각이 든다

  • AHA

    3:50 🤣🤣🤣 Arsenal

  • Turtle Predicting World Cup Qatar 2022
    Turtle Predicting World Cup Qatar 2022

    Awesome, Would you like to see some predictions for the 2022 World Cup and English Premier League at your IRglo channel,Foretold by the Turtle.🐢🐢🐢

  • David's Kitchen
    David's Kitchen

    Sonny u should say goodbye to stupid Tottenham fans. They always blame and make him depressed for just few weak performance but not to Kane it is so ridiculous attitude like racism... so ashamed of UK Sonny u don't need to play for them anymore they don't deserve to watch ur performance pls transfer to other clubs

  • WordSmith876

    Joke Club Tottenham We will Never win a thing ...Same Rubbish Center Backs Since the days of Poch ,Same Daniel Levy who has won NOTHING as a chairman, Same Bargain hunting and not signing Players that are needed in the proper positions...Big Manager,Small club with Small Ambitions...This Squad is not good enough to win anything ..Nothing Has changed we play shocking football and never dominate regardless of who we play ...JOKE CLUB

  • Larissa Stuart
    Larissa Stuart


  • Sadia Akter
    Sadia Akter

    I don't conte because he can' down recherlison on time😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  • Al Jennings
    Al Jennings

    Enic sell the club please, you are not fit for the job, 20+ years of failure

  • UnKnOwN٭

    Richardson kane sonny Peri hoi bisuma royal Ben dyer romero You think! Ok?

    • UnKnOwN٭

      @Ahweyevu Akpos bro try richardson kane sonny ok?

    • Ahweyevu Akpos
      Ahweyevu Akpos

      Kulusevski is currently our most consistent player this season

  • Rashad Chowdhury
    Rashad Chowdhury

    The last time I bought a jersy was 2021, and as I promised; won’t buy a single merchandise until we will or significantly invest!


    손흥민 제발 이적 시켜주세요. 토트넘에서 손흥민은 행복해 보이지 않습니다. 더이상 한국인들도 토트넘 응원하기 싫습니다.

    • sundar mann
      sundar mann

      Don't be childish!

  • ᄋᄋ

    무슨 뜻인지 반은 모르지만 감독님 목소리 너무 좋아서 잘듣겠습니다 👍I don't know half of what it means, but the director's voice is so good that I'll listen 👍

  • PowerToThePeople

    Poor window from Spurs. No top RWB, no creative midfielder and still a weak defence

    • Chuck Castillo
      Chuck Castillo

      5 games 4 goals allowed. 2 clean sheets.

    • Najaf Khan
      Najaf Khan

      Yup all signings on bench

  • 주블리

    I just hope that Hojberjeg check his shoes before match and wouldn't stop the play flow and get scored while chatting with a referee

  • LiveJetTV


  • 덕용 장
    덕용 장



    Win 1

  • wungramthan rashadang
    wungramthan rashadang

    First like and comment for son

  • Yoga Diari
    Yoga Diari

    one thing i know so far about his team is that they do not play well, not well at all but one thing i also know for sure is that no matter how badly they play. their hunger for win is very discernible. and i think to build something important, this step is the most important thing to do first. fix the mentality first, the rest can follow.

  • anonymous worm
    anonymous worm

    They're deleting top comments which are all Levy Out Don't bother

  • Neil George
    Neil George

    Not convinced with richarlison really don't see what he is about , I feel he will be disruptive to the team and cause more negatively than positivity within the team We should have stopped talking about who we are looking at and just announced who we have signed instead of who we want to sign . This is just the spurs way and the merry go round of this once superb team

  • Merry Delo
    Merry Delo

    Spurs probably had the worst transfer out of the top 6. City - Haaland, Phillips Arsenal - Zincenko, Jesus Man Utd - Antony, Casemiro Liverpool - Nunez, Arthur Chelsea - Koulibaly, Sterling, Auba Not a single Spurs signing is a star player and none of them starts

    • Leslie Crawford
      Leslie Crawford

      @Matt Drayton Anyone who signed Haaland won the transfer window the guys a machine.

    • Matt Drayton
      Matt Drayton

      @Leslie Crawford thankyou! exactly!

    • Leslie Crawford
      Leslie Crawford

      Chelsea lost Rudiger Werner & Lukaku, Liverpool lost Mane, Origi, & Minamino, City lost Sterling, Jesus & Zinchenko , Spurs lost Winks, Reguilon and Bergwijn.

    • Leslie Crawford
      Leslie Crawford

      So on your saying, City signed two star players Haaland & Philips but also lost 3 star players in Zinchenko Jesus .& Sterling.

    • Matt Drayton
      Matt Drayton

      Perišić is a starter, Bissouma will be a starter soon I believe, same with Richarlison aswell. Spence has incredible potential. We had one of the best transfer windows out of the top 6.

  • gregorius rivaldo
    gregorius rivaldo

    Trust in Conte, but please start Spence ffs

    • Sussy Baka
      Sussy Baka

      Conte believes he's not ready yet

  • craig Doc
    craig Doc

    He's not looking happy to me

  • JethroZulu

    Wish the fans will get it by now, our owners don’t care about honors or trophies, all they care about is top 4 and the cash. They have to go if we are to win anything.

    • Al Jennings
      Al Jennings

      Spot on, too many 🐑 easily fooled by Enic

    • Lenny Drn
      Lenny Drn

      Oh come on! They've just unlocked 150M£ for this window. Of course, they aren't blameless but you can't say they dgaf when we spent for this window and, actually, spent during recent windows (but bought the wrong players). For weeks, we were interested in guys like Bastoni and Zaniolo but we couldn't move them in because their club didn't want to negotiate. It's not solely on Levy and ENIC At the beginning of last season, we were lacking at least 6/7 players to stay competitive. Now, we only need around maybe 3 players. We aren't a team like City or even Chelski which spend like it's nothing. We can't buy an entire team in one window. And even them (City and Chelski), I'm not even sure they can pull such a trick

    • Young Sun Kwon
      Young Sun Kwon

      What a sad attitude; Tottenham board, directors and coach shown quite enough last half of season and this summer to disqualify your statement. Fact that this comment gets many likes reflects more on Spurs Doomerism than the Board's lack of plan and strategy to win honors or trophies

    • NucleusArcherBIGZ

      INCORRECT! our owners have placed us in the perfect position to win trophies, with all due respect your opinion is wrong!

  • Geo World
    Geo World

    Jason Denayer is free, go and sign him

  • henry blocker
    henry blocker

    PL have 5 substitutes now, and we didnt sign a RW/RWB , CB , Striker and most important a creative midfielder, you cant say now after the transfer window is closed that we need more signings, we need 3 more players THIS window, ffs we missed OUT what was this HYPE about warchest, this make this transfer window a 6/10 dont hype if you cant keep your word, if they didnt say anything this would be a solid 8/10

  • TheRoccobops

    Pin this plz I met Harry Kane

  • Maik Bultze
    Maik Bultze

    I´m still haven´t got around liking this toxic person. the points are in, the performance isn´t. managers job.

  • Mel_ 16
    Mel_ 16

    Conte should really put Richardson as a starter and then at the end of the game put Son cuz he’s not at his top shape at the moment

  • Xapa

    Oh look............. he wants even MORE players. Seriously, so much excuses. Richarlyson can start for ANY team in the top6.... Bissouma is a quality player. BUT we playin crap football still. Maybe change that shit system first before asking for more players.We'll probably draw against Fulham. Mark my words.

  • 부록님

    흥민이 한게임 푹 쉬자.

  • eunhye

    The coaches of other clubs are not fools, and Sony is no longer a threat. That's because Conte made Sony a nobody. Let's not expect Sony to score during this season. Instead, let's pray that Sony's body and spirit will not collapse even in an environment that is completely excluded from Tottenham. Our Heung-min, you don't have to put the ball in. Italian Conte's dual personality, his fake colleagues playing politics, the British media, who have always criticized Sony harshly, and Tottenham fans who make malicious comments and insults. If we unite, we will live; if we disperse, we will die. All Koreans in Korea have seen, felt, and remembered with one heart, and will remember and remember. The smartest genius, we Koreans, will be together behind the scenes... Don't be discouraged.‼︎ 흥민아 스트레스 받지 말고 공 넣으려 애쓰지도 마. 가치조차도 없는 곳이니까. 현재 네 몰골이 어떤지 다른 선수들과 비교 해. 거울‼︎ 당장 거울을 꺼내서 네 얼굴을 들여다 봐. 너 한명 이용한 것도 온국민이 용천하겠는데,감히 우리 대한민국🇰🇷을 기만했으니 … 하필이면 국민들이 나라를 바로 잡고 있는 이 시국에、중국,일본이 깐죽대며 시비거는 이 시점에、섬나라 영국에서 흥민이 널 한 두번도 아니고 이번엔 사안이 확연하게 다르며 또 다시 건드렸으니 이번에는 국민 감정이 험악해. 우리 한국인의 단점이자 장점이 남,여를 불문하고 한번 화내기 시작하면 당최 중간이 없고 극도로 심각한 수준의 폭력성인데… 그러니까 흥민아 니가 젤 잘 알꺼 아냐..‼︎ 우리 국민들 눈깔 확 돌아가게 하지 말고、얼굴에 팩이나 하면서 토트넘은 너를 버렸으니 벤치에 눌러 않히던지, 주전에서 빼든지… 경기 장에서 책이나 읽어라. 신경 일체 쓰지도 말고. 이젠 너랑은 관계 없는 사이다.❗️

  • Stinging Nettle
    Stinging Nettle

    He will leave in the summer and we will end up with Parker.