How Many Balloons Stops an Arrow?
How Ridiculous
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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous

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  • Suho1004

    Love how Scott plugs his nose for the powder paint but then stands there with his mouth wide open. :D

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl

    The best part of subscribing to this channel, is being able to watch over the years the friendship between you three. I wish all three of you nothing but the best.

  • BlackBeltBill

    I would love to have Jack compete with you guys every once in a while. That would be dope!

  • Coyote-Underwood

    I definitely enjoy seeing the reactions to the slowies. That glass break was great!

  • Alex S
    Alex S

    Great video as always, your experiments always bring a smile. You could try a traditionally fletched arrow vs an arrow fletched with spin vanes that spin the arrow in flight. Maybe also wear a bracer on your arm that holds the bow to prevent string slap and soften your grip on the riser. Form looks pretty good though.

  • Greg Hudgens
    Greg Hudgens

    Love the viddies boys, as always! One request for future ones is to have a round or rounds where you all have the same item. Evens the playing field a little bit and makes it more of a skill battle, plus it gives y’all more chances to have an arrow shot that actually takes out all the balloons! Keep up the great work!

  • Kaius Ramsey
    Kaius Ramsey

    I would love to see Jack compete against you guys😂 or just a whole Opposite Day kinda deal. Jack does the fun stuff and you guys edit😂

  • Shotty Moto
    Shotty Moto

    You guys are so much fun to watch!! Your channel definitely helps me come down from a long days work. I must say though, your camera man is wild! To hit those shots is incredible!

  • Johnathon Geasler
    Johnathon Geasler

    I want to thank you for all your fun balloon work. We really enjoy watching, especially since my wife is allergic, anaphylaxis, to latex! No balloons for us or she's in the hospital.

  • Heather Hutchins
    Heather Hutchins

    Always love the vids. Totally yes for Jack to compete with y’all.

  • Matthew Stone
    Matthew Stone

    Hey guys, love the video!

  • Dale Soulflare
    Dale Soulflare

    Please be careful with spear guns fired outside of the water. Many of them are designed to only be fired underwater and the forces on the bands are different underwater vs in air and can lead to snapping and kickback that can seriously hurt you

  • Burt Huffman
    Burt Huffman

    This was an amazing vid and funny. You guys have incredible throwing arms WOW and Jack's amazing work! The 'length' and the 'girth' was the best. Gaunson actually embarrassed Stanford. Will watch this 100 times today. The best guys!

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith

    Always a pleasure watching you guys have soooo much fun

  • SundayGras

    I love this series of them just breaking or popping things and having fun.

  • John O'Connor
    John O'Connor

    More than the shenanigans, even more than the content I gotta say I love your friendship with each other.

  • sidrat2009

    The MVP in most of your videos has been Jack to get the shots in the first place.

  • Caledonian Haze
    Caledonian Haze

    The timing of the throwing star is amazing in the slow mo - rotating just enough between balloons so the next point pops the next balloon. :D

  • EvenFilms

    I was losing it during the knife handle girth conversation. One of my favorites in a while! Loved the consequence balloon! (Also, Gaunson kinda reminded me of Garfield with the powder paint for some reason)