Achraf Hakimi 2021 - Magic Skills, Goals & Assists | HD
Achraf Hakimi 2021 - Magical Skills, Goals \u0026 Assists | HD
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1. Darius King - My Time
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3. Jarico - Landscape (Vlog No Copyright Music)

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  • Amaan Anand
    Amaan Anand

    Fast, skilful and selfless just how a winger should be. Welcome to Chelsea 💙

  • super mof
    super mof

    Hakimi assit good

  • Papa Lommo
    Papa Lommo


  • Houssame Gaizi
    Houssame Gaizi

    Best actual right back in the world

  • C A
    C A

    Achraf doit aller jouer à LIVERPOOL s'il veut faire une belle carrière !!!!!

  • C A
    C A

    Achraf va à LIVERPOOL s'il te plaît !!!!! Tu auras tout à gagner !!!!!

  • Nikhil Gurung
    Nikhil Gurung

    Is there any Chelsea fans watching this😍💙


    Music sound is useless

  • Royalty WRLD
    Royalty WRLD

    Who is here after he was linked to Chelsea?

  • the conveyor
    the conveyor

    Madrid must be mad and blind for selling him! What the hell were they thinking???

  • Franklin Brito
    Franklin Brito

    Chelsea fans here? 🤣🤣 Sou do Brasil e amo o Chelsea.

  • JaydenCFC04

    lol who else is here after the links with chelsea or psg

  • Mark Mhindu
    Mark Mhindu

    How does this guy get into those positions

  • Mlamuli Dlamini
    Mlamuli Dlamini

    He's ability to Weight a pass .. stands out.

  • Talandila Barnabas Kasapila
    Talandila Barnabas Kasapila

    Hakimi welcome to Chelsea 😊

  • Aritra Chakrabarti
    Aritra Chakrabarti

    Go for him looks like he's already a Blue

  • Feed Me To My Enemies
    Feed Me To My Enemies

    Top tier player. Great video too!

  • Wallas Hilarious
    Wallas Hilarious

    Welcome to Chelsea

  • Wonder Mokoena
    Wonder Mokoena

    I'd love him in the Blue of London but we got the young Livramento who is promising to be our next star.

    • Wonder Mokoena
      Wonder Mokoena

      @nightcore Queen107 haha not disagreeing. I'm just saying, we need a bigger stadium. Must invest in that. Let's buy Rice and a striker. I'd love a centre half too. My two preferred ones are expensive though (Marquinhos or Gimenez)

    • nightcore Queen107
      nightcore Queen107

      We loose Gems and buy Gems

  • Kevyn Joseph
    Kevyn Joseph

    Who here after the Chelsea links

  • Hamid Rabie
    Hamid Rabie

    Vive ouedzem la ville qui a donné hakimi et mezraoui

    • Hamid Rabie
      Hamid Rabie

      @IqM Zoom ممكن تتأكد اخي

    • IqM Zoom
      IqM Zoom

      😂😂😂😂 مزراوي تطواني الأخ


    If you are a Chelsea me some love

  • Marouane Chinou
    Marouane Chinou

    Morocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦⚽⚽⚽🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💚❤️

  • lfarda scams
    lfarda scams

    He is amazing player, I love him🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • Shaun L
    Shaun L

    He will snub PSG for Chelsea

  • Hicham Nuja
    Hicham Nuja


  • Ricky D. Berny
    Ricky D. Berny

    This guys would be an excellent rival for Reece james in a squad.

    • ariochi ekeke
      ariochi ekeke

      Wrong he will replace James and James will replace Azpi

    • Mauro Quiala
      Mauro Quiala

      He will force James to develop, fair battle. Azpi is declining

  • HiFi Panda
    HiFi Panda

    Anyone here after the Chelsea links?

  • الكون _كرتنا
    الكون _كرتنا

    🇩🇿❣️ افضل ظهير في العالم بدون منازع

  • Redzuan Hisham
    Redzuan Hisham

    He can play any position... So flexible....

  • jeff bmg
    jeff bmg


    • manar madara
      manar madara

      Yes bro

  • Jose igo Azevedo correa Azevedo
    Jose igo Azevedo correa Azevedo

    Vim ver esse video so por causa psg ta interessado nele

  • Grégory Golitin
    Grégory Golitin

    Welcome in PSG !👍🏾

  • kik lee
    kik lee

    Le joeur parfait pour Paris espérons qu'ill signe

  • Vivi Paris
    Vivi Paris

    Welcome to Paris

  • Sinan Mampally
    Sinan Mampally

    Psg sign cheythathin shesham kanunnavarundoo💞


    Bienvenue à Paris Hakimi, on va faire de belles choses avec toi ❤💙

  • chaubet jerome
    chaubet jerome

    Hakimi psg 🔴🔵🥳⚽️🏆🔥👌😱


    Welcome to Paris Hakimi💪💪💪💪💪

  • Benjamin Legrand
    Benjamin Legrand

    Welcome to Paris ❤️💙

  • Fredd Fredd
    Fredd Fredd

    Welcome to PSG .

  • Ilan

    Bienvenue au psg Achraf 🔴🔵

  • David Muamba
    David Muamba

    Bienvenue à Paris❤️💙

  • Praveen

    Come to psg😍😍

  • Mo B
    Mo B

    Bienvenue au Paris saint germain ❤️💙

  • el famoso Gringo
    el famoso Gringo

    Welcome to PSG

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Come to Paris ❤️💙

  • Stanou Stanley
    Stanou Stanley

    Welcome to PSG ❤️

  • Cute & Fun
    Cute & Fun

    Bienvenue à Paris

  • shogun *
    shogun *

    Come on in PSG🔴🔵

  • AntoYT

    How did he not get a TOTS card on fifa...

  • Oussou Lyrics
    Oussou Lyrics

    Il faut qu’il joue à paris ❤️💙

    • El Farsaoui Ottman
      El Farsaoui Ottman

      No , the league of farmers ! It is better for him go to Chelsea .

    • si04

      Tfo wlad l97ab,l

    • Andrea 29
      Andrea 29


    • Don diablo
      Don diablo

      @Steph Bobo 50m

    • Steph Bobo
      Steph Bobo

      C'est quasiment bouclé 60m

  • Valadares

    Welcome to PSG

  • Jordon Baker
    Jordon Baker

    This is a very well put together highlight. Dead ass.

  • John Schott
    John Schott

    Come at PSG

  • Hossam `
    Hossam `

    من مصر كل الدعم والتقدير لنجمنا المغربي " أشرف حكيمي " 🇪🇬❤🇲🇦

  • Amon

    Welcome to psg

    • Jeremy Nino
      Jeremy Nino

      @Flavie A. No it isn't

    • Theokoles

      @KeyDivi ftg t'es même pas allemand ! Je dirais plutôt que t'es de l'autre côté de la Méditerranée !

    • KeyDivi


    • KeyDivi

      @Flavie A. Non HAAHAHAH 80M rêve toujours

    • KeyDivi

      @Valadares HAAHAHAHAH 80M PTDRRR rêver bien les parisiens

  • Morad Tabbicca
    Morad Tabbicca

    We really need this guy at Chelsea.

    • InterFanNFootball

      @Droh Dont know for sure but I think you guys want a more attack minded full back

    • Droh

      @InterFanNFootball Nah I'm saying why do Chelsea need another RB? far more necessary changes required elsewhere on the pitch.

    • InterFanNFootball

      @Droh I knew Haaland would not have joined so now that you're saving the money, you can pay full price with no exceptions for Hakimi =80mill

    • Droh

      why do we if we have reece james and azpi as RB? seriously

    • Tatenda Matsvai
      Tatenda Matsvai


  • سوريتي هويتي
    سوريتي هويتي

    #من وسط العاصمة السورية دمشق عاصمة الأمويين الف تحية للمغرب الحبيب ورجاله الابطال تحية لحكيمي فخر العرب🇲🇦❤🇸🇾

    • Afkar Tv
      Afkar Tv

      تحية لك من المغرب عاصمة المرابطين والموحدين

  • Leonardo Fuentes Gutierrez
    Leonardo Fuentes Gutierrez

    ALEXIS SANCHEZ INTER 2021? 🇨🇱⚫🔵🔥

  • Boniface Mawira
    Boniface Mawira

    Morocco international 😂😂😂😂😂💯

  • Alex Tejada
    Alex Tejada

    Welcome to FC Bayern

  • DennyCraneReloaded

    hes ok.

  • MP4 TV
    MP4 TV

    he is very strong

  • Aditya Reza Nugraha
    Aditya Reza Nugraha

    he's made great progress under Conte, especially in defense

  • babon sia
    babon sia

    Lucky Inter after have maicon...

  • Vaultz

    The best right back you can’t say less just think about it he is a machine

  • Zerrouki Mustapha Mohamed Amine
    Zerrouki Mustapha Mohamed Amine

    Best right back in the World tahyatna lih m dzair 😍

    • XHDxReplayX

      @MP4 TV katfhm mn trmtk

    • Zerrouki Mustapha Mohamed Amine
      Zerrouki Mustapha Mohamed Amine

      @MP4 TV je c gotlk tahyatna m dzair

    • MP4 TV
      MP4 TV

      hakimi he is maroccan not algerian

  • Santhosh Kumar S
    Santhosh Kumar S

    Much competetion in the right back position.

  • JLMarocain 212
    JLMarocain 212

    Le meilleur latéral du monde n’en déplaise à aucun 🇲🇦

  • Facundo Hirschfeldt
    Facundo Hirschfeldt

    Courtuis Hakimi Alaba Ramos Mendy Odegard Casemiro Kroos Mbappe Benzema Hazard

    • Salim


  • fifa mobile broz
    fifa mobile broz

    I hope he is coming to Bayern. him and Davies would be fire

    • Barcelona Fanz
      Barcelona Fanz

      Hakimi going to barca

    • Romanciuc Vasile
      Romanciuc Vasile

      I think so Inter isn’t dealing anymore with bayern after Perisic “issues”

    • Manuel Internazionale
      Manuel Internazionale

      @Branko :D you instead respond to my comment days later just to bother you off because you have nothing to do all day

    • Branko :D
      Branko :D

      @Manuel Internazionale lol why did you delete your first comment and commented again after 2 hours? why are you crying bro 😂😂

    • Manuel Internazionale
      Manuel Internazionale

      @Branko :D your black profile photo represents your sad life

  • Younes Ma
    Younes Ma

    Parabéns Hakimi !

  • Imad Zafar
    Imad Zafar

    Come to Bayern ♥️🤍

  • Don Saad
    Don Saad


  • Anass Benadada
    Anass Benadada

    Simply the best

  • MURAD Mammadov
    MURAD Mammadov

    I hope that, he will back to RMA😢


      They disrespected him

    • Bbalack ghost
      Bbalack ghost

      i wish No

  • Houcine Moukit
    Houcine Moukit

    He 's bigest in the world

  • haitham fuad
    haitham fuad

    Oh how I wish United sign him instead of our stiff crippled Bissaka !!

  • Guanpeng Gao
    Guanpeng Gao

    Achraf is Messi at right wing position

  • Ntsika Shembe
    Ntsika Shembe

    Welcome back to Real Madrid

    • Manuel Internazionale
      Manuel Internazionale


  • Jago Kandang
    Jago Kandang

    D nex maicon

  • Code AI
    Code AI

    What if I told you more than 50% of Hakimi's career will be under Conte. wait and see. Hakimi will not move to a classic 4 in the back coach. either a 343 352 or don't even think about him xD. he had many choices last year, and some of them financially better than inter offer. and picked Conte for his playstyle

    • nightcore Queen107
      nightcore Queen107

      He's coming to London 🔵🔵🔵

  • Viktor Donevski
    Viktor Donevski

    Hakimi top igrac so 21 godina fenomen😊😊😊😊😊😊 Forca Inter

  • نظوري آل تميم
    نظوري آل تميم

    من العراق اتمنا من ربنا 💜👆 ان يوفق حكيمي في مشواره الرياضي "

    • Red-one chanel
      Red-one chanel

      🇲🇦❤🇮🇶 كل الحب والتقدير للشعب العراقي .

    • Habiba Chkir
      Habiba Chkir

      Amin chkran tahiyati 🙏🙏

  • mouad lachgar
    mouad lachgar

    Great defender great player. We are proud of him as Moroccans

    • anas.el46


  • lahoucinedrx 28
    lahoucinedrx 28


  • Arsenal TV
    Arsenal TV

    Well if the stories are true that arsenal might get this guy, we’re definitely in for a treat 😂

    • K.A. Amine
      K.A. Amine


  • AK Media
    AK Media

    Can he defend tho?

  • ハート・グーナー

    to Arsenal💋

    • loner

      are you joking or what why would he leave inter champions of italy for arsenal who don’t even play in ucl


    Este no dura en el inter no le gusta jugar ahi aparentemente.

  • Ali Richards
    Ali Richards

    Hakimi Gabriel saliba tierney Odegard partey sabitser Saka. Auba Pepe

    • Al Bacino
      Al Bacino

      Still wont be able to get top 4😂

    • Thea S. Thomsen
      Thea S. Thomsen

      imagine this team though

    • Thea S. Thomsen
      Thea S. Thomsen

      . Leno Hakimi Gabriel Saliba Tierney Partey Guendouzi Saka Ødegaard ESR Martinelli

  • Deep Sea Mushrooms
    Deep Sea Mushrooms

    Fullbacks who can cross with outside foot and shoot with inside foot are scary

  • T C
    T C

    Compare to Bellerin he is like Messi levels. Can actually dribble and cross a ball

    • SN

      And doesn’t lose ball possession 50% of the time

    • The Teejay's Motion : Slow Mo
      The Teejay's Motion : Slow Mo

      Lol that messi level was a joke. But he is way better than expensive Pepe.

    • Winfred

      And do throw ins

    • Jadon Sancho
      Jadon Sancho

      from an arsenal fan I sadly agree sad what injuries did to heccy b

  • Sana Usmani
    Sana Usmani

    Miss U In Real Madrid 😢 Please come Back To Real Madrid

  • Redouane saadi
    Redouane saadi


  • BLOCK 999 YT
    BLOCK 999 YT

    Hakimi is the best DR in the world

  • Nicola Soranno
    Nicola Soranno

    Hakimi is the best ed in the world I support dortmund and having lost it makes me cry here in germany the bayern fans also say that it is the best and in the world

  • pupi

    I hope that inter could be a big team in Europe. It need this type of player for this objective. The project with Conte it started only last year..

    • blackquaman

      Well now conte is gone

    • Gerald Huallpa
      Gerald Huallpa

      @DJ_BEANZz I'm sure he's rather than Champions League football than Conference League football

    • Dwiki Tumigolung
      Dwiki Tumigolung

      @DJ_BEANZz lol dreaming is free

    • DJ_BEANZz

      Too bad arnsenal are signing him

    • Hamish Gilmore
      Hamish Gilmore

      Next year we are coming for the UCL 🔥🔥

  • samia samia
    samia samia

    Vive le MAROC

    • شاب مستعد لمقايضة صديقته بموزة
      شاب مستعد لمقايضة صديقته بموزة

      لماذا تكتب بلغة من احتل بلدك..وفوقها استهزئ بنبيك؟