if you ever see this man offering you $100,000 DO NOT approach him! Run away & call 911 (its a trap)
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  • Lucaz the gamer
    Lucaz the gamer

    Kyle i saw a guy in your backyard and that was the guy that called you. the one that gave the note attorney 2:17

    • Lucaz the gamer
      Lucaz the gamer

      @Australian dog lover ya no the person had a beard which D k doesn't have

    • Australian dog lover ya
      Australian dog lover ya

      I think it's just Dk (one of his friends

  • Quashaun luttrell
    Quashaun luttrell

    Charlie took some of that money

    • preppy._.roblox

      That's true


    Yo make to be aware of your surroundings cause it could be bait and someone behind you gonna snatch You

  • SossySofi

    Jana: the wall look fresh Me: yes bro I want to see who painted tha't wall I want to paint my wall of my house too

  • SirQuackisTheThird

    Charlie: I might of made a massive mistake taking the money... Uhm🙂

  • Boom Boom Rex
    Boom Boom Rex

    Are you bringing back haunted videos because most of your viewers miss them

  • Jung Woo
    Jung Woo

    4:35 It is exactly Taylor Holder who speaks to you Stromedy.


    Kyle: so we are going to actually call the number me: ......why ._.

  • Trudy Marusic
    Trudy Marusic

    When you were looking at the wall . I think it was that green car that were you entered the first alley way

  • Jennifer Gibson
    Jennifer Gibson


  • PugWade M
    PugWade M

    2:17 man in the back window

  • kingballbase YT
    kingballbase YT

    Kyle so lucky when they try to get the package

  • Playing with s
    Playing with s

    Can we just say that we all wanna buy his merchandise but it’s soo expensive

    • dustin pop
      dustin pop

      true bud tryin to scam

  • KATLEGO Mbhuthu
    KATLEGO Mbhuthu

    Guys it's that IRglo money 😂

  • Christine Sanchez
    Christine Sanchez

    look at the back of them at this part of the video 2.17 there is a man on a call when they were calling him😐😑

  • Elijah Rivaz
    Elijah Rivaz

    Damn this was absolutely insane Kyle who would wanna give out that much money

    • Tyler Lelie Christian
      Tyler Lelie Christian

      Yo if this was real and the money was real I would keep it and give some of it to my mom so she can use the money for herself and the rest I keep it all to myself and give some to my sister and use the money to get my stuff I had to sold back plus I will do anything to earn some money 💰 I mean free money we need it to pay for the bills and Taxes and rent


      It’s so cute ☺️ it’s like 👍 and I’m still a man 👨 but it’s still good 😌 I’m just trying not even a good 😊 but it’s not a problem I’m still


      I’m still waiting for the new update but I have no way home 🏠 is still

    • Elijah Rivaz
      Elijah Rivaz

      @Charlie randall he should have a link in his description

    • Charlie randall
      Charlie randall

      How did you get the M ?

  • Danny White
    Danny White

    Someone is walking in the back yard! BRO

  • Neicey Greene
    Neicey Greene

    Okay let me get this straight. Kyle you moved from Toronto where bad things where happening to you and your crew. Just to move in a bad neighborhood in LA where even more stranger shit continues to happened to you and the crew, like dude why put those ppl in danger like that. Like that person you're on the phone with even knew your name and where'd you lived, especially when you just moved to that house, 🤦🏾‍♀️ like I don't get it bruh. All imma say is just stay safe and be blessed #xoBesos💋

    • Insomnicc

      That's the thing it's fake,but i'm bored and need to watch something

  • Grodanboll81

    2:17 min in i saw a man walking whit a phone

  • Little Maddox boy broken
    Little Maddox boy broken

    I got a car crash today on my bus but I’m fine everybody got off safely with their parents

  • Jessica Coady
    Jessica Coady

    Is It just me or does he over react to much 😂

  • hxgo...officieel

    I still love your video's but on 2:17 you see some one calling on the left

  • Steve Bugatti
    Steve Bugatti

    When you guys were calling 001 I saw something sus

  • Ryan Orange
    Ryan Orange

    Do y'all still have a house in Canada I love that neighborhood alot

  • Jovany Sarcen
    Jovany Sarcen

    That mask remembers me about project zorgo stromedy

  • Kensey Campbell
    Kensey Campbell

    Stromedy I’m gonna buy your merch

  • Blue guy gaming
    Blue guy gaming

    Stormedy I love your videos but they scare me so much I can’t ever sleep at night

    • Blue guy gaming
      Blue guy gaming

      Pls guys I scared

  • Dob by
    Dob by

    Only time you accept a money offer it’s to MrBeast lol

  • Josh Byrne
    Josh Byrne

    hes right it remembers me of project zorgo

  • Amelie Pinkus Karrouze
    Amelie Pinkus Karrouze

    Yo stromedy this is my first time watching u in a while and boy, your content is so good I should watch you more often!

  • bettyonaclid1


  • Nightmare bonnie and friends
    Nightmare bonnie and friends

    I have subscribed to everyone on prime capital btw this video was awesome

  • Cashkidd_goat

    It was sus when ya have to get the bag because when Yana was on Stomy back DK money touch her butt

  • TheoxistMinecod

    I just realized that this video was cap but, have fun kyle

  • Joshua Bacchus
    Joshua Bacchus

    This is one insane video ever Stromedy a person was trying to hand out money to you man wow we live in a crazy world but still Stromedy you have been the best youtubers and really with all the videos you make that helps really how to stay safe we always love you Stromedy sending much love and respect to you

    • Renita Stephens
      Renita Stephens


    • Trevor The turkey
      Trevor The turkey

      This is like 10 different kids playing make believe

    • Jazmin Duran
      Jazmin Duran


    • Jaxon Yet
      Jaxon Yet

      POV its edited💀

  • Kathleen Davis
    Kathleen Davis

    Your the best IRglor that video was insane.

  • Little Maddox boy broken
    Little Maddox boy broken

    A guy was speeding he hit the bus and then the place called him and he went to JL

  • ViCkY LaN1407
    ViCkY LaN1407

    When Mr beast do this will you run away xD

  • Bunny Jeongguk 잔
    Bunny Jeongguk 잔

    At 8:53 kyle was soooooooo lucky

  • • heartful duck •
    • heartful duck •

    It was funny when the voice in the headset said "No you moron"

  • Heidi Miller
    Heidi Miller

    U have amazing vids plus I subscribed to the whole prime capital team

  • Myla Hulse
    Myla Hulse

    What about the camera guy 😂

  • Thomas Kral
    Thomas Kral

    If it's $10,000 yeah I will not approach somebody who has that much money if it's a clown laugh at it and see what happens at 3:00 a.m. dude be careful just to say keep you safe please in my own powers don't do anything that's going to hurt you or harm you just trying to look after you and your friends too don't care for it please be safe out there congratulations to you guys Los Angeles is well cool okay I know I just subscribe to your channel this year but actually due to my old gmail account got hacked I did subscribe back in 2019 so I'm not a new subscriber I'm just one old subscriber who got hacked but don't worry take and easy on you guys this videos you got this cool adventure you take be safe God bless you

  • Briana Grant
    Briana Grant


  • Nanc Mam
    Nanc Mam

    They know your name because they’re your friends or mom and dad

  • William Keitaro
    William Keitaro

    stromedys videos are definately staged, because his previous video is about a clown in his house but he uploaded this video like the clown situation never happened

  • Water King
    Water King

    At the beginning of the video I can just see Netflix on on the TV you must watch a lot of Netflix📺

  • Ake Lautasi
    Ake Lautasi

    Hi stromedy you make so many vids put the work up

  • Master Brad
    Master Brad

    when stromedy says "did you take any are you sure" Charliebe like: totally did'nt put any in my poket what do you mean man?

    • Kafayat Ogundipe
      Kafayat Ogundipe

      Um yeah you did don't lie dude yo lookin sus

    • Annerose Kertzmann
      Annerose Kertzmann


  • Kiwi master
    Kiwi master

    I guess I have to run away from Mr.beast

  • Monster Studios
    Monster Studios

    Who noticed deigo in the back and how he sneaked up

  • Destiny Taylor
    Destiny Taylor

    at 2:18 look out the window there is someone on the phone

  • Amelie Pinkus Karrouze
    Amelie Pinkus Karrouze

    At the start of the vid I saw you where watching Netflix!

  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh

    Done stromedy I have subscribed to everybody in the prime capital and by the way this was a lit vifioe

  • Besties-liv and lili
    Besties-liv and lili

    5:53 look at the electricity mover thing the second one near the top 😐 reply if you see it

    • dustin pop
      dustin pop

      cant see it what iis it

  • Shanika Hilton
    Shanika Hilton

    me looking in the comments to see if they saw anything

  • giv me vbux
    giv me vbux

    How are you able to make vids when people are starting to find out that they are scripted..

  • Penguin

    At 3:44 there is someone in the red truck

  • aonwam

    Oftering 100k in a white suit is kinda sus tho 😳

  • TymisR

    2:17 don't tell me it's the guy who's on the phone outside the window behind dk in the backyard who is the "stalker" 😂

    • Trevor The turkey
      Trevor The turkey

      Yep 😂

    • Apple products
      Apple products

      In the house

    • MightyMango

      that’s someone in the prime capitol it’s not stalker

    • Hailey Davis
      Hailey Davis

      @Heather Brooks YUP

    • Heather Brooks
      Heather Brooks

      Bro an absolute stalker

  • Dean Yuen
    Dean Yuen

    Bro just give back the cash THAT POOR MAN JUST HAD 20000 STOLEN FROM HIM

  • justcallmezesty

    you have already touched it my guy also i am only half way through the vid.

  • Erick Calvo
    Erick Calvo

    Damn that reminds me of the squid game vid!

  • Mickalistun Kaly
    Mickalistun Kaly

    So in one of your videos I saw red eyes in the background it was like they flashed on and off they weren’t your back vehicle but it was dark and you were going down what road doing the 11 what are those I’ll have to go back to the video but that’s what I saw

  • Adryin Jones
    Adryin Jones

    I just love when a notification pops up and says “you got a new subscriber”🥰

    • Humberto Ibarguen
      Humberto Ibarguen


    • Humberto Ibarguen
      Humberto Ibarguen


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  • BML Gaming
    BML Gaming

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  • ㅋㅁㅊㅏ

    Stromedy we have a problem ⚠️ there's this hacker guy hacked the prime capital channel and this guy needs you to accept the mission if you complete the mission he said he will hand you ten thousand dollers

  • Tactical Creampuff
    Tactical Creampuff

    Hey Stromedy were can I get a head set like that

  • Alfie mclaren
    Alfie mclaren

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  • visakha Dharmendra
    visakha Dharmendra

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  • Olivia Funk
    Olivia Funk

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  • Tammy Keck
    Tammy Keck

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    rosa cervantes

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  • 🏳️‍⚧️Ālēx

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  • Kaitiey Mead
    Kaitiey Mead

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  • Tammy Keck
    Tammy Keck

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  • Delicious Creations
    Delicious Creations

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    • Just me.
      Just me.


  • Elsa Romero
    Elsa Romero

    you guys always do an awesome job with these videos! I going to say that this is my favorite video!

    • AceHotDogGuy

      It’s fake ya know!

  • Khalil Money
    Khalil Money

    Why is Diego talking through the mic