Heung-Min Son's INCREDIBLE hat-trick! | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Spurs 6-2 Leicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch extended highlights as Tottenham Hotspur beat Leicester City 6-2 in the Premier League.
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  • Daniel T
    Daniel T

    Crazy how many "fans" dropped him off so fast after underperforming/having badluck in few games. Son was one of the most important factors in Spurs succes over the last years. Show some loyality wannabe fans

  • hanniel ng
    hanniel ng

    I think Son is one of the best outside the box scorer. His shooting is just incredible!

  • being human
    being human

    His emotions after scoring the hat trick. Never doubted him. SON is our treasure. COYS ❤️

  • H

    We confirmed the fact once again, "form is temporary, class is permanent". NEVER DOUBT SON📸

  • magic31k

    he proved his class by himself.

  • James Yi
    James Yi

    It is amazing how so many fans and critics have extremely short memories when Kane did not score until Oct 21. Did those same critics and fans asked the manager at that time to "drop" Kane from the starting line up. Why not? Is it because Kane is "one of your own" through and through while Sonny is only there to please you temporarily. Well, guess who won the golden boot last season. Sonny has been a true Spur's bastion for the past five to six seasons. And yet, critics and fans are only too eager to target him even though the slow start that he had endured was mostly contributed by Conte's changed in tactics. Come on people,!! You need to judge people as a whole, not by pieces because you than become ignorant bigots rather than a true lover and fan of football. I always had faith in Sonny's unweaving ability and talent, and guess what... He scored a tantalizing and memorable 1st, 2nd and hat trick of goals.

  • Ant Super
    Ant Super

    Son Heung-min has devoted himself to the Tottenham team for a long time. Tottenham fans are not right to blame him. It is right to support and support him.

  • Diketso Molefe
    Diketso Molefe

    Who else got super emotional when son scored his first goal?🥺because i know i wasn't the only one

  • eddie yoo
    eddie yoo

    Son is already the legend of Spurs and premier league.. only you can do for him is just respect him and enjoy his game..

  • celmont

    Son was so touching I almost cried...

  • Lucky Mojo
    Lucky Mojo

    Son could fly when there was no perisic on the pitch

  • mensrea

    Son isn’t back - HE NEVER LEFT. Form is temporary, class is permanent. People should remember that before you consider doubting again.

  • RAH

    Once again proved that Heung-Min-Son has no weak foot 🦶🥶

  • 민초님

    손흥민 선수는 쉅게 골을 넣는것 같으면서도 저렇게 넣기도 힘든 슛으로 골을 넣는게 정말 피나는 노력의 결실이라는 말뿐이 안나오네요.

  • ᴀᴢᴜʀᴇ

    Son-Heung-min UNSTOPPABLE!!!

  • Fado  Tomi
    Fado Tomi

    This guy scored a curler from outside the box from a difficult angle with his right foot, then proceeded to score another from outside the box with his left 😮😢 beautiful goals from an outstanding player SON❤

  • letsssgooo

    I LOVE YOU SONNY ❤ I never doubted you !!! You proved my belief in your amazing three goals 🎉 First goal is unbelievable...

  • SeungJun Lee
    SeungJun Lee

    Son is World-Class

  • letsssgooo

    Never doubt him never.

  • enlys ofc.
    enlys ofc.

    A little disappointed at the spurs supporter who instead left Son in a struggle and instead told him to stay on the bench, the smile on his face was gone and that made me sad :( i love you son