“We have to be a bit angry, and have a good reaction“ | Conte's Leicester Press Conference
Tottenham Hotspur
Antonio Conte spoke to the press ahead of Tottenham Hotspur's Premier League clash with Leicester City.
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  • Toft

    Drop the failuar tactic. A tactic that kills the attack power and attack tempo of excellent strikers while aiming for goal with poor wingback.

    • Sophie J
      Sophie J

      These tactics devalue our top players

    • HngSaku


  • Chris C
    Chris C

    Instead of strengthening the team with a world class creative midfielder or bringing back Erikssen and buying top quality right wing back, Conte has created unnecessary competition where he didn’t need to and in such an act ruined the rhythm and flow of the play that got us into the Champions league. We didn’t need Richarlison and Perisic, now we have a problem where we didn’t have one and the core problems where the team has been weak for years is still not resolved. Do any of the ownership and management of this club have any intelligence or not? Surely we will beat Leicester but that means nothing as we will come up short again in crunch games. Conte has to get rid of Emerson and bench Perisic and start Sessegnon with Son. Don’t try and fix what’s not broken.

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne

      I think we needed Richarlison for the depth of the squad. Overall, however, I agree with you. Spurs' chronic problem is not the offensive line. In fact, we had the best front three in the league last season. Spurs have always suffered from the quality of defence and midfield. Conte, however, has not fixed Spurs' weaknesses this summer, but rather is ruining Spurs' strongest attacking line with bad tactics. Perisic doesn't pass at all, he only crosses the ball. Have you ever seen him pass to Son like Sessegnon in the box? While he takes control of the space on the left and blows an attack opportunity from a higher position than Son, Son is surrounded by two or three opposing defenders and playing as the bait to create space for Perisic. Using last season's golden boot winner like this is a waste of one of our strongest weapons. Son's form did not drop dramatically in just three months. Conte's poor tactics are preventing him from doing what he's good at. I totally agree with you not to try to fix something that isn't broken.

    • cleansheet

      You have a point. Spurs have had a problem with not having quality midfielders and defenders. But what happens right now is totally “unnecessary competition” among the front 3, some of whom seem to play for themselves not for the team.

    • Sophie J
      Sophie J

      A really sharp and accurate point of view

    • Ben

      Every big clubs that have been in ucl always have depth. Look at Liverpool and man city, they rest their big players when playing Fa cup and Caraboa. I don’t mind quality subs. But what frustrates me as u mentioned… why do we still not at least sign a creative playmaker midfielder? Though Eriksen on free transfer would’ve been a gift.

    • Grizzly Boys
      Grizzly Boys

      We definitely needed a backup striker and a lwb, he just needs to play someone other than Royal at rwb. I agree we needed a good cam however

  • christk76

    Son is the most efficient Tottenham player he always tries to not waste a single attack that's why last season Tottenham was so effective. Now all new players included Kane are wasting most attacking chances.

  • Sa Ra J
    Sa Ra J

    Wrong press play focused on Son~Son played harder and played better than anyone else, but no matter when it's good or bad, how should I understand the bad views towards Son? I really don't understand that it's been like that for a long time and it's still the case... Is it because the country of England is so racist? Is Tottenham racist?

  • greenapple

    Conte, do you really think your team can win something without Sonny's goals??? Last season Sonny's goals contributed to be top 4. This season ... there's no goal yet... He is the palyer who can make more than at least 10 goals consistently every season, but now he is your victim for your wingback football tactics..... You think Perisic can make more goals than Sonny? I think you know the answer already.... If you insist your wingback tactics all this season, you have to let go Sonny to other club. You are making him an useless player now. And all the critics are always going toward him. I think you know this already, but you keep quiet about Sonny's situation.... It's not just Sonny's problem, but your tactics' problem. Moreover, you cannot success your wingback football with Royal !!! Stop making Sonny your victim 😤😤😤 Or you sell him in this winter. You think Perisic is more important than Sonny, right? You can change your tactics, if you want Sonny to score, but if you don't need Sonny in your tactics, plz sell him. I don't want to see Sonny suffering any more !!!!! Then you don't deserve to have him. He is 30 now. His most important season now. He has wished to be in Chams for a long time for this team. So he renewed his contract...... Why are you making him nothing ??? Because he is so humble, not complaining good good Asian boy ????? I don't know....... All Korean people now are watching what you are doing to Sonny ....... Plz plz make wise decisions. Sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Theknown Guy
      Theknown Guy

      It was the tactic change to 3-5-2 which has Son play next to Kane that blew open the game, and that was what has brought us success in the past! Every other Spurs fan agree with me on that, I don’t care about your opinion!

    • Theknown Guy
      Theknown Guy

      @Horkit you said you are a fan but you clearly did not afford to watch any Spurs game because if you did, you would have already seen the clear difference between when Son had to play next to Perisic vs when he was allowed to play as a real striker like yesterday

    • Theknown Guy
      Theknown Guy

      @Horkit that’s stupid of you to not see the comparison between Son this season and KDB with Chelsea back then! Son has not been used correctly this year! Yesterday, it was the first time Conte changed the tactic to 352 to let Son play upfront next to Kane and without Perisic! We all know what happened next

    • Horkit

      @Theknown Guy I don’t care about your opinion of Kevin de bruyne, it’s irrelevant. The fact that you think Son is bigger than Spurs is ridiculous. Do you really think Son is being misused?? He literally scored a hat trick today OFF THE BENCH. This is what Conte does, he gets the best out of his players by being ruthless. Same like he did with hazard in Chelsea, he benched him in some games and he became a monster. Spurs isn’t built to revolve around one player, son isn’t being misused, we’re playing the same like we did last season.

    • Horkit

      @F18 F18 I appreciate you so much. A lot of fans hate spurs and are blaming Conte for everything :( but thank you for being honest.

  • kris organ
    kris organ

    Why doesn't he start Doherty, he was good before getting injured at the end of last season.

    • R Wholemilkisgood
      R Wholemilkisgood

      @ANDRS holberg is carrying the midfield, tf?

    • Adam Rudder
      Adam Rudder

      @R Wholemilkisgood @ANDRS That’s bogus. Emerson is the weakest link in our starting 11 every single time. Do you think it’s a coincidence that in the only game we’ve lost this season, he was at fault for both goals (lazy defending)? I think not. Say what you want about Hojberg but he’s been one of our most solid players this season… assist in the last game and look at how he took charge and got the scoring going against Fulham when our players weren’t taking their chances

    • R Wholemilkisgood
      R Wholemilkisgood

      @HngSaku I mean he’s good in some games, and also he’s still young, but yeah Doherty should defo start

    • HngSaku

      @ANDRS Emerson is not the problem?? How many shit crosses he did in a game..

    • ANDRS

      Emerson is not the problem. The problem in this team is Mid. I dare to say it would be best if we drop Hojberg which is the only one that hasnt been dropped ever… have Skipp start and I believe we will be better

  • Luke Lucas
    Luke Lucas

    I miss Son.

  • Ronaldo CR7
    Ronaldo CR7

    Perisic doesnt play well when its 343. he can play when its 352. sonny and perisic cant play well together. If he wanna win he has to use other wingback

    • Tulsan Sandhu
      Tulsan Sandhu

      The problem is Son, Perisci & Kulu been the 2 best players this season.

    • cleansheet

      That’s correct!

    • Aryan Singh
      Aryan Singh

      The problem here is Emerson not Perisic

    • Rimanshu Mukherjee
      Rimanshu Mukherjee

      I Agree

  • Vincent Q
    Vincent Q

    Son had a hat trick🎉 That’s the right answer to all criticism of press. That’s the right answer to the double standards. Well done Sonny!

  • Farfromit

    They’ve got no other question than hey Conte when are you going to drop Son. So stupid. I hope Conte drop Son for the next five games. Do you really think Son is the “problem” that spurs has been rubbish regardless of their wins in the league, which was quite lucky? This media asks the same question in every pressing conference saying when are you going yo drop Son? He is your best player. You better ask Conte why do you think Son has had a rough start this season? Is there anything that needs a change tactically to bring the best out of him or has there been any change to him in terms of roles or the way you want him to play??? So so stupid media!! When Son gets back in his form, who’s going to be your next target? In reality, without Son, Spurs is not top 4, maybe not even top 6.

    • DD디디앤미

      @MrFab4 현지 기자들에게 얘기해주세요 제발 손흥민 관련 인터뷰 구성 그만하라고 팀이 잘못되어갈때 탓할사람을 찾으려고 손흥민을 입에 올리지마세요 당신의 말씀대로 한선수가 팀을 구성하지않으니 제발 손흥민을 입에 올리지마세요 자기들끼리 주고 받고 인터뷰하고 이정도면 사람을 괴롭히는 겁니다 그만하세요

    • Theknown Guy
      Theknown Guy

      @purple perc lol! What? Who the heck was the guy who Marseille paid by giving him a little space to run? Son got us the red card which changed the game! We played 11vs 10 after that and both goals scored when Son is still on the pitch! For poor guys like you who never have a chance to watch games, you must think it was the red card on Son!lol

    • HngSaku

      @purple perc That's because Son made Red card 🤣 Without that, Tottenham would draw or lose the game

    • letsssgooo

      진짜 맞는 말만하네 기자들은 맨날 손흥민 손흥민 거림 ㅋㅋ 개못한 애매르송은? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • Farfromit

      @MrFab4 then you balme one player?? That teams’s bad performance is because of Son who literally carried the team so many years?

  • 노네임

    페리시치는 토트넘 기존의 색깔을 잿빛으로 만들고있다. 손흥민뿐만 이 아니라 다른선수들도 영향을 받고있고, 페리시치의 느린 온더볼 템포와 그의 단순한 크로스 플레이는 원래 토트넘 이라는 팀의 장점이자 주 무기인 빠른템포의 역습 전술을 전혀 사용할수가 없다. 이는 개선되어야 하고 페리시치와 손흥민의 공존에 대해 고민해봐야 한다. 지금처럼 새로운 방패를 만들자고 최고로 날카롭고 강력한 창을 녹여서 방패를 만드는 경우는 없다.

  • 쎄진

    손흥민은 토드넘을 떠나야 한다..할 만큼 했다

  • UnKnOwN٭

    Conte’s competition for the main striker broke Tottenham’s teamwork. It would have been nice if it was a good competition by skill, but Conte’s tactics and guidance, which intentionally excluded Son Heung-min, the top scorer, turned into a sense of solidarity with his teammates, not a good competition between players. So during the game, the rival became a teammate, not another team. Tottenham players do not pass for the team, but some pass according to Conte’s political intentions, and others do not pass the ball to win the state tournament. Tottenham’s victory until the last game was a come-from-behind victory that tied the feet of opposing defenders at the expense of Son Heung-min. Conte’s tactics are a foregone conclusion. If Conte wanted a pure victory as a coach, he would never have used it as a card to abandon Son Heung-min. As a coach, he was confident that he could win even if he intentionally abandoned Son Heung-min’s skills, but Tottenham’s victory will become increasingly difficult as the manager’s question creates distrust and antagonism in the team. Also, we are rooting for Heungmin, not Tottenham. I hope Heung-min will no longer be used by the ambition of the cont and I sincerely pray that he will move to a better team and play happy soccer!

    • Aryan Singh
      Aryan Singh

      How does your discussion every time comes around son lol

    • JS B
      JS B

      I agree. Sonny is key man.

    • UnKnOwN٭

      As soon as Son Heung-min is replaced, the opposing team will raise the line As soon as Son Heung-min is replaced, Tottenham will eat a goal and pray for a crushing defeat!

  • 놀몽

    New players and changed tactics had a negative impact on the team.

    • 놀몽

      Where r u chaedu? Is Son still a problem?

    • 놀몽

      @chaedu Do you really think so?

  • Janny

    Conte’s Problem List 1. All players are out of balance 2. He forgot how got to the Champions League 3. Discard the Son Kane Kul combination. 4. Tactics to use only the new recruited Persic, Rich, and Kane 5. Tactics of playing soccer with only three players .Sonny can't even get a pass and only wears defenders 6. Conte likes to play wingback games 7.All Defenders are can’t play well. 8. If Persic does not have a good cross, he is blocked, or if Rich or Kane does not finish, game will loses. 9. Conte brought in to give the attack variety but failed 10. Tottenham Hotspur is a strange team that can't be beat if you ignore Sonny Kane 11. Conte's Conservation and Obstinacy 12. Conte's tactics are not diverse and if there is a problem, he should change it, but he never changes. 13. Sonny Substitute Conte who knows that Tottenham's defenders and bench resources are at Man City level 14. When a sonny comes out, the opposing team immediately increases the number of strikers and can create goals Reduces the burden on defense 15. Everyone Says Conte Tactics Are Fucking But Conte Doesn’t t Know I think it's right to push for a transfer to Sonny and Kane Tottenham change managers every time .Go to a big clubs. Better for them! Tottenham doesn’t deserve Sonny at all. They dont know how to using Sonny plz sell him. Dont ruin Sonny’s life !

    • Mejeezy

      Son is not a Kpop idol he is a footballer, you should let him ago and live your life.

    • Mejeezy

      @CUO2812 you have to understand it’s like how the English love Kane, you can’t blame someone for supporting their own nationality. But yes it does get very annoying.

    • DD디디앤미

      @CUO2812 일부사람들 기자 말씀이신가요? 잘못되어가는 경기 상황에 손흥민 선수를 인터뷰에서 거론하는것은 기자들입니다 답답합니다 이런 기자회견 한국팬들도 기자회견 좋아하지않아요 잘웃고 팀을 사랑하는 손흥민 선수도 이젠 어떻게 생각할지 모르겠어요

    • CUO2812

      It’s annoying some people think son is bigger than entire team

    • Poland-Korean


  • 제이지

    sonny 이렇게 쓸거면 다른 팀으로 보내주세요. 날카로운 창을 방패로 쓰다니...답답하네요

  • 김다윤

    6각형의 밸런스 선수가 세계적으로 몇명이나 있겠어요 각자 역활이 있고 그장점을 살려서 영입 전술을 짜는건데 이렇게 낭비할꺼면 손흥민을 이적시키던가 그게 아님 선수의 장점을 잘 사용해야죠 기대가치가 큰만큼 실망도 크지만 이번시즌 토트넘보면 선수를 보강한거에 비해 저번시즌보다 현저히 떨어짐

  • juvely

    The problem is your tactic of using Perisic as a winger and using Son as a wingback.Please let Sessegnon play when Son plays.

  • Matt Weinberg
    Matt Weinberg

    I'm new here but have been Tottenham fan since I can remember. I've seen the Hi's and the Low's but seen too many lows the high, but I guess that's sport. The last half of last session, I thought the boys had a great flow and synergy, this session...I dont know, I dont have a good feeling. We look ok on paper, top 4 at the moment, but the bigger teams are yet to come. I hope I am wrong, but it feels like something is lacking.

  • 히팝 라이부
    히팝 라이부

    It is bullshit that Son should be put on the bench just because Rich scored a goal. The reason why Rich was able to score multi goal was because sonny's sprint made a red card. He made numerical advantage to his team and no players in spurs could do that like him. Sonny kept the team by scoring more than 10 goals every season and he is just not being used properly with new players like Perisic and Richy now. (Kane and his performance might have been better without new players) Maybe its time for Son to find another team. It Makes no sense to be treated like this.

  • 정영찬

    I don't understand why ask about Sonny everyday? It is not only Sonny problem. now problem is team playing. that is really problem now. we brought new members who have good quality but they still don't adapt with team.

    • greenapple

      Because they need a victim. Sonny is nice, humble, not complaining good boy. So they treat him like no one always, but goal making robot for them. Disgusting club, fans and journalists 🤮🤡💩

  • 직진감

    If he decides, we are all ready to leave.

  • 임은택

    Like the previous season, left and right wingbacks should penetrate and send return passes to left and right strikers. Conte will return to the middle ranks unless he abandons his stubbornness.

  • Glenn Hoddle
    Glenn Hoddle

    Is EMERSON starting ? If yes, then Spurs is ROYALly screwed.

    • sundar mann
      sundar mann

      We did good beating Leicester but i believe we are not playing to our potential yet. If Spurs get the rhythm, we can be unstoppable

    • 진저아빠


    • ANDRS

      Bro it seems you are just a biased fan or racist because the only one I seen busting his ass on the pitch in the last 3 matches is Emerson, hence why he is in the startin 11. Id take off Hojberg as he is not creative and only passes the ball back, but people will defend him cause he is apparently “viking” or whatnot bu he bang average.

    • mikalaiho

      🫠 come on you Spursy Spurs

    • sundar mann
      sundar mann

      I stand with you. He runs all the way to the opposing box and finishes shit! The irony of being a professional! Spurs are known for their mastery in midfield - we don't have that no more either! In short, this team is out of sorts!

  • MinBon

    Sonny should leave this team for himself. This team is killing his talent.

  • greenapple

    Conte !! Why did you make only Sonny subbed out in the last game?? There were a few more terrible players than Sonny, like Kane, Richalison, Perisic.... Royal ..... so many, actually. But you made only Son subbed out.... that can make it look like Sonny is an only problem in that situation to people who don't know the football. Why do you make that decisions constantly in every game?? Do you want Sonny to look like an useless player to his fans, especially in this situation that he can't make goals bcz of your tactics ?? Why? If you don't need him anymore for your tactics, plz just tell Levy to sell him. We don't want him to be suffered anymore.

    • 에이스밀라

      @Tulsan Sandhu plz sell Son to another club in the winter transfer market🙃

    • Tulsan Sandhu
      Tulsan Sandhu

      No one has been worse than son this season 8 games of utter trash, Lazy and being carried by the team.

  • sundar mann
    sundar mann

    Conceding goals and losing in added time is really a heart breaker! Only Spurs can do that.

    • sundar mann
      sundar mann

      @John Mulhern ..but this season it's a whole new story! We were heading for a lucky draw only to wither towards the end.

    • John Mulhern
      John Mulhern

      What about Leicester v Tottenham? 2-1 down in injury time to win 2-3.....only Spurs can do that? Add Leicester to the list

  • oh

    Let’s see how Son plays in Korea for World Cup next week 🤔 we’ll see if issue is with tactic or Son himself, I reckon the former

  • MH HA
    MH HA

    Tottenham always play better without Perisic. Except for last season's top scorer Sonny, the tactic that revolves around the old Perisic is Conte's failure. Tottenham will succeed only if either Conte or Perisic leaves the team.

  • derpanzergraf

    Kane and Son hope escape from hell quickly and be happy.

  • Barty Kim
    Barty Kim

    I want to see more smarter questions which are related to Conte's strategies. Please stop pointing fingers to the players' form or winning mentalities.

  • Tottenham fan
    Tottenham fan

    Leicester had a really bad start to this season, but football is football, anything can happen. So we must be prepared and give our best performance. COYS!

  • ᄒᄒ

    페리시치하고 손흥민을 같이 선발로 쓰지말아라..이미 공존이 불가능 하다는 것은 토트넘 축구를 보는 사람들은 다 알고있다..

  • ramy

    Let go of Sonny. You don't deserve him.

  • 하겸

    What is so different between this season and last season? We bought lots of players but performance is getting worse. Change tactics and sub Emerson please

    • chaedu

      Let's be real. Son is the problem. period

    • christk76

      looks like less is more

    • MrFab4

      Key players are off form like Son & Kane plus the team is more tired

  • Nana Yaw Merit
    Nana Yaw Merit

    drop Emerson Royal n start Spence or Doherty

  • Dzimmi Ibrahim
    Dzimmi Ibrahim

    Bring the kane and son duo back!!

  • YJ M
    YJ M

    우리는 쏘니를 보고싶을 뿐이다.

  • seungchul yoo
    seungchul yoo

    Hi Spurs guys, I'm a fan watching Premier League in Korea. English is difficult, so I will use a translator to write a comment, but I can understand it roughly I've watched Premier League football for 15 years now and I've seen many manager interviews in Korea, but I think it's a very rude question with no respect for players like 7:55 What the hell did the reporter mean to ask that question? Why? Do you want to let him go right away because an Asian is not good at football? Some kid told me to sell Sonny right away. (he wasn't Korean, and I saw it in Tottenham's official IRglo comment) The player who played over 300 games on the team lol Of course, I kept supporting Spurs even without Sonny, and I once thought Sonny would have to leave this team (15-16 seasons) (Don't get me wrong. I love all Spurs players and even royal. It's just that it's hard to see a person of the same nationality suffer.) He's proven in this team and I think he's already a legend even if he retires without scoring a goal from tomorrow. Because he's already beyond Robbie Keane You guys don't think Robbie Keane is a legend? Is that so? and I think Aaron Lennon is also a legend. Well, the good Englanders want to sell this player quickly, so we should do that, right? Hurry up and contact Levy and tell him to sell Sonny and Koreans will like it. I feel like Koreans are tired of watching defensive football anymore I remember what Jose said in an interview one day in 2018 JOSE: Respect, respect man

    • 대니맥켄지

      이팀은 수비를 제일 못하는데, 수비 전술을 씀

    • Kenshiro178

      This is the best comment thread.. And I got to learn Korean.. SONNY IS SPURS. Let's not forget who carried us when Kane threw a strop.. Misfiring and 3rd in the league.. When we start firing Sonny included teams are going to fear playing us

    • seungchul yoo
      seungchul yoo

      @Chris C Damn it, rude journalists everywhere cause trouble In Korea, we look at this journalist like that and express it like this. 기레기 (기자 + 쓰레기) It's a combination of (journalist + trash) lol In Korea, England is described as a country of gentlemen. But this journalist's question was not gentlemanly at all. Anyway, thank you for your reply. Tottenham lost this time, but I hope Tottenham win the next game #Coys

    • Chris C
      Chris C

      Well said, of course the British press is inherently negative and toxic and would love to see the downfall of Asias greatest player. Let’s hope Son can shut these morons up. As a spurs fan for the past 33 years I can tell you that Son is a legend and my favourite Spurs player of all time. He deserves to win a major trophy just like Gareth Bale and Berbatov did and if a great club signs Son and he goes on to win major trophies I will be happy as I have no hope that Tottenham will ever win anything under Daniel Levy, whatever manager we bring in, Levy never can make the right decision to sign world class players. Look who we signed, players from a team who was nearly relegated and mid division team players, not a single player we signed came from a winning team last season. Levy is the problem and has always been.

  • Robert Parkinson
    Robert Parkinson

    No mention of Spence for the RWB role. Might be some time before Conte starts to trust him and we see him on the pitch

    • Kieron Spiteri
      Kieron Spiteri

      @John Downey spence is good enough and conte never said he isn't good enough

    • John Downey
      John Downey

      Spense isn't good enough. Ask Conte

    • Mustaffa

      I do think Djed Spence is better than both Emerson and Docherty on the offensive role.

    • Daniel Gonzalez
      Daniel Gonzalez

      @Kieron Spiteri he needs minutes he has way more potential than Emerson

    • Kieron Spiteri
      Kieron Spiteri

      @B P Emerson is good he's improving this season

  • Jacob Giaimo
    Jacob Giaimo

    C’mon boys! Stay positive. If we can start clicking, we have all the tools to perform well and win games.

  • 와린이

    Is the video edited? Or what happened? Why do I see nothing but "Let's get out of here SON"? We obviously know right wing back Emerson has a big problem. Use Langley for the left fullback, Perisic for the wingback, Hishalisson for the winger, Jad Spans for the right wingback, and Son Heung-min for the winger. That's enough. Honestly, I wanted to send Peri치를 to right wing back instead of Emarson, but he's nervous. Instead, I think it's right to send Son Heung-min, who is good at all feet, to the right. To save Tottenham. Hands are sacrificed, of course. Then let's thank him for this moment he plays for Tottenham.

  • Bini Tegene
    Bini Tegene

    We need creativity. We need Goals

    • ANDRS

      @ilgenio if say he is a better future player than maradona tbf. Different times, different skills

    • ilgenio

      but kane is maradona

  • Je hee Shin
    Je hee Shin

    Let him go now! Heung-Min Son is no longer important to Tottenham.

  • UnKnOwN٭

    One fact is that Sony is not the top scorer thanks to Conte. It was an incredibly crazy decision in the middle of the season and he did it himself. I could have been the only scorer if it hadn't changed in the second half! Damn tactics to kill the winger to save the wingback! Hope he loses with the same tactics with Leicester and either be replaced or Sonny transferred!

    • 에이스밀라

      @Mejeezy 어쩌라고

    • Mejeezy


  • Patrick O'Riordan
    Patrick O'Riordan

    I don't think Conte can be clearer. We've players that are prospects but far from starting like spence and Gill.



  • maninBlack

    I can't trust Emerson, Dier, Perisic. So, I can't trust Conte because his tactics focus on hiding bad performance of these three players. Every week they make shocking mistakes but Conte includes them in the starting line-up. If club protect poor defenders for some reason, that's why we can't overcome Spursy.

    • 에이스밀라

      @Aryan Singh If Conte keeps using this tactic, I think Son will leave after this season. The main reason Son left Leverkusen was because he was the first to be replaced. In other words, Son and his people are very sensitive about playing time.🤣

    • 에이스밀라

      @Aryan Singh Son doesn't fit this tactic. Richarlison is better for this tactic. But It's the responsibility of the coach to create a System where Key-Players can play at their best, Son is one of the worlds best wingers. Why experiment with new players at the cost of binding a top scorer like Son? Spurs fans only want to talk about Son's form. Spurs media such as Tottenham London has been piling on Son daily for the last month. They are so rude to him.

    • Aryan Singh
      Aryan Singh

      @에이스밀라 ofcourse perisic will make a cross. What do you expect an attacking wing back to do? We are expecting the same from Emerson but he can't. Just perisic making the cross and son doesn't cut back inside is not a problem at all. Tottenham Hotspur is more than that

    • Aryan Singh
      Aryan Singh

      @에이스밀라 No one's blaming son. Everyone's just want to take some rest since he's playing each and every game and has been useless

    • 에이스밀라

      @Aryan Singh Whenever spurs have a problem why Son always get the blame? Contes current tactics and Perisic's playing style is killing Son's abillity. Son didn't hesitate to make the contract because he loves Spurs. But, the Fans turned out and start to disrespect him without thinking of the current tactics. He needs more respect.

  • Sansani B.N.
    Sansani B.N.

    We are doing well in the league. But in fact, the quality of our performance has not been good enough. I want to trust Conte so hope he will beat Leicester.

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов

    Emerson isn’t for Champions league. Epl top 6 may be, but not for champions

  • dodwell

    We should win this. Lisbon was a chance to learn from our mistakes and we'll come back stronger than ever this time. We have a good record against Leicester so let's keep it up.🔥🖤

  • 연풍지심

    Bisoma is not good enough to play with. You need to hone your skills. I'd like to see Matt Doherty instead of Emerson. Combine sonny and sessegnon. Sonny, Perisic cannot coexist!

  • and s
    and s

    Conte's tactic is screwed. Emersong and Perisic make team's playing screw.

    • letsssgooo

      @Xristos Mpitsolas 무지성 크로스만 남발하고 속도 잡아먹는 페리시치 좋아하시네

    • Xristos Mpitsolas
      Xristos Mpitsolas

      No perisic is good but for emerson i agree

  • 디발라궁디차

    아니 진짜 기자분들도 해리케인 한참 골 못넣고 있을때는 선발 에 대한 의문이 아닌 감독 탓 아니면 왜 문제인지만 물어보더니 왜 손흥민 선수는 빼고 히샬 셉셉이 선발 로 나가고싶어하지않을까요 ?? 아니 팔 다쳐 가면서 참고 하는 선수한테 이런식으로 대하는 질문은 진짜 헌신했던거에 비해 너무 막말한다고 생각하고 진짜 챔스간다고 팀 들어온 선수잖아요?? 여태껏 고생한 손흥민 벤치앉혀놓고 누구 선발 시켜서 어떻게 되는지 보고싶네요 !! 그리고 그런 질문했던기자분 그리고 그런말 하는 영국 현지팬 한테 똑똑이 질문하고 싶네요 선발빼서 팀 패배했고 챔스 탈락하고 리그 컨퍼런스 가게된거 책임 어떻게 질거냐고 그때 되서 손흥민 찾을껀가요 ? 멱살잡고 손흥민 선수가 팀 끌고 케인 이적한다 했을때도 팀 어수선 한거 멘탈 잡아서 끌고 왔는데 ㅡㅡ 진짜 하.. 이래서 빅클럽 중하위권 팀이랑 차이라는 거라 생각드네여 팬 마저 헌신한 선수한테 버림받는 느낌들게 하는 그런팀에서 얼마나 더 뛰고 헌신 하고싶을까요 ? 치매인가요? 여태껏 몇년동안 손흥민 선수가 클럽을 위해 한 행동들을 , 빅클럽은 하드캐리한 선수한테 일시적인 주춤한거에 대해 팬들은 그렇게 대하지 않더라구요 . 정말 화가나네요 진짜보여주고싶네요 질문하는 기자나 영국 현지 팬들한테요 손흥민 선수 한국팬들도 이적 하길 기도합니다 쉽게 버리는 팬있는 팀이 아닌 리버풀이나 뮌헨이나 이적했으면 해요 보내세요 진짜 빡치네 ㅡㅡ

    • letsssgooo

      ㅅㅂ 진짜 그렇게 패리시치가 좋으면 손흥민 이적시켜라 괜히 페리시치 뛰게하고 손흥민 아무것도 못하게 하는게 뭐하는거임 진짜 개빡치네

    • DD디디앤미

      @hm s 아주 정적으로 진심을 하소연 하시니까 마음이 울컥합니다 선수는 남지만 콘테감독님은 토트넘 경기 그래프가 폭싹 내려가면 자신을 담을 수 없는 팀이라 당신이 먼져 떠날거에요 모르죠 안티니오송을 부르짖는 진정한 팬들이 외면하고 머리회전 빠른 레비가 감독 자리를 뺄지도 아무것도 듣지않으려하시는 콘테 감독님 자신이 선택한 애제자와 픽 한 신입선수들로 그린 그림이 아직도 옳다 생각하시는것같아요 인터뷰 내용도 결국 선수들의 문제라고 생각하시는것 같아요 모두 잘 조율하고 견고해지는 순간을 기다려봐요 ᆢ

    • hm s
      hm s

      저도 계속 지켜보며 손선수도 토트넘도 응원하고 있었는데 점점 이건 아니다 라는 생각이 드네요. 이적했으몃 좋겠어요. 아무리 문화가 다르다 지만 같은 사람인데 영국 기자들 현지 토트넘 팬들 너무 하네요. 물론 다 그렇진 않겠지만 사람보고 달려드는 좀비 마냥 손흥민 벤치 질문에 정신팔린 기레기들이나 손흥민 탓만 하는 팬들만 자꾸 보이다 보니 정말 정 떨어져요. 그러지들 마세요. 다 본인한테 돌아갑니다. 손흥민 선수 잘 하고있어요. 응원합니다. 선수님에 대한 걱정은 없어요. 어짜피 잘 할거니까. 팀 전술이 문제지. 콘테감독님 자꾸 본인이 선택한 선수들로 본인 선택을 증명하려 하지마시고 유연하게 생각 좀 하세요. 누가봐도 지금까지 이긴게 신기한 경기력 이었잖아. 지금까지 결과를 힘들게 만들어놓은 선수 희생시키지 마세요 쫌. 저런 사윗감이 좋다니 뭐니 시잘데기 없는말 뱉지말고요.

  • ⚜️옆집아저씨🐬

    우리 흥민이 토트넘에 대한 의리 버리고 짐싸자 콘테감독 아래에서는 답없어 보인다

  • Sheetzn Gigglez
    Sheetzn Gigglez

    I can feel his anger.

  • Sungwoo Moon
    Sungwoo Moon

    Perisic plays like Son does and wants to be a hero. But, he's not that level.

  • greenapple

    Sonny ❤️❤️❤️ 😭😭😭😭😭 Now Ask to Transfer !!!!! This club's fans doubted you so badly. They don't deserve to have you. LET'S GO TO OTHER CLUB NOW !!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Al Go
      Al Go

      @greenapple how are we disrespectful? We loved and cherished Sonny since the day he joined us What's disrespectful is fans like you trying to reap away players that are commited to the club and create controversy Sonny is happy with us, and we are happy with him

    • greenapple

      @Al Go But your club's fans are so disrespectful !!! They don't deserve to have him, He needs to go to a better club now. I saw fake fans here treated him like they don't need him anymore. They say Richalison and Perisic than Sonny who devoted 7 years for them. I just can't stand this. I want him to leave this club right now !!!

    • Al Go
      Al Go

      The amount of disrespect is crazy Sonny is our player and he's not going anywhere

  • Sifingo Putuma
    Sifingo Putuma

    Konte does not believe in Djed Spence ... he's got so much to offer to the pl , and yet is not mentioned

  • 님의침묵

    손이 가치가 없다고 생각하면 팔아라! 페리시치 데리고 잘 해봐라! 7년간 팀에 헌신한 선수를 이따위로 대접하다니! 너희가 손을 내보내면 땡큐다. 이따위 허접팀에서 전성기를 이런 방식으로 날리다니..

  • Marsipulami

    The football is dire - he needs to play Spence and change the formation of this team.

    • Marsipulami

      @ANDRS hell still be a whole lot better than Royal

    • ANDRS

      But spence has no crossing and no shooting? He only gonna run?

  • schwarzedition

    is it about himself and his tactics? :)

  • Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin


  • 에이레네

    흥민아 이적해라 빌드업부터 안되는 팀에서 뭘 할수 있겠니? 페르시치 살리자고 골잡이를 죽이는 어처구니 없는 현실 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 1015 L
    1015 L

    Sonny Selection Who the hell was the reporter who asked that question? I'm really curious! Is he British?

  • Kenshiro

    "We have to be willing to sub our players" says no one...

  • Dominic Basto
    Dominic Basto

    This team needs another Dele Ali and until we find that player we can’t bridge the gap to the top 3 level we are aiming for! COYS

  • 대박2

    콘테감독님 젭알 페리시치랑 흥민이 좌측에 두지마세요 ~ 차라리 페리시치 좌풀빽 쓰실거면 흥민이랑 히샬리송 위치 바꿔요 왼쪽에서 페리시치랑 호흡맞추는것보단 오른쪽이 낫겠어요 ㅠㅠ

  • Nadroj

    Give Spence and Bissouma a chance !

  • kj000 y
    kj000 y

    plz release sonny 🙏 Hope he can Champions the other team Why fans always pointing arrows at Sonny, not tactics? he has dedicated himself for the past 7 years. but just a handful of ingredients.

  • Kara Seda
    Kara Seda

    spurs can if spurs more aggressively in a game....always with you spurs....come on you spurs...#coys #spursfamily

  • 수박농사문죄꾼인

    지켜보니 EPL기자의 역할은 논란을 만들고 선수들을 부추기도 팬을 약올려 흥행을 시키는 도구인 듯 EPL 기자의 수준은 저급하고 인성까지 삐뚤어지면 더욱 효과가 좋을 듯 양 몰이를 당하는 인간들을 보면서 좀 웃픈

  • Mohamad Hafiq
    Mohamad Hafiq

    Tottenham 💪

  • delpiero845

    Really angry.. Trust in Conte...

  • Javier Aguirre
    Javier Aguirre

    We need tuchel or pottetino

  • msk1491

    Sometimes less is more. The new additions during the transfer window are not working out. Is Conte man enough to admit that some of his most prominent signings do not fit with Kane and Son? Or will he be stubborn and try to justify the money spent by blaming it on Son? One major issue is that Son and Perisic don't work well together because Son needs space to create and maneuver but Perisic invades Son's space and the 'overlap' creates friction on the pitch and stifles the flow of the game. Son is the left winger. Perisic is the wing back but he is playing in the winger position forcing Son into the middle with no space.

  • John Downey
    John Downey

    Get the feeling Levy has done a Jose on Conte. Perisic and Richy are the only new signings playing. The rest are well below par. Our football performances are mostly bland negative displays. If Kane isn't dropped after that performance he never will and we will never win anything.

  • 디발라궁디차

    로얄 히샬 축구선수면 패스 크로스 옆 선수 보는거 연습좀 해라 ㅡㅡ 하 진짜 옵사이드 진짜 아진짜 왠만하면 안하고싶은데 기자들도 개념좀 챙겼으면 ㅡㅡ 히샬 클루셉스키? 선발 시켜? 몇년을 희생한 손흥민 한테 미안하지도 않음? 존나 중위권 팀에 걸맞는 기자 질문 클라스 진짜 빡치네 ㅡㅡ 보내줘 손흥민선수 리버풀이든 뮌헨이든 보내됴 !!!! 우리도 버림받는 팬이 있는 토트넘에서 뛰는거 보기싫으니까 ㅡㅡ 20-21시즌 케인 골 존나 못넣을때 선발이야기 조차 하지않았으면서 ㅡㅡ 존나 빡치네 18-19시즌 챔스 손흥민이랑 모우라가 하드캐리 한거고 부상줄곧 케인 빠졌잔아 ㅡㅡ 결승에서 스탯쓰레기였는데 의문 가진 기자 있었나???? ㅡㅡ 어이없네 진짜 토트넘 정 떨어진다 현지팬들 그리고 기자들 여론 형성 존나 압박쩌네 그럴 시간에 선수들 기본기부터 좀 연습 해라고 해라 챔스 뛸생각하지말고 진짜 ㅡㅡ 개념이있나 진짜 아 진짜 화나네

    • hm s
      hm s

      저는 챔스 결승에 케인이 없었다면 다른결과도 나왔지 않았을까 생각합니다

  • soyoung in
    soyoung in

    전술이 문제입니다 손흥민이 골을 넣을수있게 해줘야 토트넘이 이깁니다

    • soyoung in
      soyoung in

      @Aut O 모라는거야 혼자 열받았넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저거근데 도용이냐 니사진이냐 빤스만입고 뭐허냐 소름돋아 니사진이

    • Aut O
      Aut O

      @soyoung in 소름은 니가 거울볼때 돋는거고 그 좋은 골결로 몇번 기회 왔을때 날려먹은것도 전술 탓이라고만 할거임? 누가 손흥민보고 못한다고 했나 전술'만' 탓할건 아니라는거지 볼 배급 횟수가 적어진건 사실인데 부진의 주 요인은 득점왕 달고 부담감 커진거랑 매 경기가 진행될때마다 점점 자신감이 하락하는게 제일 크다고 본다 이해 됐니?

    • soyoung in
      soyoung in

      @Poland-Korean 이상함

    • soyoung in
      soyoung in

      @Aut O 모라는거야 이상함 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ끝까지 탓하는게 소름돋음

    • Aut O
      Aut O

      @soyoung in 공이 안오진 않음 전 시즌보다 적게 배급되는거 뿐이지 그것만으로 핑계댈건 아니라고 봄

  • JP Big
    JP Big

    Conte, I'll give you a hint. Korean players do well on their own if they just release them freely.

    • Michael Kennedy
      Michael Kennedy




  • Chuck Ramos
    Chuck Ramos

    Sounds like were going to be rotating players more

  • Azubike CMT
    Azubike CMT

    Dont start Emerson you should give spence or Doherty a game

  • q1 1
    q1 1

    Mr " No Idea Conte " .... Just go already !! .

  • 스카이블루

    훈련이 강해서 그런지 ? 이유는 모른다. 결과는 전체 선수들이 퍼스터 터치부터 안된다. 페리 크로스로 꾸역승중이다. 페리 공잡으면, 계속 전진한다. 손흥민은 중앙으로 뛴다. 크로스는 반대편 윙백이나, 히살, 케인의 몫이다. 손흥민.........윙백이니??....비수마가 전술이해도가 없다고? ...도대체 무슨 전술을 연구하길래 ..이모양이니? 올해 완전 콘테 본인 스타일의 전술을 입히는 모양인데, 정말 내려앉는 재미없은 축구고, 달려드는 약팀한테도 헤매이는 그런 팀이 되었다. 퍼디난드와 오언이 ....경고하잖니?....손흥민 케인에게 연계 플레이를 할 월드클래스 선수를 영입하라고!! 창의적인 미들은 버리고, 이상한 윙백축구 그만해라....그리고 , 손흥민 극대화 못시킬 전술이라면, 이 번 겨울이적시장때 보내줘라...콘테씨. 번역기 돌리려다, 한글로 쓴다. 혹, 궁금한 영어권 인간이 있으면, 번역기 돌려서 확인하길 바란다.

  • shihavei ngade
    shihavei ngade

    First to comment 😀😀😀let's go Coys don't think too much about lossing through lossing we learn how to be champions ⚽🏆😀let's focus on the remaining games we can do it all da best Coys

  • 구멍가게주인님

    Conte is incompetent and hopeless.

  • 달려라김양

    아니! 적어도 감독인 당신은 화보다는 냉정을 찾아야지요. 냉정하게 현상태를 분석하고 바로 수정해야죠. 자신이 데려온 몸값 비싼 선수들을 기용해서 잘하고 있던 선수들의 폼을 떨어뜨리는 건 살인 행위와 다름 없습니다. 지금 토트넘은 팀을 위한 플레이가 아니라 콘테 당신을 위한 플레이 아닌가요? 축구가 아니라 마치 바비 인형놀이 같아요. 한국에선 이런 꼴을 빗대어 "굴러온 돌이 박힌 돌 뺀다"는 말이 있습니다만. 당신 때문에 구독 취소했습니다.

  • B. boy
    B. boy

    If sonny leave spurs i will never ever watch spurs game anymore in my life time.

  • 에이스밀라

    21/22 EPL 최고 공격진을 죽이고 윙백 크로스와 헤더골만 고집하는 전술. 무엇보다 경기가 너무 재미없다

  • 👑용이랑쏘닝⚽️

    콘태감독님 다가오는경기에선 🙏🏻 우리쏘니의장점을⚽️ 살려주세요😩😩😩

    • Klara W. Y
      Klara W. Y

      @ANDRS yes, team is a team but at least try to read and consider other comments from sincerely worrying Spurs. We should focus on conte's tactics which should lead synergy we had

    • ANDRS

      Dude there is other players. Im not english and I support different players but you koreans only see Son. Lol this is a team and Son is having a poor season.

  • 보리감자

    이렇케 손흥민사용할거면 선발에서 빼!!!!

  • unknown

    I'm not a totenham fan not Son fan but son is at his peak and dangerous for opponent on the pitch.

    • c


  • G N-Gary
    G N-Gary

    Good job Ali gold asked a question or this was gonna be dreadful

  • Leonardo Dele Marc
    Leonardo Dele Marc

    Please play Djed spence ....... Kulusevski has to be starting all Tottenham games he is a baller

  • issufe balde
    issufe balde

    royal Emmerson started all games no goals now assist nothing

  • timmyl

    You have 5 available subs, Conte. It’s a slap in the face to the players when you use 1-2 subs. But maybe/hopefully after the international break, we will use more of the squad

  • Tiên Nguyễn
    Tiên Nguyễn

    Những cầu thủ chơi cá nhân như Gabriel Jesus, Killian Ampeppe, Richardlison, hay là thậm chí đến Cristiano Ronaldo tôi đều không thích, 1 tiền đạo giỏi và lấy đc lòng người hâm mộ phải là những tiền đạo vừa biết ghi bàn vừa biết kiến tạo như Lionel Messi, Son Heung Min, Harry Kane, Ibrahimovic....

  • Walid Slimani
    Walid Slimani

    Tottenham 😍

  • 이재혁

    콘테 본안이 선수기용잘못한 부분은 ... 결정력 없는 에메르송 기회날린것 자체가 콘테의 선수보는 눈깔이 잘못됐다는 반증이다 그리고 레스터 전은 흥민이 빼고 당신전술로 경기해라 그리고난 토트넘의 나락으로 떨어지는걸. 신께빌것이다 미친놈