Exercise Ball Racing Is AWESOME 🔴🟡
How Ridiculous

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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous

    Watch us play GIANT Connect 4 here: irglo.info/from/nK6qjqZzad_Upnk/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • ابو علوش
      ابو علوش


    • Avazhon Adahomov
      Avazhon Adahomov


    • Maria Valadez
      Maria Valadez

      @Donald M. ♥️🧡

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      damour david


  • Discover Vietnam TV
    Discover Vietnam TV

    This is a great fun time for sure

    • Astha

      @LT 👍

    • Gail Warmack
      Gail Warmack

      This is a grat fun tim for sur

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      Setra Melia

      @Ravi Kumar ppp u

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      Hamida Nur

      @Ravi Kumar hi

  • Laticia Martinez
    Laticia Martinez

    Let's take a moment to appreciate how much effort goes into these videos and the work these guys do behind the scenes

  • Maddy King
    Maddy King

    I swear if this was at my gym, I'll never miss going to the gym even for one day.


    This makes me happy, keep them coming boys

  • ATL465

    i wish i could all the games in these guys videos with somebody, seems like so much fun

  • Brother Mike
    Brother Mike

    I can honestly say, I enjoyed watching them having so much fun. This would be a good time for sure.

    • Yvonne Katie
      Yvonne Katie

      @Discover Vietnam TV h he I’m

    • Gricelda Ramírez mora
      Gricelda Ramírez mora

      @Marieaz Cute lñ


      bu ' o @Chris Ascolesi

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      Khadija Charhoune

      @Marieaz Cuteثثث

  • Footwyse - Arezou Hassani
    Footwyse - Arezou Hassani

    Looks like fun! 🙌🏻

  • Oskar Stasiak
    Oskar Stasiak

    This is so awesome and amazing!

  • Pikalu Banana
    Pikalu Banana

    I got connect 4 vibes from this and i now want a giant connect 4 game like this 🙂

  • vamshi krishna
    vamshi krishna

    Karma working 💯% instantly for both in this game 🔥


    Just shows in life, that it’s not always everyone who starts first, finishes best or wins. So be grateful for where you are in due time you are gonna reach those goals, don’t give up ❤️

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      Malde Parmar


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      Nelson Sodré


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      Shaik Ayaz

      @Nilakshi Haloi jjji

    • SheDrainingTheRiceWithColanderOhMYGOD😱!😱

      what are you going on about bot? Does this video look like anyone is sad? Stop trying to motivate these mortimers as in myopic fools for your faming pleasure. Fake motivation user.

    • velipulla

      and the cringiest comment of the year goes to...

  • • Moon Mystery •
    • Moon Mystery •

    In my opinion, I think Red really won, because when Red threw the ball and missed yellow, he went and threw Red's ball away, and that was sabotage.

  • Giuseppe Chianese
    Giuseppe Chianese

    This has become one of the most hilarious videos I've ever watched so far. It always makes me laugh. But who are you really, guys? And how come you've decided to create a YT channel under the name of "How ridiculous"?

  • Trynalive 7
    Trynalive 7

    😂😂😂😂 SICK, that feeling at the END. 😂🇬🇧

  • Nikki

    I wanna play this soo bad!

  • قناة الرعب The horror
    قناة الرعب The horror

    Amazing ❤

    • jennifer destiny TV AKA Gienotaghata 1
      jennifer destiny TV AKA Gienotaghata 1


    • trailer hai
      trailer hai

      Any hindi or english is here🙄

    • Shantilata Mahapatra
      Shantilata Mahapatra

      @Lara Ketlen iudji

    • The Deep Thinkers
      The Deep Thinkers


  • 0joe

    my question is, how would you get those out!?

  • Ana

    Focus and confidence will drive you tô the top, no matter anything..just belive on it 😉🙌🙏💕⚘

  • louisthunder10

    Been following these guys since 2018

  • Dh3Hangers

    Tropa que pensou que o vermelho iria ganhar ❤️

  • dilla donuts
    dilla donuts

    Herron really can’t catch a break on these challenges lol

    • Nagma khatun
      Nagma khatun


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      نايف الجبوري

      @Chocolate Disco٧عفغ اق ڛ6٦

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      Reaz Ali


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      Jahongir Ismatov

      @Kimput Permana ppaa

  • Summer Baham
    Summer Baham

    The fact that this is legit his most viewed vid

  • Gregg F.
    Gregg F.

    The fact that 13 out of their top 18 videos are youtube shorts, and their top video has over 3x as many views as their highest viewed full regular video shows how popular youtube shorts really are!

  • Asif Siddiqui
    Asif Siddiqui

    " Steady spaghetti " had me rollin

  • kickthepokecollector

    me: mom can we get board games? the board games: me: LESSS GOOOO

  • Idiot

    This is something I would play 24/7 it looks extremely fun

    • Gaurav Chandel
      Gaurav Chandel


    • Bot Hoih
      Bot Hoih

      Ha ha

    • aliensatemybroccoli


    • Arzian Abd mohamad
      Arzian Abd mohamad

      @Kurnia Rahmadani ⁰⁰

    • Юлия Гасымова
      Юлия Гасымова

      @Kurnia Rahmadani хххх 11

  • Red Rose
    Red Rose

    Hahaha last bit "Can't get it now best peg it at my mate" 🤣

    • Hengky Kurniawan
      Hengky Kurniawan


  • Kamedota

    “Slow and steady wins the race”

  • Celia Regina
    Celia Regina

    Amei esta brincadeira!

  • Omar sendy
    Omar sendy

    Me: COME ON YOU CAN DO IT also me: looking at both people not knowing which one I’m voting for

  • karolcia 7884
    karolcia 7884

    This shows how to never give up. Always do your best!

    • Payel Chatterjee
      Payel Chatterjee

      @FlipAnimations ffirltwg

    • Ms.FerretManThing

      @LimitlessIdiot and that's your perspective, if someone found a lesson out of it they are entitled to finding a lesson out of it. Internet is really full of people trying to rain on someone's parade.

    • herminia g nieto
      herminia g nieto

      This shows how to never give up. Alway do you best!

    • Thi dung Nguyen
      Thi dung Nguyen

      @Rebotile Florah 000000

    • Thi dung Nguyen
      Thi dung Nguyen

      @Destwin Eshun 000s

  • Carolina Reyes
    Carolina Reyes

    For some reason I love this videos!!

  • Alan Jaison
    Alan Jaison


  • Alex B
    Alex B

    Imagine Steph curry playing this🤣💀

  • 世を思う故にもの思う身は


  • SuperHumanGMC

    Moral: " When you know you can't win don't let your opponent win either"

    • SuperHumanGMC

      @Ashish Rana 😂

    • Ashish Rana
      Ashish Rana

      @SuperHumanGMC CIA deletes comments

    • Anju kunwar
      Anju kunwar

      Yeah !! 😂😂

    • SuperHumanGMC

      IRglo is deleting my replies lol

    • SuperHumanGMC

      @Lawy Mawy fan of?

  • Sean Hart De Ausen
    Sean Hart De Ausen

    You know what's the best idea here? That they play the bigger connect 4

  • Danna Leach
    Danna Leach

    This looks so fun

  • Thinkybink

    “Steady spaghetti” best thing to hear as an Italian

  • KlarkInnit

    That laugh at the end sounded like Nigel from Reo

  • casiexh-♡︎

    imagine they were ballon’s and they had to blow them up that big:,)

  • Sigrid Shorts
    Sigrid Shorts

    Ben Simmons would brick every shot 🧱

  • Austeja Valeikaite
    Austeja Valeikaite

    I would like to try to play this game.

  • Rose

    ✨YAY GOLD ✨

  • 777Timberwolf

    LOL.... you guys are funny as heck. Keep up the good fun and games going = love them all.

  • Stick Gzz
    Stick Gzz

    bro the guy i always believe in always loses

  • Pallavi Makkala
    Pallavi Makkala

    That was fun😁

  • Andrew Romo
    Andrew Romo

    Red really chocked at the end



  • Mayank Dwivedi
    Mayank Dwivedi

    The satisfaction when underdog wins is next level honestly 🤤🤤

    • #Mou64


    • lazyatbeinglazy games
      lazyatbeinglazy games

      Except for the fact that red quit even though they could have easily won.

  • Ray Benedicktus
    Ray Benedicktus

    Focus on your own success instead of limiting the success of others and you’ll get way more wins.

  • Vivid TCG
    Vivid TCG

    That last one was an AND 1 🤣😄😂

  • Zara Whyatt
    Zara Whyatt

    try and add more so it can be like 10 in a row :) :) and darts would look good

  • Tikha Gamer
    Tikha Gamer

    What if the red ball would fallen into the right!?

  • Bots Weekend Covers
    Bots Weekend Covers

    You guys have entirely toooooo much fun :)

  • graciela mendoza
    graciela mendoza

    "Thats not usually" 🧓

  • Cesca

    I think he just started failing on purpose

  • Mirchi Murga
    Mirchi Murga

    Never judge a judge by its judge.

  • Kailah Amey
    Kailah Amey

    What about when it gets into the other person’s by accident

  • everything on my channel
    everything on my channel

    I really appreciate & recognize all you have done 💐 you are really an efficient and organized personality 😀its still lovely to watch a person with a new & different perspective 💝 keep uploading like this excellent contects 😍stay blessed 🙌🏻stay connected

  • 이유경

    또한 팀 승리 축하해요

  • فديوهات محمد ومصطفى
    فديوهات محمد ومصطفى

    Vanilla's fresh and bad blood hahaha ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Tech Surgeon
    Tech Surgeon

    Him: Put it in the other hole My Brain: That's what she said

  • chika suzuki
    chika suzuki


  • Sam

    When he tried to sabotage him it somehow backfired and sabotaged himself

    • 으뜸


    • Ketlen Souza
      Ketlen Souza

      @Khushi Gandhi kkķkkk🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👭👭👭👭😏😏😏😏😏

    • Keighley JONES
      Keighley JONES

      refer. 00gud

    • Tamil gaming Tamil gaming
      Tamil gaming Tamil gaming

      @NikeBoyPlaysYT0 ppapaap

    • Tamil gaming Tamil gaming
      Tamil gaming Tamil gaming

      @NikeBoyPlaysYT0 ppapaap

  • Soline rap
    Soline rap

    C'est trop super !

  • NBH Pizzle
    NBH Pizzle

    This look fun asf

  • Mıc Mac
    Mıc Mac

    How did they become so small

  • Sharda Barman
    Sharda Barman

    😯 wow so interesting game

  • Hudson Exelby
    Hudson Exelby

    Can we take a moment to realise that this is their most viewed video by far!!! Keep it up guys

    • TuftyTerror

      @anon ymouse Yeah my channel is small with 26 subs and 2,000 view, but half the view are from just 2 shorts.

    • dtiydr

      Yea someting is toally not right here, was it aired or something?

    • Armando

      jiji j van

    • Adam Place
      Adam Place

      @anon ymouse I think it means more that it is easier to view multiple times. In 20 minutes you can view a 1 minute video 20 times, and a 20 minute video once. Views aren't everything.

    • anon ymouse
      anon ymouse

      There are so many bot comments though! Most viewed videos are shorts, which proves how peanut-brained short attention span people got these days!

  • Rohit Shah
    Rohit Shah

    You loose, when you don't focus on making better yourself, you focus on how to be better than others..

  • Lamont Bowe
    Lamont Bowe

    Back in the 80s we used to call this connect four

  • Samaiya Dominique
    Samaiya Dominique

    The one who struggles always wins, is it a coincidence or what?

  • Foodmarket Films
    Foodmarket Films

    “Steady spaghetti” 💀 💀

  • JJJ Love
    JJJ Love

    I know this is just a game but I also think this can be a metaphor for struggles in life. Look how the yellow player was losing at first and it didn't seem like they were going to win at all, but suddenly he redeemed himself and was victorious. We can look at life that way and say even though things might not be going our way at first, it's important not to give up.

    • Shahbaz Khan
      Shahbaz Khan

      I was thinking same

  • Sara Adriane
    Sara Adriane

    There's a plot twist 😂

  • XJasmineXDream Pet FantasyX
    XJasmineXDream Pet FantasyX

    Steady spagetti!🤣🤣🤣

  • Ss Sa
    Ss Sa

    Interesting game 😅😂👍👍

  • Mason Hewitt
    Mason Hewitt

    What is the rule on red getting in gold?