The REAL Reason LIANGELO BALL Played ZERO MINUTES In NBA Pre-Season Debut! | Ft. Detroit Pistons!

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  • DKM


  • FullTime Leauge
    FullTime Leauge

    Give us what we want pistons. We want Gelo. As a big Pistons fan, we need ticket money and views, give gelo some game time. Let's be honest we need the cash 😭😭😭

    • EarPodz

      @Drew Laventure they are having troubles scoring in their front court and will all season yes let’s debate this when the pistons are good👌🏾

    • Timothy Slaughter Jr
      Timothy Slaughter Jr

      @JG he just got cut! Bwahahaha

    • cole eason
      cole eason

      @A B i mean I don't even think he earned the try out personally i mean what has he done in basketball

    • A B
      A B

      cole eason these fanboys don’t wanna accept that gelo isn’t good

    • cole eason
      cole eason

      You sound like a dam fool how he gonna sale tickets when he cant even make the team the boy can't play and if by some chance he would've made the team he wasnt gonna play so again how does that sale tickets plz riddle me that shit

  • Trell_Money77

    This the reason guys dont get a chance to make it in the's the preseason at least give Gelo a chance and let'em get a lil court time

  • NTH89

    I've been looking at several NBA rosters list. The number of players are about 17 for most teams. I think it has to do with the G-league being cancelled. So teams ending up letting a few of the G-league players travel with the team. Now they have re-bounders for practice and additional practice bodies. All covid-free.

  • Fanboy Bryant
    Fanboy Bryant

    there were guys missing open 3 pointers on Detroit put in gelo for damn sakes, y’all aren’t playoff contenders !

    • T Dog
      T Dog

      @Emperor Palpatine Ok pumpkin!

    • Emperor Palpatine
      Emperor Palpatine

      @T Dog I wasn’t even talking to you who tf are you

    • T Dog
      T Dog

      @Emperor Palpatine what is your point?

    • Emperor Palpatine
      Emperor Palpatine

      Curry missed a open 3 before what’s your point.

    • T Dog
      T Dog

      @Atif King one of the best shooters you've ever seen LMAO. You haven't watched much basketball then!

  • TheOnlyDmDawson

    They definitely went about 15 deep into the bench too

    • Camren

      And there’s 3 more games. This game they played McGruder, next will be Anthony lamb, next will be Louis king, and the 4th will be Gelo. They’ll each get time in a game. (4th qtr time)

  • Edilberto Vazquez
    Edilberto Vazquez

    Pistons using him for the views😂

    • pewdiepie die
      pewdiepie die

      @JM 914 Fr😭

    • JM 914
      JM 914

      And he got cut 🤣🤣🤣

    • Edilberto Vazquez
      Edilberto Vazquez

      @Keala don’t have too, as people are going to see. They’re going to think gelo is going to play!

    • Keala

      Not even views if they wanted that they would have put him in the game more just likes

    • lilbeanie

      Y views

  • Crispy Kp
    Crispy Kp

    Gelo going to be like “coach put me in the game we losing bad” 😂

    • TYE Entertainment
      TYE Entertainment

      Keefey Tho Thats what i meant bro lol, he shouldn’t bother with that nut ass team, I knew they weren’t going to play him at all, so his time will come

    • KeefCounty

      @TYE Entertainment Nah he just got released lmao

    • TYE Entertainment
      TYE Entertainment

      He shouldnt even bother with that, Gelo’s time will come

  • Max Manzo
    Max Manzo

    Great video again DKM, love the consistency that’s been recently🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Max

    Bro I think the only factor you missed out when summarising this is that Gelo is better than most players who are in and around that practice squad role... he’s literally lead every team he’s been on in scoring from high school to Vytautas Prienai in the LKL (even the JBA however much that counts for)

  • Dreamchaser45

    lowkey gelo to pistons is just vibes and views + jersey sale. he's basically drake with lethal shooters shooting ability.

    • Gary Cashmere
      Gary Cashmere

      @Louis Paolo Macapayag play in the NBA. Gelo couldn’t even make a g league roster last season.

    • Melvino De Videomaker
      Melvino De Videomaker

      So sad he got dropped by the Pistons.... didn't even give him a chance... sad

    • Robert Robinson
      Robert Robinson

      And now homie got cut smh

    • BelguteiFly

      @Dreamchaser45 oh is that right. And who told you this?

    • jayofdajungle

      ​@Louis Paolo Macapayag Kyle Korver was actually a decent defender in his prime. Redick isn't, but he would run circles around Gelo. They are both more athletic (well Korver was, JJ still is). Just because someone can shoot doesn't automatically they will in the league. Gelo will probably have a hard time finding space to shoot. To answer your question: They do EVERYTHING better than Gelo. Don't you think that if NBA teams thought he could play they would be lining up to sign him? I hate saying this shit, because I like Gelo and I hope he catches on with a team. He works harder than any of his brothers and is the best shooter of the three. He just doesn't have the instincts and height his brothers' have.

  • Josiah Mezadieu
    Josiah Mezadieu

    Please just give him a chance to be on that court to play even a few minutes YALL ain't getting anywhere anyway what's the harm?

    • Carlos Bamrud
      Carlos Bamrud


  • TheSupreme13

    Imma be honest I know point aren’t everything but this Charlotte and Raptors game is the first game I’ve seen Melo not score🤨

  • Aryan Malik
    Aryan Malik

    Gelo’s time will come

    • Timothy Slaughter Jr
      Timothy Slaughter Jr

      @Jinx_Pachi dafuq??? Football? He couldn't make it at UCLA, and they were LAST PLACE

    • Jinx_Pachi

      His sport is football. He should go out for football

    • Dylan Warren
      Dylan Warren

      @Timothy Slaughter Jr yeah I saw on my very first comment I said I doubt he makes the final piston roster, I believe he’s talented enough to make a team somewhere just will take a while

    • Timothy Slaughter Jr
      Timothy Slaughter Jr

      @Dylan Warren he got cut ✂️

    • Timothy Slaughter Jr
      Timothy Slaughter Jr

      HE JUST GOT CUT!!!

  • mONKMee

    “Gelo was literally the BALL boy”.⛹🏽‍♂️ #G3

  • makenzie parr
    makenzie parr

    I don’t know why so many people expected him to play. he’s fighting for a spot they already had a 15 player lineup and besides even in preseason how often do you see the 14-15th man play? I knew he wasn’t gonna play tonight he’s still proving himself to the organization

  • emmanYT

    I know you’re saying that the pistons didn’t use gelo but I think they did indirectly knowing that the more gelos there the more attention goes to their draft pick If we keep watching their videos

  • Shamoi Garcia
    Shamoi Garcia

    Liangelo needs to go on the Warriors. I think that he would be a perfect fit with their system. He will be challenged to develop and grow into their system, which will help him to work more into his potential.

  • Why Why
    Why Why

    In all honesty though I feel like he would’ve played good in college and if he gets the opportunity in the nba he’s gonna play well

  • Jonathan Medina
    Jonathan Medina

    The Pistons want to see him succeed or else they wouldn’t have given him a chance. They probably felt he wasn’t ready yet. Imagine he goes out there and plays cheeks. Not only would it lower his self esteem but it would just give the Pistons more of a push to cut him. Couple more weeks of practice to adjust to the NBA is what he needs!

  • Louie Bands TV
    Louie Bands TV

    I honestly think he knew he wasn’t playing he wasn’t even warming up

    • Gabriel Martorano
      Gabriel Martorano

      They probably let him and the other training camp guys know they weren't gonna play last night


    I still wanna see the highlight video of his bench time...

    • Andrew Easley
      Andrew Easley

      @JuJu3x ok if your point is solely about this year, then what does your comment have to do with him playing bad that game? That was my point. Seems that flies over your head though.

    • JuJu3x

      @Andrew Easley never said we never seen it before point was you was talking about how “bad he played” his first game, and now he was hooping like ROTY for THIS year

    • Andrew Easley
      Andrew Easley

      @JuJu3x yes it does because his fans Bill him as the top young player and even some go as far as to say he is top 10, 5, and some even go as far to say he is the best player. Truth is he is having a solid rookie year, but it isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. In fact we have seen far better

    • JuJu3x

      @Andrew Easley does it matter melo still rookie of the year no matter if luka and zion better than him, he still a top young player

    • Andrew Easley
      Andrew Easley

      @JuJu3x Zo improved. He isn’t anywhere near a star. Melo has been really good sometimes and other times non existent. He looks like he could be very good, but still doubt he will be a top dog. Remember, we’ve seen rookies play a lot better than he was in the last couple years. Luka is still the premiere young player, not Melo. Gelo still ass.

  • Michael L
    Michael L

    Pistons need to get it together soon. Not only do they have a great marketing advantage, but also a great player. I for one never watched the Pistons, but if gelo is a no go I will drop my watching like a hot papa and I'm sure others will do the same.

  • Fresh ThaRealest
    Fresh ThaRealest

    He gonna get a chance we just gotta be patient y’all chill out

    • Pierre Stone
      Pierre Stone

      No way he can't ball

    • Dre Chester
      Dre Chester

      Can’t wait to see him in league tho, hope they give him his shot

    • rejjie_theking

      We've been chilling for too long. Put gelo in tf

    • Dre Chester
      Dre Chester

      He’s worth millions in sales alone

    • Dre Chester
      Dre Chester

      True but it puts the a fire under they ass to do it quicker

  • SportsByJared

    This off-season isn’t like most others. Teams gotta get there starters ready more this season than ever

    • Become a Star Live
      Become a Star Live

      Bro...we're talking about the Pistons. What spot are they getting ready for? They're rebuilding

  • 2Glock30s

    I would like to see LiAngelo play. But, I do not think the coaching staff is worried about what people think about whether or not if LiAngelo plays. They have their own agenda. LiAngelo will play when he plays. The Detroit Pistons have other things to worry about (like winning) than if Gelo plays. I am just happy LiAngelo is in the NBA. His time will come.

  • Christian Hammond
    Christian Hammond

    When his time comes hes gonna steal the show!

  • Tony J Wichowski
    Tony J Wichowski

    Brand new team. Only Svi and Rose played significantly last year. It’s going to take time to know who they are. LiAngelo is just not high on the depth chart.

  • Bry

    I swear if Gelo makes it, it will be THAT much sweeter. Just keep grinding Gelo, stay on the right path and u'll get there eventually!

  • Dave Kim
    Dave Kim

    They’re using Gelo as if he’s the new Calvin Cambridge!! Just put him in! Y’all got nothing to lose!!

    • smyzo

      They have the game to lose dummy. Thats why that scrub gets no run. You'll lose the team if you play that bum over real players.

  • DSG

    They really had LiAngelo grabbing rebounds in pre game and not thee game 😭

  • cornbeef21

    I hope for the best for you gelo..this is ur chance!! Give em something!!

  • CMY Entertainment
    CMY Entertainment

    I hope he succeeds

  • Proud Scottish lad
    Proud Scottish lad

    I dont know if he will get a full on contract, if you compare him to the whole pistons roster its hard to say, but i hope he does get in.

  • Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity

    People need to chill. He’s a undrafted, what teams doing right now is experimenting lineups with players that’s in the rotation especially that the offseason was short, teams didn’t have much time work as a team.

  • Vives

    So you’re saying gelo needs to be a superstar water boy and team motivator to get a spot?

  • Patrick Givens
    Patrick Givens

    He’ll find a team in due time!

  • Shawn Josiah
    Shawn Josiah

    HE should keep a close relationship with Seth Curry. HE will get some good advices.

    • boosie 4l
      boosie 4l

      @ReviewsLifeStyle&More Seth has been in a similar position like him before, being a nobody to being an essential component to the team.

    • Timothy Slaughter Jr
      Timothy Slaughter Jr

      Like what? Go to Duke?

    • waste of a yute
      waste of a yute

      @ReviewsLifeStyle&More u missed the joke

    • Khi Sii
      Khi Sii

      @Rico Smith it was a point he’s basically talking about the situation wit his brothers being better leaving him as the underdog of the family

    • Matt Clancy
      Matt Clancy

      @Anthony Basol yeah I’m here after him gettin cut too

  • Twenty3_V

    He’s gonna play can’t wait

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    Of course he’s not gonna play yet but he will. At least he didn’t contribute to the loss.

    • Timothy Slaughter Jr
      Timothy Slaughter Jr

      @Mike Hunt aged like milk...

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt

      @1 you just love to see bad things happen to young black men you should be ashamed. It’s ok it’s just a minor setback for the get back. Keep hating he’ll use that fuel to get him on another team.

    • 1

      Lol he got waive

    • Cj


  • Armando

    The pistons fooled all of us yesterday 🤦🏻‍♂️got us watching an entire pistons game for nothing

  • Griimmiis26

    This will only motivate him to go even harder to prove his point never give up y'all going to see💯💯💪

  • Vaguely

    When you see most bball players that been playing their whole life, you can usually tell from how a guy moves and his fluidity. Gelo doesn't have that, though I wish him well, he'll never be a good NBA player, if he's allowed to come off the bench for 15 minutes a game and plays well i'll be surprised. Be happy we get to see Melo tho!

  • Walker

    He made it to the nba when everyone said he wouldn't y'all need to calm down he'll make his debut when the coach needs him and it's the right time

  • ひ

    We gon be looking back at this seeing how far he’s come just wait

  • Chris vanover
    Chris vanover

    This was the only time I actually wanted to watch the pistons

    • D Buck
      D Buck

      @Chris vanover it not just the video it is what the pistons GM and coach said in Detroit new reports interviews to sport writers. Gelo is here due to his trainer relationship with the pistons and Ball family are in detroit area a lot training so they have good ties with pistons in a few ways. But i think this shot was given so that Ball family and Lonzo give pistons a shot when he is a free agent.

    • Chris vanover
      Chris vanover

      @D Buck cool you’re just repeating what was said in the vid

    • Chris vanover
      Chris vanover

      @Alex SOSA hater

    • D Buck
      D Buck

      Do watch any more he not getting playing time with pistons unless they get his with COVID/Injury most Detroit fans already knew this, they said when he was sign he would most likely be a G League guy for pistons on our news and reporters close to pistons organization. Pistons has 15 players signed for 2-4+ years those guys are getting on main roster the other 5-6 guys was signed to play in G League and learn and Gelo is one of them...

    • Vandyke Ebbin
      Vandyke Ebbin

      Facts!!! Lol

  • Cristian Quijano
    Cristian Quijano

    I didn’t get play time for my first game in my career now I average a triple double averaging over 100 points moral of the story is.... his time will come

    • Draco NBD
      Draco NBD


    • J Ellis
      J Ellis

      No quadruple double smh

    • Sorinthesun


    • Jason Soares
      Jason Soares

      so inspiring dude, anything is possible

  • Jerm

    They'd be doing good to tank for next years draft.


    We are with Gelo

  • Shaun Daniel, Jr.
    Shaun Daniel, Jr.

    Honestly pistons just been trying to get clout, at first they was talking about giving J.Cole a tryout, now it’s Gelo.

  • Wayv

    I'm pretty sure this is a publicity stunt for the Pistons, just like how the they also offered J Cole a tryout.

    • Wayv

      @Danny Jones He can, not at the NBA level though

    • Rob Gover
      Rob Gover

      @C Cashmeleon No they didn't 😂!

    • Constantine Turibamwe
      Constantine Turibamwe

      Ye not pro level hooping lol

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones

      Jcole can actually hoop

    • C Cashmeleon
      C Cashmeleon

      Shoot they gave offered j cole a spot on the roster

  • nahnahnah

    feel like gelo just needs more confidence. Man hasn't played competitively since 2018. Even if they're just using him for clout, he's bound to be a great player since he's in a team of great players. and when the time comes he'll prove erbody wrong

  • Hoskins Classic Beefs
    Hoskins Classic Beefs

    If any of you thought Gelo would just get minutes infront of the players we highly invested draft picks,and Money in.I don't know what else to tell you

  • J-zone Dela Cruz Review
    J-zone Dela Cruz Review

    Once Gelo gets mins. He will become a beast thats for sure. Remember this date💪

  • Charles Moody
    Charles Moody

    There should be a highlight mixtape of him getting rebounds in warmups 😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Young_St3ph

    Did you see that the nba is expanding rosters for this season

  • noe robles
    noe robles

    Let him pay his dues and be humble. He will get his opportunity. I want to see him prove the haters wrong and do well!!!

  • Tmac 01
    Tmac 01

    I forgot how many centers the Pistons signed this off season

  • 871Backwards

    Gelo out there getting warm up rebounds😂 I’ve done that too! Put me in the league

  • Chris vanover
    Chris vanover

    Man they waived Gelo 😢😢😢😢

  • jgk381

    Get used to it with Dwane Casey as coach. Whoever fans want him to play, he makes sure not to play lol Which would be fine if he were winning with his guys, but not when he's 61-87 and 0-4 in playoffs with Pistons, and his team was a complete mess in game 1.

  • Legendary Virgin
    Legendary Virgin

    They just waived him smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Ibraheem Bourgeois
    Ibraheem Bourgeois

    Yup.. My man just got waived 😔

  • Naquan Bull
    Naquan Bull

    Gelo going to the Hornets 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 just wait on it...

  • Coach Robinson
    Coach Robinson

    Humble himself and Stay the course!

  • Miles LeVere
    Miles LeVere

    Keep speaking facts DKM

  • Ray Bidwell
    Ray Bidwell

    Gelo gonna be in the G League for a few years. Piston have a bunch of guys ahead of him

  • xxsaucypxx

    “Cozy Vibes” is disrespectful lmao. They might as well have put Seat Warmer as the caption.

    • Red • glocks
      Red • glocks

      This nigga said got more screen time as the cheerleaders 😭😭💀

    • N.W.A.


    • Luvvem

      benchy warm vibes 🥶

  • fit_man_cam

    Not to be cruel (I actually feel your pain), but I LOL'ed so many times during this vid. Thanks for making my morning. #FreeGelo

  • HeavyDoo

    Still doesn’t make sense how Gelo has out scored melo and Lonzo literally almost everytime they have played together on the same court and lamelo and lonzo both got drafted 2 while gelo is fighting so hard to just get a shot. Literally insane to me. Idc if melo is 6’9 or if if lonzo is a great floor general. Gelo is a bucket period. Man deserves a chance and he will make it count when he finally gets it.

  • xxstnickyboi

    All I care about is suns vs jazz, the new Chris Paul and Jae crowder are gonna be great with deandre ayton and Devin Booker

  • Unreel Advertising
    Unreel Advertising

    I am very proud of him..

  • Oliver Woolley
    Oliver Woolley

    Gelo is gaining experience practicing with an NBA team. That is it. There are no open roster spots and Detroit is not going to fund there G-League team to play in the bubble.

  • george brown
    george brown

    I was highly disappointed I didn't get to see him play last night...what are they doing? it's the preseason..these are the kind of games he's supposed to play in to prove himself..why sign him to a non guaranteed contract if you're not going to give him a chance smh


    Well Gelo got to his destination on hype now it's up to him to back up the hype

  • O-KayO-Kay

    Aye hes in the nba and when he get his chance he wont disappoint

  • Shane Thomas
    Shane Thomas

    The Pistons should play him. If you aint in the top, your in the bottom when it comes to the NBA. And if your in the bottom, you'd be wise to at least sell tickets while you try to get to the top. Simply but the Ball Brothers are box office.

  • Vchema 76
    Vchema 76

    Wow, this didn't age well. LiAngelo just got released from the Pistons

  • God Is Great
    God Is Great

    I'm like lakers for life as well as the Ball family. Love

  • Joshua Thompson
    Joshua Thompson

    Bro you not self centered, or nothing negative. I don't always agree with some of your viewpoints but I respect them. You are real and raw with it. Some people just can't handle that. Keep doing your thing bro.

    • DKM

      appreciate it my g

  • Your Daily Sports
    Your Daily Sports

    He just got signed a week ago he’ll play

    • T Dog
      T Dog

      @GH Sense you have a favourite player who hasn't played any high level organised basketball! You're easily pleased.

    • Kedda

      @Texas Boy lol

    • Texas Boy
      Texas Boy

      Yeah, I have the coaches number on speed dial..I'll let him know you asked nicely

    • GH Sense
      GH Sense

      I hope so hes my favourite player please tell the coach to play him

  • Sam 2K
    Sam 2K

    Also there only like 2 preseason games per team this year so that’s a minus for gelo

  • go bot
    go bot

    Man they’ve played about 15 players already in game two Idt he’s making the roster. Seems already decided. I don’t know a bunch of these guys ahead of him.

  • Austin Gleason
    Austin Gleason

    I just don’t get it for the Pistons. If you got fifteen guaranteed contracts and they’re basically folding their gleague team what’s the point of bringing five training camp players? Just on the off chance one of them balls out so hard they have to keep them? I feel like they’re wasting people’s time.

  • Kipsmithers 1090
    Kipsmithers 1090

    This is depressing man I really want Gelo to get a shot! It just is not gone happen!

  • Hoop Rat
    Hoop Rat

    GELO probably won’t play much for the pistons! He’s good enough for G league and maybe a small role in the nba but the pistons need to get their players right with all the new starters

    • Hoop Rat
      Hoop Rat

      @Cameron King yeah you’re right just saying in general

  • Junky Vision
    Junky Vision

    Detroit played 16 players yesterday.. I dont think yal should expect to see my guy anytime soon.

  • R Martian
    R Martian

    bra, the live stream was the bomb! love the space you create!

  • Kareen Wayvines
    Kareen Wayvines

    He needs to hit overseas immediately! He's getting screwed and I saw bums all over the NBA playing last night! It's a damn shame!

    • Constantine Turibamwe
      Constantine Turibamwe

      Fax just needs one good full season

  • Carter Turgeon
    Carter Turgeon

    Hyped for melo to go against my raptors

  • G B
    G B

    Like I said before, the only ball on the Pistons this year is going to say spalding on it..

  • Kobada A.
    Kobada A.

    bruh i feel so sorry for Gelo

  • Brandon Vargas
    Brandon Vargas

    Pistons missing out on so much clout

  • Jason Essenberg
    Jason Essenberg

    Keep the vids coming.

  • Joel

    keepin' it real DKM

  • John Rodriguez
    John Rodriguez

    gelo got good potential IQ n being trained by nba coaches he wont be an all star but he’ll be different ⭐️

  • Edgar

    Be’s legit the first preseason game

  • marco ware
    marco ware

    Just let this dude live

  • Jalen Green
    Jalen Green

    They need to let gelo play

  • Allen Carter
    Allen Carter

    If I was him I would crush the competition in practice and force them to play me