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Watch footage from Hotspur Way as Jose Mourinho takes his first training session as Spurs Head Coach.
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  • Rubes 9625
    Rubes 9625

    I’m not even a spurs fan and I’m excited to see how Jose gets on

    • Chucky YNWA
      Chucky YNWA

      Me too. I hope to see Spurs back to top of the league again. Best of luck.

    • Ade Cadel
      Ade Cadel

      spurs + morinyo = parking bus

    • Legend Tube
      Legend Tube

      Hope son more goal after Jose take over

    • David Gomes
      David Gomes

      I am an arsenal fan and I feel like spurs outdone us

    • IM7TV

      It will be a scene when Mourinho once again stopped Liverpool from winning EPL

  • gymajambobs

    I love how Sonny takes his glove off each time he shakes hands - he's so respectful as a person

    • Lx_-

      @Manna levey racist

    • Lx_-

      @osuoha newman firmino Is a cm not a striker a striker scores goals

    • Elijah Believe
      Elijah Believe

      @Manna levey when he wins silverware with spurs and/or his national team, please give him credit.

    • Bacon kingz
      Bacon kingz

      That eh well idk what to say but it didn’t age well

  • Kinq Cyder
    Kinq Cyder

    Hate him or love him, he is still the special one.

    • Manna levey
      Manna levey

      Special needs

  • Ronald Rain
    Ronald Rain

    I had never watched the spurs channel Jose has brought me here

    • Afiq Danial
      Afiq Danial

      Same bro

    • Mustafa 1
      Mustafa 1

      Yes hah

    • My Name
      My Name



      Me too

    • Loig1

      Me too


    I am here for the "Special One" though I am a Liverpool fan! José adds spice to football. I love him!


      @Daniel Gagnon that makes at least nine silverwares! He keeps at least one wherever he goes before being "sacked". Isn't that spicy?🤣🤣

    • Daniel Gagnon
      Daniel Gagnon

      Emperor YB3 the Chosen One..The Special One lol...this is his 9th team .... soon to be The Fired One once again lol

  • Auston Bock
    Auston Bock

    This is the first I've ever watched a spurs training session

    • khan


    • He Xiao
      He Xiao

      same. never did this if it not for Jose

    • Anjaneya Bondre
      Anjaneya Bondre

      Looks like a warden imparting discipline

    • ZlatanEnglish Ibra
      ZlatanEnglish Ibra

      Poch is great, Mourinho is special.

  • SHaSha11

    This is the typical Mourinho’s team . Solid defenders , strong midfielders, attackers 🔥 They will shine and all the haters will be shocked 😳. Good luck Jose . Now im a new Tottenham fan

    • SHaSha11

      wivuyao yes you re right

    • yaokakao

      Yeah but defenders aren't that good tho. Hope we'll sign solid right back and Sanchez will improve his game

    • SHaSha11

      FaTaL ReM1X wait and watch

  • Noor j
    Noor j

    Say what you want but the epl needs Jose. Hell of a coach and character. Now let's grab 🍿 and watch this training session 😂😂

  • Teryl Frey
    Teryl Frey

    I’m very excited for Jose.. I want to see him do so very well. I’m going to be watching all the games this season! Good luck Jose!

  • kaza ahmed
    kaza ahmed

    I'm a united fan I've watched this like 10x just for mourinho. I miss him 😭

    • Ricky Oktavenus
      Ricky Oktavenus

      United will see him in few weeks.

    • gridironprince

      Never mind... COME ON YOU SPURS!!!

  • Csokops #glazersout
    Csokops #glazersout

    Whose here just because Jose is the new manager.

    • Amirul Farhan
      Amirul Farhan

      Same here 🤣

    • Michael Lin
      Michael Lin

      Count me in!

    • slinkiegirl2001

      i am the last time i saw jose training was at utd and the looks pogba was giving jose i thought fisti cuffs would happen

    • S. O
      S. O

      Wow... 2.2k likes for this comment. Finally found something which is more overrated than Nicolas Pepe

  • Callum Campbell
    Callum Campbell

    Look at the media frenzy this man creates. Love him or hate him he is an iconic figure.

  • Dora Benitez
    Dora Benitez

    I’m a man city fan But Mouriñho make history again in this club God bless you all

  • Terry Hennah
    Terry Hennah

    I never knew spurs had a IRglo channel, I am a Mourinho fan, where ever he goes, I'm with him. Spurs, you just got one fan and many are here because of Mourinho

  • Teo Atik
    Teo Atik

    You can already see Mourinho’s management of his top players is second to none. Treats them like his own sons.


    Now this was great to see Jose taking his new squad for training great to see how the pros train.

  • J M
    J M

    I'm really interested to see how this turns out, the current squad would suit mourinho counter attacking set up perfectly. He can also instill a winning mentality which Poch really struggled with. Poch is good at nurturing and growing, but Mourinho can actually win trophies

  • Pulsating Legacy
    Pulsating Legacy

    Wow I can't believe he's back he's a hell of a coach ..Good to see u back jose.

  • Lord jimmy Jimbo k30
    Lord jimmy Jimbo k30

    Players looked like they enjoyed that training session Jose had 1 year out now looks like what Tottenham just needs 👍

    • Henrik

      J U they‘ll win a trophy next Season After That he get‘s sacked as usual

    • J U
      J U

      Wont be long till they experience the hairdryer treatment thats how jose falls out with everyone lol

  • Soko Keita
    Soko Keita

    I never thought I’ll be watching Spurs training and I bet I’m gonna be watching their games now.

    • Srikar Hasthi
      Srikar Hasthi


    • MASTA 7
      MASTA 7

      As much as I hate to say this as Chelsea fans,now Spurs has soft spot in my heart bcoz of the Mourinho...

    • Soko Keita
      Soko Keita

      Hate or love him the man know how to win 🏆

    • Iba Sz
      Iba Sz

      Same here. I suddenly in love with Spur coz of Josh

    • Matthew Brooks
      Matthew Brooks

      Soko Keita same

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    I'm excited to see how Son will fit into Jose's scheme.

    • dezanj

      Got the answer? 😉

    • pukguy2

      left back crying at the back.

    • Loftus Blake
      Loftus Blake

      @BSN Network like Ronaldo and hazard right?

    • SmittenTheKitteninMittens

      just in front of the bus

    • gridironprince

      @Count Campbell lmfao

  • mali

    I am so happy to see this. Well done Mou!!!

  • amaroudis

    Not a Spurs fan, but mark my words. This is a team that Jose can turn into a powerhouse if the players buy in to his philosophy. Reminds me of some of his early Chelsea squads.

  • tidakasli

    As a chelsea fan, i hope Mou can bring spurs to the next level and give the team trophies. I saw their potential, eager to win, fight spirit and they deserve to get trophies. Just like he brought cups for chelsea back then.

  • Stanley Abie
    Stanley Abie

    Who else didn’t wanted the video to end? So excited to see what Jose can do with this Spurs squad.

    • Dumi

      @Frane 04 everybody know his tactics by now. If he doesn't bring anything new you will see why I said he will relegate.

    • Frane 04
      Frane 04

      @Dumi yeah a manager with over 30 trophies will get tottenham relegated

    • Dumi

      I know what he can do, relegate.

    • golovin press
      golovin press

      excited to see mou sell son and alli

  • League Motivation
    League Motivation

    Just here for Mourinho... man this team will be great with this man!

  • Daniel Maldonado
    Daniel Maldonado

    I can't be only Real Madrid fan here influence of Mourinho

    • Tinku Tinku
      Tinku Tinku

      Manchester only

    • MrStaano

      @Srikanth His football is boring and outdated. He handles his players well on the trainingfield i'll give hime that.

    • Timy Huang
      Timy Huang

      Tout Puissant Mazambe fan lol

    • Srikanth

      I'm Barca but you gotta love the chosen one

  • Bashir Musah
    Bashir Musah

    Mourinho is a fantastic coach. I suggest that this time round in his maiden press conference at SPURS he should emphasize that "He's a very Special One". In 9 cases out of 10, you can't go wrong with him. he knows his stuff inside out.

  • Rowan H
    Rowan H

    Even if mourinho fails with tottenham he will be loved

  • Marcus Reilly
    Marcus Reilly

    Loving this Jose . He’s looks like he got a new spring in his step. Energy , Mourinho , Hello!

    • Adham MP
      Adham MP

      I wonder if he'll be able to communicate well with the players and get along

    • Adham MP
      Adham MP

      @JuzzleHizzle lmao

    • Ibro Bawa
      Ibro Bawa

      Haha. That geezer on sky sports in front of white hart lane.

    • Thisisallajoke

      abhi ram how much time must you have to find him in so many comment sections?

    • Thisisallajoke

      We’ll see if the time off helped him regain focus. Top manager

  • A1 Moro
    A1 Moro

    Spurs have so much talent! Mourinho is going to achieve a lot with this squad.

  • Langeni Mrindoko
    Langeni Mrindoko

    We missed you Jose Mournho. Good luck with spurs. I'm chelsea fan

  • José María Bustos
    José María Bustos

    Mourinho "The Best" The Number One!! 👏🥇⚽

  • jack wilson
    jack wilson

    Respect Jose.....I will never forget how u put smile on my face during ur time wit d blues.... I wish u well in spurs

  • Joel Okumu
    Joel Okumu

    Would have never watched a Tottenham training session, if it wasn’t for the special one.

    • NixtroStrike


    • Neskii

      K. Fernandez init😂😂😂😂

    • Michael Lin
      Michael Lin


    • R Meijhorst
      R Meijhorst

      You couldn’t be more right

    • Neskii

      Havez Alkautsar they raised their property value by Jose standing there😂😂😂

  • JacksVlogs 05
    JacksVlogs 05

    He knows how to train this spurs side, and the players know that, you can see it in there face. The reaction when he’s talking to them is respect!! COYS 💙⚽️💪🏽

    • yaokakao

      @Daniel Gagnon how many trophies he's got? 25 or something like that?

  • prod.

    I am a United fan and I never wanted Mou to leave :( He only failed because he was not given the backing in the window after coming 2nd the season prior. Spurs have got a really good manager in charge or a really good squad, hope he succeeds

  • SuhasOP

    I love the way José is ready to improve any player

  • Six Wings N Fries
    Six Wings N Fries

    Sat here as a utd fan all teary. Gosh i love mourinho. Seeing him embrace dier alli kane etc is so pleasing. Lets hope he can maintain this spirit this time with the players.

  • Jadeem H.
    Jadeem H.

    Jose is really and truly the biggest Coach in the world, he literally has all of us so invested and indulged in how he'll do at Tottenham

    • Jadeem H.
      Jadeem H.

      @harvey white He is the BIGGEST Coach in modern football rn, maybe not the BEST anymore but DEFINITELY the BIGGEST.

    • Jadeem H.
      Jadeem H.

      @raman sarma Did i say "best" in the comment up above?

    • raman sarma
      raman sarma

      Wolfie Snowie Rina I’m pl fans are the stupidest because they’re all a bunch of one club fans that think they follow all the clubs. Other league fans follow one club but are more realistic about their own biases and limitations about knowledge of other teams, players & coaches

  • Jefferson Lourenco
    Jefferson Lourenco

    Chegou o homem agora sim o pochetinno colocou o Spurs num patamar de clube grande mas pra ser campeão tem que ter campeões lá tbm e o Mourinho e muito campeão

  • PoolCube

    Dam Joe's gonna make spurs even bigger with new fans popping up


    I'm a fan of Jose, congratulations you back, hope everything is going well.

  • Noor Deeq
    Noor Deeq

    Am here after Mourinho was appointed as a Spurs manager. I love Mourinho because he is someone who has a great ability to win something. We had him some few years ago as Man United manager. I always wanted Jose to come back to the premiere league and here he is. From Man United fan

  • Vini DAI REEDY
    Vini DAI REEDY

    Am I the only one who wants Mou to succeed with Spurs? I'm not even a Spurs fan lol

    • fluffy fingerz
      fluffy fingerz

      yes and no. yes cause i like mourinho but his coaching tottenham. so idk chelsea fan btw :P

    • M & A TV Uk
      M & A TV Uk

      Me too

    • Count Campbell
      Count Campbell


    • cwstars

      @Murphy moe I know right?I hate Tottenham too

    • cwstars

      @Gar Sm you mean no trophys

  • Reese Wilkerson
    Reese Wilkerson

    Simplemente " the special one " :')

  • Soul

    Can't wait to see their first game!

  • kakensa ronald
    kakensa ronald

    Its always nice seeing jose back in action

  • V💖Nation

    Im a LFC fan n I'm really happy to see Jose back on the touch line

  • Tobi

    Who is here because of Jose? Hit like

    • Daniel Hyde
      Daniel Hyde

      Come on Jose I think Jose will be a good fit for spurs

    • tomie myspace
      tomie myspace

      @ Vilasuto Thami I'm for Harry Redknapp and Andre Villa Boas. For Tim Sherwood too

    • Chloe Lui
      Chloe Lui

      I’m an exception - I’m here for Son so you got a dislike 🙄

    • Oguh Anthony Chinonso udochukwu Christian
      Oguh Anthony Chinonso udochukwu Christian


    • JJ Henry
      JJ Henry

      Mourinho is the best.

  • O. Edgar Camacho
    O. Edgar Camacho

    Tudo correrá bem. Es grande. Es unico. Es especial. Boa sorte

  • pro prothanhthu
    pro prothanhthu

    I am a big fan of Jose Mourinho. He will create great things at Spurs. trust me

  • Percan17

    I wish the all the best for Jose as a Man U fan. I honestly think that with proper backing from the higher ups he can keep spurs in a high level.

  • Peter Masaryk
    Peter Masaryk

    This is the first time I watched Spurs training. Now I will watch also more Spurs matches. I am Man united fan but I wish Jose all the best and PL win again with Spurs, if United won´t be able to win it. CL aswell. Pogba is a big problem in united. He is like a big child and no doubt Jose had problems with him. He is probably already preparing for move to real. Spurs are great squad.

  • Kaustubh Varshney
    Kaustubh Varshney

    Bruh Like him or hate him Jose is the one coach who can make the whole world stop and watch.



    • Mickie Mickie
      Mickie Mickie

      On point

    • 08prtk

      @h i no because he instructs to give the ball away to opposition by hoofing it long..

    • Farhan Zolkipli
      Farhan Zolkipli

      @JJ Henry football is boring without Jose and watching football is boring with Jose's tactical

    • 08prtk

      Only if you just defend for 80 mins giving away the ball

  • tdreamgmail

    3 million people watched a training session. The Mourinho effect!

  • Sweater Wearing Squirrel
    Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    This is a far more talented team than the last one he coached when he was with United. He could really make this team do wonders. Not to mention he tried to buy like half their team when at United.

  • 안필드

    Thank you Mauricio. We will keep the grateful moments forever.

  • Marwth

    Harry Kane managed by Jose. The premier league is about to see history.

    • Manna levey
      Manna levey


    • Manna levey
      Manna levey

      @mulisa ISHMAIL or 10-

    • Faghrie Daniels
      Faghrie Daniels

      @mulisa ISHMAIL Or may be Jose will be Jose and drop him to the bench as a power play to show him who is boss. Kane is a great striker but his mobility and work rate isn't as good as Sons. Plus maybe Lucas Moura gets a run in the team. I cant wait to see what Jose does with this team because they have better players than Man United. Should be exciting.

    • Marwth

      mulisa ISHMAIL hell yeah 🔥

    • mulisa ISHMAIL
      mulisa ISHMAIL

      The boy is going to score 35+

  • High Ground
    High Ground

    I still can’t believe that Jose is Tottenham coach. It feels so weird

    • m jama
      m jama

      So weird

    • killer instinct
      killer instinct

      Welcome josé

    • Liam Reynolds
      Liam Reynolds

      It's a weird sight and I like it.FYI Not a Spurs Fan but I just like the look of it

    • The lilywhites
      The lilywhites

      Yes so do i

    • Liam Reynolds
      Liam Reynolds

      @scott walsh Who do you support?

  • Daniel

    So excited to see him coaching again

  • BSN Network
    BSN Network

    I'm a United fan who feels like Jose has been robbed by Woodward and the Glazers so for the rest of this season I'm supporting Spurs!

  • alxb913

    Good Luck, Jose!!❤👏💪

  • Jesse Davis
    Jesse Davis

    this is my first time to watch spurs, not even once when they are playing, imagine me watching them training...that is funny. Jose, the special one...

  • Honey Lindsay
    Honey Lindsay

    Are my eyes alright? Jose in Spurs training kit?

    • golovin press
      golovin press

      @jonblazeinc just an analyst but an elite level one

    • golovin press
      golovin press

      @레이 im happy to apologise to son fans and son, but ive done nothing else wrong. and idek what is in my history lol, doubt it's that bad

    • Diamond ゞ
      Diamond ゞ

      I think I'm having aids

    • aaron cull
      aaron cull

      Honey Lindsay were see how good you’re eyes are in a couple of months 🤔 can’t be any worse than what you have been, and I’m a gooner 😂😂😂😂

    • fuglamann

      My eyes refuse to accept it

  • Mushotsi Emile
    Mushotsi Emile

    It's my first time to watch spurs training and happy for it, I'm a true Manchester United fan

  • ODMasters 481
    ODMasters 481

    Managers and players come and go but the club and what it stands for lives on

  • Akos Mucsi
    Akos Mucsi

    he said in press that his outlook on football has changed but he remained himself and i just absoulutely love to see that in practice. looking at the excercises it’s clear that he wants to play a more patient football with massively involving the defence in forward passes. there are many back passes which means possession game and that was never the case with jose’s teams before but still the most important part of the team will be the defence just like they always were under mou. we’re in for a good one guys

  • Abraham Oladejo
    Abraham Oladejo

    I love jose Mourinho with all my heart

  • Ftjp23

    I hope he does well so people can give him back the respect he deserves

    • Ftjp23

      Thomas More you clearly haven’t seen the state of this team have you

    • Thomas More
      Thomas More

      Nayvadius Wilburn yeah, that time when he was a nobody and took a Porto team to Champions league glory really pales in comparison to getting a trophy to a team that only made it to the Champions league final last year and finished in the top four of their league. Do you guys think about what you type, or do you do it because you just like to hear the sounds of your keyboards clacking?

    • Thomas More
      Thomas More

      His respect was still high look at the awful job Ole is doing with the same squad, Jose was proven right in the end.

    • yavuz neyis
      yavuz neyis

      Respect man, respect!

  • Yanick Paats
    Yanick Paats

    I really hope mou can win many titles with spurs. I love you jose

  • Nastupac Martins
    Nastupac Martins

    Vamos Mourinho és grande


    Thought he was going to Bayern Munich.But still incredibly happy for him.just seeing him back.

  • Blue Llua
    Blue Llua

    People that think they will already see Mourinho's effect this upcoming weekend are delusional. He'll need more than a few days to really get to know this squad and get them to play how he wants. Sure, you'll see some big things change, but it will take time to change the details.

  • Ha Akhrin sawirkayga
    Ha Akhrin sawirkayga

    Fact: we all receive Tottenham IRglo channel recomentions more than ever before

    • Ha Akhrin sawirkayga
      Ha Akhrin sawirkayga

      @Ismail ahmed yeah

    • Ismail ahmed
      Ismail ahmed

      Football First yep 🤣🤣

    • Fighting Irish
      Fighting Irish

      @Mr. N im an lfc fan and although i like spurs i wouldn't be supporting any other club but liverpool fc. Each to there own i suppose. #ynwa

    • Dan Pitt
      Dan Pitt

      Anton Balic same

    • Anton Balic
      Anton Balic

      I'm not even a fan...i am fan of liverpool, but Mourinho is interesting guy

  • Morgo TIME
    Morgo TIME

    Give him a trophy because 100% he will win one! He’s a winner

  • Prince Manu
    Prince Manu

    Great Coach 🏆🏆🏆

  • kostas kostas
    kostas kostas

    im very interested to see how mourinho will do with spurs , i have a feeling he will succed cz if u go back and see mourinhos big succesful season it wasnt with big teams , yes chelsea was btu he did make the a big team they werent the first time before mourinho , porto ok big portugal club but not so big to win championsleague and inter was a legendary club but wasnt at its best moments when mourinho arrived , so lets see how he does

  • Aritra Roy
    Aritra Roy

    4 million views for a training video?😂😂😂😂😂 Damn, Mourinho sells more than most footballing superstars! Box Office!

  • mikey hughes
    mikey hughes

    A message to Jose; just keep on being a winner.

    • tittymeister

      @Kon Zaros atleast he will will leave winning spurs some trophies.....just like he did to chelsea, he made chelsea a relevant club so

    • Kon Zaros
      Kon Zaros

      mikey hughes agreed. Hopefully he can leave spurs in the same place he left Chelsea . The relegation zone .

  • Rogério Maciel
    Rogério Maciel

    Much Success José Mourinho!

  • Taylena 123
    Taylena 123

    I am united fan and i will always love jose even before he was our manager he is the best manager for me after sir alex

  • Bembenk Herlino
    Bembenk Herlino

    semoga sukses pak jose mourinho...!! dan buat spurs ,semoga cepat bangkit dari keterpurukan.. meskipun saya sebenarnya bukan fans spurs,sedih lihat tim sebesar spurs harus terpuruk dimusim ini. ayo bangkit...👏👏👏💪💪💪 salam from INDONESIA

  • Lucas Carneiro
    Lucas Carneiro

    Mourinho carinhoso 😍

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic

    Instant respect from the players. I have a feeling he’ll do well at spurs (from a united fan)

  • Hot Ones
    Hot Ones

    This is what you call “football heritage”

  • Apple Quisumbing
    Apple Quisumbing

    Mourinho, The best option for spurs👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Jabra Meyralle
    Jabra Meyralle

    Never in my entire life did i even imagined that i will one day watch spurs training session. Jose will leave Tottenham as their best manager ever coz he will win them something. I don't what trophy bt he will. He wins everywhere he goes. Welcome back Jose, we all miss you 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • Javad Goudarzi
    Javad Goudarzi

    That practice session scrimmage at the end looks like mad fun... quick end to end stuff fast play no nonsense about it

  • The Basics
    The Basics

    The first time I’ve ever watched the Spurs channel. Jose brought me here.

    • Propagardha

      Same wkwkkeekwk

    • 황찬황찬

      Haha me too but i dont like spurs i love son and jose

    • Happy Fishing
      Happy Fishing

      Me, too. I am a fan of the blues from Indonesia but I really admire Mr. JM.

    • i m not your enemy forget me
      i m not your enemy forget me

      haha me too ,i m a fan of José Mourinho,time to show ur guys i m a fan of Tottenham too

    • Musa Amos
      Musa Amos

      me too I'm a jose morihno fan

  • Joshua Benibo
    Joshua Benibo

    Awww... Mourinho looks so cute with the players. 😍 I pray that his happy demeanor remain. I'm excited for his journey with Spurs. All the best! Fight on! 😃👍🏽


    I am now a Spur's fan because of José aka The Special One!!

  • Samuel Adewole
    Samuel Adewole

    I can't be the only one watching Spurs TV because of Mourinho, the special one.

  • Roberto Bonifazio
    Roberto Bonifazio

    I'm an Inter fan but now that you have José am gonna cheer for Tottenham as second team. Good luck triplete's hero ♥️🔵⚫

  • WaHiD RaOuFy
    WaHiD RaOuFy

    Good luck to your new team Mourinho.👆🏻💪🏾👌

  • Aaron Adu Frimpong
    Aaron Adu Frimpong

    Tottenham Hotspurs with such a beautiful stadium deserves trophies.

  • El Florentino
    El Florentino

    Le spécial one est de retour courage à mon manager adoré depuis la côte d'Ivoire 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

  • Tex

    I don’t like this dude at all but can’t wait to see what he’ll do with Tottenham

    • Leandro Miguel
      Leandro Miguel

      Golazo Highlights how dare you



    • SmittenTheKitteninMittens

      yes many buses will be parked

  • MrCJ Costa
    MrCJ Costa

    The presence this man has is incredible he’s like a father to this men wont surprise if he gets them to the champions league final and finish top 5

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay

      He's got a son there too

  • Tshepiso Letuka
    Tshepiso Letuka

    Mourinho is so big that even IRglo shows us He's first training session