Exercise Ball Magnus Effect from 200m!!
How Ridiculous
How good is back spin.
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YES we did have all the various balls collected from the bottom of the gorge so don't worry about commenting about wasting or polluting, cool cool cool.
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  • Josh L
    Josh L

    232 meters!!!

  • loricat

    I think it would be interesting to watch how they collected all those balls after they were done. You should have filmed that part also. That would have been cool to see.

  • no

    The cameraman sitting on the edge is really testing my anxiety.

  • EarendilTheBlessed

    Magnus only

  • GRAYgoose124

    Makes sense to me that these super low density things where friction is going to be a significant will have their spin stripped much quicker than something with more inertial capacity. You can definitely see it with the first soccer balloon.

  • Terry Goyan
    Terry Goyan

    Loved this video! Since Magnus effect is dependent on the spin of the object maybe you could paint one side of the balls so the spin is more visible. Thanks for the fun guys!

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine

    Nice to see you guys harnessed. The tower videos make me nervous even though it has the tall railing.

  • f0rmaggi0

    For those of you who don’t know, the Magnus effect is when you are walking along the bottom of a tall canyon or building and get nailed in the head with a ball from some random sport.

  • Kevin Crady
    Kevin Crady

    Should have spun the rugby ball from the ends, so it would be rotating around its long axis instead of end-over-end. It might have gotten a lot of Magnus Effect that way, since it would have more surface area than a sphere of equivalent volume. The oblong end-over-end tumble creates completely different aerodynamics.

  • Glenn Glazier
    Glenn Glazier

    I would say that wind currents have a much greater impact than any spin effect, especially for balls with large surface area.

  • Yiannis Mantheakis
    Yiannis Mantheakis

    Damn standing that close to the edge has made my heart pound like a jackhammer.

  • Nate Weber
    Nate Weber

    With the magnus effect you need to account drag across the surface. Smoother surface gives less lift from magnus, that's why the volleyball soared where the fake soccer ball didn't. It's the drag the panels on the volleyball create. That's also why the exercise ball is so successful, those grip ridges on it help magnus. I'd be curious how much throwing it with the ridges vs against the ridges would impact the distance and steadiness of the flight.

  • Wallace Sidhrée
    Wallace Sidhrée

    These 6 balls will take more time to decompose in nature than all visible rocks combined.

  • JP Wolf
    JP Wolf


  • Jordan C. Vincent
    Jordan C. Vincent

    Great video! This is a good example of employing the scientific method. The crew started with 1) hypotheses , then 2) tested the hypotheses, then 3) reevaluated hypotheses, and 4) then retested. With enough tests you would have figured out what is optimal for the Magnus effect. Given enough background on physics and you may have re-derived the Magnus effect, and might have called it your own "How Ridiculous" effect.

  • chan p
    chan p

    What do you do with those ball after trowing it?

  • Time for Change Channel
    Time for Change Channel

    I would really like to see the sky-hook at various angles. I wonder if 30-45 degrees down might go much further than going up and out as you gents tried. But we need to know! hahaha

  • firescry69

    I love this effect on things. Nice video showing the magnus effect on different things of different sizes and weights.

  • Mike Harrison
    Mike Harrison

    Cool video! Now I have to find out what the Magnus Effect is all about LOL. Just a suggestion that marking the ball would make it a lot easier to observe the spin.

  • Jade Wierzchowski
    Jade Wierzchowski

    times the balls were thrown