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نظر: 9 329
  • LazerLord10

    How to break your hand in 3 easy steps!

  • Jay Collins
    Jay Collins

    I find Derrick's performance more apPEELing 🍌 than Scott's. It was one in a melon 🍉. He should win with his seed.

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller

    I love watching your vidis. So please continue producing them. Looks like so much fun.

  • Nathaniel B.
    Nathaniel B.

    That was by far the funniest video I've seen you guys make so far. 😆 Thank you.

  • Gregory Harris
    Gregory Harris

    I've been watching you guys a while. I've always wondered... when trying to catch a banana or something safe of the sort, why not pull your shirt out like a net? No one has ever mentioned it's cheating.


    Okay, serious question, in Australia do neighborhoods come standard equipped with 45m towers for the residents to drop random shit off of?

  • Rob

    Just wanted to say that i love you guys and I am always excited when you upload a new video!!

  • Ben Hitz
    Ben Hitz

    Try dropping things through a wire grate. Talk about sick slomo shots!!

  • balazs0208

    You guys are so hilarious subscribed for sure :D

  • Jechew

    With some rounding, it is dropped at 45 m and has mass of around 10kg(avg watermelon mass). We would get about 30 meters per second final velocity when it hits, and assuming that time of impact was a quarter of a second, you have around 1190 N of peak force on that arm. That is around a 120 kg weight force on that hand for a quarter of a second. Factoring in air resistance would still get more or less the same value. Would that break a hand?

  • FreddeBM

    You guys should do the Magnus effect with the fruits and veggies!

  • Andrew


  • SoFresh SooClean
    SoFresh SooClean

    Next Time Try Catching A Helium Balloon.

  • Zach Peters
    Zach Peters

    I've always wondered how do you get that tower at your disposal

  • Sandra Bolt
    Sandra Bolt

    I've been to that tower before!!! Plus you guys are amazing!!!!!!

  • BornEpic

    Next video: Catching whole watermelons with mouth from 45m

  • Lapp Bros
    Lapp Bros

    my dudes, i love your vids so much and cant wait for more

  • Party Sticks44
    Party Sticks44

    Scott getting Tidal waved by a watermelon had me crying it was so funny

  • VibeRant

    That lettuce would have made good fruit juice.

  • YouShouldveKnown CauseIfYouDidntKnowNowYouDo
    YouShouldveKnown CauseIfYouDidntKnowNowYouDo

    I like how they went and picked up all the little bits of lettuce. :D