Luka Doncic Shows Off SMOOTH Game At Pro Open Run! Monta Ellis Still a MAJOR BUCKET!!
Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic is the Reigning NBA Rookie of The Year. Here he showed up at the Elite Open Run to play against Monta Ellis, Wesley Matthews, and more pros.
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  • Daniel Liu
    Daniel Liu

    Luka was nonexistent but this was one of the smoothest games ive ever watched. Shot selection was beautiful, ball movement was beautiful, johnny sin's ball handling was beautiful

    • Sideline Ball
      Sideline Ball

      JOHNNY WHO NOW??????

    • Traezylil

      Not the jonny's sins 😭

    • Jordan Gratton
      Jordan Gratton

      @GBWM2021 I wish more people knew this haha, good editing but everyone thinks these people just don't miss, there is a reason haha

    • Qdontae6

      @Khrande me too lmao

    • GBWM2021

      Dear commenters. These. Are. Highlights.

  • Jeremy A
    Jeremy A

    Luka’s definitely the guy you might underestimate till you see him with the ball in his hands.

    • Lofton

      Yea cause he’s white

    • Roux Long
      Roux Long

      Man... Who underestimates a 6'7" guy who plays basketball? SMH

    • Chris Hamilton
      Chris Hamilton

      Uhh, why would you underestimate him?

  • Andy Ham
    Andy Ham

    It’s crazy how good luka is at his age. People sometimes forget just how young this kid is. Insaneeee. He’s gonna be a PROBLEMMMM for everyone for years and years and years to come.

    • Vinícius Pontello
      Vinícius Pontello

      this aged well

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Luka Doncic, Johnny Sins, A$AP Ferg and Monta Ellis ball out at the Elite Open Run 2019

    • A Z
      A Z

      Johnny Sins aka Mike Malat

    • 社会のダニ


    • Daniel Varela
      Daniel Varela

      @C C 🤨🤨

    • Thu Giang Ha
      Thu Giang Ha

      @Mitch Coob is he good at basketball

  • ChevySSKane

    This is what a pick up game should look like. Ball movement, vision, smart buckets, and no arguing!!

    • IBRAHIM Alowonle
      IBRAHIM Alowonle

      That's why it's called a "PRO" run.

    • That Guy Luis
      That Guy Luis

      These are pros doing pick ups tho.

    • MK-Ultra Mags
      MK-Ultra Mags

      This video shows the difference between good players and "Professionals." Anyone who's played ball their whole lives usually know some great players, maybe even know some that went pro overseas or the NBA. But when you watch a True Pro NBA Player in a game with Non-Pros, even great ones... The difference in talent level for the NBA is huge. Using all those physical attributes, athleticism, size, shooting ability etc. as well as MOVING THE BALL, knowing how to perfectly maneuver thru traffic and master the pick and roll. A guy like Wesley Matthews is a True Pro simply for his basketball IQ. He's not gonna score 25pts a game, he's not a primary ball handler or even that much of a threat off-ball outside of corner 3s. BUT, he's a master of all the nuances in the NBA. He plays outstanding D, sets perfect screens, uses offensive players leverage against them forcing them into tight screens and tough shots. All because he plays smart. Makes the right passes, understands the flow of the game.

    • Chikush Odiz
      Chikush Odiz

      @MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt one there is defense two the video is edited and only showing the makes

    • Chikush Odiz
      Chikush Odiz

      @Contra Mundum 2.0 [Paradigm Shift] no defense they all play defense just better offense

  • Nathaniel Trevino
    Nathaniel Trevino

    One thing I’ve noticed about high level ball players is that they hardly have any wasted movements. Make it look so easy

  • NiftyLosesGames

    I just want this season to starttttttt alreadyyyyy. This feels like the longest offseason of ALL TIME, and ironically they’ve gotten shorter and shorter over the years😹

  • jet it
    jet it

    This is so nice to watch. Great atmosphere and great basketball.


    Luka completed the main story he's just doing side quests now

    • Meshar Rogers
      Meshar Rogers

      This comment underrated

  • Klay Niltasuwan
    Klay Niltasuwan

    How's Monta Ellis been out of a job/out of the league for so long. I always loved watching him play. Was very underrated.

    • D Medilicious
      D Medilicious

      @312 City exactly

    • Queloq Johnny
      Queloq Johnny

      He was one of my favorite players bro

    • Christian Herrera
      Christian Herrera

      Klay Niltasuwan cus he cant guard anyone taller than 6’0ft.

  • Logos Cartel
    Logos Cartel

    smooth as silk, keep bringin the heat BallIsLife 🏀

  • Ayyj_24

    It’s crazy to see Monta & and Luka on the same court together

  • Fred Beenstoned
    Fred Beenstoned

    As a Mavs fan it’s good to see Luka with Smith Justin and Roby. Also good to see Wes & Monta ✊🏼

  • Jon

    I honestly wonder if we’ll ever see a defensive highlight from one of these runs.

  • Javier Verdú Castillo
    Javier Verdú Castillo

    I could watch these kind of videos for hours. A little follow of the scores would be nice, and also short-flashed names of the players, both pros and not so pros

  • Betstradamus Picks
    Betstradamus Picks

    Best of the best. Luka looks like he isn’t even breaking a sweat.

  • iAm Average
    iAm Average

    I miss Monta Ellis bro he was a legit Hooper

  • Nail Jones
    Nail Jones

    Luka is a great talent the best part about watching him play is you can tell he loves playing basketball

  • mike black
    mike black

    I like how Luka plays at his own pace.

  • Mark Hiew
    Mark Hiew

    Bald guy is my man Mike Malat: he played pro in Europe. Man has a smooth game.

    • KidCat

      @Kevin Ala what are you talking about that’s Johnny sins

    • Mirapetitot

      He seems cool, but I hightly doubt he played in any meaningful pro setting in Europe

    • Isaac Vilchis
      Isaac Vilchis

      @Kevin Ala You misspelled misspelled.

    • Kevin Ala
      Kevin Ala


    • Kevin Ala
      Kevin Ala

      You missed spelled Adam Silver

  • Josh Rubi
    Josh Rubi

    Yo who remembers the Monte Ellis lay up package 🔥🔥🔥

    • Lance Listones
      Lance Listones

      He is so fluid doing a lay up just like ai doin crossover its so fluid

    • Jarrod Sharp
      Jarrod Sharp


    • NastyDHL

      All time elite at the rim

  • Mikey LaFave
    Mikey LaFave

    This man will definitely get a ring

  • xxxskimask

    glad to see monta still ball and to see luka develop his game even more. 👍🏼

    • K L
      K L

      @Miles Johnson barrel belly and he STILL givin your favorite player 30 every time 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • AppleJuice69

      @Miles Johnson so Lukas kind of a top 5 player now. I think he's doing okay 😂😂

    • Wolf

      Miles Johnson 🙄 Tragic Bronson

    • Miles Johnson
      Miles Johnson

      @Sus you're the clown if you think RotY means he performed to his best potential. It just means that he was the best rookie, not that he met his top capabilities

  • Nabi LUUT
    Nabi LUUT

    Congrats to Luka ALL NBA FIRST TEAM! Firm handshakes all around. 🤝

  • MariOOls

    Great to see Monta Ellis 💪

  • d

    Hes looking slimmer and his handling looks tighter as well, cant wait for the regular season.

  • JPNA

    Everybody noticing the bald guy but nobody notices how good this guy films, it's so quick but smooth.

  • Wade French
    Wade French

    Luka's passes are the most impressive thing in this video.

  • Danny Cooper
    Danny Cooper

    Luka was born to play basketball, always smiling and happy when he plays lmao!

  • Banimeclips

    Bro imagine 2022 Luka doing the insane behind the back passes in the open runs 😂

  • Monster5o

    Love how everyone is playing at 100% and Luka is like a chilled 20% lol

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez

    Adam Silver was on fire🔥

    • Trakbeaterz

      @Raheem Beauford Mike Malat

    • b conni
      b conni

      good one..ha ha

    • deckard

      hi is rick carslile

    • Thu Giang Ha
      Thu Giang Ha

      @FoRiN ToPiXz who is adam silver



  • Matt Valin
    Matt Valin

    I'm here for Monta. The greatest player of this or any other era.

    • Sephyy.C


  • jsj31313jj

    Extremely soft ball 😊💪. No one needs to get hurt.

  • lalith thapa
    lalith thapa

    Once a baller, always a baller

  • DaCruz

    Love this guy, he is always smiling

  • Luke Osborn
    Luke Osborn

    I swear every one of these pickup games has a bald guy who gives everyone buckets

    • Xin

      I like to call them The Alex Carusos

    • Montana Boulevard
      Montana Boulevard

      No cap😭

    • James Malisham
      James Malisham

      @Super Sports Plays qù⁰9k Q aQ!!0

    • billybrooks1

      That's what we do

  • ozzylaza

    It seems to me they all have a pretty smooth game going on

  • Fixed Focus Film
    Fixed Focus Film

    Look at Monta Ellis out there. Throwback!

  • Orion33

    He has some of the best handles

  • Cosmin Alexandru
    Cosmin Alexandru

    Luka is the living proof that skill>athleticism

  • TK

    Not only just Luka but also all of the other players are smooth af

  • bruh

    Them step backs he does in game be slow as helllll but shit he makes me work 🤷🏽‍♂️😂🐐

  • Nobodyyet

    Luka is definitely not the most athletic player but he makes up for it with phenomenal skill

  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang

    Casual Dorian Finney-Smith, Justin Jackson, and Isaiah Roby going unnoticed

    • Adonis Bruton
      Adonis Bruton

      He called him josh at the beginning of the vid

  • Muhammad Iqbal
    Muhammad Iqbal

    The way luka plays is genius. HE CAN MAKE A PLAY AND SCORE WITH EASY.

    • Pet3r38

      Muhammad Iqbal with ease*

  • Jeff Banfield SFL WR
    Jeff Banfield SFL WR

    The Mavs have great talent scouts. Isaiah Roby is going to be good as well.

  • Sammy Spaniel
    Sammy Spaniel

    The street clothes allows you to see the level these guys are really at. I expect to see perfection when they're in uniform but my eyes aren't used to seeing this level in a pair of sweats.

  • Sebastian Röckl
    Sebastian Röckl

    I just Love how every Player always must Look cool or mean and Luka just Smiling at his competition

    • Nabi LUUT
      Nabi LUUT

      It's the oversized and fragile egos. 😂

  • Vashon Watson
    Vashon Watson

    2:31 that back foot move before shot

  • Jarett Bousquet
    Jarett Bousquet

    Ball is life always suckers me into clicking these. “Luka shows off his SMOOTH game” then 75 percent of it is some random bald dude

    • Jarett Bousquet
      Jarett Bousquet

      @Baby Goat maybe you watched a different vid lol

    • Baby Goat
      Baby Goat

      Yall just haters it clearly shows at minimum 70% of luka

    • Yoel

      I think look was trying to not show off and share the ball but still we wanna see luka

    • Fixed Focus Film
      Fixed Focus Film

      They are a tad on the clickbait-y side. But they likely just don't have enough premium content to fill out their videos and get those glorious ads, so they pack their stuff with filler. Pretty common practice in the IRglo universe.

    • M Li
      M Li

      Yeah I miss when they used to only upload mixtapes of players we cared for. The worst is when they show 10 minutes of random high schoolers knocking down routine threes and 30 seconds of a top recruit

  • elgriego331

    Its amazing how the game has changed. Growing up the refs would never allow you to carry the ball so much. Its ridiculous!

  • N O X
    N O X

    i love how luka ia not just soloing everyone and passes almost every play

  • Qarl

    Remember when Ball was life & playing pickup basketball was allowed... Life Before CV19 Thanks for the share

  • Mason Wright
    Mason Wright

    That Luka dude is good. Hope to see him in the NBA

  • The Renegade
    The Renegade

    They aint ready for Johnny Sins, he just keeps gettin buckets


      Facts lmao man of many talents

    • Darkskin Dinero
      Darkskin Dinero


    • roberto5red5rocky

      The Warriors made a huge mistake drafting Curry and getting rid of Ellis...

    • CivilWarz

      Strong ball shots.

    • brandonn sanders
      brandonn sanders

      For anyone who was really wondering. He name is Mike malat.

  • Tropa do Luva de Pedreiro Fã Clube oficial
    Tropa do Luva de Pedreiro Fã Clube oficial

    Monta Ellis saudades de vc nós mavs

  • NBA defense
    NBA defense

    Luka Doncic is your 2020 MVP 🙏🏽

  • Big_0_817

    Rick Carlisle out here schooling these boys. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nick Mersch
    Nick Mersch

    Can we sign Wes to a cheaper contract? I loved watching that dude play. Worked his ass off

  • Chris Bagley
    Chris Bagley

    I want to see the pros play an exhibition game on 11 ft and 12 ft see how it changes the game

  • Brian Stolt
    Brian Stolt

    This guys are amazing. Never missed a shot!

    • Garillinho

      It’s the highlights 🤦‍♂️

  • νιвєѕツ

    Monte needs to be signed to a team pls i miss him he a beast

  • Leonard Dyer
    Leonard Dyer

    He need a 10 day contract!! And he has handles low key!!

  • Bigsquatch40

    Who knew Rick Carlisle in the orange shorts could ball like that

    • Shakarus Sanders
      Shakarus Sanders

      @Jesus Vasquez Yep! Celtics 1986

    • Jesus Vasquez
      Jesus Vasquez

      didn't the actual rick carlisle win a ring as a player?

    • Bubba Wilson
      Bubba Wilson

      Rick was a baller back in his day in waa nba player I know he played for Celtics I don't know if he play for any other teams

    • Brent

      Rick Carlisle was actually an NBA player for the Celtics so....

    • Axie to Mars
      Axie to Mars

      Epic! 😂

  • Erwin Bolocboloc
    Erwin Bolocboloc

    Luka slow but unpredictable he has so many moves

  • Alex c
    Alex c

    @2:17 it's a simple move but effective little space for the short jumper, I use that one all the time.. that guy has good game btw , need to get signed somewhere.

  • ManiWRLD

    Miss my boy Monta Ellis he really was A problem back then😔🥶I hate injuries

  • Blinks Stay fresh
    Blinks Stay fresh

    Luka enjoys playing. Always smiling

  • Tarun Masimukku
    Tarun Masimukku

    Damn lol. Luka looks like he's perpetually tired, but then gradually gets around everyone for the layup, or just squares up and shoots. buckets.

    • joshua a. pleasant
      joshua a. pleasant

      Rock you to sleep. It's one of his secret ingredients. I was thinkin what you said when I started the vid .. he technically is a small ball power forward on some pg ish lol he's quick & fast tho, he just really has a wisdomy game, so it's patient.

    • Carlos Boozer
      Carlos Boozer

      I think his face just gets red easily

    • CAM

      Thinking the exact same thing

    • jan279

      Forreal, he using like 10% of his power, and still givin errbody buckets. lol

    • Samuel Castells
      Samuel Castells

      @Chris Perry give me that list please

  • Sedly Holmes
    Sedly Holmes

    Now this guy is an All-star Starter

  • Michael C
    Michael C

    Monta should be picked up by a NBA team, he can still play

  • Miles Lateef
    Miles Lateef

    Luka doin all this in sweatpants and probably no warmup 😭

  • Albert Lopez
    Albert Lopez

    Monta needs to come back!!!

  • DEjuanma

    Oh man, every kids dream to be able to play ball that good. Even if its just in the gym, a baller just wants to enjoy and play his best bball. And this kid is at the top of potential and basketball hability

  • Brandon Gavin
    Brandon Gavin

    Suprised Monta hasn’t played since 2016, looks like he could still play.

  • Anthony Darwin
    Anthony Darwin

    Damn game still looks the same from last year still smooth tho

  • HoodRixhGuwop

    Monte Ellis Putting On For Mississippi 601 🔥

  • Anthony Darwin
    Anthony Darwin

    Damn game still looks the same from last year still smooth tho

  • Trix

    The next wave of superstars... Luka and Young

    • V

      @Joe Stuehmer " all of you Luka groupies " lol what? to be fair i seen Trae in the opening week and i was not impressed up until he popped off AFTER all star...dude was real good to close out the season but I think his first week he was like airballin deep threes or someshit that was his first impression on ppl and thats why ppl say first impressions matter cause dude was getting trolled a bit in the comments..same shit happened to Luka before he even played a game.

    • P0L0Y-

      Li'Angelo Ball!

    • Trix

      Joe Stuehmer what kind of statement is that? Lmao

    • Dana kaleb
      Dana kaleb

      Joe Stuehmer salty much? We’re having a pleasant, non hostile conversation for once, and you hop-in with your resentment. Go polluting somewhere else.