Drone catches GIANT Killer Clown at Haunted Park!! (We Found Him!)
Drone catches GIANT Killer Clown at Haunted Park!! (We Found Him!)
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  • Stromedy

    New Videos coming tomorrow! Thanks for waiting Stromedy Squad!

    • Munchkin Central
      Munchkin Central

      Nice that scary people outside

    • Kerryann Ashman
      Kerryann Ashman

      ilove u and your group. Video

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      Hunterb Adams

      I subscribe and comment

    • Tyler Van dender
      Tyler Van dender

      Nice vidéo @clown hunter

  • Khani Dobson
    Khani Dobson

    I saw something moving in the maze with balloons 5:35

    • rylee boman
      rylee boman

      Your right

  • XH Minecraft
    XH Minecraft

    Stromedy: no body is here to save you Literally as soon as he flips the camera: *person walking by*

    • Jolie  and.  You
      Jolie and. You

      😂 lol

    • Lisa Hunt
      Lisa Hunt


  • -:Lunar Eclipse:-
    -:Lunar Eclipse:-

    Me when you said clowns are in north US: “HECK NAHHHH, IF IMMA LIVE IN WASHINGTON THEN IMMA BE SAFE!!!!!” *hides under bed*

  • fun shots
    fun shots

    Now thats what i call a EZ maze when you can fly a drone above it and figure out the way to the end

  • Candace Moe
    Candace Moe

    I have been watching you for 4 years I love your contact end when you're being serious you're actually being funny keep up the good work Kyle have a great day

  • TtvBeansforbreakfast10

    At 51:19 you see something walking around in the back window

  • mark ashbaugh
    mark ashbaugh

    25:42 the donuts somebody did in the parking lot looked like headphones 🎧 lol

  • Keighley Larkings
    Keighley Larkings

    He’s probably the boss of all the other clowns 😅

  • Steven 663
    Steven 663

    Bruh it’s just his friends probs but I still love stromedy he makes the best vids on earth I love watching stromedy when ever I am sad I just watch stromedy and it makes my day

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    Hi stromedy love your videos keep it up!!!!

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    Christopher Escamilla

    I love your videos I think they’re cool keep the good work up❤️

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    Jim Cassick

    I love your vids I've been watching for 7 years and never got bored

  • Mark Reddin
    Mark Reddin

    At 2:46 you can see a clown walk on the path to the left of the camera

  • Zanouba Shaitoo
    Zanouba Shaitoo

    Is it just me that I'm seeing something moving in that maze

  • Karlos Renteria
    Karlos Renteria

    At the beginning of the video when you were saying clowns hang out in the maze at 5:49 and 5:48 you could see clowns going into the maze

    • Gacha Queen
      Gacha Queen

      I was going to say that

    • Karlos Renteria
      Karlos Renteria

      Behind you guys


    Dude, Thank you Stromdey Squad, we both love your videos, dude my son always looking for clowns in the parks...

  • Muse Nw
    Muse Nw

    Why does this look like a total "game over" scene at the 17 minute mark? it took that one clown to just subdue all five when (divided) they fell apart

  • susan medhurst
    susan medhurst

    I’m never going down a water slide again 💀

  • The Bummer Lamb
    The Bummer Lamb

    Dude- around 40% of people from 20-30 years old,are clowns,well- I'm going to have trouble sleeping now

  • Kyran Singh
    Kyran Singh

    5:48 on the right side of the tree i saw some clowns going into the maze

  • Ava_axalotle🧸🌅

    I imagine crowchi or how ever is spelled just in the playing at the playground selling woodchips💀🤣🤚🏻

  • Jessica Greier
    Jessica Greier

    while i was watching this a clown knocked on my door I SCREAMED!!


    Bro I've been watching stromedy for like 4 or 5 years and he's still making bangers

    • Nikki


    • LOL101

      YES I feel you bro

  • Q-Dawg Cav
    Q-Dawg Cav

    i love how you grow your hair out but its not too long i also subscribed to everyone on the prime capitol team including this channel

  • Aiden Galdamez
    Aiden Galdamez

    i saw some people behind you when you were on the bench showing us the maze with the drone.

  • Aiden Galdamez
    Aiden Galdamez

    I can see people moving in the maze.

  • Angela townend
    Angela townend

    When your on the crowchey bit he's in the window staring at him 😨

  • amna haroon
    amna haroon

    Love your videos keep up the good work. 😇

  • Maria Espinosa
    Maria Espinosa

    Video and you'll see a clown in the background spying on you right behind the trees where where you are about ready to go into the center

  • Keagan Baker
    Keagan Baker

    Love your videos Kyle I've been watching you for 3 years😀😀😀

  • Ahmet'le Değişik İşler
    Ahmet'le Değişik İşler

    46:00 He saw drone. So he try to find a place for catch the drone. (I think)

  • Kiera Cole
    Kiera Cole

    at this point in the vid ( 30:30) i saw the clown on top of the playground he wasnt kidding

  • Quitana Constancia
    Quitana Constancia

    In his video: His scared and keeps on screaming Irl without recording: just chillin'

    • Quitana Constancia
      Quitana Constancia

      @nix og flammeknuseren wdym

  • Julia Stars ⭐️
    Julia Stars ⭐️

    I also saw at the start of the maze view I saw people or clowns walking in it😲

  • kohen herman
    kohen herman

    Me: seeing a clown Then: I SMAK THE CRAP OTTUA OF THE CLOWN

  • Bryce Lane
    Bryce Lane

    Hey Stromedy I subscribed to you and the whole prime capitol team🎉🎁

  • Farhan Makda
    Farhan Makda

    It’s funny as they all get caught!

  • Dek Davis
    Dek Davis

    wait how do yall know how tall he is if hes allways crouching not being a hater just wondering and i lov e ur videos

  • A random demon?
    A random demon?

    I looked close and saw a clown in the backround walking on the sidewalk...

  • Landon Nguyen
    Landon Nguyen

    I subscribed to everyone and I have watched you for 7 years and you do the best bangers!!!

  • Alex the Netherite Potato
    Alex the Netherite Potato

    "and we are here in the island"I thought you were on top of the maze bank from gta

  • HavingFunOutdoors

    I would’ve jumped the fence through the bushes and get out of there. Simple

  • sssniper

    34:05 how can the kids see the clown but you can't ?

  • luhjay850 🐐
    luhjay850 🐐

    “What if when you go in it goes to a different dimension” now yu just overthinking this 😹🤦🏽‍♀️

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    Yari Vsleep

    Be safe guys😭

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    Jessica Tejada

    My son loves watching your videos. And he subscribed to everyone.

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      Clowne fan

      I subscribed to everyone to

  • Lloyd Messer
    Lloyd Messer

    when you where at the red train you could see a clown in the train walking toward the back

  • Elvira ullman
    Elvira ullman

    I remember when I was like 7 and watched you and I was super scared but now I don't understand what I was scared of lol

  • Archer’s BB Guns
    Archer’s BB Guns

    That scared the frick out of me.

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins

    55:50 there was a white figure on the train

  • destiny turner
    destiny turner

    If I was Erica I'd just sit there and take pictures of the sunset although I never take pictures

  • Oliver Carlisle
    Oliver Carlisle

    When it pointed to the maze I saw someone in there

  • Zanouba Shaitoo
    Zanouba Shaitoo

    Before I watch this video I know you can do something crazy like climb up a mountain and jump because there's a lot of clouds around him

  • Jim Cassick
    Jim Cassick

    If I seen crouchy when I was walking I would run and scream

  • The Baby Rap
    The Baby Rap

    Yknow when you shown the mase? I saw a clown already coming out of it…

  • GamingOnfireYT


  • Sonia Lazzo
    Sonia Lazzo

    Nah fam that half Shrek half scarecrow right there for sure😂😂

  • Yaya Stewart
    Yaya Stewart

    You are the best IRglor ever when I wake up I go straight to your channels

  • rylee boman
    rylee boman

    5:00 You hear a clown laugh

  • Pixel_rblx

    I haven’t watched stromedy in 2 years because I got a little scared but I’m back it’s been so long

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    Amanda Shumaker

    I subscribe to all the prime Capital love you guys and keep dropping more bangers on bangers on bangers

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    Kayleigh Monk

    When Stromedy Moves a lot at the first part of the video no one else moves here's what I think: Me:Andre why bro😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😣 lol❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    shane morey

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    Christopher Escamilla

    Videos are so good keep the work up and I’ll give you a A+

  • Darla Mccall
    Darla Mccall

    You are the best I mean all of you even know that the clowns have masks it’s so funny and I still love you guys you are a great

  • Aneurin Vass
    Aneurin Vass

    16:50 me: AAAAAAAAAHH 16:52 me: h-hi c-c-clown 😨 17:11 me: wait was i just dreaming?

  • KolochoGAM1NG

    your videos are so funny I'm so exited for the next time

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    Jennifer Salemi

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    Tina Fedorak

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    Cheng kaylin

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  • Cg45vr

    You know it’s fake but it’s amazing at the same time so I watch it

  • Ireland

    At 26:40 I think crouchey was sitting next to a pole.

  • marcia harris
    marcia harris

    It was funny when Stromedy said what the hell are you doing

  • Terreon Abraham
    Terreon Abraham

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    Danette Crossing

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