NO RULES FIFA 20 | Heung-min Son & Serge Aurier v Paulo Gazzaniga & Ryan Sessegnon
Tottenham Hotspur
Heung-min Son and Serge Aurier take on Paulo Gazzaniga and Ryan Sessegnon in a game of EA Sports FIFA 20... with a twist! No fouls, no offsides, no cards - it's no rules FIFA!
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  • Tottenham Hotspur
    Tottenham Hotspur

    Who is still watching this video over a year on...? 👀 Can't get enough of Sonny and Serge 😂

    • Robert Badan
      Robert Badan

      Not me

    • Tosinkingfisher Cheeseburger
      Tosinkingfisher Cheeseburger


    • J

      still watching in 2022. It's hillarious😂

    • Tahith Chambers
      Tahith Chambers

      2 years on

    • Eunsung Kim
      Eunsung Kim

      Definitely me

  • Isidora A
    Isidora A

    Son and Serge being a comedic duo for 12 minutes straight

    • Clara Shinta
      Clara Shinta

      actually true🤣

    • ultrapurple111

      Yup, just after 12:29. Funniest moment.

    • Nguyen Thanh
      Nguyen Thanh


    • Yacine Ović
      Yacine Ović

      @Капитан Жоржик ew

  • Rubhen925

    'When we win you are my brother, when we lose you are my friend' - Serge 😂

    • 구피

      남탓충 흥민손ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ개웃겨

    • Woobyung Chae
      Woobyung Chae



      @Eben not you thinking an icon like IU is replying to random comments like this 😂

    • Shoelace Bellringer
      Shoelace Bellringer

      @Eben it’s just a profile picture of probably their favorite singer in South Korea 🗿

    • 아아

      @Eben bruh she is a famous Singer in Korea not a catfish lmao

  • Priyam Awasthi
    Priyam Awasthi

    Serge: * exists * Son: *DO SOMETHING*

    • Puppy as pure as milk
      Puppy as pure as milk


    • LaFevre

      Son: *drinks some water* Serge: Calm down brooo!

    • SirTayto II
      SirTayto II

      Serge: Dies Son: What are you doing! Do something!!!

    • samsom Son of isac
      samsom Son of isac

      I looked at this one read it.. "i nod in agreement* i scrolled past it.. 1s in i burst in laughter. .... Am here now writing this.. .... Good Vv33D.

  • Wen Cao
    Wen Cao

    I can’t stop laughing when sonny talks, he’s so funny.

    • SoBezZ

      @Manchester United FC bruh 😂

    • Manchester United FC
      Manchester United FC

      Come on Spurs

  • 엄마밥상매일Mom's table every day
    엄마밥상매일Mom's table every day

    손흥민 선수 짱! 항상응원합니다. 힘이 됩니다.

    • Jabir Mahmud
      Jabir Mahmud

      Hey korean

    • 꼬막이

      손흥민 좋아 합니다(?)

    • 백설남

      @주민영 응원한다는게 왜 쪽팔릴 일임?? 우린 다 너가 쪽팔려 ;;

    • 하비


    • DD디디앤미

      넘 귀여워죽겠네요🤣😆💘

  • man utd 22
    man utd 22

    Son is the type of person you can't really hate

    • DeagL ChoCobar
      DeagL ChoCobar


    • Jeregotnohoes

      My brother dos

    • Cafm4n

      You can but u appear as racist

    • Laggan playz
      Laggan playz


    • Noobek Noobek
      Noobek Noobek

      I agree

  • Tommy Russell
    Tommy Russell

    Aurier: "I am happy for my friend" Son : "I thought we were brothers" Aurier : "We win,you are my brother, we lose you are my friend "🤣🤣

  • mzsurr

    I feel like anyone who hangs out with Son immediately feels youthful again. He just has that energy

    • DD디디앤미

      정말정말정말 착한 사람이에요 손흥민!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Yuh-Kae Huang
    Yuh-Kae Huang

    9:15 That ‘Serge!?’ had me laughing 😂. Also 3:52 their celebration 😂 was my favorite moment in this video.

    • Kar Chung Chan
      Kar Chung Chan


  • BiGZ 7
    BiGZ 7

    Son and aurier should make their own channel, they're comedy

    • TimUrGamer


    • S_M

      yeah,me too ther're so fun

    • Nevermore -
      Nevermore -

      no, absolutely no

    • Randomgames132 !
      Randomgames132 !

      Why you do this


      손오 궁합 개웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • good day
    good day

    Watching this again and again and never bored 🤣 always laughing

    • No Fear
      No Fear


  • gary mcmahon
    gary mcmahon

    Great watch, I'm not a Spurs fan, who cares, this was just a bunch of mates having a great laugh, brilliant!!

    • Martial Hero
      Martial Hero

      I'm about to become a spurs fan because of them

  • Vansh Bhatwa
    Vansh Bhatwa

    I love Son. He just makes my day by smiling 🥰

  • Thandanani Zuma
    Thandanani Zuma

    I would love to have Sonny on my team😂😂😂 he is so funny

  • Sean L
    Sean L

    No seriously, this is the best video ever released on this channel. The banter between Sonny and Aurier is awesome! Son is too funny! 😂😂🤣🤣

    • golovin press
      golovin press

      @5000 Subscribers With No Video looooooool gnabry perisic coutinho coman, alphonso, all better

    • 5000 Subscribers With No Video
      5000 Subscribers With No Video

      @golovin press Son is too good to stay at Spurs. He needs to go to a better team like bayern (he wont get time and madrid) and actually get some trophies.

    • The Ramirez
      The Ramirez

      Man, this all video had me dying. Smiling ear to ear - has got to be the best thing they’ve done on the channel, Fifa no rules

  • Manuel Rey
    Manuel Rey

    As a Real Madrid fan this was extremely fun and wholesome to watch

  • Sportingly

    Lovely to see these wonderful players getting along so well

  • Tbc Vala
    Tbc Vala

    When Serge and Son are together it's impossible to not laugh...

  • Gravenberch Trevor
    Gravenberch Trevor

    This is a really funny video, I can't stop laughing, I have to watch this before I go to sleep, really Can't get enough of Sonny and Serge

    • Gravenberch Trevor
      Gravenberch Trevor

      Calme bro🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  • NS

    I dont know why this was recommended since im a Man United supporter, but its impossible to not love Son :'D What a guy

    • Trinity Jones
      Trinity Jones

      @Connor Barnard I like Chelsea, mainly because of Pulisic.

    • Ben Parker
      Ben Parker

      Fellow United supporter but Son is a on of a kind player.

    • Trinity Jones
      Trinity Jones

      @Connor Barnard I don't mind Chelsea either, Pulisic is a great footballer, (of course he did come from my country) he's one of my favorites. Pulisic deserves a better FIFA mobile rating, not just an 83.

    • Trinity Jones
      Trinity Jones

      I like Man United too, Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro is the best, don't you think? Also, Son is one of my favorite footballers, he's so funny and there's nothing to dislike about him.

    • Ethan Barry
      Ethan Barry



    that's impossible to hate son, he's so kind😂

  • Pol Juega
    Pol Juega

    Son's face when he got angry gives me 100 years to live🤣🤣🤣

  • Big juac
    Big juac

    2:51 son’s expression changed so quickly

  • FriedPotato

    The expression of Son and Serge. 😂 After scored a goal.

  • Zahraa a menina
    Zahraa a menina

    Still watching this video I can’t get over it Sonny is the best literally love him

  • Beth Ellis
    Beth Ellis

    This is officially my "feel good video" never fails to make me smile and laugh

  • Lucky Mojo
    Lucky Mojo

    Most entertaining epic fifa game match 😂😂😂 there must be season 2 right away 😅😂 absolutely including Son 😂😂

  • Minato Nub
    Minato Nub

    One of best video I have ever seen couldn't stop laughing for a second , son and Serge their chemistry probably better than romeo and Juliet 🤣

  • Adrian Moise
    Adrian Moise

    Son is the guy you basically can't hate he's so nice

    • Rapper ??
      Rapper ??

      U copy some one

    • Juan Sanchez
      Juan Sanchez

      All hate my, a first view too😔

    • [THFC] Kaveman
      [THFC] Kaveman

      Drew Dillon he’s referring to Slab Head Maguire for booting someone in the sack

    • FattyBoyCage

      George McGeough you watch the Dortmund match today. White player red carded by a white ref for clearing someone. Same offense of cleating, but in the ankle not the freakin stomach, looking at the ball not the opponent, unintentionally not intentional. Take your victim crap somewhere else

  • Chicken Gei
    Chicken Gei

    2:53 Son's face change so fast😂😂

  • emma. bruh
    emma. bruh

    The way I came back to this, this is just way to entertaining. Sonny is such much more expressive and just enjoying himself, he’s so fun

  • Messiah

    I don't know I am just watching this again and again. Really amazing. Sonny and serge op❤️😂😂

  • Justin

    Son has the best reactions 😂

  • Leo H
    Leo H

    I’m a Chelsea fan, but Son is so funny

  • Sam Xhun
    Sam Xhun

    "when we win your my brother when we lose you are friend" absolute class 😂

  • Phong Vang
    Phong Vang

    "When we win you are my brother, but when we lose you are my friend" lol

  • 쌈밥

    진짜 팀끼리 잘지내는거 너무 보기 좋네

  • Max Li
    Max Li

    Honestly Son looks happier scoring in Fifa than in a match

    • Puppy as pure as milk
      Puppy as pure as milk


    • lololol

      @MVR yeah...but not like eliminating language and teaching wrong history and stuff. They tried so hard to make us feel ashamed of our own history and ancestors. Trying to teach us our history and tradition are pathetic and so on.

    • Hailey L
      Hailey L

      @Tyshi Olveda That is not true 🤬 Rather, the Japanese did a lot of terrible things to Koreans during Japanese colonial period. :(

    • MVR

      @Tyshi Olveda every country did something wrong right?

  • Puppy as pure as milk
    Puppy as pure as milk

    Ah I just got to watch this now 😭 Serge telling Sonny to calm down is so so funny 😂😂😂

  • Troy sivan
    Troy sivan

    Don’t even like football now I’m just watching every Son’s content on IRglo after stumbling on one video of him like couple of hours ago.

  • RK Football
    RK Football

    We need another Fifa challenge with Sonny and Serge, Please Spurs!!

  • Yasmin Dominguez
    Yasmin Dominguez

    I loved Sonny is so amazing jajajaja salute from Argentina 🇦🇷 ❤️

  • Conor Bowe
    Conor Bowe

    Aurier: breathes Son: *SERGE WHAT ARE YOU DOING*

    • Mr Lee
      Mr Lee

      It's you! ...sorry...

    • Nicanor Mamani Garcia
      Nicanor Mamani Garcia


    • LM


    • Bradiano

      God bless you

  • Binny

    I would definitely like to see this in FIFA 21 and a penalty shootout would be so funny 😂

  • El pibe de los gustos raros
    El pibe de los gustos raros

    1:59 I love son's reaction

  • Justin Swamy
    Justin Swamy

    I have Son in my team and for me he and Messi's combination is just something else

  • Cale

    0:33 this gets me every time 😂😂😭😭

  • Son Shownu
    Son Shownu

    I keep coming back to this video it just doesn't get old 😂

  • T Y
    T Y

    Serge, "Leave me alone. Close your mouth." Pure joy and fun from Serge and Son.

  • Maria

    ‘When we win we’re brothers but when we lose were friends’ LOOLLL 😂😂 I think that literally sums up all friendships

  • Spongebabe

    I'm a Leeds fan but Son is my favourite player by a thousand miles Wait actually Rashford is the closest second but Son by like 10 miles then Rashford fairly close behind but both of them are 990 miles away from anyone else Actually I like Kane a lot too make that only 90 miles

  • Erik D.K
    Erik D.K

    Son and Aurier is just like "rush hour" Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Hilarious! 😂

    • sape tayo13
      sape tayo13

      Best comment ever 😆

    • Usaid Moin Official
      Usaid Moin Official


    • Ralte H
      Ralte H

      @The Garaga Aurier isn't American either. It's about the Asian and Black connection that makes Rush hour dude

    • Yang C
      Yang C

      New Park and Evra

    • Bikram Magar
      Bikram Magar

      Southern Paradise 😂😂😂😂🙏🏻👋

  • Pt Haokip
    Pt Haokip

    I want to hangout with son for a day he’s sooooooo funny 😄

  • Neril Catte
    Neril Catte

    Sonny is cuter than a golden retriever. I don’t know why but I just wanna hug him so bad.

  • Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
    Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal

    Nah man 😂😂 Son seems like the best ever person to hang out with! Honestly. The edits are crazy funny too 😂 Okay I'll stop with the compliments on a Spurs Channel 👀😂 Question: Which 2 players would you want to play against Son and Serge? 2 guys who would match their pure banter (from any team)

  • JieKe Wu
    JieKe Wu

    Kudos to the guy/gal who edited this...brilliant job!!! Better than all the movie trailers out these days

  • Sebastian Keilby
    Sebastian Keilby

    Aurier: "No Rules, WHY YOU SAY OFFSIDE?!" Son: "Just play!" Aurier: "YEAH BUT CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!" 😂😂😂😂

    • blackcube23

      Lol why is son complaining offside on his own teammate😂😂😂😂

    • Halim Halim
      Halim Halim

      Heung min bukan hebat pun

    • Kulu abdul14
      Kulu abdul14


    • Elie Mutia
      Elie Mutia

      😂😂😂 this has to be one of the best fifa videos out😂😂 I literally couldn’t stop laughing

    • 박경훈

      HL에이치엘 채널 한국인이다

  • Agustin Diaz
    Agustin Diaz

    Mi respetos para Son es muy pro jugando se imaginan si jugará con los ojos abiertos?

  • Anubhav Thakur
    Anubhav Thakur

    I am not even a Tottenham fan but this....this was toooooo goooood 😂

  • Lil pig gaming
    Lil pig gaming

    son is the very reason i like spurs, he brought glory for us asians, made me feel so proud when he won the golden foot

  • Lilyyy

    son: "SERGEEEE DO SOMETHING" serge:" calm down bro calm down we are the best" HELP I LOVE THESE TWOOO

  • suzy_m

    Son and Aurier are the best duo. I couldn't stop laughing.

  • Abhishek Gulia
    Abhishek Gulia

    Bro I love son' s personality and his expressions I also want to be like sonny

  • Bautista Alvarez
    Bautista Alvarez

    IT's very funny see Son shouting to Sarge and Sarge say "sorry, sorry"

  • Yechan Moon
    Yechan Moon

    0:32, 1:58, 2:55, 3:38, 3:43, 3:54, 5:53, 8:52, 10:45, 12:33 LMAOOO so funny the duo’s moments

  • Amogus

    I watch this video every day and it still makes me laugh

  • Amkbeats

    Son : SEEEEEEEERGE! Aurier : stay calm bro Best duo in the spurs team 🤣🤣🤣 Big up to the guy who edited the video

    • Hydz M
      Hydz M

      Nah i think the best duo in the team is son and kane

    • M.O.D.E

      AmKbeats haaha

    • Dream weird fan person hi i cool fn: noahbeans2702
      Dream weird fan person hi i cool fn: noahbeans2702

      Boo Tottenham

    • Prood 10
      Prood 10

      Serge gnabry 4 goals

    • Msimelelo Cameron Gqaleni
      Msimelelo Cameron Gqaleni

      When Son says: Serge I'm scared lol

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang

    song and aurier made this entire video so hilarious especially when they scored their reaction was too funny but then the entire time they bicker too hahah

  • Wallyskillz

    Som and Serge are so funny 😂

  • Andres Felipe Betancourt Posada
    Andres Felipe Betancourt Posada

    I love Son's attitude!

  • Lou Ari
    Lou Ari

    “If we win you’re my brother, if we lose you’re my friend.” i just caaaan’t 😩😂

  • Dixie Normus
    Dixie Normus

    doesn’t matter who you support... everybody loves Son

    • Sanket Mandave
      Sanket Mandave

      soladdo is like apotatoes.

    • lIlIlIlI

      @Thierry fluiterpet 🤡🤡🤡

    • Dolphin

      Arsenal fans be like 0:04

    • Sigit Nur wicaksono
      Sigit Nur wicaksono

      Yeah, he is my son

    • P2floyd

      @Thierry fluiterpet BYE FELICIA!

  • the duckcrispy
    the duckcrispy

    I had my greatest laugh in my whole life watching this 🤣 epic

  • Jo Gamer
    Jo Gamer

    Son and aurier. What a duo

  • Tsuka

    Sonny always smiling🤣

  • aqxmi_houganghool

    I can't stop laughing at son and serge laughing abt missing the goal and aurier making that laugh sound

  • FeelingMusic

    Dude Son just seems like he could get best friends with anyone on the earth

    • Dani


    • Chuchu Chu
      Chuchu Chu

      @my mom says no spaghetti for u son lol

    • pacy Bits
      pacy Bits


    • Joshua O’Neill
      Joshua O’Neill

      Except for Andre Gomez 😂😂😂

    • TGamers

      True that

  • Shehryar Ullah
    Shehryar Ullah

    Son : *Fails a pass* Also son : *Serge ! What are you doing*?! Aurier : You Son : No you Aurier : YOU! Son : i passed you , YOU

  • Job Chuctaya
    Job Chuctaya

    Desde ahora es mi nuevo fan Son 🤣👏 excelentes faltas

  • Hanbin Debut
    Hanbin Debut

    Jajaja amo su sentido del humor,son buenos tanto jugando me diverti viéndolos

  • iIftekar di alam
    iIftekar di alam

    New rule After winning: brother After losing: friend 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Giovanni Gunawan Panga
    Giovanni Gunawan Panga

    We need more of this duo, Serge and Sonny

    • Cha phillips
      Cha phillips

      Giovanni Gunawan Panga the leg breakers

  • Rosyadah yahya
    Rosyadah yahya

    So funny, Son Heung Min, when the goal is enthusiastic, the Spurs continue to hope for the champion

  • Lius

    Gazzaniga and Sessegnon: Act calm and adult-like Son: Do something! Serge: Leave me alone! Start giggling later like little girls after scoring XD

  • Prankane

    It’s impossible to hate this team

  • Sumaiya Chowdhury
    Sumaiya Chowdhury

    Serge's expressions are so funny LOL

  • Jinu _
    Jinu _

    “when we win you’re my brother, when we lose you’re my friend” -serge aurier 2020

    • double dealing dimitar
      double dealing dimitar

      @이준서 kubo is great, i like some asian players

    • eirini

      pastore perplexity you should know what you’re talking about before you come for me. son was right BEHIND gomes and aurier came from the side and collided into him.

  • Guh

    Não tem como odiar o son

  • Ipek D
    Ipek D

    Son and Serge argued like a married couple in this one 😂😂 loved it

  • Maral mousavi
    Maral mousavi

    Sons face was so happy but when Aurier missed so was not happy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Leïla Salvatore
    Leïla Salvatore

    This is still the best video of 2020. ❤️

  • cristea razvan
    cristea razvan

    I bet Heung-Min Mom and Heung-Min Dad are proud of Heung-Min Son.

    • Isabella ma
      Isabella ma

      HaH GoTY HaH

    • LM

      @EK that’s why is so funny for no rrason

    • Tertul

      probably the joke dad heung min said to son heung min

    • Extreme Gaming
      Extreme Gaming

      @Amirul Aqmal Heung-min son is the Chinese guy who is playing in the blue team in the game FIFA20....

    • samsom Son of isac
      samsom Son of isac

      Fck youuu man xD, i thought we were serious till we got to the son part xD

  • LTS_drtml888ツ

    the editing for the tackling and attacking actually had me🤣

  • 𝐋𝐍 𝐗𝐏
    𝐋𝐍 𝐗𝐏

    Kkkk que jogo emocionante

  • Alamsyah Jeremy Hasudungan
    Alamsyah Jeremy Hasudungan

    Four players from four different continents. Son (Asia), Aurier (Africa), Sessegnon (Europe), Gazzaniga (America).

  • Arda Tunc
    Arda Tunc

    Im stil laughing the Serges overal 😂😂

  • Arjun Giridhar
    Arjun Giridhar

    No one: Absolutely no one: Sonny: SEEERGE! WHAT R U DOING!!!

    • Arjun Giridhar
      Arjun Giridhar

      @Tails Go back to sonic

    • 투명인간

      @BT21 Cinos What are you doing here kid? go to bed! 😜😜😜

    • FenerliGenc12Number

      @Arjun Giridhar fenerbahçe Turkey BİG Team Fenerbahçe. 29 champions 💛💙

    • 투명인간

      @Lucid Dreams 무한으로 먹혀요~ 맹륜진사~갈비

    • Lucid Dreams
      Lucid Dreams

      @투명인간 한국인들 많네ㅋㅋ

  • Cung Bawi Kham Kheng Lot
    Cung Bawi Kham Kheng Lot

    Serge: * Okay, i'm serious now * Also Serge: ''sorry sorry sorry'' 😂 😂

  • Sumaiya Chowdhury
    Sumaiya Chowdhury

    Best game of FIFA I have ever witnessed in my life so far LOL