If you see this MYSTERY CAKE, Do NOT eat it, Throw it away FAST!! (Something very bad will happen)
If you see this MYSTERY CAKE, Do NOT eat it, Throw it away FAST!! (Something very bad will happen)
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  • Livvyloo2013

    Omg nice intro and I love these cake videos keep the amazing videos up Kyle xxx

  • Amina Mumin
    Amina Mumin

    I love these mystery cake vids, rlly interesting!!

  • Gamer Shelby
    Gamer Shelby

    I love how Kyle just uses him for all of his videos


    Mark: Why is it always me? Alex: *pulls a knife out of thin air*

  • Ianis Marcu
    Ianis Marcu

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that when Alex and Kyle went down the stairs Alex grabbed Kyle's hand and Kyle said aw that's kinda cute and moved on like nothing happened 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Max ZENG 🙃
    Max ZENG 🙃

    I love how this video is fake but I also love how he puts so much effort in his channel.

    • ShyWolf YT
      ShyWolf YT

      There real

    • Samantha Flora
      Samantha Flora

      they are real

  • Uncle G
    Uncle G

    I love your vids keep up the amazing work :D

  • Fernada Vera
    Fernada Vera

    You guys should do something like stay there until the cake comes and see who delivers the cake or put a secret camera please for everybody👏😀

  • Reese Vanwesterop
    Reese Vanwesterop

    I love when you guys buy the cakes

  • Candace Purvis BTS ARMY
    Candace Purvis BTS ARMY

    This reminds me of the wheeping angels from Doctor Who tv series. You turn way from them and they attack you.

    • bodie robertson
      bodie robertson

      4 million fatherless children

  • kuldeep singh
    kuldeep singh

    When Mark was running it over🤣🤣🤣 Love your videos keep it up♥️♥️♥️✌🏼

  • PieceCTRLAndru

    Love you're intros and All you're Vids bro ❤️❤️💖💖 keep that up man I really love watching you're vids at night because it makes it even more scary 😂❤️💖

  • Damaris Ramos
    Damaris Ramos

    Stromedy keep up with the good work on the cakes it looks good

    • bodie robertson
      bodie robertson

      His content is BS

  • Cooper Stanfill
    Cooper Stanfill

    Hey Stromedy I absolutely love this vid ❤❤❤

  • Hannah Fryer
    Hannah Fryer

    Hey stromedy I noticed you haven’t been uploading more bangers for us in a while I’m just checking to make sure that your ok just checking. I can’t wait for a new video

  • Lola Prue
    Lola Prue

    I Love the part when Kyle was the police for a sec I was laughing LOL 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lacey Shock
    Lacey Shock

    I just got home from school and i had a bad day and you put a smile on my face!!!!!!!! Love your videos

  • DeltaWolf-1503.

    Wow. hell yes a brand new Stromedy video it's looks impressive,magnificent and top shelf video. It's an honor to watch your Amazing,Fascinating Video,,I can't wait for you to upload your next episode of your video while you're going on a mission with the light society. While you're going on a journey and adventure missions with the Light Society Stromedy. I can't wait to be a member for the stromedy squad. I hope that you can upload your next stromedy squad video,I can't wait to see. "love your videos very much for you,I'm your biggest fan ever. I can't wait to join you into the Legendary Uber-Stromedy Squad Super Prime Capital together. I wish to meet you in person when I go to Canada next time in the future and also we can become friends as well. 😊☺️😁😀". Dear Stromedy, Please reply a message to me on regarding uploading your next video with the adventure and missions with the white society syndicate ok. I can't wait for your reply Stromedy.

  • Don

    I love it how kyle does all these scary videos especially the clown ones I love the clown ones and just saying kyle we support you

  • Jen Amat
    Jen Amat

    I love how stormedy react to Alex when he pull out a knife

  • Sadie Schnoor
    Sadie Schnoor

    Can you do more of these types of vids they are my fav now and I’ve been gone from here for a while and I watch from the begging and they just help me thank you!

  • Choclate Cupcake
    Choclate Cupcake

    the fact that mark always eats it

  • shark girl kirishima
    shark girl kirishima

    Can we just appreciate how stromedy and his gang does these videos for us also stromedy love the intro😂

  • Josane Bennett
    Josane Bennett

    Stromedy is a mystery now. Hahahah 😂

  • %F,lipzy%


  • NEKO_Scooter

    Mark: *frozen and then moving when nobodys looking* Me: BRO ITS THE MANEQUIN MANS CAKE. I'M BLAMING MANEQUIN MAN.

  • Ginger Dixon
    Ginger Dixon

    This is the best video and channel I have watched keep up the incredible work stromedy

  • Lois Marr
    Lois Marr

    I love how dumb this video is I litterally love stromedy

  • antony kerin
    antony kerin

    you always need more subs you are amazing carry on with the amazing vids :D

  • Harriet Talbot
    Harriet Talbot

    You should have like cameras on the door so then You can catch who delivers the cake and then follow them back! That could be a new video! Thanks for your videos! You rock!🎈🎈🎈

  • Hany El-Azab
    Hany El-Azab

    Kyle I love your videos they’re literally the best that I can’t stop watching the cake one and I’m pretty sure the mystery cake will be good but I don’t know what will happen but I’m sure something creepy will happen and I think is the owner are all clouds

  • Ashwini Naicker
    Ashwini Naicker

    Omg your videos are absolute bangers I’m looking forward to another one

  • Loveriis biggest  fan!
    Loveriis biggest fan!

    When I clicked the video I thought this intro never gets old and the mystery cakes question marks reminded me of Scooby doo remember that show

  • Ada

    Amazing vid like always, if there's a demon cake can yall do it I've been searching all through IRglo so if you can do it I would ive a great thanks in the comments of that vid 🙂😊 tysm.

    • Ada

      Also this is amazing and a very big banger also if there is none can you do a ghost cake?

  • tanu88anni

    The intro gets me every time what in the world 😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • The gaming squad
    The gaming squad

    I’ve been here since 5K you’ve gone so far I love your videos amazing jobs Stromedy

    • The gaming squad
      The gaming squad

      @bodie robertson idk I’m just into this stuff and love his videos

    • bodie robertson
      bodie robertson

      How do you do it, I couldn't stand the first 2 minutes of this video


    5:30 Well...Mark is the usual cake eater like the clown cake,zombie cake...

  • Tiffany Aukongak
    Tiffany Aukongak

    I love all these cake videos I wanna see what happens

  • Aribear Lockett
    Aribear Lockett

    imagine 3 dudes beating up a lid to a cake box could never be me

  • Brody TV
    Brody TV

    kind of cake next time like a spider-man cake or avengers and see what happens. Another banger i love it. Ive been a subscriber

  • AAA 0415
    AAA 0415

    It was funny when stromedys friend said that a big knife🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonathan

    Dam bro Stromedy With another banger videos🔥

  • Kid Reacts
    Kid Reacts

    Its The mannequin cake everytime you look away it moves so keep your eyes on him at all times

  • Rebecca Wanza
    Rebecca Wanza

    Yo this was the most best vid I've seen the way you guys got CRAZY like what bruh I love this video and I love all the others and as always PEACE ✌️

  • Peyton Oxford
    Peyton Oxford

    Stomedy: got their popcorn Me: I got a muffin...

  • Savage City Gaming
    Savage City Gaming

    Not gonna I'm old as f my kids watch this channel but i LMAO watching these videos more than them. It's funny and you put a lot of effort into them. Respect my kids might get a prime capital T if they are good 👍 💯

  • lillarose82

    14:00 make me laugh how mark did that pose

  • lanya rashid
    lanya rashid

    Where do you get the cakes from like what website also I like the videos you’re doing so good on them

  • Lexitherapp

    Stromedy I can’t wait to see the new movie Kyle! And I subscribed you know I’ve one of your subscribers. Who has been subscribed to you for a long time. I wish I can meet you some how. Your my favorite IRglo video guy! Love you Kyle

  • Erikka Miller
    Erikka Miller

    Omg you guys are funny as hell 😂🤣

  • Jen Gentle
    Jen Gentle

    wow that cake was so powerful🤩

  • Kshy2010

    Love this video

    • Terrance_midnight


    • THE GOAT.
      THE GOAT.

      I love his vidoes

    • diana nakano
      diana nakano

      @Robby Cox as BRUCE WAYNE .

    • Robby Cox as BRUCE WAYNE
      Robby Cox as BRUCE WAYNE

      @Robert cox south Jersey:|

    • James Keith
      James Keith

      Diaries you can buy boyfriend and after all my name is re Grace

  • kiren nelson
    kiren nelson

    4:28 how insane have they become????? now the mystery here is how did they become this crazy and why???????

  • Mannys gamer crew
    Mannys gamer crew

    This video is the most video I love in your entire channel I literally love the intro

  • Brady Terpstra
    Brady Terpstra

    i realy like the intro so much and those are some cool tricks on the scooter

  • Lily blossom cat
    Lily blossom cat

    I just love the energy

  • Kelly sketoe
    Kelly sketoe

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that when Alex and Kyle went down the stairs Alex grabbed kyles hand and Kyle said, "aw that's kinda cute" and moved on like nothing happened 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      Maria Thwala

      He was the first person to 7th and said 8th 9th would work for me as long and you will 6

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      We will be legends

      I know

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      Katrina Chinnery


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      Yan Sison

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      Kissiah Jones

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    Zaneclink clinnk

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    Chantelle Smith

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    Howen Alejan

    miss the drone shots, old times.

  • Jefry8809


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    hayley griffiths

    When the doo bell rang Kyle made me laugh me head of 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Major Sage

    The poor lid, what did the lid do 😂

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    OMG! How much have u grow! I’m so proud 🥲 of u! Ur gonna make me cry 😢

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    Iced latte


  • Sussyboi

    As soon as mark turned around I instantly remembered the manqaan vid he did and knew he was getting a knife

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    Tristan Chaney

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    4:22 okay thats enough... please stop torturing that little paper thingy

  • MoonWolf

    Don’t you remember the zombie cake?that one was dangerous too… but we probably shouldn’t watch this at night but Don’t ordered the mystery cake ever talking to other people and the ghost cake was dangerous too

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    Henry and Logan

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    Amy Griffith

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  • Lord Lucas DS
    Lord Lucas DS

    it reminds me about fans security breach with the robots that only move when your not looking

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    Ryan gebala

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    Caitlyn Barr Mcguigan

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    Lakole Self

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    Andrew Cover

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    Donna Smith

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    Angela Williams

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    goodison family

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