Impossible Rubber Band Ball Basketball Shot
How Ridiculous
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  • King Mondo
    King Mondo

    Nothing short of a miracle that those ceiling lights are still in one piece.

    • TheBrickGuy7939

      Instead of there remaining one piece.

    • Commenter

      and the walls lol

    • Hyp3r_Gear


    • Bunnoy

      one piece light fruit wow

    • 🍄ℐ𝓃𝒹𝒾ℯ 𝒦𝒾𝒹🍄
      🍄ℐ𝓃𝒹𝒾ℯ 𝒦𝒾𝒹🍄

      England people: in London riding bikes

  • BizzleMyPickle

    I love how when the ball goes flying everybody just hits the deck.

    • Mohan Lal
      Mohan Lal


    • UltimateQmazing

      @Madiha not mine. My glasses are made special. I never have to take them off. Only to clean them. I sleep in my glasses just fine.

    • Madiha

      @UltimateQmazing you clearly don't own glasses😭😭 shit breaks them faster than u can say "ow"

    • Lise

      @UltimateQmazing a basketball is very hard mate and the speed that things going at, you definitely wouldn't enjoy a hit in the face like that

    • BizzleMyPickle

      @Kaiver not yet :p

  • It’s arro902
    It’s arro902

    That would make me so mad it’s impressive how long they spend on this for us!

  • pumba cross
    pumba cross

    I wish I had this kinda time👍keep it guys makes me smile 😊

  • Fati Amel
    Fati Amel

    They never get bored, always in action. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Cody Mulcahy
    Cody Mulcahy

    Just like the good old days. I remember when I was a little kid in Perth seeing you guys making the news doing awesome basketball shots at what used to be Paterson Stadium.

    • Andrej Tomic
      Andrej Tomic

      This isnt a basketball shot its vfx

  • Ammad Hyland
    Ammad Hyland

    Thank you I'm going to now make a huge ball of rubberbands now 😂

  • Mono

    Not impossible just extremely hard epic shot guys

  • Mors

    Finally, we've discovered a way to break Reality's physics engine

    • The best man Ever
      The best man Ever

      @Polofries bro doesn’t have the word humor in his dictionary💀

    • Bryan Olsheski
      Bryan Olsheski


    • beanos the gamer
      beanos the gamer

      @Polofries it was a -joke- speedrun strat wym

    • Polofries

      Not really, this is pretty basic physics.

    • GhastBoyVlogs

      @andres clemente why did you comment 3 time saying different things are you pretending to be 3 different people

  • 12:16 Entertainment
    12:16 Entertainment

    Curious to know how many attempts it actually took them

  • Nicholas Degano
    Nicholas Degano

    Girls: why do we live longer than boys? Boys: *almost getting their heads chopped off by a basketball*

    • no father figure 💀
      no father figure 💀


    • The Noob
      The Noob

      @Juan Solis what

    • Juan Solis
      Juan Solis

      @Baloney poooooooooooooooo


    Not gon lie , that third one had me dodging 🤣

  • X-Venture Gaming
    X-Venture Gaming

    I look forward to seeing more shorts! This makes your channel way better!

  • ABX Gaming
    ABX Gaming

    I remember doing stuff like this in school and getting the most wicked trickers youl see

  • HanSlukas

    The physics behind this are amazing

  • GL Green
    GL Green

    When the ball came flying at the camera it jump scared me lolll💀😂

    • Queen

      This is the funniest comment I been laughing


    “Can we make this one in a million shot” and then shots one million times until he gets it 😂

  • a_pigeonlover

    I love how they almost made it in the wrong one but it would've been the best 😂😂😂

  • Gabrxl

    I like how everyone was just dodging the ball

  • SheldoR's Frontier
    SheldoR's Frontier

    How good! I love the story telling of the journey. It makes that shot that much better when we can see the work that was put into it.

  • Coyles Great Adventures
    Coyles Great Adventures

    I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Football_Edtz

    Love your content bro, keep it up 👍

  • K D
    K D

    Lmfao. Tell me why I flinched so hard on the third try. Hahaha.

  • T@HE₹

    This video proved that, Consistency is the key.😎

  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous

    This is our first ever IRglo Short, how good! Get excited for these to pop up between our regular long vids. Speaking of which, SOCCER CONNECT 4 drops this week! You little ripper!

    • Dickie Oi Red_07
      Dickie Oi Red_07

      @D1D 93 What about it?

    • D1D 93
      D1D 93

      @Dickie Oi Red_07 what about AFL

    • Danny Mann
      Danny Mann

      Lol 😅

    • Kami Lynn
      Kami Lynn


    • X-Venture Gaming
      X-Venture Gaming

      @abc123_99 That's just for clips of their original vids.

  • The best man Ever
    The best man Ever

    Respect for the camera men 🔥🔥. They entered a bomb site 💕

  • Aditya S
    Aditya S

    sure is a one in a million shot when you try it a million times 😆

  • YeetBoi

    I just love how almost everyone's head got taken off by a freaking basketball. Almost happened to me at school when I was in fourth grade but my spidey senses and cat like reflexes activated and I dodged the basketball so yeah

  • Prince Tv Vlog
    Prince Tv Vlog

    Please create more videos! It's very stress relieving

  • ElementDame

    imagine this was a game, "try not to get hit by basketball going @ 100mph

    • Nahla Oliver
      Nahla Oliver

      @Joseph Wallace qq11

    • Nahla Oliver
      Nahla Oliver

      @Chaseonstage qqq

    • Rüzgar Aksoy
      Rüzgar Aksoy

      @Chaseonstage â

    • Plj

      @Joseph Wallace Yea i'm pretty sure you haven't played a sport in your life

    • Şaheb Zenkah
      Şaheb Zenkah

      @Victor J fjeyf

  • R. C.
    R. C.

    Whooooo! Ahhhh! Hands raised as if I had made the shot! I was a little too excited, I think!!

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith

    Fun fact: it took them exactly one million tries.

  • Mike Mathias
    Mike Mathias

    One in a million ,50 shots later.... still fun.

  • Ryder Holland
    Ryder Holland

    Damn bro they really tried a million times to get it 😭

  • theultimategamer95

    Basically a more realistic Dude Perfect lol.

    • Hades

      @andyhux79 they showed their fails alot u clown 😂

    • Idk

      @andyhux79 why would they need to show their failed attempts tho like use your common sense cuz who tfuq believes they did all that in a single shot

    • BestComment

      @andyhux79 they have something called bloopers

    • Gj4yj H2tjj2j2tj
      Gj4yj H2tjj2j2tj

      @Basit Khurshid but you gotta respect them that they are the ogs when it comes to trickshots right?

    • Nemisis 007
      Nemisis 007

      @andyhux79 | I've seen a few videos where they do show their failed attempts.

  • ToastyCarp

    Now I know why Luffy’s punches hit so hard

  • Alwaleed Alrawhani
    Alwaleed Alrawhani

    Are we not going to talk about how the Basketball broke the ceiling 😐

  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis

    Great to see some classic How Ridiculous again!

  • Arshak Ohanyan
    Arshak Ohanyan

    This is amazing goalkeeper training though.

  • Krookodile King
    Krookodile King

    Dude Perfect would be impressed with that one!

  • wass k
    wass k

    Wish I could spend my days doing daft things like this and get paid well haha

  • Kevin Guevara
    Kevin Guevara

    I wish I could do that with you guys

  • Devin McCulloch
    Devin McCulloch

    Who knew that two balls could be such a dangerous weapon

  • Suhe1l

    I flinched sooo hard on the third throw...😭😭

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    The fact it almost made a harder throw then the one you guys were doing

  • saatvik sahoo
    saatvik sahoo

    Imagine if u had passed the mission but cameraman forgot to record 😜

  • Ky7K

    All im saying is that the chance of Ben Simmons making a 3 pointer is still alot lower than this 😂

  • nick laird
    nick laird

    YOUR KIDDING!, gets me every time

  • Ryerial

    This is the most intense game of dodgeball ever

  • YRBlack

    Respect for camera man getting headshot and still having a full head

  • genshin

    If I was there I would be VERY HAPPY TO SEE THAT

  • Missy Tusara
    Missy Tusara

    How did you boys get out of there in one piece, that's my question 😆 🤣

  • Miroshka Heiskanen
    Miroshka Heiskanen

    Seems like a good way to break a wearhouse

    • Emily Shaver
      Emily Shaver

      @Simon Landsberg LOL XD

    • Simon Landsberg
      Simon Landsberg

      Yes I totally thought a light fixture was going to get hit

    • Simon Landsberg
      Simon Landsberg


    • Emily Shaver
      Emily Shaver

      XD LOL

    • Fluffers

      i think it is because it’s a warehouse.. it could handle the beating

  • Shogun Xd
    Shogun Xd

    Guy: " can we make this one in a million shot" *makes it in the 11th try*

  • GoldenVoidG59

    I punted a basketball once and it almost decapitated my friend like this 😂

  • BuddyRittXX

    Looks like an interesting form of dodgeball

  • Striker07

    You can actually see on the second drop it makes a large dent in the ceiling🤣

  • Vartazian360

    This rubberband ball gives insane amount of energy into that basketball damn haha 😄

  • Rey Ramirez
    Rey Ramirez

    I could imagine that in war XD Dropping a rubber band ball and a basketball: homemade cannon

  • Domi-NO!18

    That’s what I call ball supercharging. I did that in soccer once where I kicked the ball into someone else’s foot while they were kicking. It went crazy

  • 🦋Jazmin Smith🦋 (evil butterfly)
    🦋Jazmin Smith🦋 (evil butterfly)

    I love how the ball hits the camera

  • Rey Ramirez
    Rey Ramirez

    I could imagine that in war XD Dropping a rubber band ball and a basketball: homemade cannon

  • Joseph Mccormick
    Joseph Mccormick

    How many attempts did that take??? Good one!

    • Joseph Mccormick
      Joseph Mccormick

      @MC-PHILIS Day's right, we want to know days!!!


      Days or weeks

  • Bedrock MCA
    Bedrock MCA

    This man discovered the infinite speed glitch

  • Muhammad Raihan
    Muhammad Raihan

    Nothing short of a miracle that those ceiling loghat are still in one Piece.

  • Banana Vr
    Banana Vr

    This is something dude perfect would do

  • Pixkle_panda

    I can confirm he did this 1M times to make the odds useless

  • loment

    Only OGs will remember the days when How Ridiculous specialised in trickshots Edit: lol a war started in the reply section! I didn't say that the channel is worse now, so please don't get triggered by this comment 🤙🏽

    • Stevie

      @Joe T you specialize in over the top ways to get mad at success.

    • Trick Shots movies and cubing
      Trick Shots movies and cubing

      @Joe T click bait? They always show what's in the thumbnail

    • Joe T
      Joe T

      @S MW No hate.

    • S MW
      S MW

      @Joe T all you’ve given is hate and even agreeing you don’t watch anymore. I enjoy all their videos. It’s harmless fun.

  • I K
    I K

    This is what we call a supernova in physics. In high school it can be proved why the rubber ball climbed up 3 times it's original height( as in the height it could have climbed without the second ball below it)..

  • GHOST36x


  • Bungas

    Thats... really impressive

  • AaRiF AtTaCkS
    AaRiF AtTaCkS

    Super bro nice try never fail 😊

  • Hunter west
    Hunter west

    i had no idea droping a ball over another would do that but it makes since especially with the rubber band ball having more mass.

  • Deathwish

    How close does that third shot come to hitting him I wonder.

  • Paraskos Leonidou
    Paraskos Leonidou

    How do you know it's one in a million shot?

  • Classic TBR
    Classic TBR

    Just imagine if it went in the blue one XD

  • C.H.A.B.I.S.

    Now the longplay version showing all tries :-D

  • RyuKenShin

    And to think it only just took 999,999 tries... 😂

  • M.K

    Guinness world record 😂😂😂

  • Just Lola
    Just Lola

    Dude perfect+how ridiculous= Perfect