Drone catches Santa Claus on Christmas Day Delivering Presents! (You won't believe this)
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  • Elijah Rivaz
    Elijah Rivaz

    Merry Christmas Kyle glad you posted a Christmas video it’s bangers every season

    • Raj Kaur
      Raj Kaur


    • Umar YT
      Umar YT

      I help you have a lovely christmas jana quien mark

    • Aditi Reddy
      Aditi Reddy

      Nice name Elijah love you as a friend bye-bye

    • Robby Cox as BRUCE WAYNE
      Robby Cox as BRUCE WAYNE

      Am from south Jersey

  • Schleich Lover4ever
    Schleich Lover4ever

    The fact that the song says "he sees you when your sleeping" is kinda creepy. Hes literally my sleep paralysis demon.

  • zarina73

    Merry Christmas Kyle and a happy new year that Santa was scary 🤯 love your entertainment ☃️🌨🦌❄️🎁🎊📜🔔🎐🪅

  • harry plays
    harry plays

    I always look behind me while watching a creepy video 🤣 lol

    • Ishita Sudheeran 21-BPS-043
      Ishita Sudheeran 21-BPS-043

      Me too

    • 💜Itz. Abbey💜
      💜Itz. Abbey💜



      I don’t just look behind I look everywhere

    • Lea James
      Lea James


  • Rishi Dhillon
    Rishi Dhillon

    5:42 I live in Toronto somewhere near you my man… I get the Greatest Videos that could ever exist on the entire IRglo. I’m one of your biggest fans I’m sorry I can’t be a member but I still watch your vids everyday. Love you so much Kyle! ❤️

    • Carter the call of duty pro
      Carter the call of duty pro

      How do u put what time it goes to

  • lisa marie
    lisa marie

    Enjoyed this awesome video...Merry Christmas ya'll🤶🏻🎅🏻🎄🎄

  • Amanda Guymer
    Amanda Guymer

    Merry Christmas Kyle I hope everything you dream of comes true and I love your videos they’re my most favourite sort of videos.

  • Söphie

    The “he ate them because he’s fat?!” Got me dying lol

  • Panda lord
    Panda lord

    We’re not going to talk about Audrey having his hands on there right

  • James Playz
    James Playz

    I love your videos and make me the best ones are the ones where you find people in them hilarious post more of those videos please Kyle

  • skellaton123

    I like how stromedy said he's ateing all the cookies

  • Shaker Shamim
    Shaker Shamim

    Merry Christmas to you Kyle and keep up the good work and thanks for making such awesome videos

  • Kara Gauthier
    Kara Gauthier

    Yall grate making it entertaining and amazing for little kids that watch you 👏

    • Armonte Robinson
      Armonte Robinson

      I love your videos but as a point don’t know like I mean why do you have to lose every single day and I really want to get a iPhone or like something please pick me it’s my first time doing this like typing in yeah

  • ReflectedVideos

    I like how the sleigh and jingle bells are edited in

  • Edris Tabesh
    Edris Tabesh

    I got something from my wish list and later in the day I see cookies in the cabinet and I’m like wait did santa not eat the coookies

    • Rainbow High Fan
      Rainbow High Fan

      @Sammer112 I figured out santa was not real when I was nine, so sad. Actually I was upset and everyday of my life for about a year and I was like "MAMA WHY DO ADULTS LIE TO KIDS ABOUT SANTA WHEN YOU TELL KIDS NOT TO LIE MAMA!" LOL! You should not ruin other kids childhood, please to not interfere with children's personal beliefs, or people who believe in stuff that is not real. I do not think it is polite to interfere with other people's childhood. The kid is probably mad, like how I was, or crying, OR his or her parents told her he is real, or said the truth. When I was 9 I googled "IS SANTA REAL?" So I figured that out lol! Stop interfering, if you were a kid who believed in santa, may I ask you, how did it feel? Yes, it felt nice. You are ruining that for this person who believes in santa.

    • Sammer112

      there is no sanna btw.

  • Pauli Borger
    Pauli Borger

    You guys make me laugh so much and your videos are so interesting please keep posting and I'm from Canada Ontario

  • Ngawang Dorji
    Ngawang Dorji

    Merry Christmas everyone I’m so glad we all will spend Christmas together and even you stormedy

  • Ghost In The Machine
    Ghost In The Machine

    i know this is fake, but I love how you guys entertain everyone, Thanks!

    • APS edits
      APS edits

      @SAVE UKRAINE #SAVEUKRAINE are you serious do you really believe

    • Ghost In The Machine
      Ghost In The Machine

      @SAVE UKRAINE #SAVEUKRAINE okay, if you say so :)


      It isn't fake it's real

  • Livvyloo2013

    Hi stromedy love you vids can we all just appreciate how amazing stromedy is

  • Courtney Wilson
    Courtney Wilson

    I love this channel so much Merry Christmas Stromedy and a happy new years

    • Armonte Robinson
      Armonte Robinson

      What Oh my gosh

    • emmily mangum
      emmily mangum


    • MrJimmyhat81


    • Reggie Waring
      Reggie Waring

      Merry Christmas

    • Annika Meckenzie Borja
      Annika Meckenzie Borja

      Me too

  • Spooky Aurora
    Spooky Aurora

    I’m from Norway and here “Santa” my grandfather, comes December 24th, which is Christmas for us, we open presents and everything on this day

  • Dallas Perry
    Dallas Perry

    Hey stromedy you always make me laugh much love from aussie🇦🇺🤙🏻

    • Dexter Jones
      Dexter Jones

      From the UK too

  • Zam_Lill😃

    15:07 there is a hand that pushed the door open 🙄

  • Martine Nilsen
    Martine Nilsen

    but i love you're videos glad you posted a christmas video it's bangers every season becase they are so amazing

  • Gavins games
    Gavins games

    I watch all your videos they're always so good keep it up and Merry Christmas

  • Riylan Teague
    Riylan Teague

    TX Merry Christmas Yall Are The Best IRglors I 'm A Part Of The Team 🎅🏻🧑🏻‍🎄🤶🏻

  • Liznavy Castro
    Liznavy Castro

    That’s so nice of Santa


    im from norway and i love your vids keep it up :D

  • Hannah lee Operio
    Hannah lee Operio

    Christmas is my favorite year and new year🎅🎆🥂,me and my family love celebrating christmas ⛄🎄 and new year 🎆🎆🥂I love you're video's stromedy 💖👍😍😊👍

  • Aidan Younts
    Aidan Younts

    Look at his hand placement when they were hiding by the mannequin

    • bee87

      He’s now for sure on the noughty list

    • Katia Bauer
      Katia Bauer

      He's down bad

  • MV Callanan
    MV Callanan

    Merry Christmas my stromedy friend's

  • Lindsey Mom
    Lindsey Mom

    Merry Christmas to you!💖

  • Pineapple pizza
    Pineapple pizza

    Good luck with your dreams and presents 🎁 if you get any 🤗 especially you kyle

  • Michael Aguirre
    Michael Aguirre

    When the grinch said where’s the fat guy?! I love when Andrew said oh i thought he was talking about DK

    • Rick Greaves
      Rick Greaves

      Where's the fat guy? He's talking about Santa! Oh I thought he was Talking about DK Andreas is so funny

    • Emily Gorry
      Emily Gorry

      Yeah so funny 😂

  • Amy McIntyre
    Amy McIntyre

    Santa knows when ur awake he knows where u live so lock ur door and keep ur child safe

  • Rupinder kaur
    Rupinder kaur

    When the grinch said where’s the fat guy Andrea said he thought the grinch meant DK Lol 😂

  • ThegamingDino

    I'm in south Africa stromedy you make epic videos merry Christmas 🎅

  • Courtney Wileman
    Courtney Wileman

    i am from australia and santa dosent do all the houses in one night he does it for lots of days

  • crazy 🌎world
    crazy 🌎world

    I like how the Santa slay was edited in

  • Kayden Simon
    Kayden Simon

    Merry Christmas and happy new years

  • CoolGirl528

    I love you're drone videos but watched them all

  • Streamlabs

    190 meters?! That’s high to me

  • Lexy Normandin
    Lexy Normandin

    My grandma said in the middle of the day that Santa came and delivered presents to her

  • Pia L
    Pia L

    I`m from norway and every year Santa Claus takes a picture of himself⛄️

    • Pia L
      Pia L

      Why is it not a star over my name when i have subscribe?????

  • Mattress King of Nightmares
    Mattress King of Nightmares

    1:05 how old does this dude think his viewers are?

  • Joyce Mushawatu
    Joyce Mushawatu

    Merry Christmas Kyle I think you should order a mommy cake 🎂

  • Sofia pemberton
    Sofia pemberton

    Merry Christmas y’all’s videos are banger man I watch them all day everyday

    • ♡︎𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐄𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐄♡︎

      Sorry, his videos are fake,it's not real

    • sofie Wilson
      sofie Wilson

      Sofia my name is sofie

    • Tom Cunnah
      Tom Cunnah

      you have -5 friends

  • Marycris Padilla
    Marycris Padilla

    Stromedy:Maybe because you always go around people's houses without permission Me: 👁👄👁boi santa go around people's houses without permission

  • Omar Escatel
    Omar Escatel

    We all know these are fake but they still interesting asf

  • LizzieInnit

    There's no way I've been subbed for a year, since the clown shit last december

  • Leané Butler
    Leané Butler

    Yes 🥰 buy Christmas we must spend time with our family 💙❤️😏

  • Connor Sygdziak
    Connor Sygdziak

    love your vidoes kyle i hope all of dreams come true

  • Johnson Cuevas
    Johnson Cuevas


  • brutalism

    Hey stromedy I love your videos ❤ much love from greece🇬🇷

  • Leané Butler
    Leané Butler

    Merry Christmas by the way 🎉🎅🏻

  • amine meskini
    amine meskini

    make a part 2 showing what happened when they opened a portal to the monster realm in the last video

  • Dexmurval

    always remember, SANTA IS A STALKER

  • Jeremy Donaldson
    Jeremy Donaldson


  • Teresa Taylor
    Teresa Taylor

    I forgot to tell you you're the best IRglo videos

  • TNL Fanix
    TNL Fanix

    Been a few years since I've wathed you damn man its been so long man.

  • Winners throne👩‍💻
    Winners throne👩‍💻

    Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year ❤️🎇

    • Dustin Gless
      Dustin Gless

      I don’t understand

  • Aleaysa Cherrington
    Aleaysa Cherrington

    Merry Christmas stromedy my favorite (⌐■-■)🌨️

  • Bella Waller
    Bella Waller

    Me: coming across this 4 weeks later

  • •Random•

    Lmao is the grinch blind cus I would have saw y’all lol

  • Sawyer Lofton
    Sawyer Lofton

    When you were flying the drone you flew over my house

  • Aislyn T
    Aislyn T

    I love this ♥️Merry Christmas from Alabama

  • OG Gamer Kid
    OG Gamer Kid

    Nice animations, keep it up.

  • deneka holland7t6
    deneka holland7t6

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year

  • Sammer112

    loooool that was funny. that start tho. my parents gotme a billiard table so vibin😂

  • Jonel Najera
    Jonel Najera

    I wonder how he gets in your house

  • drip

    I've been watching you for 6 years

  • Roneisha Williams
    Roneisha Williams

    Does anyone see where Andre hands are on the mannequin

  • Gemma Dallison
    Gemma Dallison

    merry christmas kyle and the rest of the squad and why dont you make a video when you folow santa to his slay

  • Molly Sellick
    Molly Sellick

    Merry Christmas,I can't join the squad because I have a IRglo channel:) Have a great Christmas and every week is bangers!!!!

  • lilly hodges
    lilly hodges

    he delivers presents in 2min ( 2mins in every country ) he is really fast!!!..

    • Gerrit plays yt
      Gerrit plays yt

      @Jelly strawberry 🍓 cow 🐄 I’m pretty sure it is

    • Jelly strawberry 🍓 cow 🐄
      Jelly strawberry 🍓 cow 🐄

      @Gerrit plays yt no it’s not

    • Gerrit plays yt
      Gerrit plays yt

      No it’s 2 min

    • Jelly strawberry 🍓 cow 🐄
      Jelly strawberry 🍓 cow 🐄

      That’s a lie it takes him 1 hour in each village

  • slayer

    Let me tell you something so... Your mom buys the present

  • Hi

    He holds the presents with his bag

  • Freyja Baker
    Freyja Baker

    nice video merry christmas and i am from southampton, england


    11:30 and stromedy friend just touching breast of statue HAHAHA

  • Jesse Salinas
    Jesse Salinas

    Merry Christmas to everyone that watch stromedy

    • kathy

      Merry Christmas to u to

    • Graziana Abela
      Graziana Abela

      Thank you and thanks for watching the the money

    • Kyle Macry
      Kyle Macry

      Thank you

    • Michelle Russo
      Michelle Russo

      @Kara Gay sad:(

    • Theo Calalo
      Theo Calalo

      Merry christmas too ty

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