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  • Jamir G
    Jamir G

    Wish he could’ve did this in Summer league. 🤦🏽‍♂️ But we not giving up hope! Let’s go GELO! 🙏🏽

    • 1 2
      1 2

      @Patrick Bond he was already in Detroit and they DROPPED HIM. He will NEVER play in the NBA

    • Mario Chavez
      Mario Chavez

      Bru they hardly gave him mintues in the 2 games

    • TuNnL

      @AMJ J Right?! 🤦

    • AMJ J
      AMJ J

      @TuNnL dudes really comparing bron to gelo

    • TuNnL

      @Cassius and Rosa the Dobermans the reaction would be the same if Gelo dropped 40. Guess what? He hasn't done that. 🤷

  • Break Harpe
    Break Harpe

    I'd like to see Gelo slim down a little bit...Maybe that'll make him more agile, kuz he moves a little too heavy. I know Lebron went thru the state where he slimmed down & Kobe also

    • Big Glacier
      Big Glacier

      @Kevin Le tf you tagging me for i know that kobe my favorite player

    • Kevin Le
      Kevin Le

      @Big Glacier LiAngelo is no Kobe. He looks beyond 205.

    • Big Glacier
      Big Glacier

      @Kevin Le duhh 6’6 205 thats my favorite player i know what im talking about

    • Kevin Le
      Kevin Le

      @Big Glacier Kobe was taller. 205 of muscles.

    • Big Glacier
      Big Glacier

      Kobe was 205 Damn near his whole career chill

  • DonPhenomenon

    At this point I feel like waiting for LaMelo and LiAngelo getting to play together is like waiting for a Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino album or a J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar album. You can only hope and they tease but more and more time passes by and nothing happens. If you want to take it a step further, waiting for all 3 Ball Brothers to play together is like waiting for a Black Hippy album (Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock)

    • Lagos Fury
      Lagos Fury

      Lol...pigs will fly first

  • Restless Mind
    Restless Mind

    His only chance to play in the NBA, will be Melo signing a new contract that includes Gelo. Sort of like Giannis getting his brother in the NBA.. Same team.

  • Coach CJ Arete
    Coach CJ Arete

    Did anyone else score 27 and have 12 assists with 5 rebounds? Boom! Go GELO! Keep doing your thing man!

    • LIL LEAN
      LIL LEAN

      @AMJ J fax

    • BJ Knochel
      BJ Knochel

      @AMJ J most of them aren't fact, there is a high schooler on bbb better than gelo. Enough said

    • AMJ J
      AMJ J

      @BJ Knochel do you realize how many teams/players are in the drew? Naming players on BBB and then judging the drew based on that is literally so ignorant 😂

    • BJ Knochel
      BJ Knochel

      @AMJ J there are high school players on gelos team better than him. That's how much of a joke the drew league is, and gelo for that matter

    • BJ Knochel
      BJ Knochel

      @AMJ J it's not serious competition. Nba players only join for the tradition.

  • I am Groot!
    I am Groot!

    Coach LaVar once again PERFECT in the Drew... Winless. Again. Somebody get that guy a coaching job! lol

    • leftboot09

      Neveah Lost!!!

  • DJ WavyD
    DJ WavyD

    appreciate your hard work DKM. Keep up the new media movement

  • datte bayo
    datte bayo

    Gelo is working I love that energy and true dedication

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    Gelo looks much better as a point forward. He's basically a combo forward.

  • Jean C Alicea
    Jean C Alicea

    I agree. All the 3 brothers on the Drew League will break the internet.

  • jpapp

    Gotta fact check the stats for yesterday's game too. I'm seeing people post 6 rebounds and 4 assists, but when I watched the game, he had 4 rebounds and 3 assists on 14/36 shooting. Not sure who reported these stats but they're inflating them a tad

  • Enjoy Life
    Enjoy Life

    even in this clip...he looks slow asf for 6ft 5in...god damm...

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    I was definitely tuned into this game but I have to also state and I want to see if DKM will agree liangelo's conditioning seem to be in a good place also I think that's something we need to also highlight

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      No tf it doesn’t

  • FYF Sports Debates
    FYF Sports Debates

    27/12/5 was his stat line from June 13th in the Drew league, how many times will talk use the same stat line 🤣.... His real stat line is on the Drew league feed page

  • K Hobbs
    K Hobbs

    Exactly!!! Give Charlotte something to see I’m starting to wonder if Melo can’t come play with Gelo or something bc he know the 2 of them would show out & Charlotte would get so many messages saying “this what we been trying to tell y’all now bring Gelo up to play with Melo.”

    • onukwughab


  • Malayia

    I think the reason LaMelo hasn't played this year in the Drew League is because the team is called team BBB when we all know LaMelo is signed with Puma or LaMelo probably wants to rest this summer like he did last summer who knows.

  • Walt Man
    Walt Man

    I can't wait to see him play with one of his brothers

  • PgTrym91 : TrymTheNorwegian
    PgTrym91 : TrymTheNorwegian

    Well don’t think nba cares to much about Gelo

  • Will Carlton
    Will Carlton

    0:36 “Gelo Ball and other NBA players” 😂

  • Twin

    I will be honest I’ve seen enough at this point,I don’t know if he still nervous or he just lack multiple skills or something’s, I guess he can shoot I’ll give him that but he is not ready for the league maybe a couple more years or something,He need to just really focus on shooting and become a KLAY THOMPSON A SPOT UP SNIPER OTHERWISE HE GONE BE IN THE G LEAGUE FOR 10 YEARS

  • Wayne Baird
    Wayne Baird

    Keep giving the young man the ball and make sure it keeps going in the hole.

  • SeanSeams

    I’ve been saying sense hs the gelo is a point forward, I used to compare him more to a draymond green with a jumper

  • Jaydan

    Just wait until he starts putting up 40/15/10

  • Serenity in silence
    Serenity in silence

    I wish we could have seen all 3 of the ball boys out there

  • Martin Cortez
    Martin Cortez

    If lamelo really wanted to help help he would of played a game with him

  • Ssk-_-Dotz

    Yo if they bring the jba guys back especially curtis hollis thatd be fireee

  • Eon Taylor
    Eon Taylor

    Gelo played the whole game he better had 27 points

  • Johnny

    I think help need more speed like focus a little less on the post game and focus on perimeter shots and driving to the paint

  • Vinsanity

    Lavar Ball could make it easy for Gelo to showcase his skills and get Gelo to a team if he put Melo, Lonzo and Gelo on the Drew Leage and have it televised. Watch them dominate and have Gelo score 50! more teams would actually think about putting 2 brothers on the same team or maybe making a trade and getting all 3 on the same squad

  • Tony Chung
    Tony Chung

    I wish nothing but hope you play for the NBA asap.

  • Craayy

    He could back people down while most Big's these days are sitting on the 3 line, just has to get the switch?

  • Stew BonBon
    Stew BonBon

    Who cares about Gelos stats in this game, as his team lost by 30 points!!!

  • Luh Paris
    Luh Paris

    Crazy how Bron brought the Drew league to tv

  • Life of Ryan RC
    Life of Ryan RC

    Putting up numbers on a losing team means nothing. Lavar got this ragtag team together to showcase Gelo, but he needs some help and if he would put up like 16-20, 3 ast, 5-6 boards on a winning team that would mean much more than this nonsense. Unfortunately Gelo isn’t gonna be a star in the nba, so pair him with another winner and let that guy elevate gelo’s game. Kinda like u said bring in Melo to save the day because this ship is sinking faster than the titanic

  • Breezy102

    he shoulda don that in the summer league

  • Sun John
    Sun John

    Man, he puts those kind of players around him for a reason. To put pressure on him, lead, make them better.

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      Make them better? You can even hear Lavar say pass to Gelo damn near every possession. They're around him for Gelo to stat pad and make it seem like he's better than he actually is.

  • Sabas Lopez
    Sabas Lopez

    Can you make a video on gelos future? And where he goes next

    • Smkrieg41

      Europe, G league and Instagram mostly

  • Franco Q
    Franco Q

    Throw LaMelo in the mix!

  • wasabe sabe
    wasabe sabe

    Drew League is not "competitive hoops". Gelo is the best defensive player in the entire league though, lol.

  • Brandyn Thomas
    Brandyn Thomas

    7ft 300lbs? Definitely not the NBA today. PF/C be like 6’7 - 6’8

  • Blake Flavel
    Blake Flavel

    Such fax gotta show the hornets what’s there missing

  • leftboot09

    D-Mo has a pretty shot. He can be the next splash brother.

  • KingSlay727

    Let’s this this clear before I say anything I’m a huge gelo fan but cool he had 27 points 12 assisted and 5 rebounds first they got blasted by 20+ and gelo had easily 5 or more TO and got cooked on the defensive end all game I’ll say I’m happy he found his shot but this game is still not a good game if I’m a nba Scott. Cuz as a guy who’s going to come of my bench to have more then 3 to 5 TO is a deal breaker if his defense is not good but I just hope melo joins him to help or zo cuz he needs a real PG

    • Christian

      His team is litterly horrible . If gelo was on a good team it would be differnt

  • IvoryPitbull

    lavar is sandbagging the team so gelo looks good

  • Chantal Lester
    Chantal Lester

    He played well however I don't know if its just me but he looked stiff and out of shape but that can easily be fixed I still have hope for him tho

    • CM

      @Phillip Travis No, Lavar yanking him from UCLA derailed his development in college. He should have served his punishment like a man and come back and seen what UCLA could have been for him. And, btw, how has he gotten better? Show me some receipts, because to me he looks like the exact same player he been for some time.

    • Phillip Travis
      Phillip Travis

      @CM extenuating circumstances placed Gelo in the position he is in. The stealing derailed the development in college. Overseas would have been the road I took to get to the pros. He’s gotten better. Some more minutes is what he needs in the G-League and summer league. Time on the court will develop him. @Cameron King was right about the time he’s getting. It won’t cut it at all

    • CM

      @Phillip Travis PJ Tucker was Big 12 POY and a second team all american in college. Dude was legit good in college and still had to grind to get his NBA slot. Compare that to Gelo who's accomplishments pretty much ended in HS, kinda sad.

    • Cameron King
      Cameron King

      @Phillip Travis you’re right he should go overseas, he’s not developing his skills in the drew league playing a role he’ll never use if he ever makes it to the nba or playing 5 mins in summer league

    • Phillip Travis
      Phillip Travis

      @Cameron King how long did it take PJ Tucker to get to the NBA? We can use him as the exam because Desmond Bane & Grant Williams got drafted. It took PJ a little bit of time playing overseas and such to develop and hone those skills, which is what Gelo is currently doing. For some, they develop the skills at an exponential rate. Others, it takes time.

  • MuricaUnited

    Why does he dribble like that lol

  • Dr Phil’s Barber
    Dr Phil’s Barber

    He was my neighbor in chino hills I beat Lavar at a game of 1 on 1 at a cookout at his house that’s when his boys lost all respect for them and they dropped BBB

    • Dr Phil’s Barber
      Dr Phil’s Barber

      @herbieberieherb yeah bro still got nothin to say

    • Dr Phil’s Barber
      Dr Phil’s Barber

      @herbieberieherb bro you still got nothin to say

    • Dr Phil’s Barber
      Dr Phil’s Barber

      @herbieberieherb yeah bro you got nothin to say cuz you know it’s true

    • Dr Phil’s Barber
      Dr Phil’s Barber

      @herbieberieherb no cap 🧢 💯 ask Lavar

  • PgTrym91 : TrymTheNorwegian
    PgTrym91 : TrymTheNorwegian

    He needed to get matchfit bro

  • Dre Mc
    Dre Mc

    He don’t have a team may as well make the drew league home

  • Hypeski i
    Hypeski i

    Would be a nice pickup for the lakers we need shooters

    • CM

      Cole Swider showed in Summer League what a 'sniper' actually looks like - something everybody has been saying Gelo is - so he's gonna be new Lakers shooter. Gelo ain't never posted nothing close to Swider's stats, like ever.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Kamaal Abstract I said back in December the move was trade LeBron and move on but new coach new roster will at least be an entertaining ride

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      @I am Groot! lol I hear you but Lakers are still “Championship or bust” right now.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Kamaal Abstract Lakers ain't nowhere near winning anything but an early start to the offseason. They bringing in anybody the think might give them 5+ minutes looking at undrafted guys / g league guys / guys off the street. All that and Gelo not on their list what do that tell you?

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      Lakers are tryna win a chip they not thinking about no mid ass Gelo


    Okay but bbb game wasn’t being streamed last time

  • Ern. Col.
    Ern. Col.

    Melo and Lonzo should be doing anything they can to help Gelo. WTF? Is this not a family?

    • Chantal Lester
      Chantal Lester

      Zo is hurt still I think and melo dont nessesarily have to play but he could at least show up to support like so did

  • E Tweez
    E Tweez

    Great commentary!! Factual but absolutely hilarious.. Lavar Ball is on the clock🤣🤣

  • A N
    A N

    Get the boy a pair of zo2

  • herbieberieherb

    Why do you use Gello for clicks then hating on the low low? about other players.

    • herbieberieherb

      @jpapp if you can't hear it.... I can't tell you... You don't have the capacity to understand

    • herbieberieherb

      @Jacob Lozada not my fault you sleep in at the wheel

    • Jacob Lozada
      Jacob Lozada

      You're crazy if you think he's hating on Gelo

    • jpapp

      How is he hating?

  • Carlos Brazao
    Carlos Brazao


  • InTunesWeTrust

    That work!

  • RJay Mac
    RJay Mac

    People alway talk about how undersized he is for his post game....but that size works well for PJ Tucker...and I think Gelo is stronger than PJ...of course People will hate that I said that and will swear PJ is wayyyy stronger....but Ive seen Gelo BULLY People under that, he could be as strong as he looks.

  • Berserker Kay
    Berserker Kay


  • Dee

    If I have to be totally honest , Leangelo is not NBA material at all at all. It appears to be a one dimensional player to no player with very small stature all stature size wise

  • Ebonix33

    He's ok

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      Not talking about mr brittney griner and her hell in a cell face

  • troy arthur
    troy arthur

    I have never saw such pathetic defense in any league as the Drew league, not even grade school.

  • Soap m8
    Soap m8

    hornets should pick up gelo i just want my hornets to finally do something

  • Lamelo Ball’s Cousin
    Lamelo Ball’s Cousin

    Gelo gained weight cuz he’s going through a break up with his girl 🤦‍♂️

    • Zeezë Daniel
      Zeezë Daniel

      @Lamelo Ball’s Cousin yeah, Izzy= w, Jaden= b, Evoni= m Gelo is equal opportunity lover😁😁😁

    • Lamelo Ball’s Cousin
      Lamelo Ball’s Cousin

      @Zeezë Daniel the mixed one called Evoni

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Zeezë Daniel 🤣

    • Zeezë Daniel
      Zeezë Daniel

      @I am Groot! I care, is it the white girl, the black girl or the mixed one

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Zeezë Daniel who cares?

  • Vicida

    Gelo is moving alot better its good to see him off the bench and more time on the floor. As for having more players they should be checking for NBA bench players who like Gelo don't get adequate floor time on their teams. The Drew league rosters would be filled fast. I think the Drew League should run year round.

  • J D
    J D

    People were clowning Gelo on IG and hyping up shareef. You can’t tell me any instances where Shareef has ever performed better than Gelo, and I’m talking before surgery.

    • J D
      J D

      @Kamaal Abstract we want Gelo in the league off his consistent scoring ability despite his low minutes. And you guys want Shareef because his dads name is Shaq and he had a tragic setback. Dude averaged 3 in college and immediately got on a summer league roster while Gelo was touring the whole word playing overseas etc.

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      Just like yall want Gelo in the league off name sake alone, Shareef has that too... but his dad has the advantage of being a solidified legend

  • Svetlana Naumova
    Svetlana Naumova

    Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine sleepfriendd.Online Brünette und eine andereh Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  • artist of strongstyle
    artist of strongstyle

    What matters is him playing. Of course we want his team to win but his performance is out of the blue. He deserves a spot to be in the NBA

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt

      Deserves smh, Boi stop, this boy keeps getting opportunities and continues to show them a side of his game that the team he’s playing for doesn’t need. You gonna try to get a job being an architect but show only customer service experience on your resume lol. This Boi didn’t show up to the first day of the summer league practice, then plays like he has a spot already smh. Since this dude got the clearance to get tryouts in the nba the only progression I see is new tattoos and hair styles. Talks about other business ventures he has going on, that’s not a hungry player tryna get in the league. You see Mac Mclung this year, man that boy was playing like the Russians had his parents hostage and the only way to let them loose if for him to get a contract. I saw no urgency in Gelo, his brother didn’t even come to watch him when they were playing in Chicago, why you think.

  • TaylerMan420

    Better stats than Trae Young

    • BJ Knochel
      BJ Knochel

      Which one plays in the league. Which one only does good in a laughable league of mediocre players

  • DaPope B Frank
    DaPope B Frank

    That game was terrible

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      Yup. Sure was

  • Vchema 76
    Vchema 76

    Thats nice, but he still wont make a NBA roster

  • Vicida

    NBA is focused on Drew and now have an app to pickup the Drew League. That"s a plus.

  • Moha Dd
    Moha Dd

    ❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wennk ich 4 wählen würde

  • Tom Stanle
    Tom Stanle

    ❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenno ich 4 wählen würde

  • Danny H
    Danny H

    If Gelo was 2 - 3 inches taller he'd be a star in the NBA

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      he wouldn't

  • jryn


  • Chris Barclay
    Chris Barclay


  • Joey T
    Joey T

    Absolutely no one cares

  • Amoco Beatz
    Amoco Beatz

    It seems to me that they trying to hold him back he should have been in the NBA I love Michael Jordan but the Charlotte hornet ain't shit and it seems like Michael Jordan doesn't care

    • IrvineKinneas01

      @CM the illuminati

    • CM

      Who's 'they'?

  • Nathan Valdez
    Nathan Valdez

    Tbh bro if pj tucker is in the league I really don’t see why Gelo isn’t

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      @CM when they say stuff like that they just expose the fact that they no nothing about elite hooping! Gelo fanboyism be really thinking Gelo is just this stud like talent being overlooked. They literally try to compare his shooting to Klay… Klay mf’n Thompson lol… one of the BEST SHOOTERS EVER! & They put Liangelo Ball in that convo 🤣🤣🤣 God level delusion

    • CM

      Then you don't understand hoops, bro. PJ been a dog since HS, was awesome at UT in college, and humbled himself to get to the League. They not even in the same universe, tbh.

  • george lugenalt
    george lugenalt

    The reason he didnt light it up in the Summer league was not bc he sucks. It was bc he got crap minutes from the team. Which they have been giving him ever since game 2 of last years' G league. He can't show what he can do, bc they wont LET him. Tell me another player that gets benched after a 20+ point performance and then given 6 mins per game the rest of the season?

  • Madara

    Liangelo Ball will make the league

  • NFT TJ
    NFT TJ

    Get him in the league already everyone can agree he is better than some people in the NBA

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      He's not.. Only gelo fanboys say stuff like that... & There are tons of players in the g league waaayyyyyyyy better than gelo... Mikey Williams better than Gelo lol Hezi God better than Gelo.. I can keep going for days