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  • Stromedy

    Sorry about the BAD AUDIO quality Stromedy Squad! I'm fixing it in the next video

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      Aiden laurenze Gatdula

      @Gacha_player145 kvn n

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      These videos might be fake but I love them

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    This man on sum I swear how he still makin these videos and people fallin for it🤦🏾‍♀️

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    Elijah Rivaz

    happy holidays stromedy you keep on doing what you do best

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    Not even kidding why do I feel like I’m in science class re learning this 😅😂

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    K-is-4 Kalinda

    I’m wondering if there is a Christmas zombie or clown….

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    Timur Bashir

    Thank you for making this video stromedy

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    Our friends definitely create MONSTER UNIVERSES in their off time

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    Yes, my friend create a portal to monster universe. Stromedy's videos never fail to desappoint us

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    Keith Ligman

    Hello stromedy hope you and your friends have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year God bless you all Keith from Wisconsin 🙏

  • Baby jesus eats muffins
    Baby jesus eats muffins

    I can’t believe you find stuff like this in days keep it up!

    • Emily Gorry
      Emily Gorry

      Yeah it is fake

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      @Eddietubecollin-oficial channel Ohhhhhh

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      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      @NotFlamingosSon I’m talking about the person who wrote the comment you replied to

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      @Eddietubecollin-oficial channel ???

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      @NotFlamingosSon he’s not the real one, but Anfire!

  • Knight Walker
    Knight Walker

    Why does that scientist look like the Villain from Crash Bandicoot 😂🤣😂🤣

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    {MOVIE} videos

    I really appreciate the effort that you put into these videos

    • STK_Blurb

      When he doesn’t put any effort and clickbaits

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    ah yes don’t you hate it when your psycho friend makes a portal to the monster universe I hate when that happens

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    Claim your “here within an hour” ticket right here


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      @Ryan Holland 2 months late

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    Erick Calvo

    This Freaking INSANE!!!

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    toasty beard

    Nicely done guys enjoyed the video keep up your amazing work

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    Gacha Girl

    It always pisses me off when i see a new episode from the prime capital team i always think its from stromedy but its actually from one of the other members

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    Ambica Sobie 3M

    The king of IRglo is back with a banger love you stromedy merry Christmas

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      Syed Mohammad Hasan

      @Emily Betliskey You also see clown mask or u think Roblox check point?

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      Emily Betliskey

      @Rc Pachuau Why would you say that? No one is dumb.

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      Emily Betliskey

      @Syed Mohammad Hasan Same!!

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      Syed Mohammad Hasan

      Stop sending mean comments I agree with her.

  • Emma Grillo
    Emma Grillo

    It's totally normal for your friends to create monster portals when the have free time. And it's totally normal that we would WANT to go in them...

  • Popcorn Willy
    Popcorn Willy

    Sqaud!! goes at it with the Clowns!! and more… that they, could do!!

  • Joshua Bacchus
    Joshua Bacchus

    Stromedy hey don’t worry about it still a good video after all we always love what you always do on IRglo making our day amazing you the best I am wishing you the prime capitol and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year 👍✊🙏❤️🎄🎁☃️❄️🎉🎊

    • toms cool games
      toms cool games

      remember it’s all fake lad he is entertaining but take it down a bit

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    June Wilkinson

    Thanks for the banger video Stromedy!!!

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      Years old…

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    Syed Mohtashim

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      𝗟𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗴𝘀

      Bro , its Fake

  • WindierStorm

    it would be very scary if this was real

  • aswb

    i hope there will be no aliens in the future

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    Ayah Daher

    Me: what is going on he’s CRAZY

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    Vonda Watkins

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    Mars YT Channel

    12:07 Bruh u could see a clown mask in the background 🤣

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      That’s a decoration.” It rotates

    • Mars YT Channel
      Mars YT Channel

      @Daniel Contreras there’s a clown mask

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  • Saul Rudnick
    Saul Rudnick

    Next to the potions there is a pole spinning around with a clown mask on it!!!!!

  • LemonJuice [GD]
    LemonJuice [GD]

    Yes my friend normally creates portals into the monster universe

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    TOTO wither3111

    The Thumbnail is so Funny!MORE LIKE PRIME COMEDY HOUSE😂😂😂

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    Shiela Medina

    Part of me says these vids are fake, yet I still love your vids:)

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      @cameron the potions are water

    • cameron

      Same but even know there fake there still good

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    When u got caught looking on the other side I saw a clown mask

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      There’s no duckling emoji, so u’use

  • Liam Blankenship
    Liam Blankenship

    If the guy that was making the potions was a sonic character he probably would have been egg man/Dr. Robotnick.

  • Amir Nur
    Amir Nur

    This is a very high quality editing am I right stromedy fans

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    Kai Chandler

    I like how that there the electric thing is just be electric from your hand not a marble lol my friend has one I don’t want him to create an porter 😂😂🤣🤣

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    Brandon Liam

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    Mark and Jessica smith

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    Official zenitsu

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    lisa marie

    Merry Christmas to everyone in this video,i also loved this crazy video🤪 WOW!!

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    Betty Nichols

    Sorry about the NAD AUDIO quality Stromedy Squad! I'm fixing it in the next video

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    *The Camera Man Has A lot Of Invisible Potions Lol*

    • RoShoot

      But It Ran Out *Sad*

  • Red T
    Red T

    I want to see you bring Jesse Back into these videos AKA jester

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    Logan Mariutto

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    Jeremy Reynolds

    I wonder if he’s being controlled by the dark side or by someone else

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    Ashton Wolf

    Looks like our World might get turned into a RPG Gameworld

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    LaQuasha Smalls

    Merry christmas Stromedy Yana DK um everyone!

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    Alessia 🥲

    Wow…….Such a normal thing that a friend creates a monster portal…So unique!😖

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      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

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    • Honey bee mask
      Honey bee mask

      Yes normal very normal

  • Demonic fun!!
    Demonic fun!!

    Isn't anybody going to ask about the clown mask that's just rotating on Alex's work table I mean yes he could have gotten it from some local novelty shop but still with what they've been through don't you think they should have at least brought it up if I was stromedy I would be having a heart attack right about now if I saw the clown mask in the same room where I was standing.

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    Lilly Tucker

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    Joy Knight

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    Kitty queen

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    Life With Tajsa📄💕

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    The Mold Guys NJ, LLC Fizzarotti

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      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

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      Reece Plays

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    Ariana little plays

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    Ty Barkley

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    thanks for the advice man my friend made a portal to the monster dimension last night and I didn't know whether or not to go through

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      Becky Best grandma


    • 𝗟𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗴𝘀
      𝗟𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗴𝘀

      @Janice Jen yes you are right , this portal is totally Fake

    • Antonio Britez
      Antonio Britez

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    • Antonio Britez
      Antonio Britez

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    Tgfree Yuhfdr

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    Pete Conrad

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    Amit Singla

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    Leiah's vu 💞

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    Kayden Psencik

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    Syed Mohammad Hasan

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  • It’sjustIndyia

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      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

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