Kobe's Daughter Gigi Bryant GOES OFF w/ Kobe Coaching Against OLDER PLAYERS!!
Kobe Bryant's daughter, Gigi Bryant, has game!
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  • Ballislife


    • mx11

      RIP 🕊

    • Svllina fan page
      Svllina fan page


    • Kathy Helton
      Kathy Helton

      Her daddy taught her well

    • RamadanKai


  • Curly Proverbz
    Curly Proverbz

    I wanted to see this princess shine after hearing the tragic news.... RIP to all those who lost their lives in that terrible accident.... blessings to your wife and daughters

    • Carmen Duhon
      Carmen Duhon

      and to his parents. Without them, Kobe would not have been here. And his two sister whom he loved deeply!

    • Queen OfHearts
      Queen OfHearts

      @BATMAN u mean u don’t

    • Nini Aleksishvili
      Nini Aleksishvili

      Amen 🙏

  • keyanna_.2333

    Am I the only one who continues to watch her highlights because my mind can't process the fact she is gone...?

    • being a multifan is not a crime
      being a multifan is not a crime

      to be honest, this was on my recommendation a few seconds ago (i'm watching girls basketball atm so ig that's why..) and then there was a big smile on my face because of course it's gigi but then i realized that she was no longer here and my smile dropped quickly 🥲

    • Oriculo Maximo Calderon
      Oriculo Maximo Calderon

      She is so talented.

    • TeenCred

      Kobe' story in Jimmy Kimmel's show keeps bringing me back. Just how Gigi would respond to fans asking Kobe to have someone to carry his legacy and she says "Oyyy, I got this"

    • Jaydyn Waddington
      Jaydyn Waddington

      I understand

    • Kiarn TV
      Kiarn TV

      same I was just like shes gonna be a big star then remembered

  • Beast Bear
    Beast Bear

    Kobe waited all those years to finally be the father figure in his daughters life and never got the chance 💔

    • MafiaCodmYT

      He's A Father Figure for gigi in heaven

    • xavsi

      @MikeEdits 3 years is wayyy to short it doesnt even count

    • MikeEdits

      @mckenzie curry do I really have to explain?He had 3 years to spend time with his family

  • BrainyBombShell

    I just love and adore how proud he looked for his team not just his daughter but ALL of them he just looked so damn proud and it makes me happy and sad at the same time.

  • Jen~

    kobe just sitting there watching his daughter and the team play and being a proud dad just makes me smile. He is literally so supportive omg. RIP Kobe and Gigi, fly high.

    • Mr Lionwool
      Mr Lionwool

      1:45 his smile🙌🏾

  • Malvina Edith
    Malvina Edith

    She was gonna be a big star, and now she’s shining up there in heaven❤️

    • Bri'Asia Martin
      Bri'Asia Martin

      @San Antonio Spurs um

    • San Antonio Spurs
      San Antonio Spurs

      Or hell

    • Bri'Asia Martin
      Bri'Asia Martin

      @Malvina Edith your right

    • Kawaii


    • Steven Smith
      Steven Smith

      Man it's still crazy

  • CodeCMC

    I just love how Kobe was proud of his team Rest in peace, Kobe and Gigi Bryant

    • sebas

      @BATMAN THANK you

    • thatkiddo_ lele
      thatkiddo_ lele

      Leave me alone, some ppl are sad that he’s gone even tho it was like 10 months ago . Just bc u may not care DOESNT mean other ppl can’t care

    • Flea Balzary
      Flea Balzary

      @BATMAN At least someone gets it

  • DeVon Standifer
    DeVon Standifer

    Man...watching this video and seeing the interaction with Kobe and these young women especially with his daughter Gigi...she was next up to carry on the legacy of the Bryant name. Keeping my thoughts and prayers to the Bryant family and to the families of the ones whom lost their lives on that tragic day. Rest easy to Kobe, Gigi and everyone who were there.

  • Luz Galan
    Luz Galan

    1:58 Gigi was looking at her like “are you deadass”😭 I love how Kobe’s expressions every time his girls would make a point was like he looked at them like his own daughters, he was so proud 🥺

    • Metal Macabre
      Metal Macabre

      Shes like oh ok its on now. She used it to motivate her. Just like her pops. So sad!

    • V.G Laya sree
      V.G Laya sree

      I'm already sad about this please dont remind me those beautiful moments more because that makes me more and more sad!😔

    • Luz Galan
      Luz Galan

      @Edgar8ap just like her daddy🥺

    • Edgar8ap

      Lowkey there are more highlights of her after that (in the same game)

    • Edgar8ap

      She took it personal and dropped fifty

  • Aditi

    It's not only her who went off, everyone in the team did. RIP to all those who passed :(

  • __cm

    “The biggest mistake we make in life is thinking we have time.” -Kobe Bryant With that being said, let’s all make the most of the time we have on this earth. Cherish every moment and never take anything for granted. RIP Kobe & Gigi Bryant 🕊💕

    • Mabel Arona
      Mabel Arona

      This is probably one of the best comments Ive seen, so true. Treat everyday like it's your last. Cause you never know it might be . Blessings 💞

    • Jyo Playz
      Jyo Playz

      R. I. P every one on that plane

    • Powell Denise
      Powell Denise


    • Robert James
      Robert James

      Very sad but very true!!

    • Melanin Queen 👑
      Melanin Queen 👑


  • David Carnevale
    David Carnevale

    Man, so hard to watch this but so many wonderfully positive things to see in this video. First, Kobe and the other coaches really did a phenomenal job of coaching the fundamentals. I liked the smile on Kobe’s face when his point guard was pressuring the ball handler and stole the ball for an easy lay up. Loved to see the girls executing an offensive scheme with sharing the ball. They were splashing jumpers all over. His love and respect for the game was being instilled in Gigi and the other girls. To me, that’s a greater mark left than all the NBA accolades. RIP Kobe and Gigi

  • Rixard c
    Rixard c

    She was gonna be only one player in WNBA who I know. 😭😭😭😭

    • Prodigy X
      Prodigy X

      I agree I believe she would’ve gave the WNBA even more recognition if not the recognition they deserve especially with kobe bryant being a heavy supporter to them

    • KingWorld Adventures
      KingWorld Adventures

      You must not watch nba much cuz Candace Parker talks for them all the time

    • HD HD
      HD HD

      Yall its just basic biology men have more muscle mass and testosterone so they would do better but women have more stamina...

    • ArrowSaurus

      @mckenzie curry she had a tall dad she would’ve grown

  • Frank Vidal
    Frank Vidal

    The pride in Kobe's eyes for all his girls is what gets me...

  • Aiko

    I can’t believe this happened to them, especially with Gigi being so young..RIP, you beautiful souls. You’ll be in heaven together.❤️

  • Forza

    They really did do everything together, a perfect father and daughter relationship. They played ball together, went places with each other, and are now resting in peace together. Rest in Paradise father and daughter.

    • BeyBeyxDarryn

      @jesse Workman Jesus it’s one of those fake woke people that believe every conspiracy theory they see with no proof🤦🏽‍♀️ You need to get it together man...for real

    • stella ray
      stella ray

      @jesse Workman And you know that how?

  • azumangaX

    How can you not be good when the greatest finisher of all time is coaching you? RIP Kobe, Gigi, and all who were tragically lost on that day:(

  • nysom

    she was ready to throw hands everytime she was fouled 😂😂

    • Championatfortnite

      Truee and gigi she had confidence no matter WHAT!

    • Code_11


  • Mother Theresa Suga ll
    Mother Theresa Suga ll

    them shooting 3 pointers perfectly, mey 13 year old self still struggling to bounce the ball for at least a minute. The TALENT and rip sister

  • Abigail Campbell
    Abigail Campbell

    I love when Gigi fell over she didn’t fuss or anything she just grabbed the ball immediately 🕊

  • The Biggest Little Memories
    The Biggest Little Memories

    They did everything together They played basketball ball together They coached together And they even entered heaven together ❤️ RIP Kobe and Gigi x

    • OOF :3
      OOF :3

      @Michael Brown This comment made no sense

    • Michael Brown
      Michael Brown

      Kobe Bryant his daughter Michael Jordan or team up space jam2 100,000 likes

    • Stephen P
      Stephen P


    • 2k cheese
      2k cheese

      He’s actually not dead, look at the news!

    • Stephen P
      Stephen P

      Win win

  • Kacee Magee
    Kacee Magee

    Rip Kobe he was a great player great dad great coach and great person

  • AshleyPI’s Arts
    AshleyPI’s Arts

    The fact that two coaches, three players, and two parents seen in this video are no longer with us is so heartbreaking and bone-chilling.

  • Gambbit

    Tears of happiness, u could tell how happy Kobe was when his daughter scored

  • Drew Sneeze
    Drew Sneeze

    We talking about Mambacita. The whole damn team is fire🔥🔥🔥

    • ThatBlue Man
      ThatBlue Man

      in the time that you commented this, it was normal and ok but now this is disrespectful at this time which is sad..

    • SHxMxOO

      @Eherndog what’s that supposed to mean

    • Eherndog

      they are good for girls

    • Yazmine Caraballo
      Yazmine Caraballo

      Thats what I was thinking while seeing this vid.. everyone talking bout Gianna but her wholee team is amazingg 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sierra

    I can’t even imagine what the team is going through knowing they lost 3 of their members/friends so tragically

    • Someone Johnson
      Someone Johnson

      @steve rogal lol

    • GreenEarthBlueskies

      Always Remember... - Sarah Chester - The 45-year-old Newport Beach mother of three was flying in the helicopter with her daughter, Payton. She was an alum of La Serna High School. - Payton Chester The 13-year-old from Newport Beach had been a member of the Mambas for some time. She was in eighth grade at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School. - John Altobelli Residence: Newport Beach -The 56-year-old was traveling with his wife, Keri, and daughter, Alyssa. Better known as “Coach Alto,” he was in his 28th season coaching baseball at Orange Coast College. - Keri Altobelli The Newport Beach mother of two and step-mother of one, was traveling with her husband, John, and daughter Alyssa. - Alyssa AltobelliThe Newport Beach 13-year-old was a member of the Mambas. She was an eighth grader at Ensign Intermediate. - Ara ZobayanThe Huntington Beach 50-year-old was piloting the helicopter. He often flew Bryant as a private pilot and was also an instructor. - Christina MauserThe 38-year-old from Huntington Beach was a coach at Harbor Day School in Corona del Mar and Bryant’s top assistant coach on the Mambas. She leaves behind husband, Matt, and their children.

    • Dorian Welch
      Dorian Welch

      steve rogal Name the other People, I don’t know there Names ,May they all rest in peace

    • BloodHuntress99

      not to mention, theyre coach is literally THE kobe bryant

    • Jasmine Crawford
      Jasmine Crawford

      @MIM That poor kid, holy fuck.

  • Amapola Poppy
    Amapola Poppy

    El deporte es algo maravilloso. Gran equipo. Mis ánimos para todos los afectados. ❤️👏🇪🇦🇬🇧

  • BG

    2 years and I still can't get over this. RIP Kobe & Gigi

  • CarlosRen

    Still remember the day we lost them. Losing Kobe was hard but I remember telling my parents about Gigi and said she’s gonna bring the same intensity and love of the game that Kobe did. That she’s gonna put the wnba on the map. Then it was found out that Gigi was on the helo with him.

  • Corey Saenz
    Corey Saenz

    RIP to them. I loved how he just sat back and let her have her moments. Didnt run and jump around the court. You let the kids shine and just help them with polishing up the mistakes.

  • Tyrone Williamson
    Tyrone Williamson

    Gigi was literally a beast Much love for her 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Jay

    sooo surreal looking at the back of the girls' jerseys and seeing bryant, altobelli and chester all standing next to each other. the whole situation is so incredibly devastating

  • Swiftiii

    I’m always still cheering you on Gigi I miss you 😢

  • julian McCormick
    julian McCormick

    3:00 gigi was so unbothered that just shows what blood she had flowing and her. Her mindset was just to play basketball. Rip Alyssa Altobelli N5, Gianna "gigi" Bryant N2 and Payton "Pay" Chester N14

  • Debra Daniels
    Debra Daniels

    She had such a great future ahead of her. RIP Kobe and Gianna

    • jade

      may 5 and 14 (who are also in this video) rest in peace

    • Kentrell a cutie
      Kentrell a cutie

      FR E SH A VOCA DO well if u didn’t know Kobe was an idol to many people so of course their gonna feel hurt about his death more then anything

    • GreenEarthBlueskies

      @chupacabra226 UNLESS WE FORGET, HERE THEY ARE..... - Sarah Chester - The 45-year-old Newport Beach mother of three was flying in the helicopter with her daughter, Payton. She was an alum of La Serna High School. - Payton Chester The 13-year-old from Newport Beach had been a member of the Mambas for some time. She was in eighth grade at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School. - John Altobelli Residence: Newport Beach -The 56-year-old was traveling with his wife, Keri, and daughter, Alyssa. Better known as “Coach Alto,” he was in his 28th season coaching baseball at Orange Coast College. - Keri Altobelli The Newport Beach mother of two and step-mother of one, was traveling with her husband, John, and daughter Alyssa. - Alyssa AltobelliThe Newport Beach 13-year-old was a member of the Mambas. She was an eighth grader at Ensign Intermediate. - Ara ZobayanThe Huntington Beach 50-year-old was piloting the helicopter. He often flew Bryant as a private pilot and was also an instructor. - Christina MauserThe 38-year-old from Huntington Beach was a coach at Harbor Day School in Corona del Mar and Bryant’s top assistant coach on the Mambas. She leaves behind husband, Matt, and their children.

    • Anthony Mendez
      Anthony Mendez

      Unfortunately if you think about it this was her future

    • Ken G
      Ken G

      Christina Mauser also lost her life as well as other families. I think that is her sitting next to Kobe around 1:20 mark. She had a husband and 3 kids.

  • abuwadie3

    This is such a tragedy that will be remembered for generations to come. RIP to all those lost.

  • aluna

    I may not be a fan of basketball but watching this after hearing Vanessa Bryant’s speech at the celebration got me sobbing...love you and we will always remember you Kobe and Gianna...❤️❤️

    • OOF :3
      OOF :3

      Your not a fan, but you’ll always memorize a man you didn’t even care for before his death? Smh may Kobe wear his original #8 jersey and may he give infinite alley oops to a spiritual Shaq amen

  • Kaye Dulliente
    Kaye Dulliente

    rest easy legend. i wish you got to know how much impact to did to the world and how many people you inspired, including me. Fly high mambacita.

  • Clara Cavalcanti.
    Clara Cavalcanti.

    4:00 Like dad, like daughter ❤️🐍

  • Snafu

    I was so excited to see his daughter progress and carry his legacy. She aspired to play for Uconn one day. I'm so very sad at this moment. RIP to all those lost their lives.

    • OOF :3
      OOF :3

      @NÀTALINA Chill? Is that weave on too tight? Blue jersey was playing tight defense and fouled, jesusss

    • Leah Mwamba
      Leah Mwamba

      R.I.P Gigi I miss you so much and your dad kobe

    • SqueakyDuck

      Nighachu II probably didn’t see it too


      EXACTLY, she was literally going after her dads footsteps but instead it got taken all away and can’t be brought back 💔

  • Jaryah, demarion, jaliyah, jaycee, gang
    Jaryah, demarion, jaliyah, jaycee, gang

    Gigi was a beautiful young lady who really inspired me to start playing basketball and the fact that she was so energetic was amazing and In honor of her , I am going to be getting one of her jerseys and also one of Kobe's jerseys . But anyways , Kobe , Gigi I love y'all and miss y'all so much , rip .

  • Armani Kozomara
    Armani Kozomara

    God this makes me sad to watch. We were supposed to see this for years to come with Gigi going off to college and then the WNBA with a proud father right there experiencing everything with her :( Miss you Kobe!! Damn...

  • Anthony 0893
    Anthony 0893

    Kobe was so proud man, so sad! He had a impact on so many ppl when he was alive and even more so when he passed. They should’ve given him his”flowers” when he was alive tho! But the fact ppl didn’t like him, fueled him and made him who he was. A fuckin legend RIP Kobe and GiGi

  • dang it
    dang it

    Kobe seeing his daughter juke someone:that's my daughter she was made with that 😂

  • Mike

    So horrible for these kids and their family’s , looks like they were truly enjoying playing and Kobe looks happy Coaching his daughter and these young girls. RIP to all

    • OOF :3
      OOF :3

      @mark94555 This is exactly the problem, if Gigi was a regular girl without the iconic Bryant bloodline, you wouldn’t care.

    • mark94555

      @Bill cipher Beats goku ez nobody cares dude...this is kobe bryant

    • Robert

      @Denise Dorlouis He doesn't look disappointed, he's just calculating what the girls can do better for next time. #RIPKOBE&GIGI

    • Chewy Gold
      Chewy Gold

      @Bill cipher Beats goku ez sorry

    • Bill cipher Beats goku ez
      Bill cipher Beats goku ez

      My great aunt is dying from cancer she can barely move and talk and mostly sleeps. :(

  • Emmy

    Gigi Bryant is my idol. At 13, I really appreciate her and how hard she worked. RIP. Gigi, Kobe, and anyone else who was injured or passed. ⛹🏾‍♀️



  • Dan Alfred
    Dan Alfred

    She was the future of the WNBA, RIP Kobe and Gigi!💗

  • Kadeson Dieujuste
    Kadeson Dieujuste

    Legends never die rip kobe and Gigi

  • That one Somali
    That one Somali

    It’s hard to believe that this legendary daughter and her legendary father is really gone. It’s so devastating. My prayers and condolences. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Dhabi Nuisance
      Dhabi Nuisance

      🌹💔 I grew up watching him play ball I always say his name when I’m making any shot. People die everyday but it hurts when you know them. I felt like I knew him personally for some reason

    • Marcus B.
      Marcus B.

      Alyssa Altobelli(#5) and both her parents lost their lives too. They leave behind a brother and sister. Gianna was on her way. A future UConn Husky.

    • Aaron Hernandez
      Aaron Hernandez

      Dhabi Nuisance Kobe, his daughter and 7 other people were killed in a helicopter accident today in the morning

    • Dhabi Nuisance
      Dhabi Nuisance

      It’s ya Quruxlay wait... what?

  • alex rios
    alex rios

    I'm going to tell you I watch four minutes and as a father he did the best any dad would do for their children // we were blessed to watch this kid to play basketball and he's live got cut short // this is the example how to be a good father God bless him and his family rest in peace kobe.

  • accent77

    He was so proud of her and her teammates.

  • A E
    A E

    It's so painful to see the 3 girls who passed away, and Kobe and the coach next to him too, all gone. I hope their souls are resting with God 😪

  • The DuDe
    The DuDe

    2:06 the other coach number 5 and 14 were in the helicopter too R.I.P everyone on the helicopter

  • L Dot
    L Dot

    This is so heart breaking to watch. Even seeing the assistant coach that passed there is sooo sad😞 RIP TO ALL THOSE LIVES LOST ON THAT CHOPPER!!!!💔

    • PK

      @Jay Moar yes

    • 劉子辰

      the girl wearing number 5 passed with her too RIP

    • leanne

      yeah :(

    • Aida O
      Aida O

      This video. Wow. Life is fragile. RIP to All Kobe and group

    • Chris Watson
      Chris Watson

      Can I have a hug? This really has me down in the dumps

  • Scott Bivins
    Scott Bivins

    Rest in peace kobe and gigi damn i cant believe its been 2 or 3 years since we lost a legend an someone that was well on their way to be one too

  • Autumn Amulet ꨄ
    Autumn Amulet ꨄ

    I’m crying they passed months ago but it hits me so hard 💔 They were so iconic and Gigi had so much going for her carrier 💔 Fly high 🕊

  • Abigail Campbell
    Abigail Campbell

    At the beginning when Payton was cheering on Gigi. Rest in peace you beautiful souls 🕊❤️

  • Fn

    It just breaks my heart to know they're gone

  • bananabeans

    The happiness in Kobe's eyes every time his little girl hit a shot, really makes me tear up man.

    • MzInformed Inmotion
      MzInformed Inmotion

      @the fuck? They were all great shooters!

    • Young Dab
      Young Dab

      The whole team was like his daughters 💔🙏🏽

  • no no
    no no

    You have to love what you do Kobe Bryant 💛💜💛💜

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    Damn I really Miss Kobe!!! ❤️ R.I.P Gigi & Kobe and to the other lives involved in Tragedy…..

  • I like ruffles
    I like ruffles

    R.I.P Kobe and Gigi Rest In Peace young legend 😞 😞 😞

  • Tom Mateu
    Tom Mateu

    Kobe’s face at 1:48 That is the love for the game 💜💛

  • Em

    The way that he was so proud of them all. The way his players looked to him every time they scored for his approval. My heart aches for them all.

    • Myrah Naif
      Myrah Naif

      @Anjola O. very pain i can't imagine..

    • Myrah Naif
      Myrah Naif

      Me too my eyes tearing everytime i see thier video and pictures😭😭😭😭

    • Em

      Anjola Ogunbayo so tragic

    • Anjola O.
      Anjola O.

      Emelia Furber and the crazy thing is they lost both of there coaches

  • SAO Lift
    SAO Lift

    Kobe looked so happy coaching man ts breaks my heart

  • Rabid Toy
    Rabid Toy

    1:57 and 2:55 she was so fierce, tough, and good. She had that mamba mentality; like her father. I wish she could've grew and I could see her flourish. It just seems like she was gone way before her time. It's so sad to me. I feel for everyone that lost their life in that tragic accident, but especially Kobe and GiGi because it feels like I was apart of their lives. I really wanted to see what would have came of GiGi. It is so sad. Watching Kobe, as a dedicated father, coach her daughter, it's so sad.

  • Jo Harper
    Jo Harper

    She had her dad‘s moves on the court. I was waiting for her to get older and see what she can bring to the WNBA. Life can be so disappointing, maybe that was just their destiny. Rest in peace little angel🕊🕊🕊🌼

  • Moriah Connolly
    Moriah Connolly

    she was so amazing i wish she made it to the wnba at some point

  • Secret Light
    Secret Light

    “There’s no 24 without a 2” Rest In Peace Kobe & Gianna Bryant 😭❤️ Two beautiful, precious souls taken away from us too soon.

    • HooperHops

      @Nuclear wsp

    • Nuclear

      @Jyo Playz hi my naughty gf

    • Hailey Jones
      Hailey Jones

      His Soul an her soul lives on remember this message when u see Ahmad Brown an Anijah Brown that’s Kobe an GiGi reincarnated making the world a better place by showing anything is possible when u have faith in the most high thank u father God

    • Mikey B More
      Mikey B More

      They will always be in my ❤ No RIP they are far from resting they are playing basketball on the most beautiful courts you could lay eyes on there's no pain and I'm really jealous of my loved ones they have what I call one of the Greatest MAN I had the blessing to have laid eyes on such a good guy look up my wish kobe Bryant it's great he was so good to people he made them feel important like he's there fan amazing god couldn't have done better and Gigi was a Angel a true daddy's girl that would've easily went to the wnba baby her dad's only the mamba Kobe the bryant 5 time champ

  • Jeus Vox
    Jeus Vox

    The team work is incredible to see with these girls at their age. Rest In Peace GiGi ❤️

  • Dominic Tejada
    Dominic Tejada

    Kobe Bryant great player. Great coach. And most importantly great dad

  • Flashkid2000

    1:58 WOW! Look at Gigi`s reaction

  • Ambassador Scorpio
    Ambassador Scorpio

    2:27 I melted into happy laughter 😂😍

  • Neraxiea

    This is actually broke my heart. Kobe and his daughter sharing their same love, but their dreams ahead of them were disappeared. I wish they never had to go. May they Rest In Peace upon our hearts. ❤️

    • louren

      @Kennedii Arii not practice it was said to be a game match. Alyssa Antobelli #5 together with her parents, Kobe and GiGi and the rest of the unamed.

    • Kennedii Arii
      Kennedii Arii

      latonyafulton78 to a practice at kobe's basketball academy they were with her teamate alyssa & lyssa parents sadly awful tragedy 😓💓

    • latonyafulton78

      Where were they going

    • 2kboyOswag Tv
      2kboyOswag Tv


    • Lovely Gemini003
      Lovely Gemini003

      Rest in Heaven to each and Everyone of them. 🙏😔💗💗

  • Ryan Rouse
    Ryan Rouse

    Love seeing Kobe teaching We just know they are playing ball in Heaven

  • Cruzella

    Their last and final words. Kobe:I love you Gianna. Gianna:Daddy i downt wanna die. R.I.P. We always loved you Gianna and Kobe.

  • A A
    A A

    She would've been a huge star. RIP ❤

  • zizzle

    The potential she had man…and for the WNBA.. rip Gianna and to all who lost their lives ❤️