ANVIL Vs. CAR from 165m Swiss Dam!
How Ridiculous
Probably the most insane game of darts ever played haha.
After 4 years we finally return to Luzzone Dam in Ticino, Switzerland for more epic content. This is the first of 10 vids we filmed there and we can’t wait to release them all for you legends.
Watch all our 2018 Swiss Dam videos here:
We want to say a big thank you to all these amazing people for helping to make this trip happen:
- Debora and Carolina from Ticino Bellinzona e Valli Turismo // @bellinzonaevalli //
- Officine Idroelettriche di Blenio SA
- Niklas and Philipp from Angele for driving all the way from Germany to bring us anvils and forging hammers to drop, you guys are legends!
- Gonser who provided a heap of the items/targets for the drops including the trampoline and Rexy’s mannequin!
- Ticino Film Commission
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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous

    Thumbs up if you’re excited for TEN Luzzone Dam videos!

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    100% with Stanford! If you don't want to count rexy and the mannequin together then don't put rexy in the same exact spot 😂

  • Whgu ybnm
    Whgu ybnm

    1,000% deserves 75 points. Probably one of the most impressive shots ever from the dam

  • lior yunfh
    lior yunfh

    100% with Stanford on this one, both Rexy and Gerald were well and truly hit then! 75 all the way

  • ahumanmerelybeing


  • Thaumazzar

    Imagine arguing with the person who just annihilated a mannequin from the top of a dam and is still loaded.

  • Ieatpeople365

    That last drop with everyone and everything was scary from ground level, especially with the whistling bowling balls

  • RJMBricks

    Stanford is totally right... how would he only hit rexy or only hit the mannequin when they are in the exact same spot... 😆

  • SkyTank Labs
    SkyTank Labs

    damn, the ending just made me realize how brutally devastating catapults must have been.

  • Boating 4 Life
    Boating 4 Life

    Keep ‘‘em coming. Dropping stuff off the dam will never get old . Just keep finding awesome things to wreck!

  • Civic93

    Switzerland looks very beautiful!

  • paul rhodes
    paul rhodes

    Can’t tell you how much your videos have helped through a massive hangover today. Good on ya’s 🙌🙌

  • Simen Pedersen
    Simen Pedersen

    I always wondered how a ski was made, thank you for showing me "how ridiculous" it is :)

  • That'll Work
    That'll Work

    Stanford gets 75 points, no question. Glad he ended up winning by a mile anyway 😅

  • Chadwick Davis
    Chadwick Davis

    Just discovered your channel, absolutely hilarious! You guys rock!!!

  • TerryAllenSwartos

    From the set-up, I thought, “how can you hit one without hitting the other?” Paired as they were, a single point value should have been set for both Rexy and the mannequin.

  • Slasher21

    Note to self: always watch out for flying anvils when driving

  • Luca Rinaldi Chini
    Luca Rinaldi Chini

    From a former backpacker in aussieland and worker in kanton Bern perspective, it's just awesome to see some aussie dudes having a good time and unleashing forces that can destroy a small nation 😂😂😂👍. Well done mates and keep up the good content 😁

  • GoNorth

    I'd be so freaking scared of just accidentally throwing myself over the ledge along with any heavy stuff

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley

    Absolutely with Stanford on that one. He’s smacked both so he deserves both