5'7 Trae Jefferson Is UNSTOPPABLE! The Most EXCITING Player In High School!
Here is the most exciting player in high school basketball right now, 5'7" Trae Jefferson of the Milwaukee Rebels. With his speed, quickness, handles, bounce and underrated IQ, Trae is nearly impossible to stop at the high school level.
Music: Cartoons
By: Joe Josh Beats
Web: IRglo.com/JoeJoshBeats
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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    5 years later still one of the dopest mixtapes

    • Ian Cassady
      Ian Cassady

      Facts. This video is dope af.

    • Brayden Harris
      Brayden Harris


    • leanyyy

      7 years later

    • AE BUDIS
      AE BUDIS

      Now he’s making actual mixtapes 🎤

    • benzyboy101 1
      benzyboy101 1

      John Doe Milwaukee boii is nasty

  • A Rivera
    A Rivera

    1 of the best mixtapes I’ve ever seen 29 yrs of living TILL THIS DAY!!! Legendary hooper with legendary moves 🔥

  • Kaayun Jefferson
    Kaayun Jefferson

    Still one of the most iconic mixtapes ever made to this day.🏀🤫

  • FervenC

    That spin move is heaven sent!! That boy got a cold stop n go

  • 662chillin

    27 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds in his college debut against #11 Louisville. All I will say is tune in to ESPNU on January 23 when he takes on fellow Milwaukie guard Darrell Riley for MVSU. I hope they put on a show

    • 662chillin

      @Justin Canale He played at TSU for two years (led them to the NCAA touney in '18) before transferring out And we won the game against them (although he went for 30 I believe)

  • LiquidCity

    He seems like a team player too. I got guys in my high school who think they are good, and will absolutely never pass the ball. They try to take the other team by themselves, and we end up losing the game. I'd love to play with this kid.

    • Develle Williams
      Develle Williams

      I played with🖐🏾👊🏿 him and against him let's say yes Trae Jefferson is the truth hands down... Like AI MIXED WITH AKILI CARR!!!!

    • ight simple
      ight simple

      If could pla with him. He got kicked out of school

  • Britannicus Anicetus
    Britannicus Anicetus

    His handles so fast, my crappy internet couldn't catch up with it.

    • Jameel Isaac
      Jameel Isaac


    • Wavyy Based
      Wavyy Based

      Deadass thoo

    • Riverside 5
      Riverside 5

      ROBLOX Troll same

    • vibing wit mookie
      vibing wit mookie

      Karl Lewis cartoonz

    • Karl Lewis
      Karl Lewis

      Anybody know the name of this song

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee

    He was one of the most shiftiness guards I’ve ever seen in high school 💯💯

  • iClaimThisName

    Really inspiring! I'm 5'6 and really tempted to pick up basketball, this gave me hope that I can be an OK player even with my length.

  • TreCrypto

    2019 and still the best ballislife mixtape 🔥🔥

  • MrRCH86

    OMG! This kid is incredible. He's definitely gonna be a top player at the college level & definitely has NBA potential, if he keeps working as hard.

  • Cam MacNeil
    Cam MacNeil

    5 years later, and i still remember exactly what i was doing first time i saw this. One of the illest mixtapes out there

  • lwdmac

    Keep up the good work yung tre.I want to see you have success in the next level, practice hard all the way to draft day... the goal is one and done!!


    When he gets older he is gonna master that spin move! That's the "go to!" Almost there!🏀🏀💪

    • pcbros

      he’s older and he’s a drug dealer now :(

  • Condy Loid
    Condy Loid

    Aquille Carr will still be the ignition to the growth of HS mixtapes

  • Muzur57_TV

    Hopefully he will play in the NBA this is insane

  • Mike O'Leary
    Mike O'Leary

    The guy has skills. No one can really stop him because he's so versatile, he uses both hands with ease

  • Laurens HFK
    Laurens HFK

    Jesus those handles and that athleticism, no one can guard him! But i think from his defensive highlights he also can't guard anyone

  • Moses working
    Moses working

    Trae you are an inspiration to me. At your height what you are doing is incredible. Like your body is air and water. Thanks for the show.

  • lante07

    Trae Jefferson can hoop. FOR SURE. And he has a plethora of moves. But here's my thing. When you get to D1 and NBA level, you only have time for one move and to the basket, take a jumper, or move the rock. You can't have 7/8/9 dribbles to yourself in one position. That's not real offense. I just don't see him doing this to a Michigan State defense or last years Florida team.

  • Mild Chaos
    Mild Chaos

    One of the craftiest high schoolers ive ever seen. I guess he has to be extra crafty at 5'7

  • sabvbaumgard1

    Impressive for sure. Definitely gonna need to muscle up to compete at the next level.

  • Amir Ib'n Laahad
    Amir Ib'n Laahad

    I hope the kid makes it to the NBA.

    • Pure

      Don Demarco he said he was confident lmao. That attitude is why he isn’t in the NBA, he probably could have had a chance to make it if he didnt get kicked out of school for his attitude

    • Don Demarco
      Don Demarco

      Heya Bois 😂

    • Lodii

      He'll be killed in the NBA

    • Jae'Von

      He's not sorry too say

    • Rajvosa 1987
      Rajvosa 1987

      Hadrien Cambier height doesnt matter..there are many pgs in nba under 6ft.To me,my 5,5 ft is advanage ;)

  • Brandon

    Ballislife calls every player the most exciting player in highschool

    • AtlantaHawksFan8

      It changes every week lol

    • Nathan St. Louis
      Nathan St. Louis

      But this guy…….

    • Darian Proctor
      Darian Proctor

      So true😭

    • Geo Dusek
      Geo Dusek

      It’s called marketing 😂

    • Louis Urbina
      Louis Urbina

      Lmao they do

  • deshawn jenkins
    deshawn jenkins

    Damn I remember playing with trae in aau when we started. He ran the 1 & I was the 2. The good old running rebel days

  • Cam

    incredible vision. something all smaller guards need

  • BaPe Juice
    BaPe Juice

    Seeing someone at my height play like this motivates me

  • eelliot

    Till this day these type of Ballislife mixtapes so raw 🔥

  • Nicko Sarmiento
    Nicko Sarmiento

    5'7 and can slam? Oh my gyash

    • N O
      N O

      @Ahmani Nelson facts and Aquille is more skilled than Trae. Gimme Carr anyday

    • Khoa Pham
      Khoa Pham

      LAFL4RE he did an 360 off the alley oop on his IG but he deleted it

    • LAFL4RE

      Emmanuel Adeniyi acquille carr not doing windmills and 360s lmaoo I’m sorry

    • Big Mane
      Big Mane

      Bill Russell damn if ur 6’4 and can’t touch the rim and 100% healthy, u sorry as hell

    • Nicko Sarmiento
      Nicko Sarmiento

      @benzyboy101 1 on god

  • hype mam
    hype mam

    He's good as hell i wish I had his talent

  • chrisclassicbeats

    Highlights were amazing. I would like to see how he manages a game. Any links??

  • Kenz T
    Kenz T

    A beat can really put a mixtape from decent to goat status 🐐

  • Dippa 7
    Dippa 7

    I don't think the kid isn't humble, yeah sure he said 'he can't guard me" and other shit, but plenty of nba players trash talk and they're still humble AF off the court

    • hfgbdq j
      hfgbdq j

      Who said he isn't humble

  • Jessica Larosa
    Jessica Larosa

    2019 and still by far the most exciting player on ballislife.....

    • benzyboy101 1
      benzyboy101 1

      Jessica Larosa Milwaukee boii was nastyy

  • LeMansProject

    Damn his reactions and handles are nice!

  • Luke Phillips
    Luke Phillips

    Certainly brings a lot of energy to the game. Looks uncontrolled but if he can keep it under control than by all means play your game man. Good vid!

  • Nhật Đinh
    Nhật Đinh

    Reminds me of Aquille Carr. Hope he'll make it to NBA

  • Kelvin Harrison
    Kelvin Harrison

    He's a straight ☝ "G" with that 🏀!!!!!

  • LANNY89

    Wow, he can spin around real good.

  • Thomas Payton
    Thomas Payton

    Despite how far he made it. He still had an impact on the game

  • kobiboy78antwion4

    Bu,p the turnovers, Do you see his durability, focused, contact layups,the way he see's the floor... Dude has a lot of potential in my eyes... Let him get 6'2

  • Nathan Bartels
    Nathan Bartels

    If he makes it to the NBA, he may have some trouble getting his layups over taller point guards like Shaun Livingston (6'7) or Michael Carter Williams (6'6), but he could probably work through that. He's got sick handles and an amazing passing ability, though. He could become a great point guard in the pro level with some tweaks.

  • Ambika Sikka
    Ambika Sikka

    He's so amazing !

  • Qcdori

    Would’ve loved to see him vs aquille carr


    OSV coming through to support the movement !! And Trae Trae, I remember Trae being this youngster killing em at the King Center and Pal ..every where in the inner city of Milwaukee ..now he all over #BallIsLife

  • Kings Loso
    Kings Loso

    I'm probably going to ask you one of the hardest questions regarding basketball...Aquille Carr or Trae Jefferson, who would you rather have on your team and who is better ?

  • Hoodiahoy

    Just wondering, if anyone watches most of his games, how often does he get blocked average per game? :)

    • MidwestBallers TV
      MidwestBallers TV

      No he wont

    • Kevin Thomas
      Kevin Thomas

      Thon maker will toss his stuff

    • MidwestBallers TV
      MidwestBallers TV

      Ive probably watched Trae play 100 times over the past 3 years...and Ive seen his shot get blocked maybe 5 times...TOTAL!


      @BALLAsTvDotCom When are you dropping your new Trae Jefferson Mix? I know you have some dope for the internet.

    • BALLAsTvDotCom

      he doesnt get blocked

  • CrAzY RNL ‘
    CrAzY RNL ‘

    7 years later and still one of the dopest mixtapes !

    • Adino T
      Adino T

      On god 😂🔥

  • Toothbrush

    I've seen him play in person, he's got some talent and he doesn't even get blocked that much honestly he is a really talented player

  • Emoni Bates
    Emoni Bates

    He's so damn reckless and in college they'll call travels and carries all the time!


    heart over height

    • McMerry

      Taller than me

    • Jameel Isaac
      Jameel Isaac

      heart is bigger than height

    • Bill Russell
      Bill Russell

      Buzz lightyear looking ass boiii gotta spread the movent nigga #HeartOverHeight

    • Diego Nieves
      Diego Nieves

      @Ballislife2 Lmao he wasnt supervising me. What do you think I am, 12? Haha, when I was 12 I didnt have this fancy iPad MacBook shit. He was watching the Red Sox get beaten by the orioles

    • YS Baby
      YS Baby

      +Russ The Western Brick Layer I couldn't care less. Let him read my comments. He shoulda taught you better not to be using the internet since your in need of your dad's supervision

  • Quin Johnson
    Quin Johnson

    The fact that I just watched this guy play against UAPB last night. Impressed me.

  • LeeTheProdigy

    "This is what I do! Ball is life baby!"

  • ontemp

    This guy is gonna make it. Sick handles, passing, scoring and he can dunk at 5'7? That's insane.

  • Kenyon Blake
    Kenyon Blake

    Imagine if he was 6'3 🔥😲

  • BiggHomie Chitown
    BiggHomie Chitown

    Holy shit...can't wait to see him at the next level!

  • KnG FsT Gaming
    KnG FsT Gaming

    Probably still my fav mixtape to this day!!! Geesh!!!

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams

    He looks a lil wild and my only other complaint is his footwork, he looked off balance a lot doing his crossovers and drags his feet a lot... But he's got that energy for days

  • Adan Martinez
    Adan Martinez

    If you didn’t tell me he was 5’7 I would’ve guessed he was about 5’11 He’s incredible

  • Evan Jose Evans
    Evan Jose Evans

    His spin moves are unstoppable...

  • M Town
    M Town

    This guy was so awesome in real life stole plenty of ankles

  • Scott Freebass #beats
    Scott Freebass #beats

    that around the back jumpstop with lefthanded finish is impressive

  • James T
    James T

    The whole sequence starting at 1:19 though!

  • Aaron W.
    Aaron W.

    No lie, 1:19-1:23 is the best collage of handles in one play I've prolly ever seen

  • Bnag2785

    Good ball player. He does get a way with a lot of stutter stepping (travel) and a lot of carries because of his size, but I guess they all get away with it now days lol.

  • marcus gomes
    marcus gomes

    Still the best mixtape I've seen. Wish he went onto achieve bigger things.

    • AJSoGoated

      What happened to him

  • Your Neighbor's Dog
    Your Neighbor's Dog

    His passes are amazing! Good IQ

  • Mx. H
    Mx. H

    That beginning play though

  • Eric lee
    Eric lee

    I like the way he played in this video 🙏☄️☄️

  • Ryan

    perfect point guard attitude. GET HYPE EVERYTIME

  • JapGamingHd

    He's very talented and athletic and a great scorer but for him to reach d1 he needs to facilitate the offense btw I'm not hating I think he's a great player

  • Mike Trout
    Mike Trout

    Kind of sloppy and wild, but this kid is amazing. Finishing is amazing, the fact that he can dunk and he's that short, good crossover, this kid is crazy good. Needs to learn to shoot and create space better for shots it looks like, according to this video

  • Luh Twon
    Luh Twon


  • Steven Tejada
    Steven Tejada

    So many carry's!! He's super short and quick. He's got handles. Good court vision. So many carry's and unorthodox footwork.

  • Dylan Royer
    Dylan Royer

    If you wanna know what he's doing now, go to his Twitter @traejefferson and watch the video in his bio. Such a good player and he threw it away.

  • ballersnationTALLON DROSE
    ballersnationTALLON DROSE

    if he practices everyday imagine him in the nba

  • Angelsnupnup7

    Out of ALL of the pgs that I have watched... This guy and the professor is CLEARLY the best ball handlers out! Respect to all of the other pgs... But that is the truth!

  • Tyrone Gwynn
    Tyrone Gwynn

    I would have loved to see him and aquille go at it

  • D'laney

    Greatest intro to a basketball mixtape of all time

  • amaritheskater

    he was doing some crazy ass moves honestly idk how he made some shots like those