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Video credits- courtside films and overtime
So it's that time of year when Julian Newman, the viral high school sensation, who is somehow only a senior despite having been a high school player for what feels like forever now. Finally faces some respectable, nationally ranked high school competition and gets exposed to what he really is. Late January 2019, Lamelo's spire institute faced off aginst Julian's Christian Downey high school, a game that featured the two most famous high school players of all time. And was everything ballislife and overtime could've asked for, though anyone not caught up in the hype and blinded by the highlight reels. Knew what to expect going into that game, that it was going to be a completely one-sided battering, And that is exactly what it was, Spire blew them out of the building winning by 37 points, it was an absolute alley-oop, dunk fest. Melo coasted is way to a triple-double in what appeared to be third gear, while Newman struggled shooting 5-25 from the field, but then again what did we expect.
Fast forward a year onwards, and Julian Newman now playing at Prodigy Prep, his family brand's new high school, which appears to just be a more Newman oriented Christian Downey, with his father Jamie the coach and Julian still dribbling the air out the basketball and having the greenest light to shoot, of any player I've ever seen at any level. Jamie said coming into the year that this new prodigy prep program, was modeled after IMG Academy. So it's fitting that they got their dream matchup against IMG, a few days ago. Prodigy Prep faced IMG on the road, where Julian and co were yet again. Absolutely beat down bad and brutally, forget men against boys this was a D1 program versus an elementary school. Lob here, lob there, IMG dunking on everyone everywhere. This was even more of a murder than when Spire played them a year back, the final score was 99-39 to IMG, winning by 60+ points. From what we can see from the highlights, Julian got nothing short of exposed. half the video was little Julian turning over the ball and falling on all fours, the other half was IMG beating the bending background, with raw and ruthless stroke's. Julian was doing his usual talking trash all game and finished with a grand total of 5 points. I'd love to see the box score, would be a good laugh to see just how many turnovers Julian had and exactly how awful his field goal percentage is.
And of course, it wouldn't be a Julian Newman highlight reel video, without things getting heated right, this whole trash-talking and overrated chants gig is getting old now. It's clearly done of purpose for him to go viral, and of course, in he'd save the biggest temper tantrum of the year, for not only the biggest game but biggest L.
To top off what was an already heated game, a major brawl broke out afterward. Between Julian and IMG, from what we can see phones were flapping about everywhere, we saw Julian pickup and chuck a chair at one of the IMG players. Apart from that, not much was shown, I just wanna know how Julian hasn't had his little 5 foot nothing ass handed to him with all the smack talking he does.
But yeah we learned nothing new from this game, Julian Newman is still the cocky, park-like dribble lord who gets exposed against good teams. Prodigy Prep just seems like his old high school, more of a team than the basketball academy they're making it out to be. This is his final year of high school supposedly so it'll be interesting to see where he goes from here, still with 0 D1 offers. And truth be told in his current setting and environment playing the way he's playing, he's not gonna receive one any time soon.
But yeah this video is a little shorter than usual, not gonna prolong it any more than it needs to be. You guys can go watch the massacre for yourselves over at Overtime, Ballislife, etc. But if you have enjoyed the video make sure to drop a like, show some and subscribe to the channel. Comment Julian Oldman if you've made it up to the end,

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  • DKM

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JULIAN NEWMAN irglo.info/from/dLiqqoWqldSXgqc/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • roberto flores
      roberto flores


  • A Simpulacrum Of Coochie
    A Simpulacrum Of Coochie

    I almost feel bad for him, all that pent up anger knowing he won't make it to the league or even a D1 school.

    • s1mplysour

      I don’t feel bad for him at all he deserves it

    • CognizantCheddar

      @Naruto74 5'7" is usually too short even for pro soccer.

    • Costco King
      Costco King

      Only reason Julian isn't playing D1 is eligibility... he makes money off his brand. Same reason Melo didn't play D1 last year

    • al3x24

      @Randy Styles not only genetics, he’s got a terrible attitude and isn’t a team player

    • C R
      C R

      @Cartier that’s what success means to you? I’m feel sorry for you

  • Jacob Luna
    Jacob Luna

    "We saw julian throw a chair" 😂😂😂😂 everyone in that gym was taller than him, couldn't see that toddler anywhere!!😂😂😂😂

    • Eric Mesias
      Eric Mesias

      Mini me is much taller than this chihuahua pendejo

    • Makeitwetliketrx

      Ur a hater 🥱🥱

    • ZboX14

      @Malachi Young who cares lol? He sucks anyway then he goes trash talk to people because he is bad small

    • Mr iSparYi
      Mr iSparYi

      @GumPaste vince?

    • King Nate
      King Nate

      @Jacob Luna Isn’t there short people who act more mature then him? And are able to play basket ball against taller people?

  • Tony

    2:20 "this was a D1 program vs an elementary school" im deeaadd.........😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Karl Moresco
      Karl Moresco

      @Devaughn Fuller no cap🤣

    • Devaughn Fuller
      Devaughn Fuller

      Karl Moresco that’s what had me dying😂😂😂

    • Jerome King
      Jerome King

      @Karl Moresco i have tears in my eyes😂😂😂😂

    • Karl Moresco
      Karl Moresco

      "That wasn't just a murder, that was child abuse" It had me laughing so hard as well bro HAHAHAHA

    • Jj Williams
      Jj Williams


  • Tony

    "This wasn't just a murder this was child abuse"" 2:25 got me dead asf😂😂

    • Anthony Legend
      Anthony Legend

      I lost my shit when he said that lols

    • Turffhog 2
      Turffhog 2

      Dubbie Unknown Witness nice grabify u nerd

  • Unknown

    Honestly I love watching Julian videos now because I get a laugh everytime. It’s so embarrassing how bad he is against seniors now.

    • Mitt Obama
      Mitt Obama

      If you put him in IMG team, he would have beaten his own team. Meaning, it's not just him but his entire team is out-skilled and outsized by IMG.

    • HunchoJah💵💰

      Niggas was really hyping em up sayin he was the next Steph curry. Now when he go up against real competition, he trash.

    • L Muriilo
      L Muriilo

      Mee too!

  • Caribou Luu
    Caribou Luu

    Julian Newman the type of guy to shout his own name when shooting a ball

    • luis ortiz
      luis ortiz


    • j4y


    • J W
      J W

      That's fucking hilarious

    • angella similien
      angella similien

      Caribou Luu *shoots ball * yells:Juillian misses

    • sad platinum
      sad platinum

      He'd say JULI

  • Kevin Garnett
    Kevin Garnett

    If Newman actually had a good attitude and passed the rock people would like him and root for him. But it that's horrible arrogance and terrible attitude that makes this midget so unlikable tbh.

    • Ade Fraser
      Ade Fraser

      Newman is shit

    • jn salon
      jn salon

      i agree. it will be hard tho. his dad fondling his ego trying to be Lavar ball. but atleast the Ball kids got game no matter who the opponent is.

    • ReIllusion

      5'6 ain't that small.. Im near 5'10 and I wouldn't class him as a midget but in basketball I'll also be too small 🤣

    • Aiza Joy Balatucan
      Aiza Joy Balatucan

      You called him midget hahaha im dead

    • Robby Burnpipe
      Robby Burnpipe


  • fathersonfilm

    When I’m feeling really down I just watched Julian Newman play basketball and immediately I feel so much better about myself

  • Kicktoryhtx

    Why are you not talking about #3 Emmanuel Maldonado who had a good game. Instead of giving Julian shitman more clout get some to #3 who’s the best player in that team

    • Sailor6shooter

      Because he’s not good enough for D1 or D2 ball anyways, and the point of the video is that Newman has been touted as the next best thing for years now but actually sucks.

    • Brecken Dudley
      Brecken Dudley

      He is way better than julian

    • Michael Stewart
      Michael Stewart

      That’s wut I said Ik I’m late😂

    • Costco King
      Costco King

      Manny got open shots because the defense focused on Julian. Props to Manny for doing good but without Julian he's not elevating his game the same way

    • The Rock Obama
      The Rock Obama

      Adi Singhai how do you know?

  • eewoo

    3:16 Julian literally hands the ball to the opposing team. LMFAO

  • GGboss man
    GGboss man

    "With the first pick in the 2020 draft......the YMCA Dragons select: JULIAN NEWMAN!" Julian: Im going to bring this team a championship......just as long as everyones under 5'11

    • Branko Bull
      Branko Bull


    • Kjbkjb kjbkjb
      Kjbkjb kjbkjb

      @Benjamin Juarez bruh

  • roberto flores
    roberto flores

    Poor kid he's paying his dad lies, 😔 I hope he can realize soon what he really is.

    • HotjohnnyNemonic

      i never heard of him, who is he?

    • Typic Tick15
      Typic Tick15

      Yea, realize he fuckin doodoo

  • J U S T G R O W
    J U S T G R O W

    "This wasn't just a murder, it was Child Abuse" .... SUBBED LMAO

  • Infinity Mixtapes
    Infinity Mixtapes

    “Raw and ruthless strokes” Good lord 😂😂😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I agree Julian dribble too much he needs to learn how to pass the ball .I feel like every time Julian gets the ball he turns it over

    • sawsaw lang
      sawsaw lang

      He need to quit basketball

    • Joe Seppy
      Joe Seppy

      His teammates not moving without the ball arent doing him any favors neither. They just sit there and ball watch.

    • L Muriilo
      L Muriilo

      @bicboi46 that's why he can't get any good players to play there

    • bicboi46

      Yeah man if I was his team mate I would call him out for that shit

    • Hunter Hornady
      Hunter Hornady

      John Doe he has a mini seizure every time he touches the ball. Like ptsd from getting swatted and nuts dragged over his face every time he drives in lolll

  • Mexo Kream
    Mexo Kream

    He reminds me of my 4 year old nephew, he's so short he has to launch the ball from his chest, that form is a blasphemy. Being that short and having that shooting form will be a block party for any defender, and the pointless over dribbling without going anywhere ... It's hard to watch 🤦‍♂️

    • No Shot NoVa
      No Shot NoVa

      The sad thing is the poor kid was raised into it. His father is a complete idiot. Hope the online hate doesn't destroy the kid.

    • Sacramento Kings will Rise
      Sacramento Kings will Rise

      Your Nephew is only 4, He could fix his Shot

  • shacoenjoyer

    I feel like Julian and his sister dont even want to play basketball anymore and they just do it because they have a show on overtime which makes cashh

    • dbzthegoat

      @James II Tony Parker?*

    • dbzthegoat

      @L Muriilo that has nothing to do with it get off your high horse Karen

    • James II
      James II

      @L Muriilo don't ever disrespect Manu Ginobili, J.J. Barea, Brook and Robin Lopez, Pau and Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio like that again

    • Boxing Bull
      Boxing Bull

      @L Muriilo That doesn't mean anything man.

    • Liljayupnext

      luis ortiz spud Webb was good

  • Shun 873
    Shun 873

    “Lob here , lob there , img dunking on everyone everywhere”😂💯💯

  • ASpoopyCrewM8

    “This was not a murder this was child abuse”🤣🤣 I’m rolling on the floor right now

  • Brandon Padilla
    Brandon Padilla

    5 foot nothing ass had my dying😂😂😂

  • 34stzoo

    Dribbling the air out of the basketball... Classic!

  • Andwele Harris
    Andwele Harris

    I'm starting to feel bad for him :(

  • Misspretty

    “this wasn’t just murder this was child abuse” 😂😂

  • Dior

    “This wasn’t just a murder this was child abuse”

  • KARNEL 98
    KARNEL 98

    I love watching this little man dribble the ball and loosing it and fighting to get it again, what a time to be alive

  • iONLY

    Can you imagine spending your ENTIRE life dribbling a ball and you grow to be 5'4🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • One_N_Done

    “Raw and Ruthless Strokes” I’m weak 😂😭

  • 914mas

    I die laughing every time I see this kid launch the ball from 35 feet, just throwing that shit haha must suck being on his team

  • Sunny's Side Up
    Sunny's Side Up

    This was soooo sad to watch..they totally destroyed that dude

  • Andrew

    all of yall dont know what it was like to be at IMG when this happened lmao also it wasnt julian who threw the chair, it was his friend


    Esta es la realidad de Julián, creció en edad pero no en altura y ahora sus rivales son más altos, más ágiles y más fuertes y es evidente que su juego no es suficiente. Incluso es penoso ver como pierde la bola o le dan tremendo tapón bajo el aro.

  • Usti 76
    Usti 76

    It cracks me up every time I hear his dad tell Julian put your game face on there’s NBA scouts here!😂😂 He might be tall enough to make it in a juco school as a ball washer and I’m not talking Spaulding lol

    • jbenz1990


  • Geraod Linden
    Geraod Linden

    After watching him he plays the wrong time of game. He should be playing like a true point guard. He should be thinking pass first and creating shots on the floor for his teammates. When he just tries to drive he turns it over

  • ricky ricky
    ricky ricky

    I feel bad for his teammates I really do

  • Plugzei

    He wasn’t the one that threw the chair it was a fan rooting for julians team🤦🏾‍♂️

    • m_cole04

      Plugzei it was his friend dallas

    • Tristan Puth
      Tristan Puth

      @Seth Neiswendy irglo.info/from/ZsR0jppzh9uvamA/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Seth Neiswendy
      Seth Neiswendy

      Swag Kills i want to see it

    • Seth Neiswendy
      Seth Neiswendy

      Swag Kills No

    • Swag Kills
      Swag Kills

      DAB PXN do you have video of Julian throwing it?

  • Paulo J SS
    Paulo J SS

    2:25 "They've dunk in everyone, everywhere- this wasn't just an murder was child abuse" fuck me dead 😂😂😂

  • John Froebel Gimutao
    John Froebel Gimutao

    I feel bad for his teammates for having such a ballhug like him plus his dad being the coach of the team.

  • Joshua Cabillo
    Joshua Cabillo

    Dude said score was 99-39 and the team won by 60+ 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joshua Prieto
    Joshua Prieto

    3:37 the guy whos filming in landscape mode is a true legend

  • Hector Gavidia
    Hector Gavidia

    Julian’s logic: Im 5’6 and theres 2 7ft dudes in the paint.......... I can make a layup

  • Prince

    Just give Emmanuel tha ball and move out the way shrimp

    • ChrisNGA

      Shrimp 🤣

    • eewoo



    It's hard to blame the son for what the farther created. Damn shame.

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown

    Sad so so sad for that little man. I blame his short dad for the overwhelming hype on his son.

    • ReIllusion

      His dad must of been 5'10 my dad was 5'10 and mum is 5'0 and I am exactly 5'6 - 5'7 but I'll play basketball for fun not not competitively lol. The maximum height I will happily go against is up to 6'0 - 6'1 any taller than that then I'll be at risk of getting outplayed lol. I can touch the rim which is impressive. My friend is 6'4 and hes hard to go against he has long arms. I won the ball back sometimes but It's because of my speed really nothing else. But if hes 5'6 then I wouldn't class him as too small. It's just because these players are tall like pretty much over 6'3 hence why he looks about 4'3 compared to these giants. Like when I play against someone 5'11 to 6'0 I am happily to play against because they are not very far away in height they don't seem very tall to me so I can sometimes dribble past them a lot but some disadvantages but then again I'm happy with it.

  • AsianVideoGamer

    Imagine if he actually passed the ball... Could've been losing by 40 instead

  • lemmingbcn

    Really pathetic to see a talented guy sink down because of his father.

  • Easymoneymelo

    Beating the backboard with raw and ruthless strokes🤣🤣🤣

  • croplaya

    Hes 1 foot 6. I swear that's incredible. I cant believe his dad didnt up the height at least a little in the program!! How can someone play at that height!?! That's impressive he actually even plays. That height has to be a record!

  • Dripzoe

    I feel bad for him really fell off

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams

    "Lob here, lob there. IMG dunking on everyone everywhere" FUCKING *DECEASED* OMG!😂😂😂💀⚰

  • CognizantCheddar

    Newman and his dad wouldn't accept that someone his height can't be a viable primary scorer at the D2 level and up. The only way he was ever making it to D1 and up is if he had accepted that he needed to fashion his game after someone like Bogues, not Iverson. He's too narcissistic to do that, too pandered to by his dad, and so now he's less than washed up -- he's a 'never was'.

  • Sandesh tamang
    Sandesh tamang

    “This just essentially murder it was child abuse” 😂😂😂

  • Sir Girthington
    Sir Girthington

    How the hell can anyone take this kid’s dad seriously as a coach? His voice alone makes him completely unqualified to lead a team of young men, to say nothing of his jackass style of encouraging his son to dribble and chuck up 25+ shots a game. If my AAU coach sounded like this guy I’da been laughing in every huddle 😂😂

  • Anthony Mckim
    Anthony Mckim

    He passes it to the other team more than his own

  • Emmanuel James
    Emmanuel James

    In the thumbnail he looked like he was possessed!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mi Ri
    Mi Ri

    Hard to get a college offer (especially at 5-3 in shoes) when you have numerous missed shots, 5 total points. countless turnovers, and no defensive stops against college level recruits.

  • Brighton Heath
    Brighton Heath

    Clearly they didn’t have a 21 up rule 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Caliside

    I remember being 5'11 in highschool Now I'm 21 and 6'6 God bless genetics

  • One_N_Done

    This game was honestly the biggest ass beating in high school basketball I’ve ever seen on IRglo well actually in my whole entire life actually I thought what Spire did to them was bad but this is 9x times worst than that

  • Thanos

    “This wasn’t just a murder this was child abuse” lmfaoooo

  • ⃟

    5-25? My coach woulda sat me out wtf and losing 39-99 oh hell nah

  • Notnowplz

    Great commentary bro!!!! That had me giggling. Lol

  • Yes you are correct, but
    Yes you are correct, but

    Julians fate is catching up to him, Just like I have been saying for 5 years!!!

  • Amiel Benedict Mirasol
    Amiel Benedict Mirasol

    Why is this so satisfying to watch and at the same time I just feel bad for his team

  • Isaiahtofye Kingdom
    Isaiahtofye Kingdom

    "Remember when Julian was good at basketball" Good Times"

  • vershawn nelson
    vershawn nelson

    This wasn't just a murder it was child abuse😂😂😂

  • CooperE

    He got blocked more times than he had points hahahahahahaha

  • PW

    Yeah, he is garbage since everyone else grew past him 🤷🏼‍♂️! All that dancing with the ball works in jr high, but not on bigger quicker defenders 😂

  • Lauren Graves
    Lauren Graves

    He actually had 13 turnovers that game

  • Propsy

    Imagine the Newman’s in 20 years Oh f*ck😭💀

  • Marc Fitzgerald
    Marc Fitzgerald

    Ooo wee I know his teammates HATE him. Dribbling into traffic forcing shots. Pulling from half court, overdribbling. Hard enough playing rec ball with "that guy" let alone competitive ball.

  • Mmmm

    Julian Newman is a good player but there’s some things he needs work on like sharing the ball more , calm down a little bit as a PG but half of y’all not even on his lever anyway

  • L Muriilo
    L Muriilo

    That weight he put on did him no justice! It's like it slowed him down even more than what he was before! The older he gets the wrost he gets and I always thought it was the other way around!

  • Sean Dolan
    Sean Dolan

    5-25... I not once ever shot 25 shots in a game, my team would be mad. Shot 8 from 10 I thought that was pretty decent .

  • TheHuskyK9

    Dude spent way too much time working on his handles that he don't know how to pass or shoot. If he don't evolve his play, his ceiling is community college ball

  • Shimeji

    thats not murder thats child abuse 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • panther floww
    panther floww

    Does he not know how to pass the ball bru 😂😂

  • Liam Connolly
    Liam Connolly

    when you said spire won by one billion points I was creasing 😂😂😂 Love ur vids a hahahaha


    Julian is like a kid that has a tantrum 😂

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    This game and the heated things that happened during after this game is the reason why he has no D1 offers

  • red-rum

    3:56 damn I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Royal Me
    Royal Me

    Working hard is meaningless when you pick the wrong craft. I feel bad for him, his small body is not meant for this game.

  • Showtime123

    “This wasn’t just murder it was child abuse” .... huh?

  • West Elk Hunts
    West Elk Hunts

    “This is his final year of high school supposedly!” Love it

  • Tony

    3:44 bro I'm in the after life nowww😂😂

    • Ghifari Ahmad
      Ghifari Ahmad

      New trick has found by Julian, He pass the ball to ball, what a smart player

    • Jeff Demavivas Campilan
      Jeff Demavivas Campilan

      5 foot nothin ass 😅😅

  • Kelz 808
    Kelz 808

    We all learned something in this vid. If he cant do good in this game. Imagine playing in pro level🤦🏽‍♂️ he forever gonna be a IRglo basketball player

  • Ricky Velez
    Ricky Velez

    2:24 thought he was gonna give us a whole verse lmao

  • Max Manzo
    Max Manzo

    Great video DKM! (I watched the highlights on Overtime about 20 minutes ago, and he got fucked. I saw 2 or 3 shots of his get spiked against the ground)

  • Trace Washburn
    Trace Washburn

    Feel sorry for the kid.. From my perspective his dad didn't teach him shit. Only set him up for failure.

  • Neil Camara
    Neil Camara

    WTF! Was it a 5man team vs 1 man team? That Julian is so selfish! 🤬

  • Wh00 edits
    Wh00 edits

    "Hi, I used to be Julian Newman" ~Julian Newman circa 2022

  • PlutoBuggin

    I feel bad for newman

  • Folded Euro’s
    Folded Euro’s

    Some of this is definitely his dad fault

  • S Dv
    S Dv

    If you try but fail at anything in life, I hope reality gives you the same doze that you’ve been giving this guy.

  • mr no name
    mr no name

    Is he really expecting a D1 invite? Lol. Thats so funny. A tiny kid with a vert big mouth in trashtalking other teams even though hes already being demolished. This kid really has no future.

  • davidnessnotroyal

    Reminds me of my cousin, when he was in highschool. He is just like Julian, too short and too cocky. The man was convinced he was going to the NBA. He is now a burned out bum working at McDonald's, turned his back on all of us. I hope Julian doesn't go down the same road when his glory days are over.

    • Ethos Terros
      Ethos Terros

      Why wouldnt he turn his back on you when you put him down behind his back instead of being supportive? Nobody likes it being rubbed in. At least he wanted a shot.

  • arealmadvillain

    4:12 guy didn't even raise his arm and smothered his shot

  • Mali

    I choke on my soda when he said this is child abuse


    He dribbles like a running back 🤣

  • Aaron Hensley
    Aaron Hensley

    It was Julian vs Goliath that game. Julian doesn’t compare where Julian doesn’t compete. Not hating just splitting straight facts!😂🤷🏻‍♂️