"I'ma Bust Yo A**!" Ty Glover CALLS OUT Duke, Frank Nitty & Deebones to 1v1! | KOTC Profiles
Ballislife "King of The Court" 1v1 tournament ROUND 3 THIS WEDNESDAY, July 27th, at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST only on bit.ly/3aIkT0X
Unfortunately Duke isn't able to make it this Wednesday so Deebones will be replacing him. Ty vs Deebones should be another EPIC match up!
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  • Ballislife

    1v1 Tournament ROUND 3 THIS WEDNESDAY 6 PM PST/9 PM EST only on bit.ly/3aIkT0X TY vs DEEBONES IS GONNA BE EPIC!!

    • HG&Glo

      What happened to duke??

  • iAm Pharaoh
    iAm Pharaoh

    0:26 When he said “I’m 6’8” I instantly thought about J. Doota crying about him being 6’8 in their 1v1. 💀

    • Camara Jack
      Camara Jack

      "yOU'rE sIx eIGht" lmfaoooo

  • Dailynn’s P.O.V
    Dailynn’s P.O.V

    For the ones who reads this just know this is only the beginning keep pushing, grinding, and fighting. Whatever it is in life you want to do to go after it life is to short. Life is a marathon not a sprint so go out there and live it up I hope all is well and goes well for you peace and one love.🙏🏽✌🏽

  • Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.
    Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.

    I gotta say the editing of the ball is life vids are superb like fareal this was dope

  • Melanin Farmer
    Melanin Farmer

    Ty trying to recover the fat L that kenny took from CRS 😂

    • Angelo G
      Angelo G

      @Adam Sheriff Its been real quiet from Lenny his side after that skunk huh? Lmfaooooo.

    • Adam Sheriff
      Adam Sheriff

      Man I thought they scripted that for a bigger event, damn, don’t tell me Kelly went out like that on accident 😂

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C

    X vs Ty would be toughhhh!!! Got X winning tho. X vs Nitty🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ matchup of the year

    • Angelo G
      Angelo G

      Nitty v XRM would be insane.

  • H0m8gE

    Damn 6’8 with a 7’2 wing span and have a 42 inch vert good grief u got perfect basketball genes 🤦🏾‍♂️ this sound like created player stats

  • Angelo G
    Angelo G

    Yeah yeah, we heard the same from Lenny Nodubbs. CHRS gonna body you, like he did in that 5v5 bro. X is too good. Hezi you might take, because you are pretty quick for your size. And Duke.. It all depends on his shot falling.

    • Angelo G
      Angelo G

      @Jabari Fleming Im talking about the video he pulled up to their parkover.

    • Jabari Fleming
      Jabari Fleming

      Chris went an got a whole new squad to play them 🤣🤣wack he ain’t play with his original holloies

  • Kooley Carter
    Kooley Carter

    They ain’t call nobody out from the Midwest squad

  • SheBrokeMe


  • Brown Mamba
    Brown Mamba

    Ty glover u are one of my fav players & after Kenny let me down against Chris! I'm hoping u can get the dove!I know he has the weight advantage but u have the length!

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf

    Duke is the CHOSEN ONE

  • Borgorio I
    Borgorio I

    i promise y'all don't wanna see X in 1v1s. aside from maybe nitty, mans cooking everybody pretty easily.

  • Matthew Rosette
    Matthew Rosette

    J law I wanna see get in action too though

  • MoeToOFFeR

    Really dk how this dudes not in NBA no 🧢

  • Ballislife East Coast Squad
    Ballislife East Coast Squad


    • Kemaruji

      @HG&Glo that’s what I wanna know

    • HG&Glo

      Why isn’t duke playing?

  • Niko hunt
    Niko hunt

    7 ‘2 wingspan smh y’all some bums I be in nba bro I’m sorry

    • Mr Trillest
      Mr Trillest

      @Niko hunt no everyone bro heights doesn’t man you have to be in the nba if you play basketball players aaron Judge 6’7 282LBS he play for the NY Yankees Baseball player, why his not in the nba?

    • Niko hunt
      Niko hunt

      @Mr Trillest 42 inch vert also and 🧢 if u hoop you want to be in the nba bro stop the cap lol

    • Mr Trillest
      Mr Trillest

      aye maybe not everyone wants to be in the nba nor have the passion drive i’ve seeing a lot of people with crazy height doesn’t even play basketball 😂😂😂😂 it’s just 🧬

  • theHoopingGamer

    I wonder if Ty actually works on his bounce. And what workouts he do.

    • Roam FM
      Roam FM

      Yeah... 🦘 Jump. 😂

  • eughhkk

    Never knew Ty was 6’8” 🤔

    • RealJoel

      He’s not 6’8. More like 6’5

    • Mr Trillest
      Mr Trillest

      ikr 😞 niggah i’m 5’8 😖 i just wanted to be 5’10 all i ask God bro fr

  • MacJagger 901
    MacJagger 901

    5 minutes of nothing lol what is ball is life coming to

    • zbynx

      my thoughts exactly, but don't you worry, they'll make us watch this video again just before the live event starts 😉

  • kyle blanchette
    kyle blanchette

    I really hoop dawg

  • Mashiro

    Can we just play? Wtf is this

  • AD B
    AD B


  • Denzel

    Bro this video isn't called for... just hoop

    • Mr Trillest
      Mr Trillest

      @Denzel niggah you funny cuhh we live in a social media age And these guys are using this to make money everything you see posted on youtube that has views you make money from that shit , if you don’t like what they post just simply ignore the video don’t watch it 💀

    • Denzel

      @Mr Trillest Bro what? Why do they need a trailer for two niggas playing against each other? it was a waste of a click.. we all know how both niggas hoop and the trash talk between them.. clearly this video touched you so like Perk says... "carry the hell on"

    • Mr Trillest
      Mr Trillest

      bro it’s like saying don’t drop a trailer for a movie just drop it like 🤦‍♂️ what

  • Muhammed Saran
    Muhammed Saran


  • Jay Linus
    Jay Linus

    It sux for the people that are not interested in caffeine television… I’m not and unfortunately I’m gonna miss all of the good stuff. Sry

  • Charles Adkins
    Charles Adkins


  • Ballislife West Coast Squad
    Ballislife West Coast Squad

    Let's GO TY!!

  • Mr_Legend _YT
    Mr_Legend _YT


  • JustTrizzyy


  • Sophia Miller
    Sophia Miller


  • we know his voice
    we know his voice

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