an *unproductive* few days of my life in seoul, korea VLOG
cari cakes
Hi guys! I thought I'd try my best to show what an unproductive day of my life is like here in Seoul, because even though things are looking up here in Korea, I'm still trying to spend most of the week indoors and often my days are very unexciting. Just a little reminder that just because our schedules are interrupted it doesn't mean we have to pressure ourselves into doing ALL THE THINGS :) Hope you guys are doing well and sending love your way always!
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  • cari cakes
    cari cakes

    Sorry this video isn't too exciting. I stuck to my plan a little too well on Friday and literally did NOTHING so it's not exactly the best vlog material. Hope you're all taking care of yourself!

    • Joicielly Oliveira
      Joicielly Oliveira

      Maaaan, I find this so funny! How you being unproductive looks like: painting, filming, going out a few times, eating delicious foods...Versus ME being unproductive: layind down in bed ALL day, sleeping, and ACTUALLY doing nothing🤣🤣 I'm realizing now , how damn lazy I am😅

    • N A R I
      N A R I

      Your vlogs bring us joy i have never thought about them as 'boring' or 'not too exciting' Once i see the notification i drop everything behind 😂

    • Frenchie

      hey :) what's the brand of the paper you used at 6:32 ? have a nice day

    • asia lanzi
      asia lanzi

      it kind of amazes me that you got so much footage while doing “nothing” I film my whole productive week and the video is like 5 minutes long hahahah

  • Laura

    I actually kinda like ""boring"" vlogs, this was exactly the video that i needed rn after finishing thousands of essays and needing a break lol thank you as always for sharing your videos and your life (?) with us!! Not being productive is definitely okay in these times (and any other times idk)

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes


  • antonym05

    social media these days: this is the time to be productive!! cari cakes, a rebel: my goal for the day is to not do any work thanks for making it feel like it’s ok to take some time off and just make the most out of the situation in whatever way makes us happy!💕

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes


  • Marcos Joel
    Marcos Joel

    so relatable 🌼 I also don’t like to not be doing something, this video was comforting

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Its hard but so good for our brains to relaaaax hahah

  • asia lanzi
    asia lanzi

    never clicked faster in my life!! I loved this video, because during these times I feel pressured to be productive all the time! so this video really helped reminding me that it’s ok to be unproductive for a while! honestly you’re such a sweet, genuine and down to earth person and your videos really help me to feel grounded! so thank you for that! and I know I’ve told u this before, but you’re such an incredible inspiration to me and you helped me overcome my fear of starting a IRglo channel! so thank you, cari

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Thank you always!

  • Nikita Kundu
    Nikita Kundu

    It's 4 in the morning here in India and I'm anxious. But I'm able to find peace by watching your video ♡ keep up the good work cari! I find myself re-watching your videos these days in quarantine and it helps me keep my mind off of negative thoughts!

    • Nikita Kundu
      Nikita Kundu

      @dawn for life in Switzerland yes! have tried it once this quarantine and it was calming!! hope you do what makes you happy as well! ( :

    • dawn for life in Switzerland
      dawn for life in Switzerland

      Weird times but do something that you love, maybe paint like Cari =)

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Hope you get some rest soon 🙏🙏🙏

  • lil dahlin
    lil dahlin

    when you wrote "not a single cloud in the sky" I literally thought it's just a blue background added while editing then I realised that it is actually sky! Doing nothing is so good for the brain :)

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      hahah when i was filming it i realized it totally looked like that so i had to zoom out and show some power lines hahaha

  • eia

    I think vlogs like this capture the mundane life in general. And it's completely fine. PS. Can you please do a video entirely about cafes? Korea has a strong coffee culture and would like to know more! Thanks 💕

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Thanks! And I’m pretty sure all my videos contain cafes hahahha

  • TheLittleThings

    you can literally do nothing somehow it would still be interesting for me, the way you capture things it's just so calm and perfect to me every time💓

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      🤧 thank you!

  • virtuallysun

    your vlogs always give me a boost of serotonin

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes


  • Kai Navarrete
    Kai Navarrete

    Just got home from a long day at work, watching you do “nothing” is the most exciting part of my day💚🧡💙💚🧡💙💚🧡💙💚🧡💙💚🧡💙

  • Jack Morgan
    Jack Morgan

    Your videos always calm my insomnia, they're so calming! The 00:00 upload is perfect for being in the UK

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      sweet dreams!

  • I

    me today, i learned a kpop choreo, recreated some memes and watched IRglo and a kdrama 🙌 i loved this video and i think it's great to see "unproductive" videos bc it reminds us that other people also take their time to recharge 💕

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes


  • GrandmaNinni

    Something that I have found is very important is to let myself not be “productive” more often and try to re-teach myself and my anxiety-brain to not feel guilty about not being “efficient” or productive! You’re brain and you yourself really need some time to just heal and relax from time to time! 🌼☀️🍊Watching someone I loove watching, also letting herself do that makes it feel more ok, at least for me, if that makes sence?🤔😋😊Loved the video as always🍊☀️🧡🧡

  • A iKONIC
    A iKONIC

    i’ve been really stressed lately but your always there to save it 💕

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Hope things get easier soon!!

  • BrokenWhispers11

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I've really been enjoying watching your videos during this quarantine period. Lately I've found it hard to keep interest in shows and yt videos I'd usually find entertaining or interesting. But it's been nice to watch your vlogs! Korea is absolutely beautiful! I didn't find this boring at all, it was actually really nice to be reminded that it's ok to choose to be unproductive some days. I've found not taking that time usually leads to burn out. I'm really glad that I found your channel, thank you and stay safe!

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Thank you! And omg i am so bored of netflix now hahah

  • Mackenzie Skipper
    Mackenzie Skipper

    Honestly I think it's such a good point to remind ourselves we don't need to be super productive right now when many of us are dealing with so much change and uncertainty. Hope everyone is well xxx

  • Hannah Uddin
    Hannah Uddin

    I found your channel about two weeks ago and have since watched about 80% of all your videos! I'm in London where the lockdown is still in place, so it was nice to be able to get out and explore a new place through your videos! I came for South Korea but I'm definitely sticking around for your personality 😊

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Thank you!!! And omg i was hoping to visit london in 2020 😭 its been over 10 years since my last trip!!

  • Minahil Irfan
    Minahil Irfan

    I'm honestly finding myself preferring more slow soothing videos like these that don't push me to be productive so thankyou for putting this out!

  • Joana Henriques
    Joana Henriques

    This video was so lovely ❤️ I feel so calm after I watch your content, we all need to take a step breath and enjoy the view once in a while. But I understand the feeling of always needing to do something, my friend always jokingly says I don't know how to relax xD

  • Claire

    I actually love your "unproductive" vlogs!! We dont have to be productive all the time 💖 thank you for the good vibes, as always! Stay safe and be well 😊

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      same to you!!!

  • asia lanzi
    asia lanzi

    it kind of amazes me that you got so much footage while doing “nothing” I film my whole productive week and the video is like 5 minutes long hahahah

  • Ellen Howes
    Ellen Howes

    So happy for a new upload! We all need to be unproductive sometimes. Your vlogs have been such a balm to me during quarantine!! Thank you!

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Thank you!!

  • ssff

    I LOVE these kind of videos!! 💕 Humans cannot be doing things all the time it's okay to just relax and lay on your bed for 5 hours or paint your nails or watch a complete season of a show at once whilst eating pizza it's okay! We all need our no-braincells-being-used moments! Love you Cari take care and stay healthy on these weird times! Keep up the good work! 💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Yes!!!! I’m honestly out of shows to watch because i binged so many 😂

  • Alex Skye
    Alex Skye

    I'm so happy you put this out... I've been dealing with my own very traumatic experience since October subsequently I've had many feelings of worthlessness/depression & anxiety. I haven't even finished dealing with unemployment which I became unable to work since March. I'm a new business owner and have been struggling to finish school with online classes. Lettme tell you... I love when people are authentic with simply accepting of our traumatic situation as a world rather than pretending like it's not happening. I'm happy I've gotten a small reminder through this video to feel my feels and NOT BE GUILTY. That being my usual M.O. it's been hard so I plan on starting medication soon which I'm super nervous about. Anyways Cari you inspire me so much and I'm happy to have your soul on this earth. Sending you much love! 🌎💖🌏

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Yes!! We often dont realize the effects of trauma until after we’re through it so its so important to try to recognize it and be kind to ourselves during it 🤧🙏

  • Juliana Thint
    Juliana Thint

    i love your videos so much! they genuinely make me happy, and always brighten my day!

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes


  • Evelyn

    I really enjoyed this video!! I was waiting for your upload all day :D LOVE watching you paint, its super relaxing! Greetings from Spain

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Thank you!! Hope youre staying safe and well too!!!

  • Lasya GP
    Lasya GP

    What good timing! The introduction of this video was exactly what I was going through and now I am out of that anxiety, thanks to you! 😝

  • lauriply

    i love this for you! you get so much done and make the most amazing vids, you deserve some guilt-free cari days. also makes for a very relaxing study break vid so thank you

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      🙏🙏🙏 we all deserve some guilt free relaxing days!!

  • Bela

    ive been watching your videos a bit over a year and dont leave many comments but felt the need to mention that on top of your editing skills getting better and better with each video the vibes of this one in particular were great i dont really watch your videos bc of what youre doing but more for like you(??) anyways seeing you take a step back from everything and relax was refreshing and i really enjoyed this and maybe its bc of how you edited it but i didn’t find it the slightest bit boring

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Thank you so much truly!

  • Linda Zhang
    Linda Zhang

    Even when you don't do anything, the vlogs are still enjoyable! Watching your videos feels just like hanging out with an old friend :)

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      🤧🤧🤧 thank you!!

  • paige turner
    paige turner

    this was actually the perfect video for me to end my day with because today was the first time in a while where i didn't do any work and i found myself feeling kind of guilty for not being productive? so this was a much-needed reminder that it's important to take some time off too! wonderful video as always! < 3

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      You deserve a good relaxing day!!

  • Nadja E.
    Nadja E.

    Very very lovely video Cari. Enjoy these kind of chilling at home vlogs just as much as the out and about ones. Watching this video while at home myself not doing a whole lot almost felt like hanging out 💗 Don't feel pressured to go out to film, this was excellent!


    Cari! Relax, its Ok. It must be hard to vlog everyday, to come up with something you think might interest your viewer. You can lengthen your time between your postings. Can you do a vlog with your husband? You guys can do something like going somewhere interesting that few foreigners know about in Korea? How about introducing Korean writers to your viewers and explain what makes them good. You can do a commentary on Koreas current pop culture, like fashion, music and anything else.

  • Julia K
    Julia K

    Thank you for posting this video! I love seeing other people's unproductive days. Yours looked very relaxing! I need to find the time to sit down and paint but it always feels like there are so many other things to do, ugh I need more hours in a day!

  • weeirti

    I really enjoyed this vlog even though nothing much happened. Your videos are always my regular dose of Seoul and you yourself relax me so much!

  • gindokki

    Thank you for this!! It was so comforting and relaxing to watch, and 100% agree that while this time 'should' be geared towards productivity, there's absolutely no reason to if you're personally not up to it - forcing yourself is never the answer - I really appreciate you saying that!! 💕 Btw Peaky Blinders is great!! Tommy Shelby and Kaz share the same energy hahah

  • my life as 다해 | bubbleteajuseyo
    my life as 다해 | bubbleteajuseyo

    such a great video. i will say this is a time to make a decision best for you. if you think this is the best time to be productive at home (cleaning, doing side projects, working out at home, etc) then so be it. if you have been overwhelmed with life prior to this and feel this is the perfect time to rest, then do so. honestly this is the perfect time to take a step back and do you 🙏🏽💕

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes


  • stephanie pitaloka
    stephanie pitaloka

    i love how your videos are very refreshing and calming~ thankyou for ending my day with a peaceful video!

  • Kelley Reardon
    Kelley Reardon

    Cariiii I’m a new viewer but I’m loving these cozy vlogs 😍💗 thank you for posting!! It’s not boring for us!!

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      thank you so much!!

  • Victoria

    i just discovered your channel and i really needed this type of content in my life right now. its really comforting listening to you talk and your content is so pleasant. thank you so much💛

  • camila allende
    camila allende

    You are very right, I love to see any content that you upload and also, I think it is important to show those days when we are not as productive, because they are as real and genuine as the days that they are. I miss the rain a lot, it's winter in my country but we haven't had heavy rains for years... I send you a lot of encouragement in this outbreak of the virus. Here we are in full increase of cases and after two months I begin to miss things in life without physical distance, but it is hope just around the corner and i try to stay positive

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      yes!! we just have to stay optimistic :')

  • Glorirma Meléndez Román
    Glorirma Meléndez Román

    I am obsessed with your channel! A new subscriber and already loving each video. I love this video just because it just shows how we're all going through the same thing and that is okay! Hope everything is well and you keep safe and healthy! Much love from Puerto Rico. Hope I'm able to visit South Korea one day!

  • Tonghui Zhao
    Tonghui Zhao

    Thank you Cari for this unproductive day Vlog. It's real healing in this traumatic time!

  • purpleskies

    You are the furthest thing from boring! I love these cozy relaxing videos you create so much ambience and atmosphere🌌🌅 love it thanks for the vid 💕

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      🤧 thank you!

  • Noemi Contreras
    Noemi Contreras

    This video was a sweet reminder 😊!!!, I'm being very busy and stressed with my online classes lately that I don't have enough time to take a entire day for myself, but through the video I can find a little of peace and remember that it's okey being lazy sometimes .... Thank u ⭐️❣️

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      yes!! doing essentials is important but dont feel pressure to fill your down time with too many things :)

  • Amy Rodley
    Amy Rodley

    Absolutely love your videos and it makes me so happy when you upload a new video 😍 loved this video! Very calming ❤️ also I’m a night shower person also and have been showering at weird times now too 🤣

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Heheh thank you and omg glad im not the only one hahha

  • Zaira

    congratulations on hitting 171k subscribers cari! 💛💛 im so glad that your content has remained true to you even as you've grown bigger 💛💛

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Thank you!! Cant believe we’re at this number!

  • JT

    Cari, you inspire me in so many ways and watching your videos truly gives me joy! Honestly, watching other youtubers doesn’t have the same effect on me your channel has✨💙

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      omg thank you :')

  • honeytearays

    I honestly think that we get so caught up in things being the stereotypical notion of productive that we forget that even doing little things or taking care of ourselves is productive. I tried so hard at the start of this quarantine to be constantly doing things that I found myself more burnt out than I started! Hopefully we can all take time to just enjoy the little things in life; thank you for this peaceful vlog Cari

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      definitely! i felt like i was so obsessed with 'self care' that the actual self care was stressing me out hahah

  • sare

    its always so relaxing and motivating to watch your videos. it helps me get up and be productive, also encourage me to put more effort into my vids

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller

    What a beautiful (if windy) day! So great to see you not only being responsible as far as masks and social distancing but also being so creative with oil pastels and creative writing outside.

  • Crizel Tolentino
    Crizel Tolentino

    Hope everything is okay in Seoul right now. Always take care 💙

  • Madee van Hulzen
    Madee van Hulzen

    Thank you so much for this comforting video. I've noticed I badly want to just do creative things and calmly pass time, but I have uni work that needs to be finished. On the one hand it's frustrating because I'm so unmotivated but on the other hand it keeps me working towards a goal. So to any students out there, we've got this! But we should also allow ourselfs to be unproductive 😊

  • Melissa Silvers
    Melissa Silvers

    I love watching your videos, even if you're actively doing nothing ( : I love how I can tell how much you appreciate the little things, like seeing that bird on your walk and showing clips of the flowers and roads. And also sharing that you listened to one direction for an hour haha.

  • Vivid Novita
    Vivid Novita

    So chill and calming Cari, thank you for a great video as always 🌱🌺

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      thank YOU always!

  • Mira Hukill
    Mira Hukill

    I’ve been binging your videos for a few days now so this new video made me so happy !✨🌸 Edit- I think your vlogs are interesting to watch no matter how ‘productive’ they are, it was so relaxing !!

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      yeeee thank you!! hopefully wednesday's vid will be more exciting haha

  • studi bunny
    studi bunny

    Despite this vlog being "unproductive," I feel so very motivated to do something 😅 Thank you for your videos, they're free therapy 💕 Stay safe, much love💗

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Heheh I’m glad!!!

  • Meg B
    Meg B

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your videos and how often you post! It really has been brightening my days when I see a new video from you. Korea looks so beautiful and summery - especially compared to the American Midwest right now. So thank you for the mini-escapes you give to us! 🌸💛

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      thank you!! we're having a weird cold/rainy week in seoul actually haha where did the summer go? hope you're staying safe and well :)

  • K.k’s vlogs
    K.k’s vlogs

    I love your vlogs, especially in this pandemic it just comforting to see some daily casual vlog when nothing much is going on, thank you for your vlogs it really gives me energy ❤❤🙏

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      thank you!! stay safe out there!

  • serene teh
    serene teh

    Thanks! it's so reassuring to know that it's ok and not to beat up ourselves when we "dont do anything" :)

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes


  • Kaitybubbly

    Back in high school one of my favorite mediums to make art with was oil pastel and paint thinner. It allows you to blend the oil pastels like paint and the effect is really beautiful

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Oh!! I’ll have to tell kurt haha I’ve retired from oil pastels for now 😂

  • mora lopez
    mora lopez

    i actually love this kind of videos so thank you for doing this!!! ❤️

  • Mina Bösch
    Mina Bösch

    I love your vlogs so so so much. Don‘t know how to relax without watching them anymore 😂

  • Monika R
    Monika R

    Thanks for posting the video anyways. It’s comforting to know that we’re all going thru some weird times. Besides, I didn’t really find it boring, but relaxing.

  • Toni Kinsella
    Toni Kinsella

    I always find your content so calming, whether you're productive or not. Thanks for doing it 💖

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      thank you!!

  • un village
    un village

    As expected, watching you do nothing is so entertaining and peaceful ♥ Here in my area of France things are finally letting up and the world has begun turning again so it's looking up~ You're right, its good to do nothing some days ! Give ourselves a bit of peace~ I've been finally getting to productive things that aren't really work like art and planting some flowers that I just haven't gotten around to yet. I hope everyone's finding some peace like I did watching your videos ! living in Korea is such a dream of mine so I love seeing even the view from your window lol thanks for the great upload ♥

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Yes!! My plants are so happy to be in new pots hahaha hope youre able to visit korea safely soon!

  • nananeti

    what a calming vlog cari, it makes me want to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and read for hours😌💕my favourite kind of mood!

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      🥰 best mood!

  • macarena

    This gives me so much peace to watch 😍 I really need it right now, although I've been marathoning your videos all week and it's been the highlight, that sunshine my days need rn ❤ love from Chile 🇨🇱

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes


  • EmStevens

    I love this video!! Your energy is just so soothing. You made me want to start learning video editing ☺️

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      yessss do it!!

  • Carina S
    Carina S

    I actually really love vlogs about mundane life, they're so relaxing. You could just show you cooking and I don't know, re-organising your kitchen and I'd appreciate it. That doesn't mean I don't like your normal vlogs, but it is ok to make videos like this, too. I really enjoy this "spending time with a friend" feeling your vlogs give me :)

  • nat's corner
    nat's corner

    I love these kinds of videos as it reminds me that it’s okay to have an unproductive day. Also I love when you do updates on the situation in Korea and when I saw your insta story about 1D I ended up listening to their music and it brought me back to my childhood, loved that haha🥰💛

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      1D marathons cure all!!

  • Cristina Townsend
    Cristina Townsend

    I think you were quite productive, you filmed a whole video!✨ That teobokki made me sooo hungry🤤 I love your painting, blue is such an incredibly beautiful colour! Loved the video!✨

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Yeah i realized that by filming i was literally producing something but 😂😂😂

  • Mandy

    Your videos are so aesthetically pleasing...I watch them all day basically😂💜

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      hahah thank you so much!!!

  • Jasmine santacruz
    Jasmine santacruz

    your videos never fail to make me smile

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      im glad :')

  • Naidei

    I enjoyed this video :) my favourites are when you just walk around and/or talk to us! So don't worry about it. This video was perfect :)

  • Allana Evellyn
    Allana Evellyn

    Hello Cari, how are you??? Besides what you thought, I really loved this vlog. I'm seeing a lot of productivity videos on youtube and is really comforting to see some "not productive" vlogs like that because my days are totally NOT productives hahaha I really liked that video, don't feel like we are not going to like these kind of videos because WE DO! (at least I do hahahaha) Have a nice week Cari!! Hope everything is alright, please stay safe 💕

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      Thank you always! Stay safe too!!!

  • lmaoatu716

    Thanks for this video. Gets me excited beyond the 14 day quarantine at a government facility that I, along with the wife and kiddo, will have to undergo upon our arrival in a couple weeks.

  • Azureflux

    I love watching your channel and slices-of-life like these. I've been thinking about moving to Korea since last year on a working holiday visa, but I'd like to save up a lot before moving, so I live vicariously through you.

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes


  • Stella Star
    Stella Star

    I love your vlogs! Just discovered your channel a couple of weeks ago and I would watch your older vlogs the whole day, if i could.

    • cari cakes
      cari cakes

      thank you so so much!!!