This Hooper ONLY Takes THREE POINTERS And ALMOST Made The NBA! | Best SHOOTER You've NEVER Heard Of!
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Introducing Max Hooper, a 6’’6 200lbs sharpshooter from California. Back in high school, Max played for multiple elite programmes. Spending his first three years at Valley Christian High, before later attending Mater Dei and Brewster Academy for his senior and postgraduate year. With Mater Dei, he shot 49.5 percent from the three-point line, smashing the school record, and by the end of his high school years, he was a 4-time all-state selection. In his postgrad year at Brewster Academy, he averaged 10 ppg on a team stacked with NCAA d-1 and even some NBA talent. Regardless, he was lightly recruited and ended up at Harvard, which had as much to do with his excellent academic record, as it did his skills on the basketball court. However, as a freshman, Max played just 4 minutes in the entire season and took just one shot, which you guessed it, happened to be a three-pointer. He later spent a season with St. John's in the Big East, averaging just over 3 points in 9 minutes per game. Still making a three-pointer an outing at a 40.3% clip. Through the season, he took 65 total field goals, 62 of those came from behind the three-point line. Max transferred to Oakland, a mid-major d-1 program in the Horizon League. For his final two seasons at the collegiate level, he showed no signs of expanding his role. As a junior, he averaged 6 ppg in limited playing time, and of his 167 shots on the season, 159 were three-pointers. But it wasn’t until his senior season with Oakland in 2015-16, when Max did the seemingly impossible, by going an entire year exclusively shooting three-pointers. Something he did whilst being one of his team's top scorers. He averaged 11 ppg, and made 3.3 treys on 7.3 attempts per game, shooting 117-of-257 on the season. Hooper ranked among the top players in the nation in total three-pointers and became the first d-1 player since 2010 to just shoot 3-pointers through an entire season, with minimum 50 attempts. He did it while still being highly productive for his team, earning conference Sixth Man of the Year honors. With that, all considered, you’d have thought he was only shooting three’s on purpose. But he swears that his feat was entirely unintentional, the reasoning being he was instructed to only take such shots by his coach. Who believed because of Hooper’s lack of athletism, spacing the floor made him much more than near the rim. That season, the team almost entirely depended on its 5'9" star point guard Kay Felder, a second-round NBA draft pick, who averaged 25 points and 9 assists on the year. His usage rate was off the charts and his presence drew attention away from Max. Who was left spotting up in the corner, knocking down open looks from drive and kicks? He was near perfect from the free throw line his senior year also, making 25 of 26 attempts. An insane 96%.
One of his best moments came during a win over Detroit. After knocking down a three, Max rushed to the stands and greets his dad chip, who to his surprise was in attendance, despite battling with cancer. He’s since passed, Since leaving college, Max hasn't seen much success at the professional level. After going undrafted, He spent his first two seasons removed from Oakland in the G league with the Westchester Knicks, But only played a couple minutes, all of his shot attempts were, as you might expect, three-pointers. He’s played 3 games in his G-League career, averaging 1.5 points. Most recently he played for the Niagara river lions in Canada, where he averaged 4 ppg, again 79 of his 83 shots were threes. The past two years, Max has had stints in the summer league. Last year he was apart of the Wizard’s roster, however never made way onto the court. This year Hooper joined Hooper the mascot, as apart of the Pistons Summer League team, who worked him out back in 2017. While Max game as a whole is very average, he claims to be the best shooter in the entire country. Something that might not be as far fetched as people make it out to be, this is a one-dimensional player. Who can do nothing besides shoot, and still almost made the NBA. For years he’s studied the NBA's best shooters, trying to identify what has allowed them to remain in the league

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  • Mel Catalyst
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    • Isaiah

      Pure sharp who greens everything

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      Mel Catalyst i

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      I had the 2.6k like

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      Ty Baller lonzo can’t shoot tho

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    *cuts to rim, pump fakes, runs back to 3pt line*

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      Greens it

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      Rockets basically 😂😂😂

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      My favorite 2k park move.

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      Daniel Hernandez cut, not dribble

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    Chandler Richard

    Rockets wouldn’t have went 0-27 from deep if they had this guy

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      @bob oleg that doesn't make any sense.

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      I’m a rockets fan 🤦‍♂️

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    Those non 3 point attempts was his foot on the line😂😂

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      😂 fr that’s what I thought

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      Right lol

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      It’s because there was a college three and a high school three

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    NBA scouts must see this. I need him on NBA 2k 19

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      Max Lonely agreed

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      @Michael G. lmao that looks exactly like my slashing shot creator. Put all them points in shooting to help me out and he still lays bricks.

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    Vaughn Cooper

    3pt shot tendency: 100

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      @Ty Baller Lmao

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      true story bruhhh!

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      With hof catch and shoot and corner specialist

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      Drive tendencies 0

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      Bro-ing Bro meme

      Nba 2k

  • TrueRGM

    How do you not even get one fast break layup lol thats crazy.

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      He shot 3's in fastbreak 😂😂

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      Fasaion Jarvison

      Probably conserves energy by not sprinting on the fastbreaks lol

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      Cause he takes fast break threes

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      You pull that shit

  • 7 0ak13y
    7 0ak13y

    Wonder why OKC didn’t pick him up. ALL they needed the entire season was a consistent shooter!

  • fridgeprotector

    Pure Sharpshooter : 70 ovr Layups: Dunks: Mid range: 3 pointer: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ball handling: > Passing: Post offense: Rebounding: Lateral quickness: > Speed: > Acceleration: > Strength: Stamina: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Badges: HOF catch and shoot HOF corner specialist HOF deep range deadeye

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      Honza Sebera

      HOF Limitless range

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      U forgot Hof tireless scorer

  • To God Be The Glory
    To God Be The Glory

    Man I really hope he makes it! If the Ingram guy can make it from the G-League last year then so can he! All he has to do is never give up! He'll make it, I know for sure! I really hope this video blows up and teams give him a chance to play.

  • Cwasi

    He is me when shooting with no one around. But i shoot like shaq when people are around

    • AniDeMax

      Same but sometimes I can shoot better with a defender on me which is kinda strange.

    • JustOdee'N

      I shoot better under pressure

    • Tkm Tkm
      Tkm Tkm

      @SpaceRace144 i am the game i am bomber and in practice brick

    • PotatoPoison 11
      PotatoPoison 11

      I be shooting better with defence on me

  • Imperial F1re 9aming
    Imperial F1re 9aming

    If he uses his length to become an elite defender and beef up a bit, he could be a great 3 and D asset to a team. Kinda like Klay if you think about it.


      An just so you know, you actually triggered me on that comment.😡


      Don't you ever disrespect klay like that again! Klay shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as hooper!!! Only comparison is their both lightskinned that's it!

    • Farafaraanz

      Danny green also a 3 & D

    • royce wells
      royce wells

      RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me Don’t disrespect Robert Covington like that

    • royce wells
      royce wells

      Don’t be disrespecting Klay like that, this guy and Klay shouldn’t be in in the same sentence ☝🏾

  • Marcin K.
    Marcin K.

    You're my soul mate. In a high school I had a fast break with no opponents and I stopped and hit a three, that was awesome... I landed on the bench immediately

    • IntelligentDumbass

      @ThatsTuff and he said he hit it

    • IntelligentDumbass

      @ThatsTuff that doesn’t matter, shittiest shot you can take

    • ThatsTuff

      Marcin K. Did u miss?

  • Avery Jones
    Avery Jones

    Definitely not breaking the stereotype of a white baller here

    • Quabena Thalamus
      Quabena Thalamus

      si Markeyan give Africa the same training and facilities and those European countries will not win a medal again !

    • Jordy p
      Jordy p

      Parker Churchill but if it was about black people it wouldn’t be taken as a joke huh...🙆🏼‍♀️

  • CJ Carpenter
    CJ Carpenter

    We were down by 25 in the fourth, came in off the bench and hit 6 threes my junior year of hs in 4 minutes. We were pressing and got a ton of steals. Will never forget it, my coach died last week, went 6/6 in the game for threes.

  • JVO Studio
    JVO Studio

    Coach: you're tall and white, only take 3pter

  • leeryc

    He’s the type of player the rockets should sign

    • Lil Corey Rider
      Lil Corey Rider

      That's why they'll loose in the playoffs, live by the 3 die by the 3

    • Tom Delay Beats
      Tom Delay Beats

      he's the type of player the knicks would sign

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      Swish King

      Yvng Balla and it works lol

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    • Yvng Balla
      Yvng Balla

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  • Johnrap11

    Reminds me of Sloan Seymour at Siena. He’s a 6’9” player whose typical line is 9 points on 3 of 7, all from beyond the arc. If he hits 4 of 7 it’s a good game. If he hits 2 of 7 it’s a bad game. One day he had a great game and hit 5 of 7. But he also had a bad game where he hit 1 of 7. Anyway, what he’ll attempt is fairly predictable.

  • ZombieSlayer22

    Open shot 3: 99 Contested 3: 99 Moving shot 3: 99

  • Dylan

    How can u only shoot 3 two pointers all year😂

    • Isaiah S
      Isaiah S

      @wildreams lmao

    • wildreams

      Because he only stepped on the line 3 times.

  • Boats’n Locker
    Boats’n Locker

    NBA analysts: Did you only shoot 3s? Hooper: Yes NBA analysts: What did it cost you? Hooper: Everything

  • Patricio Palaguachi
    Patricio Palaguachi

    3pt contest Hooper:48 Curry:26

  • Alan Valencia
    Alan Valencia

    Now imagine if Ben Simmons and this guy become one man how great of a player would that be

  • PoyntFury

    This dude didn't ALMOST make the NBA. He offered potential teams nothing other than the 3 ball, and considering the number of 3 and D players in the league, I'm sure they thought they could do better.

  • Luke Hassiak
    Luke Hassiak

    the warriors need to sign this guy for the third splash bro after kd leaves for the knicks

  • Quiet Syndicate
    Quiet Syndicate

    I don’t understand. He can easily be a key three point shooter on a nba team🤦🏽‍♂️

  • RyanMonkeyFace

    Why are people hating on him, you realize you have to be fast to do a fast break right? The snippet of his lateral drills looked like his side to side movement is slow as well...if he kills it from the perimeter it is better to use him as a trail man to knock down 3s. He could be the ULTIMATE role player haha

  • Sheen Estivez
    Sheen Estivez

    Lakers should look into him , imagine ball and hooper on the same team lol

    • Bitcoin Batman
      Bitcoin Batman

      There would be even less defense

    • Kool-Aid Man
      Kool-Aid Man

      Lmao nvm, I'm trippin

    • Kool-Aid Man
      Kool-Aid Man

      Lonzo doesn't have the gravity to get 2 defender's attention to him so he would never find Hooper as an open man

    • Heath Mescon
      Heath Mescon

      Heh, ball and hoop. All they need would be a man named court

    • Kai deVega
      Kai deVega

      Imagine ball and anyone who’s ever seen a basketball

  • Combat Enthusiast
    Combat Enthusiast

    He could've been Basketball's Tom Brady, everybody slept on him

  • Ian Castro
    Ian Castro

    The team probably has a good offensive rebounder. Or the team boxes out really good regularly. Shooters love that. Thinking I can shoot all day long knowing someone can get me the ball back.

  • anime hof AMVS
    anime hof AMVS

    Imagine if this video saves his life!? I mean it can

    • burz7

      Re Up I thought hand checking was put in place among many other rules to better ensure the safety of players. I’ll look into it though.

    • burz7

      Re Up I respectfully doubt star power is the reason he hasn’t been drafted honestly.

    • Certified Fresh
      Certified Fresh

      How the fuck is this video gonna save his life? 😂

  • Hammer Justice
    Hammer Justice

    "Max is constantly working on other parts of his game" *Shows shooting 3 pointers* 😂😂😂😂😂

  • SkyDaddy

    nba doesn't need these kind of players because after 20 years everyone will be only shooting threes

  • JoeCnNd

    It's a low angle shot. If he could work on getting more of an arch it would be harder to block by defenders.

  • Klutch

    I can't be the only one thinking this guy would be a perfect fit for the Philadelphia 76ers 🤔

  • Ivan 72
    Ivan 72

    People: Ben Simmons only drives in and never shoots! Max: **reverse card**

  • redspin2ify

    The thing is being a sharpshooter isn't enough, in the nba you're guarded at the 3 point line most of the time, especially if people know you can shoot, so he really needs to have some ridiculous range to be even considered for the nba purely just for shooting. He hasn't shown to have mid range even if he does. He doesn't drive to the hoop even if he can. He hasn't shown defensive or playmaking ability, even if he does have those abilities. I love curry and think he's one of the best players to ever play the game, but he's going to spawn a whole generation of aspiring players who only practice treys and think they'll be set to join the nba. It's a prime reason why a player like simmons, who has an everything-but situation, is seemingly way more valuable than a one-trick pony. This guy may be a good bench player for a lower side, but has to work on much more if he hopes to make it for real in the nba.

    • redspin2ify

      @ken pinoy yes and that's completely fine, nothing wrong with it. I'm just saying that a player can't expect to be able to make 3s and end up in the nba. That's the issue, the over importance of 3s vs all other fundamentals recently

    • ken pinoy
      ken pinoy

      You're might be right at some point. But who knows? The thing is passion. He can be a super human in 3points shooting.

    • DLKnightstick1989

      @redspin2ify Again, there is no argument, because we're in agreement. So what are you arguing against exactly?

    • RapTor

      The thing is, nba 3 point line is even further from the basket..

  • McRotten Filipino HorrorStories
    McRotten Filipino HorrorStories

    Rumor has it that he once did a 3pt reverse dunk.

  • some oyag
    some oyag

    No defense can't be the only issue. I also suspect he can't create for himself and his ball handling is shaky. Guard is the worst position to have such deficiencies. I also suspect he gets intimidated on the court easily. That may be his biggest problem.

  • Mars

    I can (sort it) accept the fact he shot 3’s for an entire season. But how is this possible playing a full court game. Being a perimeter player he had to had several fast break opportunities per game. Did he just stroll along, did he pass the ball right before an open layup.

  • Andrew Teague
    Andrew Teague

    I believe if he ever makes it to the NBA level he will have a career like Gordon Hayward, but just a little worse, not the most athletic player, not the best defensive player, but can shoot the ball from three and probably the mid range.

  • KingWorld Adventures
    KingWorld Adventures

    My man doesn’t need a jab step because everyone knows he isn’t going anywhere

  • Eric Dupree
    Eric Dupree

    I feel like Simmons is saving it for the playoffs

  • offwhitetrey

    so we’re just gonna act like he didnt just try and finesse a shooting foul at 2:43 🤣

  • SimplyNate _
    SimplyNate _

    If this guy worked on his moves in paint he would be explosive knowing how to shoot well and being able to execute in the paint

  • E Hest
    E Hest

    Y'all buggin.. there are plenty of "just snipers" in the NBA and in history.. he is a gunner!!! Gotta let him play tho

  • henry ha
    henry ha

    5:49 that was a nice move

  • Evans Lemont
    Evans Lemont

    In the current nba all the sharp shooters are 6'8 and above, and kind of big. Kyle korver, jason kaponos, James jones ,and Mike Miller. He's not big enough to be a current day sharp shooter. Also, all these guys i just mentioned did other things im college just besides shoot.

  • Kwyjibo

    Jason Kapono was a same type of player but he made the NBA and became a champ with Miami heat in 2006

  • Giovanni Suarez Official Channel
    Giovanni Suarez Official Channel

    Should have made the NBA. Definitely a clutch player

  • Hershey Kizz
    Hershey Kizz

    Good content man keep up the good work, I’m loving the vids❤️🔥

  • Solidjordan

    He would low key make a good fit on the warriors

  • Thythavarak In
    Thythavarak In

    I can finally die in peace after seeing Simmon shoot 3s

  • Aflex1481

    Ben's form isn't even bad.

    • Daniel

      Aflex1481 why you tryna act tough for no reason lmao take that energy to the court do something productive

    • ZA-JA

      His form is worse now for some reason

  • Ethan K.
    Ethan K.

    *Puts 96% in the thumbnail* Turns out it's his free throw percentage 👏👏👏👏👏

  • EJx


  • Ladislav Németh
    Ladislav Németh

    I mean..Kapono, Korver, JJ Redick came to mi mind as great shooters w 0 defense and still made a nice carrer..Give this guy a chance!

  • Joseph

    Wait, how did he average 10pts a game? 😂😂😂

  • matthew

    He would be in the NBA if he had other skills like driving,defense passing etc.

  • W-Catcher_AKA_Doc

    Imagine Ben Simmons with this guys jumper. He would be UNSTOPPABLE

  • David Chandler
    David Chandler

    he doesnt look to unalthetic on drill with morrow, so maybe he just labelled and went with it. the best shooters in the ncaa, have a hard time getting and staying in the nba like JJ reddick and others, so 3pts a game is pretty far from making it

  • Totoy Bibo
    Totoy Bibo

    I guess if gsw sign this guy, they would be unbeatable. Just imagine it! First five, kd, sc, kt, dg and this guy. Their score in the first quarter would be 50 pts plus. 😂

  • Freezy

    When he’s practicing 3s in this vid he looks pretty good lol

  • Nic Y’all
    Nic Y’all

    If Ben Simmons can be the number 1 overall pick he can at least make the league

  • BigWompz

    If one of your top scorers have 11 ppg there is something wrong with the team

  • Dylan

    For anyone who wants to make him in 2K, all 99 three point stats and free throw, and lowest rating for everything else.

  • Phike

    Past 3 games Ben has made a jumpshot in each of those games... N 2 of those were turn arounds... So he is starting to shoot.

  • Jack Crowley
    Jack Crowley

    We just gonna ignore the foul at 2:44

  • jexan pitcher
    jexan pitcher

    The thing about his dad hit me man🙏🏻

  • Wiktor Cozman
    Wiktor Cozman

    The only person LeBron can't make into spot-up shooter, pure talent!

  • Dali

    I wonder if there’s a limit to shooting 😂 if there was he would probably be the first to reach it

  • Mike Clayton
    Mike Clayton

    If he played defense he would be in the NBA without question

  • Deadshot1956

    Anyone come back to say Ben Simmons has finally made a three

  • Arnold Henry
    Arnold Henry

    There is no such thing as ALMOST making the NBA.

  • M I K E
    M I K E

    Steph's still the G.O.A.T shooter 🏀💦👌

  • Hi it's me
    Hi it's me

    I can't wait this rookie meets Stephen Curry

  • PT Musik ✪
    PT Musik ✪

    Dude would’ve averaged 62 points in the nba back in 1957

  • Anthonee Seno
    Anthonee Seno

    Imagine ben simmons having shooting like this

  • Sean D
    Sean D

    imagine literally going a little bit back from the line so he wont shoot a 2

  • Van Slinger
    Van Slinger

    Who all thinks this could be the next Larry Bird? 👌

  • Sho

    *Gets the fast break but stops for the 3*

  • Origami with Patrick
    Origami with Patrick

    Simmons shot actually looks pretty good here.

  • Brady Gromacki
    Brady Gromacki

    This dude is the one 70 overall sharp on the park that only upgraded his 3 point shot

  • Jacob Schmeltzer
    Jacob Schmeltzer

    Who else was focused on the rebounder 4:55

    • SheetJeans59638

      Man was hustlin

  • Bond jr. James Bond Jr.
    Bond jr. James Bond Jr.

    imagine this dude in the 3 point contest

  • Carson Zaremski
    Carson Zaremski

    How do you average 1.5 points per game when you play in 3 games?

    • playmaker

      2 points in 1 game, 0 points for the 2 games I think.

  • miss frizzles titties
    miss frizzles titties

    Fast break open layup cuts to the corner hits a 3 😂

  • Josh Vigs3
    Josh Vigs3

    Max hopper amazing shooter he’s trying to coach at Brewster academy

  • Edward Aston
    Edward Aston

    Sixers sign this man right now!!!!!

    • Ray Cornett
      Ray Cornett

      Aaron_D [Guitar Covers & More Coming Soon!] a team needs more then one shooter smart one

    • zenjikozen

      Aaron_D [Guitar Covers & More Coming Soon!] reddick is old and is sucking at 3s rn

    • ValleyOfSin

      The Kings or the Hawks could use him more.

    • SpaceRace144

      They need someone to fill in the hole left by Covington

    • Luk Phom
      Luk Phom

      @Aaron Diaz more shooters dosent hurt

  • PatrickG27

    Simmons is the best shooter alive hes 2/2 "deep range"

  • Richard Davis
    Richard Davis

    Steve Novak actually did make the nba and all he did was shoot 3s

  • ZaZa Pachulia Is Better Than Jordan
    ZaZa Pachulia Is Better Than Jordan

    This mans a pure sharp in real life.

  • Lewis Sunflower
    Lewis Sunflower

    26 ft attempts all season? James Harden gets that in 2 (NBA) games.

  • j k
    j k

    If you can shoot at that high a percentage from 3 you can shoot elsewhere above average. (as in long 2s and mid range.

  • Riz2k17

    He said "Number one peck instead of pick" hahahaha

    • James Jayson - JamesJM Official
      James Jayson - JamesJM Official

      He seemed to be an Irish.. 😀 it is his accent.

    • enter.

      Because of his accent maybe?

  • Poetry of Music
    Poetry of Music

    But Ben has attempted a 3 pointer in the nba tho. Even made one, i think

  • King Chris 23
    King Chris 23

    Westbrook needs to be more like Simmons😂😂😂

  • Anthony Pena
    Anthony Pena

    He could make an NBA roster as a 10-12th man and someone who u can put in in a late game situation when u need a three pointer and only GNA be shooting threes!!! There's worse NBA players on NBA rosters tht fill the 10-12 spots on their roster

  • Rico Restless
    Rico Restless

    Give this man a chance

  • Makstrero

    Why did his release height get so low over the years? It started up really high above his head.