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Giant Ice Block Vs. Trampoline, who will win?
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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth where we live:
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  • Jo Po
    Jo Po

    I know you guys want to drop a fridge next, but a freezer would be much cooler.

  • Dylan Huddle
    Dylan Huddle

    The reason there is a cloudy mass in the middle of the ice block is that water is typically not very pure in it’s liquid state. There are gasses and other impurities dissolved in it. As the water freezes the impurities are forced out between the crystals as they form. If the ice crystals form too quickly, or are frozen from more than one direction simultaneously, the impurities will be trapped and distortion occurs. The first half of your block crystallized directionally. As the the ice crystals formed from the other side and met with the freezing water from the top, all of your other dissolved substances became trapped in a concentrated portion of the ice block.

  • william dowling
    william dowling

    As others have mentioned, the ice gets cloudy because of dissolved gas and minerals in the water. What they've been wrong about is that using distilled water or boiling the water before freezing it will fix the problem by itself.. Distilled water is helpful, but that alone won't fix the cloudiness.

  • MikeyTeeDG

    To understand your ice dilemma, you have to first know that water with less impurities is clearer. Closer to true H20=clear.

  • Dylorean

    I love how three mens' livelihoods are based off of a 45m tower

  • Hazel eyed girl
    Hazel eyed girl

    Ice gets cloud during the freezing process because of how it freezes, Because all objects freeze from the outside in, the centre of the cube is the last to solidify. Water-free of minerals and impurities freezes first, pushing the cloudy parts containing the sediment (and tiny trapped air bubbles) toward the centre.

  • Jo Po
    Jo Po

    You should drop the price tags from the watermelons off the tower. Everybody enjoys falling prices.

  • Schweet119

    This is so cool to watch, I've seen most of these videos. I wish there were a place like this near where I live, I really love the way you can simply test and research objects falling.

  • floydaltonmiller

    When you freeze ice the milky part is with air bubbles in it. The clear ice has no air bubbles. To get clear ice for carving, (is, swans at weddings) you have to vibrate the ice as it freezes. The vibration removes the air bubbles.

  • A V
    A V

    Giant dart vs dry ice. It looks awesome when you shoot it and throw it from high. It's a great idea try it out!

  • KinoMusic

    The reason the ice freezes half cloudy and half clear is that ice freezes from the top down. When the water is freezing, allll the extra oxygen is being pushed down which creates bubbles, these bubbles are what makes it cloudy.

  • sidrat2009

    A 45 Meter drop is possible by an experienced stunt professional.

  • floyd loonie
    floyd loonie

    The clear part of the ice froze solid first pushing the dissolved gasses and particles of solid contaminants (mostly minerals) towards the center as the ice crystals formed. There was no place for the impurities to escape, so the cloudy portion is where the ice crystals were unable to form perfectly. If you filter and boil the water prior to freezing it, most of the impurities can be eliminated and the resulting ice will be much clearer depending on the filtering medium used. commercial ice is allowed to flow over the coils which results in a much better looking block of ice that can be carved into ornate sculptures to decorate buffet tables, Etc...

  • Andy Chamberlain Music
    Andy Chamberlain Music

    Hey just a tip: raising the height from 25m to 45m only increased the speed of impact by 1.34x, so it's not nearly as big of a difference as it seems (the speed of impact is proportional to the square root of the height, so its sqrt(45/25) times faster)

  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young

    The cloudiness in the ice block is due to impurities in the water. Water freezes from the outside in, so all the impurities are pressed towards the center and the last things to freeze are the impurities. Hence the cloudiness in the ice!

  • robohippy

    The type of mat/bed on the trampoline can make a huge difference in the amount of spring you get on the bounce. Check out the type they use in the Olympics.

  • Mr.Techaky

    Ice freezes from the top down... Thus, all the air trapped in the water prior to freezing forms bubbles that then get frozen in place and fogs the ice.

  • Kendahl Richmond
    Kendahl Richmond

    The condensation and lack of oxygen causes the ice block to have a “cloudy” affect on the curved end of the ice block (I’m not certain,but it’s pretty close to it🙂😀😁)

  • Raleigh Link
    Raleigh Link

    The company that makes that trampoline should sponsor you. I’d buy it.

  • BrittBoss

    The reason why the ice is half cloudy half clear is because when water freezes it freezes from top to bottom and when that happens air bubbles get trapped underneath that frozen top layer and as it keeps freezing downwards the air gets push along while it freezes leaving the bottom half of it cloudy I LOVE SCIENCE 😁❤️