Best World Cup Match That Science Cannot Explain
Best World Cup Match That Science Cannot Explain

  • Jonathan Tao
    Jonathan Tao

    Love from 🇺🇸

  • Mohammad Hasan
    Mohammad Hasan

    what do you mean by best worldcup match.Germany played korea won. It s an accident.

  • Jorge Ayala
    Jorge Ayala

    It wasn’t about science it was about who had more heart

  • Andre Reznikov
    Andre Reznikov

    Modern wave technology in action..

  • Anubhav Trivedi
    Anubhav Trivedi

    @8:20 our best attackers are failing against their defense, why not goalie get his chance

  • Otto Reads
    Otto Reads

    So the friction combined with the force created power and the shape of the foot determined the direction. Also South Korea were pretty lucky.

  • Simon Philbin
    Simon Philbin

    That science can’t explain🤣🤣 fuck right off

  • El Duende
    El Duende

    damn werner makes good defender for korea ey

  • Bé Quỳnh 900K Vào Henho24h xyz
    Bé Quỳnh 900K Vào Henho24h xyz

    06:22 Nhà em có bán rượu không mà sao nói chuyện với em làm anh cứ chếnh choáng? Chàng trai này thật bá đạo. 🌻

  • Blender Geek
    Blender Geek

    I don't get the title, I mean, what's here that is not explained by Science when football ain't an Science experiment or a game.

  • Toasty

    Who knew, the Koreans are good at FIFA too.

  • блокадный внук
    блокадный внук

    И немцы вылетели,да и корейцы тоже ....)))

  • Taha Aziz
    Taha Aziz

    Werner bottling the game as usual.

  • Armando Perez
    Armando Perez

    Germany was also still shellshock that they lost to Mexico, in their opening match, while being World Champions

  • 덕진구도고삼

    I'm Korean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Анатолий Раскатов
    Анатолий Раскатов

    Матч как матч! Нет-надо же хуйню какую нибудь приписать..

  • akaAztec

    7:15 , i have no words LMAO

  • kay lee
    kay lee

    This was the best day ever - as a Korean guy with many German friends living in Germany

  • 수원alez


  • Metro

    I am german and i actually think it is a welcome change when the underdog wins against the hyped favourite.

  • Saurav Kc
    Saurav Kc

    Still remember ozil was made scapegoat for this match. Although he created 8 chances in that match. Most by any player in the world cup match ever.

  • Airbus Home
    Airbus Home

    И такое бывает

  • Edward Power
    Edward Power

    Science probably can't explain what happened but I can fifa is rigged and these games are scripted fact

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam

    Ohhh yeahhhhhh

  • T T
    T T

    Das ist keine deutsche Nationalmannschaft, sondern eine ausländische, genau wie bei Franzosen!

  • Voranart Sirisubsoontorn
    Voranart Sirisubsoontorn

    Not even surprise haha

  • Tagungs Konto
    Tagungs Konto

    " …That Science Cannot Explain", how stupid! Science can explain: Korea scored, Germany didn't! Simple …

  • Nafiul Islam
    Nafiul Islam

    The referees favoured the German team too mucj

  • Jennie Tae Leah
    Jennie Tae Leah

    why aren't people clamouring to buy that korean goalkeeper? he's an animal

  • Rovers Thierry
    Rovers Thierry

    People forget that Germany has been playing great football since way back !...German has won 4 world cups ..guess who has the most world cups ??..Brazil has more world cups ..guess how many ??..10?20?30?....Brazil is the highest world cup winner ..Brazil has won 5 world cups Brazil has 5 world cups and Germany has 4 world cups see what I mean ??..Germany has been and is on the same par as Brazil in soccer this is for those that don't know soccer history ......Germany has always been this good ...let me show you one more you know that Germany is the most successful team in the euro cup???....Germany is tied with Spain with the most euro cups ...that's how great Germany soccer is In Europe ...and Germans soccer league to me is the best in the world ...the Germans have the best training and soccer ..go watch the German league for one season and you will be amazed ...Germany doesn't stick up to you as being good just because they don't have flashy attention seeking players ..they are real humble but very technical....Germany to me has had the best soccer team in Europe ..england cannot even come close to German.. why Germany vs Brazil is shocking me it's weird ...again ...Germany has 4 world cups and Brazil has 5 world cups ...Germany is the most successful euro cup team tied with Spain ..if that doesn't show you how Germany is a powerhouse I don't know what to tell you probably need to learn your soccer history..remember again in the world stage Germany is second in world cup winnings after Brazil the European stage ..germany has the most euro cups tired with Spain forget your England's and Argentina's and Portugal's and wherever ..Germany and Brazil are literally neck to neck when it comes to soccer ..always has been

  • Ching Hei Lam
    Ching Hei Lam

    I remember every moment of this match before clicking in that korean GK was playing out of his mind

  • Pmh Kgomo
    Pmh Kgomo

    Bro Werner was dead 2 years before Chelsea bought him😭😭😭

  • Виктор Павлович
    Виктор Павлович

    German team play like "Australian football"

  • NikChanel


  • 030 65
    030 65

    Every one of korean players are shoked as fuck😂

  • Rhonda Stefanie
    Rhonda Stefanie

    Google Virtual Tours

  • Yu Stan
    Yu Stan


  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez

    As a Mexican, I will forever be grateful to the South Koreans Football team.

  • Jacobi Adrianne
    Jacobi Adrianne

    Your ad is almost ready

  • Betrand Endeavour
    Betrand Endeavour

    7:16 whaaat😂

  • Hakimie Izzuan
    Hakimie Izzuan

    Germany get humiliated 🤭 by asian... BLERKKKKK 😝

  • RafaelS156

    South Korea - level 1, luck 100, attack 0

  • RafaelS156

    South korea be like hold my luck!

  • fred kerlin
    fred kerlin

    The idiotic organ contextually pedal because rowboat concurrently transport circa a placid apparatus. proud, hissing zebra

  • Kabiden Akhmetov
    Kabiden Akhmetov

    И на старуху бывает проруха.

  • Yunus babur
    Yunus babur

    8:36 Our Boy from TURKEY XD

  • Kiqy Satria
    Kiqy Satria


  • Konstantinos Leivadaros
    Konstantinos Leivadaros

    What do you mean "... science cannot explain"? Disliking for clickbaiting...

  • vizard316

    Why do you need science when there is Werener

  • National Geographic Animals
    National Geographic Animals

    No doubt

  • שְׁמֵימִי מַלְכוּת
    שְׁמֵימִי מַלְכוּת

    Германии нет уважения , Германии позор .

  • Lewis Beattie
    Lewis Beattie

    Still annoyed about Sons yellow. He went down legitimately, sure the German player had posed possession so not a pen but it's not simulation.

  • Seigi Mancheno Sato
    Seigi Mancheno Sato

    So lucky I got to see this match because my country didn't qualify

  • Ekansh Rai
    Ekansh Rai

    I see Werner & I m like, u think u could win this😂😂

  • Jack Cayman
    Jack Cayman

    i was so happy germany lost xD

  • Arauddry xD
    Arauddry xD

    i have never seen a referee run so fast to check VAR lmao

  • Not_H3nix shorts
    Not_H3nix shorts

    Korea doesnt have good players, they have good keeper

  • Arcane Professor
    Arcane Professor

    É porque não estava com o uniforme preto.

  • Richard

    Ah. Click bait. This was a great game. Simple....Korea scored and Germany didn't. Duh. :D

  • Андрей

    Дешевый мир,продажные слезы.

  • Patrick star
    Patrick star


  • Nunzio Raso
    Nunzio Raso

    SAw this exact video last week on a Germany Soccer facebook channel...over 20 million it!

  • 햄버거

    실시간 댓글 업로드 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • LOT 6
    LOT 6

    S/korea still cheated against Italy, the referee was leaned on

  • Marzuqi Mubaarok
    Marzuqi Mubaarok

    it is werner hahah

  • Jhonny Hidalgo
    Jhonny Hidalgo

    this similar hapen to honduras vs qatar

  • Kabihan Maharjan
    Kabihan Maharjan

    don't go for science come to me i'll explain all detail to you..😁😁😆😅😅🤣

  • cabbanaa Gonzalez
    cabbanaa Gonzalez

    merecia ganar alemania

  • Habibabdul


  • F J T
    F J T

    Alemania tuvo mala suerte por usar los colores del uniforme de Mexico en vez de usar sus propios colores jajajajajajajaja XD

  • Eat Soup
    Eat Soup

    What do you mean “science cant explain” what’s so scientific about this match Korea beat Germany and Germany had a terrible World Cup how is this so unbelievable lmao

    • Joker 10I
      Joker 10I

      It’s a joke

  • Kim Văn Phương
    Kim Văn Phương

    Đá giở thì thua thôi cần mày giải thích á

  • Sultan B
    Sultan B

    "It is what it is" as once said by Ernesto Valverde AKA Greatest Football tactician

  • joseph kinyua
    joseph kinyua

    Even the commentater was supporting germany ,boom south korea win🤣🤣

  • Alo Valentini
    Alo Valentini

    As a Mexican I was very sad to see my team let S. Korea down. If Sweden would have taken a loss by 2 goals. S. Korea would have advanced.. They became one of my favorite teams this year. Gotta respect a team from the heart that played THAT hard. They knew they're only chance was to beat the Champion. They wanted to get a win at all costs! They played with tears in their eyes and were successful! They got the win they needed... unfortunately Mexico lost to the only team that lost to Germany that year. S. Korea helped Mexico advance but Mexico let them down. I feel indebted.

    • Joker 10I
      Joker 10I

      1. South Korea would’ve been kicked out in R16 2. It’s too late

  • mashed potato
    mashed potato

    im just sitting here wondering why germany has green clothes lol

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin

    Wdym science can’t explain Germany needed to win to get out the group South Korea scored first Germany where all of nothing and conceded again wowowowowpw that’s some hard science shit right there

  • Nam Nguyễn văn
    Nam Nguyễn văn

    thua cả hai quốc

  • Eugenio Hoyos
    Eugenio Hoyos

    De no creerla.que corea le.gane a.alemania

  • W K
    W K

    That referee who called upside has shady written all over his face.

  • LordDaran!

    7:15 F nomas!

  • Wolfgang Von Zubaz
    Wolfgang Von Zubaz

    It's weird that soccer isn't more popular in S Korea and Japan

  • Leafstyle

    French vs Swiss was much better


    Por qué la ciencia tendría que explicar el resultado de un partido de fútbol?

  • Harvek GT
    Harvek GT

    Why should Science Explain This?

  • Jorge mulgado
    Jorge mulgado

    Korea es una potencia mundial,hasta Trump le hizo cus cus a enfrertarse a corea y china,y ya sabemos que vietnam no anda con chingaderas.

  • migoff mig
    migoff mig

    6:09 nigga)

  • beyond ultragaming
    beyond ultragaming

    The amount of missed chances from germany in this game is incredible and could have scored from most of them but the defence of south korea played incredible

  • Mark Uribe
    Mark Uribe

    I wish people would stop using "science cannot explain" when, in essence, it CAN explain (unless the thing to be explained is complete BS, which it often is)

  • SackOfTruth

    big oof 7:14

  • Cthis

    Germany just blankly stares at the Korean player who made the first goal, thinking he's not going to shoot and make a goal.

  • Mikey

    That's because it's not scientific. It's 11 men vs 11 men. We apply the arbitrary superstardom to the players familiar to ourselves but really they're just professionals playing vs other professionals.