3 Person Balloon Pop Racing Is INTENSE!!!
How Ridiculous

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  • Nazifah Kasozi
    Nazifah Kasozi

    The way I was shouting red

  • •Ella•

    I was surprised that Scott one

  • Dian Suryanti
    Dian Suryanti


  • ItopCupaw

    respect brow

  • Madog

    It's always the one who is kissing in the begging and gets a comeback

  • SilveR Shorts ™
    SilveR Shorts ™

    That dude has a good strategy, he uses headphone I would do the same

  • Brice grimes
    Brice grimes

    That comeback though

  • YaBoiTheodore

    these people be thinking to themselves ‘this guy gotta stfu’

  • KASH Hasham
    KASH Hasham

    This is the most fun i ever have over 18 years of my life 😁

  • Aman


  • Xd Mamoon
    Xd Mamoon

    Gaunson was so confused at the end when he won

  • Zahirul Islam
    Zahirul Islam

    এরকম আরো অনেক ভিডিও চাই❤️❤️

  • N Great
    N Great

    I can't believe green won! Red always wins. Red was so close this time

  • monkey mode activate
    monkey mode activate

    dose anyone know why How Ridiculous hasn't made a full video in over a month? shorts dont count

  • Eka Dekanoidze
    Eka Dekanoidze

  • Stranger Things Edits
    Stranger Things Edits

    I love how the guy in the middle is wearing headphones 😂

  • World of Unicycles
    World of Unicycles

    Who here loves How Ridiculous

  • no name •_• 🅥
    no name •_• 🅥

    Incredible comeback

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Comeback #2 of the year for Scott!

  • Samar hanafi
    Samar hanafi

    Sassy 💁‍♀️ was my favorite birthday 🎁 was my birthday aqua in t you can read the type