How Many Light Bulbs Stops a Baseball Throw?
How Ridiculous
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نظر: 2 110
  • Gregson Gabriel
    Gregson Gabriel

    Editor Jack is a fricken legend!! Looks like a chilled, cool guy 👌🏼 should feature him in a competition for sure

  • Matthew McNaughton
    Matthew McNaughton

    I think you guys should employ a "last place first choice" system so that one player doesn't run away with all the points. But I love these videos, keep them coming!

  • Nym Alous
    Nym Alous

    I think my favorite slow motion shot was of the glass "sphere" hurtling through the bulbs. There was some really spectacular electrical arcs and explosions, including some unexpected colors. Very nice.

  • Gregg F.
    Gregg F.

    It's amazing how they've been pouring into this channel for 12 years. I feel like many of those years were not profitable. I'm so glad they stuck with it and eventually found a mass audience.

  • Solar

    these slo mo's have gotten so much better, and jack has done them all, thanks Jack so much, the world would be a much worse place without you!

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I swear these guys never run out of creative ideas

  • Jeana Turner
    Jeana Turner

    The fact that Scott middled the bulb with that tiny peanut should have qualified him for at least one point! That's skill!!

  • Tanner C.
    Tanner C.

    Editor Jack is incredibly talented and it really shows in this vid. Well done Jack

  • Swaggy Ty
    Swaggy Ty

    I have said it many times before and ill say it again, editor jack always makes these videos look amazing!!

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams

    The light bulbs looked incredible, definitely need to revisit the light bulbs in the future with different objects, maybe different shape/style bulbs? - definitely an amazingly visual episode, keep it up you 4

  • BenVentures

    Genuinely love how hard you guys work on these videos! well done :)

  • CrankyDong

    It’s always amazing to see these boys with so much positive energy. It’s no wonder, when you can just take out every bit of bad vibes on balloons, bulbs and blocks of obsidian every day.

  • shmaxo

    Seeing these guys react to slow-mo of the bulbs popping like children watching a fireworks show was the vibe I needed today, Thank You for your channel. How GOOD!

  • Abhishek Mondal
    Abhishek Mondal

    U guys never run out of creative ideas...amazing work!❤

  • Aaron Lagos
    Aaron Lagos

    The sparking happening with the glass ball being illuminated on the slowie is amazing. Editor Jack deserves a raise.

  • Tyler Claypool
    Tyler Claypool

    Everyone has crazy reactions about all the explosions and Jack just smiles. 🤣

  • Montana McGuire
    Montana McGuire

    Thank you for all the joy and laughter you guys have brought!!! Please keep them coming!!!

  • Moony Star
    Moony Star

    I think this is my favourite video. Watching all that glass light up with the sparks from breaking bulbs in slomo is gorgeous. Especially with Coney Joney lighting up too, beautiful.

  • B_Man Cfry
    B_Man Cfry

    All of these really depend on the skill of the thrower, get like Clayton Kershaw to do this and it will probably be one million light bulbs

  • Amy Milton Ward
    Amy Milton Ward

    I like how jack is always so chilled 👍