EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 2-0 MAN CITY | Bergwijn & Son goals beat City!
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch extended highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 2-0 Premier League win against Manchester City where goals from Steven Bergwijn and Heung-min Son secured all three points.
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  • sst

    Came here to see Bergwjin after the 3-2 win against Leicester. What a player!

    • Ulat rokok
      Ulat rokok

      Came here after bergwijn leave 😢

    • Tottenham fan
      Tottenham fan


    • Youtubeism

      here for the same reason.

    • Tord Haagenrud
      Tord Haagenrud


    • Kool Kidz
      Kool Kidz

      Ye same

  • KoomaAppa

    Who's here after the latest Son goal vs Man City 😆😆😆

    • Jasper Rose
      Jasper Rose


    • Max

      I’m HERE!

    • M1MiCRAFT


    • Wehate123...

      Of course

    • COYS

      Me me me

  • 4 K
    4 K

    Son has scored 5 goals against Guardiola’s Man City. Only Vardy has scored more(6 goals). Man City Killer.

    • HansRolo

      7 now

    • Danny Cabello
      Danny Cabello

      @저희 어머 no I made it after we won 1-0

    • 저희 어머
      저희 어머

      You wrote this before he scored a wonder goal in the first game of 21-22 season right?

    • •xen..o..

      Make that 7


      It's been 7 mate

  • Tarun Singh
    Tarun Singh

    these two teams playing against each other never disappoint, always an intense match on display

  • • Isaac •
    • Isaac •

    I love Bergwijn’s goal celebration😄

    • luh.centus

      Super Whiscash Charlie why?

    • Tottenham Fan Express
      Tottenham Fan Express

      • Isaac • He had no idea what to do with such an amazing debut goal kind of like dele Alli against Palace a while ago

    • 최우주

      @P911 guess its an W from his last name Bergwijn

    • AWB Da Goat
      AWB Da Goat

      Isaac AOV 🤞✌️

  • Doubloon Conroy
    Doubloon Conroy

    still gives me chills watching this game! Spurs forever, forever spurs!

  • eliminating delulu fans
    eliminating delulu fans

    Back here again after Sonny scores again against Man city 😂 A MAN CITY KILLER !

  • Minwook Joo
    Minwook Joo

    Bergwijn’s goal was an absolute beauty in this game

  • 물

    2-2 at Etihad, and 2-0 at home! Spurs took 4 points from the champions. Utterly sensational.

    • 정조임금

      @물 지난 시즌은 1승 1패, 이번 시즌은 무려 더블입니다 ㅋㅋ누버지 콘버지

    • Kendy Japri
      Kendy Japri

      물 does totehnham beat city yesterday? 2-0.. got confused which one are new one

    • 물

      @Kendy Japri It was a match in 19/20 season, and City won the league 18/19. So then Man City were champions.

    • Kendy Japri
      Kendy Japri

      As i remember liverpool is the champions mate

    • Bubbles 105539
      Bubbles 105539

      And knocked them out of the champions league

  • Jonsdoy

    I am a Liverpool fan, but seeing this match, I have goosebumps, even though the atmosphere is not rolling at Anfield

  • Johnny Thiago
    Johnny Thiago

    Maravilhoso jogo de futebol!!

  • Ian Morgan
    Ian Morgan

    Stevie B's goal will never get old, what a great debut, Sonny scoring too-it don't get much better!

  • Costin Ilie
    Costin Ilie

    The fans reaction after the first goal is breathtaking 😮💪🏼⚽

  • Dodi Reza
    Dodi Reza

    8:48 I love how he can't stop smiling

    • Yasmin Daudi
      Yasmin Daudi


    • Dodi Reza
      Dodi Reza

      @Thomas Egan yeah, most likely 👏👏

  • Blue Beard
    Blue Beard

    People say Jose’s teams don’t play good football, after spurs scored the confidence flowed and they passed the ball with real verve. It’s all about the players. Spurs have talented players who were going though a rough patch. Hopefully this is the corner they needed to turn. It’s the business end of the season and it’s time to go to work!

  • Aditya Dewanto
    Aditya Dewanto

    Son : Serge, what are you doing? Serge : Stay calm bro

    • Jacob Verastegui
      Jacob Verastegui

      and iris

    • Nicolas Wéwé
      Nicolas Wéwé


    • Inv

      @ひかり Japanese comment

    • Some ting Long
      Some ting Long

      Aditya Dewanto kam*

    • ひかり

      Bro? I thought we were lovers

  • A. Dam
    A. Dam

    every few weeks i come here and remind myself what this season could have been

  • lucu01

    just rewatching this, what a result, great finish by Bergwijn on his debut - our new boys tend to do this ! COYS


    As a city fan, I'm pinning this loss on Pep. Took up to the 70th minute to bring in Sterling and Folden? Shocking. Hats off to Mourinho, he outclassed Pep today. Keep up the work and checkout my post-match reaction video on my channel as well and let me know your thoughts.

  • Leonel Jiofack
    Leonel Jiofack

    First apparition first goal ! what goal ? i will never forget this moment ! Thank you Bergwijn

  • ivan durann
    ivan durann

    I Love when you are Local and your stadium its singing and supporting, and putting pressure on the other team, that's just beautiful ⚽️🎉⚡🔥!!

    • 파리봉

      손흥민 화이팅

  • jackieboy johnson
    jackieboy johnson


  • Jo Walsh
    Jo Walsh

    What fabulous goals 💗💗💗

  • Alden Audric Matondo
    Alden Audric Matondo

    two years later Bergwijn strikes magic again

  • yushafiq azlan
    yushafiq azlan

    Not a spurs fan but that bergwijn goal never fails to give me goosebumps

  • Irvan Rizal
    Irvan Rizal

    Look how humble Bergwijn celebrates his goal. Love this guy since Eindhoven. W

  • The Realist
    The Realist

    The link up play between Lo Celso and Ndombele was great for Son's goal, I just hope Ndombele can stay fit, he reminds me of a young Dembele the way he takes players on, and his physical strength. Great team performance going forward, defence is still shaky, surprised we came away with a clean sheet, Lloris and Son haunt City again at home, have to keep it going now. And has anyone seen Blue Cityzen? 😂😂😂😂

  • Josh Symons
    Josh Symons

    It beaks my heart that bergwiin left.. He had such a bright future But I still have high hopes for this season!!!

  • Obukohwo Ogheneakpobo
    Obukohwo Ogheneakpobo

    5:48 any one else think he gave the red to De Bryune cause he looks so alike Zinchenko 😂😂

    • HadiCR7 Fahad
      HadiCR7 Fahad

      @Ismail Faalih u have to study math

    • Shiloh L
      Shiloh L

      @Arjun Giridhar doesn’t get invited to parties bruh

    • Mahardika Nehru Perwiranegara
      Mahardika Nehru Perwiranegara

      @Ismail Faalih get some life dude so you get the joke

    • Not a troll
      Not a troll

      @Ismail Faalih is a joke kid

    • oscar97

      My dad

  • Kevin Han
    Kevin Han

    LoCelso & Ndombele is soooooooo good!!!!!!!!!! I hope Ndombele stays fit throughout the season. This squad after the transfer window is looking way better than I thought. Bergwijn is deadly, Winks always so passionate in these big games. Good job spurs! I just love seeing sterling rage! dunno why :)))

    • Saral Nigam
      Saral Nigam

      this didn't age well Jan 2022

    • Joe Brees
      Joe Brees

      spoke too soon

    • Abubaker Alkubati
      Abubaker Alkubati

      You remind of my ex.. which I miss💔

    • Grzegorz Gembara
      Grzegorz Gembara

      Gotenks Dream on

    • Sweeper

      Ndombele is coming to napoli at the end of the season

  • ry ry
    ry ry

    Who’s here after Son’s goal against Man City today?

    • apdiQani NeYmaR jR
      apdiQani NeYmaR jR

      @DEKU haha don likes scoring v city

    • DEKU

      im here after his latest goal yesterday

    • Keskychdude_..

      @Helle i think not, if Kane will leave we didn't have a chance. Max 5th place

    • Helle

      @Keskychdude_.. no😪 maybe this year

    • Keskychdude_..

      @Helle didn't aged well

  • 하겸

    If there is no Son's goal against Burnley, for me the Tottenham goal of the year would be this...The debut goal and huge victory from Mancity, perfect shoutings and moods.

  • RainbowLaser

    7:31 sonny is amazing

  • Joe Klose
    Joe Klose

    Its been a crazy game even one more mad moment wouldn't hurt... Killer commentary

  • Maulana Bustomi
    Maulana Bustomi

    Amazing match in mourinho era! 😎👊 simple but killing !


    That bergwin goal and celebration was🔥🔥


    The assists tho 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jaiden Grant
    Jaiden Grant

    This is the best game you’ve had all season and so was City last season in the quarter finals

  • SHaSha11

    I swear This win feels like a champion league trophy. We needed it .

    • winner4lyfe 9396
      winner4lyfe 9396

      Haha so true.. i feel the same

  • Akhil Pillay
    Akhil Pillay

    From LFC Big congratulations ,really deserved 🎉🎉

  • Mohammad Baloch
    Mohammad Baloch

    can't get enough of that 1st goal😭😭😭

  • Prabhat Patnaik
    Prabhat Patnaik

    Who is here after the Spurs Documentary. Crazy goal and celebration from Debutant

    • Mxmedshapa Ali
      Mxmedshapa Ali

      Yeah Mourinho's told that zinchenko is yellow Walker yellow sterling yellow And u see zinchenko forced to red card

    • Navish Acharya
      Navish Acharya

      Yep What a game this one

  • lucu01

    We will need the same elements for the game tomorrow - luck, tight defending and being clinical in front of goal #COYS

  • quinn lucas
    quinn lucas

    i wish we could play like this now :(

  • kuy araimakmai
    kuy araimakmai

    The last game would be perfect if we had people in the stadium ❤ may the world get well soon

  • 다람쥐

    was amazing debut goal, well done Bergwjin

  • Sam Good
    Sam Good

    my heart stopped every time city went forward when i watched this live, this is the least clinical i have ever seen this city team play

  • B A
    B A

    Could never get tired of watching Stevie's goal

  • Loki

    Did anyone notice.... After 2 nd goal....when Son is celebrating.... Mourinho pulls him out of the cuddle and. explains to play left out.... And that means City right wing gets busy with Son and breaks the attack..... #King of #Tactics

    • Bunga Mars
      Bunga Mars

      @Emeka Eric Adonis True.. and i will mention, just like what inter milan players did back in 2009/2010. Just follow all his instructions, believe in Mou. He will give u the trophies 👍 respect.

    • johnny kwon
      johnny kwon

      i was wondering what that was about. I thought it was jose telling son that his mom's calling him or something.

    • Emeka Eric Adonis
      Emeka Eric Adonis

      Absolutely, You're very observant. Mourinho is a tactical genius. Any player that listens to him become world class and any team that buys him the players he needs wins trophies. That's why he's the Special One.

    • Timbone

      @FREDUA AGYEMAN Hahaha. The hate from the British press is so vile It is like Mourinho stole their wives or something


      And still the haters says Jose did nothing...

  • Elijah Believe
    Elijah Believe

    I will watch this match a thousand times.Commentary was great as well

  • jacques mesrine
    jacques mesrine

    This will be known as the win that was the breaking point for city to not have any chance to repeat the title this season and Mourinho knows it! That's why he smiled cheekily at the end. He crunched in the numbers and did the analysis. This was a must win for city and even a dubious penalty in their favor was not enough even for one score.

  • Andrew Ferguson
    Andrew Ferguson

    My god that was just awesome!!!😃⚽️👏 come on you spurs 👌👌

  • Marcus

    Tottenham VS City never disappoints from a neutral POV

  • Foxy

    Bergwijn only score crucial goals and its usually bangers! Back here after that winner against Leicester

    • Dilmith Sanuka
      Dilmith Sanuka

      same here

  • Sma Farhat
    Sma Farhat

    A game, a match, I was very happy

  • Rahul Mulchandani
    Rahul Mulchandani

    While the 2-0 win in 2020/21 season was great, this match is far more dramatic & fun to rewatch.

  • 하겸

    Bergwijn, still believe that your form returns to this moment

  • Daniel K
    Daniel K

    Damn, this win is everywhere rn😂#COYS

  • Tip Haokip
    Tip Haokip

    Winks was so good on the counter attack 😍😍😍 Zinchenko is still crying about his first yellow card😂😂😂 And Son is so underrated

  • 17-032 Andeza Pulungan
    17-032 Andeza Pulungan

    4 months on and I'm still wondering how on earth did we not concede in the 1st half lmao

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K

    6:40 what a goal

  • iPES Gaming
    iPES Gaming

    Dude, this was epic. Glad that I got SON in my team XD 2:20 7:30

  • paddym27

    i just love the expression on bergwijn's face after he scores

  • Rajdeep B
    Rajdeep B

    Spurs consistency against Man City ❤️

  • AJ

    Steven Bergwijn has arrived in North London. Literal chills.

  • Pol Juega
    Pol Juega

    That day was incredible 😌

  • Patricia Motta
    Patricia Motta

    British Goal celebration is underrated!! What an energy❤️❤️

  • Eric Kwaku Gyamfi
    Eric Kwaku Gyamfi

    What a team work...kudos guys.

  • mobile gamer
    mobile gamer

    Bergwijns goal was really good and a great pass from lucas moura same as sons goal amazing

  • 그린

    우리선수들 절실함과 정신력이 이겼어요 박수 보냈니다~~


    Well done spurs 💙

  • lIlIlIlI

    Finally we have decent 23 who is willing to give 100% to the club.

    • lIlIlIlI

      @Pastor Ammishaddai Ofosu Asamoah learn how to respect majority fans perspective

    • Pastor Ammishaddai Ofosu Asamoah
      Pastor Ammishaddai Ofosu Asamoah

      @lIlIlIlI he was not. Learn how to respect players view and their decisions.

    • lIlIlIlI

      @Pastor Ammishaddai Ofosu Asamoah eriksen was ungreatful

  • Juliano Ghiotto Nascimento
    Juliano Ghiotto Nascimento

    This last moment with Davinson... 😂😂

  • Day poe
    Day poe

    Congratulations!!!great score..

  • Het Pandya
    Het Pandya

    Idk why ppl think tht aurier is a bad right back.....I mean wing backs are suppose to go more for attack.....he is really underrated for his crosses and the chances he has created last season and I hope he stays and create more chances and score keep goals #COYS

  • 오린올인

    🎉Congratulations on 1 million Spurs subscribers!🎉

  • 가든

    We love you SON heung-min ~^^ He is Absolutely incredible player ! ! Thank you team Tottenham~^^ SON is fantastic guy~^^

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson

    When SON is in super Saipan form.......he is awesome to watch and Spurs are a great team under Kane’s watchful eye

  • Vishnu Ram sai
    Vishnu Ram sai

    Conte is a good coach but Mourinho was a legendary coach

  • Qwessd

    I love Tottenham and Son Heung-min.Football is also the best in the Premier League.

  • Andhaniawan Mayrezqy Utomo
    Andhaniawan Mayrezqy Utomo

    Look at the second goal. Before the ball passed to Son, what Ottamendi did was something special. Well read... I am a Liverpool fan btw 🤣

  • Coderenius

    inject this match into my veins! Go get em lads #COYS

  • 양준호

    Ndombele the pure talent

  • Gabriel

    I hope they make a second season of All or Nothing showing the background of the rest of the season and this one as well ... I'm excited !!

  • Jules Melgaard
    Jules Melgaard

    i just love the way bergwijn plays.

  • ZT10 zac tillman
    ZT10 zac tillman

    Bergwijn was a good signing for us

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane

    Bergwijn debut goal AMAZING

  • Pimakara Rio
    Pimakara Rio

    Brilliant goal by Son

  • Psjkoe

    Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur

  • Thai Luu
    Thai Luu

    Just me or anyone love it when Jose smile 🤣🤣🤣


    Nice one Sonny !! Nice one Bergwijn!!

    • 최송민

      @Way Maker ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅇ


      Bottlelona we have messi,Liverpool we have a Team 🤐

    • Trần Minh Tiến
      Trần Minh Tiến

      Nice one lloris

    • 정애파

      상원스튜디오 thank you son is me real

    • The Realist
      The Realist

      Nice one Lucus and Ndombele for the great assist's also.

  • Kürşat Kaya
    Kürşat Kaya

    Favorite moment from this match is Jose's half time talk ''Kyle Walker, have a yellow card. Zinchenko, has a yellow card and Sterling has a yellow card.'' And then Oleksandr Zinchenko is being told to walk off. (I believe he made his contact too strong and it was a quick counter.) And of course...Steven Bergwijn's screamer...That is awesome.. Jose Mourinho şs a man I would battle and even give up on my life for.. I hope I can be good enough to be under his management before he retires.

  • Doffen

    Me watching when that is covid 19 and miss the fans so much at the match ❤️💪

  • James Shin
    James Shin

    I really want to see Stevie's signature goal ceremony again.

  • DONAL Fahy
    DONAL Fahy

    Tottenham's best game of the season

  • RG _Nald
    RG _Nald

    With most City attacks.. there was panic on our box 😹I don’t know how we kept a cleansheet

  • Jhancarlos Montaño
    Jhancarlos Montaño

    Ese portero es otro nivel

  • Sung Jun Byun
    Sung Jun Byun

    I was in the stadium at the time. crazy stadium crazy fans, and crazy fixture. ah one more thing crazy VAR!!

  • strangetranceoffaith

    10 out of 10 for Aguero's dive

  • Badal molla
    Badal molla

    What a match ❤❤ Son hu mean Loves from Bangladesh ❤🇧🇩❤