Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial Cold Open - SNL
Saturday Night Live
Johnny Depp (Kyle Mooney) and his lawyer (Aidy Bryant) show evidence in the courtroom.
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  • Joni Heisenberg
    Joni Heisenberg

    Love every time in the actual trial when Johnny Depp makes a point of calling out the lawyer “ yes, Mr. Rottenborn.”

    • Karma Per Diem
      Karma Per Diem

      Best part is how Johnny consistently pauses between ‘Rotten’ and ‘Born’!

    • wildmercuryfilms

      @Marianna Agh ALMOST????!!!! It’s obviously intended to be an insult.

    • Marianna Agh
      Marianna Agh

      Yeah, it almost sounds like an insult 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Joanna Sunday
      Joanna Sunday

      One time he just said "Rotten." I died!

  • Sea jai Miller
    Sea jai Miller

    The fact that the “Real” trial is funnier then this skit is hilarious.

    • Chad 1337P-De$tr0yer69
      Chad 1337P-De$tr0yer69

      SNL was like, how do we make this funny when it's already funny and decided they would go with not funny. Some writer somewhere was like we could have them find the poop, and then the other writer was like yeah, but should we actually make it funny? And the first writer says, not so funny but more of a funny-esque, we're talking about poop so that will work, we'll get that guy Keenan to be the one who comes in and over reacts to it too because he's silly. Funny-esque.

    • SupahMarioStyle

      @john bondola Exactly lol

    • john bondola
      john bondola

      really, you're watching it?

  • Jess lyn
    Jess lyn

    This sketch had so much potential but the writers dropped the ball. SO much to work with

    • K Smith1
      K Smith1

      Ewww. I usually enjoy these and even said during the trial "They should do an SNL skit on that!" several times. How did they miss the one where attorney objected to HIMSELF? Or the insane quantity of times they objected to a response from johnny depp, before he even said one word? The front desk dude driving away, the fake crying, lmfao.

    • Westerling

      @Lukecucaracha they fired Norm

    • They Call Me Gator
      They Call Me Gator

      Completely agree. It could've been so much better.

    • Lukecucaracha

      What don’t they drop the ball on now. SNL hasn’t been funny in a long time.

    • Linda Drescher
      Linda Drescher

      Typical for SNL.

  • Bri Parker
    Bri Parker

    The real satire is how they portrayed Amber's lawyer as the competent one 😂

    • HeyZeus!

      @Gage Mann The blonde psychiatrist: "Let me just clarify one thing about the muffins so you can stop talking about those dam MUFFINS!" 😄😄😄

    • Tammie queen
      Tammie queen

      @Himaryous not sure I would call Amica cream and Consistently saying the wrong name good.Her opening will come back to bite her client right in the ass like the Bee that got stepped on. It came off like a gossip girls session all over the place wirh a bunch of untrue claims. Milani already coming out about the makeup they claimed she used. They just didnt seem to research and its making them look so bad

    • B-Dub

      @Caroline Daykin No, but it’s a person’s reputation, career, & livelihood on the line (JD), & anything about sexual assault is handled carefully in Hollywood. If they made fun of AH & she was really violently raped, it would come back to haunt them. I doubt they will see that, but you never know. Plus, people are so sensitive & easily offended these days. It may be entertaining, but these are peoples’ lives - especially JD.

    • Caroline Daykin
      Caroline Daykin

      @B-Dub It's not a criminal trial...

    • S M
      S M

      how good are you at your job, Bri ?

  • Lee

    Man...they completely missed the mark on the lawyers from Amber's side. One of them literally objected to their own question.

  • Janet Claire
    Janet Claire

    I sense that they were so terrified to do the wrong thing with this sketch and be criticised, that they dropped the ball on making it funny.

    • Jay S.
      Jay S.

      Of course! Wouldn’t want to “offend” anyone. lol

    • Sara Molina
      Sara Molina

      I feel like they support Amber.

    • Pierre Causemybladderisempty
      Pierre Causemybladderisempty

      SNL as a whole leans too far one way to make this as funny as it should be.

    • john bondola
      john bondola

      really, you're watching it?

    • Tony Jackson
      Tony Jackson

      Yeah they don't wanna take sides and then it's not funny

  • ILoveKimPossibleAlot

    The real mystery is who actually cleaned it up

    • EPrimeify


    • M

      The turd polisher

    • Hey Traci Hey
      Hey Traci Hey

      @Elaine Kellogg you and me both.

  • J Vis
    J Vis

    How did they manage to not take advantage of the pure comedy gold presented by the defense

    • Tortimeese C.
      Tortimeese C.

      Amber Heard is hosting next week

    • alex lazzerly
      alex lazzerly

      This is like anti-comedy.

    • S M
      S M

      you mean the defense who are only doing their JOB

    • Kwizzle Dizzle
      Kwizzle Dizzle

      Because that would mean they would also have to satirize Amber Heard... and that of course would be.....patriarchy...🤷‍♂️

    • showbizroxs

      Because this show is liberal and will not pass judgment on the woman no matter how delusional she is lol

  • Zeke Jordan
    Zeke Jordan

    Man Kenan Thompson can never disappoint me. “Damn, smell like boo boo in here.” 🤣😂 “Ah hell no, that’s a boo boo.”

    • theFaithful Planner
      theFaithful Planner

      Had me screaming😂😂😂😂

    • Reynard Baillou
      Reynard Baillou

      Would have liked a Googie Rene "smells like shia"

    • Brian W
      Brian W

      Lol!! That was hilarious

  • Hazel Eyes
    Hazel Eyes

    This goes to show real life is funnier than scripts. 😂

    • A W
      A W


  • BluntforceJ

    It would've been even funnier if Melissa said all her lines in Spanish. "Eso es 'laundry.'" would've killed.

    • BluntforceJ

      @Ismar Winkelman I strongly disagree!!! It would have been hilarious if she only spoke Spanish but Chris Redd still understood her. I'm right and you're wrong. Just deal with it.

    • Ismar Winkelman
      Ismar Winkelman

      No, I don’t believe it would have killed It sounds way too similar to S.O.S.

    • Jeri Poganski
      Jeri Poganski


    • BluntforceJ

      @Caitlin H The H is for hater

    • Caitlin H
      Caitlin H

      Dang you should get hired to write for the show! 🙄


    Missed an opportunity here with someone constantly calling "objection, hearsay"

    • grisel garcia
      grisel garcia


    • Robin W
      Robin W

      Objection, heresay!

    • Joey D
      Joey D

      Objection this comment calls for speculation

    • Pure Luck
      Pure Luck

      What scene was that

    • J.C

      SNL has unfortunately never been funny

  • Riclmnopp

    Snl really crapped the bed with this cold open

    • Westerling


    • ShayniBC

      This was a HORRIBLE cold open! And your line here was much more funny than their entire skit. Kudos.

    • Jason Scanlon
      Jason Scanlon

      This comment is funnier (and more on-point) than anything in the skit.

    • rooster sideburbs
      rooster sideburbs

      agreed could have done better..with that hysterical bad performance amber gave on the stand

  • Riclmnopp

    The actual trial is funnier than this sketch.

    • Woodsaras


  • Hillefoozy

    I wish they'd added the squeaky chair that Depp reacted to every time Heard's lawyer stood up

  • Streets disciple001
    Streets disciple001

    The actual trial is 100 X better than this skit.

    • Mermaid DIYArtist
      Mermaid DIYArtist

      It is

    • Ben Cooper
      Ben Cooper

      @RunItOnce nah the point of skits is to be funny.

    • gvwrnded

      @Nathalie Thornhill 😂

  • bleep bloop
    bleep bloop

    Missed an opportunity for an impersonation of amber heard and to hear her say her dog stepped on a bee 🥴

    • jedijones

      How is Amber Heard not in this sketch? Shouldn't it have built up to something crazy like them both claiming they're innocent, but then they actual really start abusing each other in front of the judge? And then deny that they did anything? This sketch should've written itself. But all we get is bathroom humor. Pathetic.

    • Mermaid DIYArtist
      Mermaid DIYArtist

      Right wth

    • Woodsaras

      @Kaleigh Sullivan no they dont

  • Erica Mcrae
    Erica Mcrae

    black girl: what's wrong with white people? also black girl: instantly thought kenan did it

  • William Sebree
    William Sebree

    U can tell they really care about the production when u can see the flip card on the TV

  • Friendofbts

    Jonny Depp is literally a victim and he was using humour as the coping mechanism. You definitely missed the whole point and pointed out the wrong things and laughed about the wrong things. That is actually sad.

  • Julian Grimm
    Julian Grimm

    I really thought they would have done better with this. There’s been so much to work with.

    • Woodsaras

      @dalnim its not

    • J Vis
      J Vis

      Any sketch with the defense doing “objection” over and over would have been a no brainer and way funnier

    • Kimberly Hawkins
      Kimberly Hawkins

      The Depp impression was pretty lame. I could do a better Johnny Depp.

    • Mikayla

      my brother in christ it’s a domestic abuse case not the fucking super bowl

  • utkarsh sankrityayan
    utkarsh sankrityayan

    It would have been funnier if they showed Heard’s lawyer objecting her objection, something that actually happened

  • Audrey

    Been waiting for this. I’ll keep waiting. You can do so much better.

  • Sam Ash
    Sam Ash

    Dude…Amber’s lawyer objected his own claim and they forgot about that?

    • Ty F.
      Ty F.

      @Travis Troxell He lost a defamation case; that isn't evidence that he is an abuser, it only means that it was determines by that court that Amber's words didn't hurt his career and reputation. Can you explain specifically what evidence you're referring to that suggests he is an abuser?

    • Travis Troxell
      Travis Troxell

      @C T he has already lost a case considering him to be called a wife beater. I think they took it easy on him all things considered.

    • Okay DETar
      Okay DETar

      @Travis Troxell What evidence?

  • Carlos Carvalho
    Carlos Carvalho

    I knew it wouldn’t be long snl took a jab at this, honestly thought it would have been sooner

    • Macho Manic
      Macho Manic

      Colin made a joke on update a couple weeks ago but that's it

    • Calvin Wilson
      Calvin Wilson

      @Ben Lucas agreed, kenan was the only good part of the skit

    • Arthur

      right? ya wait 2 weeks and all you do is a poop joke? top notch writing SNL

  • Raziel Moreno
    Raziel Moreno

    "It's exactamente como el Emoji!", Sophia.

  • Riclmnopp

    Amber's PR team is now writing sketches for SNL.

  • Ann Handler
    Ann Handler

    I’m sure Kate McKinnon could have killed it playing Amber Heard

    • WolfManDano23

      Nah, if Kate played Amber, it would have make Kyle's casting as Johnny look even worse. Poor Kyle looked like the high school play version of Johnny Depp.

  • Joao Courinha
    Joao Courinha

    With all the hilarious material you had from the trial this is the best comedy you could come up with?

    • tara tehrani
      tara tehrani

      Guess so many rigid feminists in writers team

    • C T
      C T

      They were too scared to be funny. They probably had ten different meetings to water down the script and this is the end result.

    • Susan Henesy
      Susan Henesy

      “I have other uses for your throat which do not involve injury” - I mean! - any statement of a juvenile nature read three times would have been funny

    • Woodsaras

      The jar of cocaine! A megapint!

  • chante1955

    I’m quiet disappointed. This man just came out as a DV survivor and it being made light of. When she initially came out with her lies I didn’t see them making light of it.

  • Ms Chill
    Ms Chill

    Im'ma need for Aidy Bryant to never say "dookie" ever again.

  • Tart Tizzle
    Tart Tizzle

    "I'll allow, since that sounds fun, and this trial is" The delivery was just perfect 😂 1:32

  • Martin Valentin
    Martin Valentin

    Mr Depp, are you finding this trial amusing. A little yes:).

  • Steven R
    Steven R

    damn SNL has fallen far, the only thing i actually laughed at was the "so you realy did it man, your finally quiting!"

  • Bad_news_bear

    “And there ya have it they found the dookie”😂

  • TheRealAidanSword

    Kyle should never impersonate anyone

  • Mach 2064ish
    Mach 2064ish

    This is a poor attempt to make fun and stay fairly neutral at the same time. They should have just avoided the whole thing.

    • m0L3ify

      They didn't even have Amber IN the court room for this skit. Her PR team is working overtime.

    • Paramount Productions
      Paramount Productions

      How is this neautral?!??

  • Roa

    There are people filming from their bedroom with their phone who did better sketches on this trial than SNL.

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope

    the funny part is this might have actually happened, imagine the staff finding the shit, and justthinking, it aint my job


    SNL had a great chance to be funny here and failed miserably

    • Travis Troxell
      Travis Troxell

      And a bit more balanced since this trial isn’t over and Depp already lost his last.

    • Zari


  • J B
    J B

    How can you do this skit and not have anyone impersonating Heard? The fear of the writers is palpable on this one. If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.

  • 1jiveturkey1

    No Amber heard? No dog stepping on the bee? No Hearsay? No courtroom coke? Guys???

    • Club Astro Transcendental Motor
      Club Astro Transcendental Motor

      No, no, no… can’t go against a woman and her character or lack of it. It’s the age of toxic feminism. Can’t say nothing bad about a woman or hold her accountable.

  • Myishen Haines
    Myishen Haines

    “My dog stepped on a bee” “I was walking into the room, and Johnny slapped me. I turned around and said ‘you hit me?! Johnny you hit me?!?’” Could’ve used those.

  • Civil Villain
    Civil Villain

    So I have to guess they're not really going after Amber's obvious and terrible lies and acting, in case she wins the case? Seems overly cautious, because she's the absolute worst...

  • jedijones

    So on the current SNL, the impressions don't have to be good, the makeup doesn't have to be good, and the jokes can be repetitive and predictable? Got it. Sure miss the old days where they had creative ideas during the O.J. trial segments, like having Johnny Carson show up and come up with actual unexpected jokes.

  • Jack Spedicy 2
    Jack Spedicy 2

    Wow, the actual trial was funnier than this. This actually had the chance for this to be funny but they dropped the ball hard.

  • m0L3ify

    It's like they haven't been watching the trial at all. Did Amber's PR team write this one?

  • Coffee is for closers
    Coffee is for closers

    "Smells like Poo poo." It must be somewhat tasking for the SNL crew when the actual trial is just as outrageous and funny as any skit.

    • ShayniBC

      NO. It's much, much more outlandish. Just look at AH's expressions. They could've done a skit on that alone. TikTok is doing a much better job at lampooning this entire ordeal.

  • CaesarStrings

    So much material to make a good sketch and they walked on eggshells around the whole thing. 90s SNL would’ve eviscerated Amber, her lawyers, the judge, Johnny, all of them for the sake of comedy 😂.

    • Canais Young
      Canais Young

      They did it with OJ.

  • Vincent

    Shouldve had Amber posing for the camera snap with a tissue LOL

  • Wavveytae

    I just love Kate McKinnon 😂😂she’s so funny 😆

  • Skeptical Fox
    Skeptical Fox

    Only SNL could find a way to have all of the content from the trial we have at our disposal and still somehow find a way to make an absolutely unfunny skit on it. I’m pretty amazed honestly. Not a single decent impression. Not a single funny line in the whole skit. Bravo SNL.

  • Paul Fabrycky
    Paul Fabrycky

    I really love SNL and have been following the trial but, am I the only one who felt like this wasn’t actually that funny?

    • Travis Troxell
      Travis Troxell

      @Ethan Weeter he also hit her. Regularly. Audio and texts from him and his team prove as much and that’s why he lost his last case.

  • ShayniBC

    With all the comedy gold presented in this trial to only drop this? You failed on this one SNL. This is coming from a long time fan.

  • MattyP 1540
    MattyP 1540

    I “laughed” at this like Amber “cried” on the stand.

  • Ed Mundo
    Ed Mundo

    SNL is genuinely awful. You could have made it funny but instead push the agenda the judge is incompetent. You should all be embarrassed this is the best you could do.

  • Brian W
    Brian W

    Cecily: “that’s true…but I’ll allow it….because it does sound fun….and this trial….is for fun” Lol!!!

    • A W
      A W


    • quicksite

      Only halfway decent joke in this ill-conceived wasted sketch.

    • S Floating
      S Floating

      Best line EVER

  • Zeynab Hoseiny
    Zeynab Hoseiny

    This would've been funnier if we saw an impression of the bed pooper. You know who I'm talking about.

  • Elena Bella
    Elena Bella

    They should do one where Amber Turd is played by Kate McKinnon

  • Billy Lewis
    Billy Lewis

    I knew this trial would make the cut. Hopefully they’ll do a few more. 🤣

  • ToddRobinson13

    This was the best they could do? The actual trial is funnier.

  • The ZX
    The ZX

    They definitely couldve done better

  • Marie Priss
    Marie Priss

    “They found the dooky” 😭😂😂😂

  • XLegendary BossX
    XLegendary BossX

    We need a Dr.Curry skit 😀 can we please stop talking about the muffins 🤣

  • Tony Vercetti
    Tony Vercetti

    Original Mad TV would have made this legendary.

  • NikkiAkaNlg

    Missed opportunity: 💩 "Objection! Your honor, we've been through this, there's no actual proof that this ever happened." The judge should of screamed "suSTAINED" and given the defense lawyer a serious, disgusted look.

  • Gavin Hultgren
    Gavin Hultgren

    They could’ve ran with the hear say… wasn’t mentioned once

  • Sam Donovan
    Sam Donovan

    “And this trial is for fun” “Whaaaaaat” That was an amazing delivery

  • Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco

    This much time to write a skit for the trial and this what y’all come up with?

  • New Message
    New Message

    "It look just like the emoji" killed me... I'll admit it.

    • DatGrrl

      Stomach bug all gone??? Does mommy know you are watching videos on utube instead of finishing your school work??? Run along and play with your imaginary friend and leave the grown ups to watch this programme in peace and quiet for fecks sake...

  • B Real
    B Real

    Wtf??!!. An actress shit in an even more famous actors bed, and this is all SNL could come up with?!? “Ah hell naw.. That’s a booboo.” My disappointment is immeasurable. This skit could’ve been so amazing, there was so much material, and then the writers went and shit the bed. Tik Tok is doing way funnier skits than this. Now that’s saying something.

  • Zack Cross
    Zack Cross

    Damn this was a let down. I wanted to see someone play Amber Heard and have her do the Rittenhouse crocodile tears.

  • Tandy Egg
    Tandy Egg

    It would have been funnier if they played up that Amber’s council is ridiculous. This lawyer is waaaaay more competent than Amber’s actual council

  • Riclmnopp

    This is the funniest they could come up with?

    • Riclmnopp

      @ReZgar That's a good point. It just feels like the sketch leans in favor of Amber Heard. which seems crazy to me.

    • ReZgar

      @Riclmnopp if her PR team assisted in the sketch they wouldn't have talked about the finger.. Amber claims Depp cut his own finger off. Even though there is audio of Dr kipper talking about amber cutting it off but that audio can't be used in court.

    • Riclmnopp

      @ReZgar Or Amber Heard's PR team helped write the sketch.

    • ReZgar

      I guess they don't have a single person that has watched any of the trial..

  • video games
    video games

    making fun of victims of domestic abuse. on par with how they mocked brett kavanaugh when he was falsely accused of rape. matt damon was front and center, the best friend of harvey weinstein.

  • Angela Halo
    Angela Halo

    It’s so pathetic how SNL and MSM continue to side with Amber Turd.

    • timothyfloogle

      It's entirely what happens when we're supposed to #believeAllWomen.

  • Marx 1684
    Marx 1684

    Best Cold Open in a minute. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Nacho Libre
    The Nacho Libre

    Dude looks exactly like Kevin from Backstreet Boys instead of Johnny Depp

  • Tammie queen
    Tammie queen

    I havent been sure if I wanted SNL to do the trial because for me it's such an important cause. I understand some are finding some comedy in certain things in it but the real headline is a Man in order to be believed had to make his whole life public to be picked apart just to be heard and also to make sure facts are all out not what someones PR wants to spin. While I think there was a lot more things SNL could have done like the Amica cream bit and so much more I also understand the skating around as it's a hard subject. This trial isnt fun for anyone involved honestly just because some funny moments have come from it. At the end of the day a man lost his career a woman has positioned herself as the speaker of victims though she has admitted to abuse and was once arrested for abusing her ex wife in front of officers even. Let's not act like drugs aren't a huge thing In Hollywood or that makes someone suddenly after many decades an abuser

    • wildmercuryfilms

      You nailed it: In the UK, Johnny “lost” for 3 REASONS: 1. The Trial was NOT TELEVISED, which means it was filtered through the WOKE #believallwomen Media; 2. It was NOT a jury trial --- A jury should decide this case, not ONE JUDGE; 3. The Judge had ties to Amber’s team: Amber’s attorney had previously been a lawyer at the law firm that the judge was previously a PARTNER at. YES: Johnny had to make this TRIAL completely PUBLIC so the WORLD could see THE TRUTH about AMBER. In doing so, he had to let HIS OWN dirty laundry to also be exposed. But his dirty laundry is NOTHING compared to Amber’s DV against him and Tasya.

    • C T
      C T

      If it's too hard for them to be fair and funny they shouldn't have bothered. You just know this skit was rewritten a hundred times to become this unfunny. They were too scared to depict Heard, too scared to mention her lies, too scared to mention that he was the victim, but not scared to depict him (poorly) on the stand. There were a hundred golden opportunities for humour here that they obviously intentionally avoided, and they all involve Heard and her lies. That's not a coincidence IMO.

  • tahere hoseinzade
    tahere hoseinzade

    Johnny sweetheart Ur not alone We are with u Win the trial❤