How Many Exercise Balls Stops an Arrow?
How Ridiculous
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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous

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  • Nardi

    I love this new format and your new hq, but I genuinely miss the tower my guys, I sure wish u would pop back there from time to time. And some darts action, trick shots and whatnot, boy, good times!

  • Benjamin Frost
    Benjamin Frost

    Also I loved all the extra banter and goofiness in this video. We don’t really care about the algorithm. We love watching you guys have fun together and love all the jokes and ideas you come up with!

  • Aaron Seymour
    Aaron Seymour

    I feel like this might actually be one of their most dangerous episodes in a while. They’ve got sawblades and battle axes bouncing all over the shop

  • Grant Hendricks
    Grant Hendricks

    I feel like this series is getting more dangerous each time y'all do it.

  • Skorpeon RyDer
    Skorpeon RyDer

    Here's a concept for the double points: Have someone choose between getting +2 or x2. If they figure they're not going to get many things done, they're guaranteed at minimum 2 points. But if they get, say, all 10 of the things, they only get 12 points. Contrast to the usual x2 modifier, where they can get 0 - 20 depending on results.

  • Rasmus Hielscher
    Rasmus Hielscher

    I wanted to tell you guys this for a long time but always forgot by the end of the vid. But you need a shorter bow string, at least 2 inches. It would make the bow much smoother and also quiet possibly faster. If you look for a string I’d recommend bcy formula 8125 as a material of choice but this defenetly isn’t a must it’s just what I get the best performance out of.

  • Marguarite Therese
    Marguarite Therese

    "It was the seams...but it was an exceptional shot."

  • alex

    started watching HR for the crazy stuff you guys got up to but have stayed for the past 4 years because your friendship and energy with each other is just so good! always always makes my day better :)

  • RCHeliJet

    With the Bow on top of the Balls only one more, top.!!

  • FullmetalNinja25

    I dunno if you guys will see this comment but I just wanna say I discovered you guys while quarantining, you helped me alot while I was by myself and I look forward to a new video from you guys every week.

  • Hania Popowska
    Hania Popowska

    I LOVE how freakin supportive they are about eachother's results! It's fantastic. Best friendship ever.

  • Trond Børge Krokli
    Trond Børge Krokli

    Shoutout to the editor, this episode is truly popping! Great skill in the timing and capturing all the good parts in the best flow and excellent scene cuts. Thank you!

  • Sherlock Steve
    Sherlock Steve

    another ball-tastic episode! Love the pops and booms. Be safe boys! Great show. Keep it up, editor jack!

  • Matthew Wiederhold
    Matthew Wiederhold

    My favorite part about this series is that Scott always "seems" to win 😂

  • Justin McKinney
    Justin McKinney

    I have an idea for a “how many” episode. The thing you are throwing through can be anything (windows, mirrors, balloons, etc.) but you make a game out of the items you use. Have an editor write the ping pong balls for the items but make them some joke or reference to know which item you use. The person who draws the ball must then choose the item they think the ping pong ball corresponds to. They then smash the items and a score is counted behind the scenes by the editors. The catch is that your score goes up when you choose the right item, but goes down if you guess wrong. The item then goes back into the pile in case someone else thinks their ball uses that item. At the end, the editors reveal the pairs and then gives the final scores.

  • Benjamin Frost
    Benjamin Frost

    The indignation in Gaunson’s voice at the end was priceless. “Lucky!?!” 😂🤣😂

  • Katherine Pollock
    Katherine Pollock

    Gaunson's final shot with the bow was incredible!! Awesome video- I loved that we got to see more banter between everyone than in more recent videos. Keep up the great work! 👍😄

  • MonkeyBarGaming

    I was kinda hoping the dagger to go further, also the who set is amazing!

  • Park Lloyd
    Park Lloyd

    Thanks guys! Another great video. Glad no one was hurt by the falling, spinning (new) saw blade. Cheers!