Donovan Mitchell BREAKING ANKLES In Miami Pro Am!! Bam Adebayo & Darius Garland SNAP!!
Donovan Mitchell showed up to the Miami Pro League and shut it down. He teamed up with Bam Adebayo, Darius Garland, and Derrick Jones.
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نظر: 241
  • Joseph Apicella
    Joseph Apicella

    I never thought I would see Derrick jones jr and bam play together again. I miss those high flying dunks.

    • Shahboz Sharipov
      Shahboz Sharipov

      @TheBeanshow DJJ was a very good defender for the Heat, not sure what you mean by no defense.

    • Jayy_saucyy

      @TheBeanshow he's a solid defender

    • Simon Said
      Simon Said

      They replaced him with Caleb Martin pretty easy imo

    • TheBeanshow

      @Jordan Jackson he could only dunk no defense or anything else

    • Jordan Jackson
      Jordan Jackson

      Miami shouldn’t have let him go but they’re even deeper now

  • Chris

    Donovan Mitchell wingspan is crazy look at his cross overs how much apart the ball is from the other arm and how far he gets the ball to his other side 8:20

    • RomeGotSkillz

      That crossover was definitely a travel

  • Lott Crosby
    Lott Crosby

    Bro I love seeing Garland hoop. He’s one of my favorite players already. I pray my cavs make the playoff’s this year under his leadership.

    • Bako the great
      Bako the great

      @Adrian Perez no he's not😂

    • Purpleirkle

      @Lott Crosby if u let sexton go and he becomes a star, then what?

    • Jay James
      Jay James

      also added a full year of jared allen and mobley

    • Golden State Fan  since 1954
      Golden State Fan since 1954

      @Lott Crosby I thought the Cavs were better with sexton. But I don’t watch the Cavs that much so I wouldn’t know

    • Lott Crosby
      Lott Crosby

      @Adrian Perez sexton didn’t lead them to a winning record. I love him don’t get me wrong but Garland is a better go to option. If all those injuries didn’t happen we’d have been in the playoffs even without sexton.

  • Tay B
    Tay B

    3 all star nba players out there is insane 😭

    • Rick Morenigbade
      Rick Morenigbade

      and royce o neal i forgot that he was even in the game

  • Ankit Patel
    Ankit Patel

    Donovan Mitchell to the Heat. 🔥🔥🔥🏆❤

  • Warrin B
    Warrin B

    That play at 4:15 is different💀💪 The whole team is shifty with bounce

    • Jesse Simmons
      Jesse Simmons

      @Quatavius Thompson Im not saying shorter people cant be bouncy im saying if you averaged it out taller would come out on top. Also if you worked on speed and explosiveness taller people would have more of a dramatic increase in performance.

    • Quatavius Thompson
      Quatavius Thompson

      @Jesse Simmons ahhhh nba history says otherwise but nah height doesn’t equal bounce, speed and explosiveness equal bounce, my cousin won state for high jump and he my height at 5’10 so height doesn’t mean bounce!

    • Jesse Simmons
      Jesse Simmons

      @Quatavius Thompson That an easy put back for a 6'10 guy. Its easier to have bouncy the taller you are thats why high jumpers are primary tall.

    • Quatavius Thompson
      Quatavius Thompson

      @Jesse Simmons height don’t equal bounce, bam for his height is bouncy

    • Jesse Simmons
      Jesse Simmons

      Hes 6'10 he should be able to

  • Jay PPP
    Jay PPP

    When one of the greatest PGs of all time (John Stockton - all time assist and steals leader) likes you and mentions you in interviews, you're doing a lot of things right. Donovan is incredible on the court and carries himself with grace and respect off the court. My 85 year old Nan' makes it a point that we remind her when he's playing and doing interviews. 😂😂

    • DJ J@on
      DJ J@on

      Stop the cap

    • Jay PPP
      Jay PPP

      @Peace she's 85 dude , she thinks he's cute 🤣💀

    • Jay PPP
      Jay PPP

      @Peace Whenever we go over for lunch or dinner if there's a game, my bro's and I watch it. She caught the post game interview and said "boy he is cute" and the rest is history. Nan' still has it in her. Pervy ol' lady. lol

    • Jay PPP
      Jay PPP

      @Peace the sarcasm is weak with this one, as is the creativity🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Pharsyde

      Better than Jayson Tatum

  • Brave Heart
    Brave Heart

    Not gonna lie…. The camera work was terrible this time… zoomed in and shaky…

    • Elijah Joseph
      Elijah Joseph

      horrendous camera job

    • balabala17flo

      the framerate is too low. Makes everything look very nervous.

  • Alexander Shabazz I
    Alexander Shabazz I

    Donovan Mitchell's offensive game is crazy, if he really picks up his defense, he can truly be a modern day D-Wade.

    • Alexander Shabazz I
      Alexander Shabazz I

      @Bballoutt Absolutely. Which could *possibly* lead him to having a better career, he really just needs that extra gear before he can truly become the guy to advance a team to the finals.

    • Bballoutt

      D wade couldn’t shoot like d Mitch tho

    • Baylee Anderson
      Baylee Anderson

      @Jayy_saucyy yeah ant man got the right build for it lol crazy to think mitchell’s only 6’1 👀

    • Jayy_saucyy

      He's not as bad of a defender that's people make him and Anthony edwards might beat him to that👀

  • Blaccitachi

    Mitchell to the heat confirmed, Dude guarding Mitchell is me lmao, I would know about to get cooked but i'm not backing down idc

    • MopHeadRylo

      Stop the cap

  • Happy

    Full nba team in Miami pro am is crazy😂

    • Brian Alvarez
      Brian Alvarez

      L comment

    • Dame J
      Dame J

      That’s not the Drew that’s Miami Pro League 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • BabyYames

    Garland is the truth😮‍💨🤝🔥🔥🔥

  • Joshua Hamm
    Joshua Hamm

    Every nba talk show Monday morning: Donovan Mitchell going to Miami??

  • Keon Graham
    Keon Graham

    5:16 OH my guud He was almost Jason Terry

  • 925Soul.utions TV
    925Soul.utions TV

    They out there trippin in Miami…🔥

  • Will Thomas
    Will Thomas

    If Mitchell joins the heat not only do I think it would be a good fit.but with that lineup of Lowry,Mitchell,Butler,bam,etc that's a scary team.

  • sbcmusicgroup

    Feel like I’m watching Cloverfield or an episode of cops. Shaky cam got me dizzy. Almost thought it was my pops recording one of my high school games except there was no ceiling shots n he didn’t sit the camera down to show somebody’s back for 5mins.

  • Biggy Dripp
    Biggy Dripp

    Bro this a actual NBA roster playing out there 💀


    Darius Garland Is Pretty Damn Special got this one wrong. Always thought Sexton would end up the perennial All Star while Garland ends up a decent backup PG at best.


    Ya love to see it 💪🏾💯

  • JayyFeedz

    I’m telling you this rn Darius garland taking Cleveland somewhere

  • Landon Webb
    Landon Webb

    5:02 score: 3 to 41 😂

  • 16李承翰

    Did Darius Garland play with every NBA player in Miami lol

  • Eli C
    Eli C

    How do you even guard that squad 🤣

  • Karim W.
    Karim W.

    Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland are getting used to playing together

  • 764 Play
    764 Play

    It’s crazy I grew up playing ball with a lot of ppl in this vid Lmfaoo wtf did I do with my life


    He going to the heat 🤫🤫

  • Alfred Santino
    Alfred Santino

    Mitchell look strong ass hell😂

    • Rodga Laurius
      Rodga Laurius

      I was there that man big ash

  • You Satisfied
    You Satisfied

    If you feel like you finna get traded just go crazy in the drew league✅❇️

    • Brian Alvarez
      Brian Alvarez

      L comment

  • nedaari1

    Apparently, these NBA guards are transformed into forwards outside the NBA.

  • G P
    G P

    It’s all fun and games until one of these players steps on one of the many feet surrounding the court. Looks unsafe

  • Andre Altime
    Andre Altime

    DMitch and Bam already building chemistry

  • trevonm2000

    They would make a nice squad foreal

  • laneyj

    This looked like a great game. Both teams were NICE. 12 on black is nicceeee

    • Rodga Laurius
      Rodga Laurius

      It was a very good game tell the mid third the nba boys took over

    • TDT

      @CJOuttaPocket I thought that was THT lmao yea he nice asf

    • CJOuttaPocket

      Brandon Childress … look him up, he fye

  • Vonfromda__910

    Spida is so tuff 💯🆙

  • PJ Heat0
    PJ Heat0

    Spida went crazy🔥🔥

  • WavyyKev

    why donovan mitchell got big man dunk package somehow 🤣

  • SimplxTay

    spida mitchell is really him boy tuff 🔥

  • v8Luciano

    I’d love to see gelo on a team full of nba players Ik they won’t be selfish

  • iutso

    Rip Russel fly high 🕊

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson

    This team ain’t fair 😳

  • DarkSide Bob
    DarkSide Bob

    The nba sounds 🔥🔥

  • Fabian Delgado
    Fabian Delgado

    my boy Both hoopin hoopin💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🔥

  • Steve Guti
    Steve Guti

    Keep believing even when it's hard all things are possible with God praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

    • Victor Bobo
      Victor Bobo

      This has nothing to do with this video lol.

  • Skiii

    Healthy D Mitch is scary! 😤

  • E

    He needs to play in Dyckman and ferris Donovan that is

  • AKfortyseven

    8:49 ik the score aint say 8 - 73…..

  • Richard Stewart
    Richard Stewart

    Wtf. They had Darius, Donovan, Derrick Jones and Bam. That’s a championship team lmao

    • Richard Stewart
      Richard Stewart

      @Kalin S 3 Allstar caliber players. PG SG C and a athletic 2 way. They also had Royce O’Neal. I don’t think there are much if any teams IMO

    • Terrance Carmichael
      Terrance Carmichael

      @Kalin S I think he just meant in this Miami league I could be wrong though 😂

    • Moon.mp3

      🤣 Yeah, they could’ve split the pros up. Team Bam vs Team Donovan or something.

    • Dame J
      Dame J

      They also had Royce O’Neal

    • Jordan Jackson
      Jordan Jackson

      @Kalin S Derrick jones and bam were just in the finals 3 seasons ago lmao what you talking bout?

  • ryan

    This the first time i seen donovan play without compression pants

    • FloydWhoElseTV

      You would notice that. Ayyyyoooooooo

  • John Gordon-carne
    John Gordon-carne

    Bro whys the video so blurry when it moves

    • Brave Heart
      Brave Heart

      I know right? Camera work was trash..

  • Michigan 923
    Michigan 923

    Spyda should of been on the 2k23 cover 🤞

  • Bad Breed
    Bad Breed

    Dear Miami Heat, I hope you see this 🤭

  • Agent J
    Agent J

    When lebron covered the adi logo everyone was being chaotic and here donovan doing it no one cares

  • TheMaskman74

    Almost had a seizure watching the first 5 minutes from the camera movement

  • A.V.


  • R C Barnson
    R C Barnson

    My Knicks better give all the picks to get Spida. We wont need them if we get that dude. Truth is if we had him a few years ago we'd prolly have KD and a chip. Leon Rose can pull the trigger on rare find or save those picks for his replacement to use.

  • Tobias Henry
    Tobias Henry

    “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” ‭‭1 John‬ ‭1:9‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    • D_Rowsen

      “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse is from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9 KJV

    • tonynature

      This makes no sense to me


    Didn’t even notice that was jimma playing

  • JReaves5421

    Get it together cameraman. 🙄

  • Simon Said
    Simon Said

    Thats unfair they playing against a whole NBA team smh

    • FloydWhoElseTV

      Bring your game not your name. They lace up sneakers just like everyone else. You sound like you would let a NBA player give you 50 because they're in the nba. Smh

  • 4Ever Hoops
    4Ever Hoops

    Y'all need to come play against my team💪

    • 4Ever Hoops
      4Ever Hoops

      @Wholsale Love Thanks man, we had great time at LA Fitness. We will definitely be back

    • Wholsale Love
      Wholsale Love

      Y'all be hooping in Houston, I played y'all, you guys are tough 💪💯. Come back to la fitness, we up there every Saturday

  • Thrill Hill
    Thrill Hill

    Why do big men always want to run point in open runs lol

  • Alan Benyamin
    Alan Benyamin

    The amount of traveling.....they'll be NBA stars 🤦‍♂️

  • Tyler Greer
    Tyler Greer

    donovan mitchell to the heat lets go baby ❤‍🔥

    • your homie
      your homie

      The heat doesn't have enough frp

    • Colin Rivas
      Colin Rivas

      Did the Heat find 4 more FRP's from somewhere? Cause Utah doesn't want Herro, Robinson, and 3 picks.

  • Pockets Of Battle Rap
    Pockets Of Battle Rap

    “Silky Bayo”

  • James Hudson
    James Hudson

    Trying to enjoy the footage. Camera man got me dizzy af... 🥴

  • Viviana Gutierrez
    Viviana Gutierrez

    Did y’all film this in 60fps or 120?

  • Arae Viper
    Arae Viper

    The Red Shirts Got Worked Like A Sunday Shift. that shit had to suck.

    • Dame J
      Dame J

      They actually almost came back to win they just didn’t have enough gas in the tank

  • Aljaab

    who filmed this with their Claculator while eating fries with the other hand. damn shaky potato image.

    • FloydWhoElseTV

      I think it was on the first nikon ever made. Maybe the Galaxy S1

  • canned pineapple
    canned pineapple

    Even if you don't see an NBA star, going to Miami Pro League is still a really good time. I went Friday and got to see Austin Rivers play, it was super fun.

    • canned pineapple
      canned pineapple

      I think Jalen Green was there too but I didn't stay long enough to see him (or who i thought was him) play since I had to pick up my wife

  • kramer911

    Donovan in miami you say?

  • Trevon Suggs
    Trevon Suggs

    Why tf bam, DG and spida all onna same team 🤣 they supposed to split it up and make it fun

    • FloydWhoElseTV

      It's ok. You just want to complain. They put on a show for the kids. Not for the complainers

  • steph👟

    Sorry Heat fans but he's going to the KNICKS 🏀

  • William Newman
    William Newman

    This man Royce o Neil air balled and smoked a lay up smh 🤦‍♂️

    • FloydWhoElseTV

      Still has a job in the league. It's Monday. Get ready for work kid

  • Ryl3yTh3Kid

    Donovan in Miami?

  • Boytwo Moto
    Boytwo Moto

    Young dWade right there playing..

  • 성실한눈

    but they lose?

  • Yonis M
    Yonis M

    Shoutout to #20 on the black jersey team Brooklyn Nets Star Royce O’Neale

  • Grow Daily
    Grow Daily

    D Mitchell for kyle lowry and oladipo

  • Ted Jones
    Ted Jones

    Is that crossover not a carry?