when you see this GIANT Killer Clown do not approach him! RUN away FAST! (Crouchy the Clown)
when you see this GIANT Killer Clown do not approach him! RUN away FAST! (Crouchy the Clown)
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    • Mr mango
      Mr mango

      I love you

    • Mr mango
      Mr mango

      I love you

    • Spider-Man


    • Ryan said he was going to tell him he
      Ryan said he was going to tell him he


    • anime gacha
      anime gacha

      At 15:27 there was another clown right there so check if it's right there also it was behind you

  • May0628

    "How terrifying do you want this to be?" Stromedy: 101%

    • Emma Young
      Emma Young


  • Jakob Ball-Walters
    Jakob Ball-Walters

    I think I saw some red hair at the playground hope this helps :)

    • Riley Gillen
      Riley Gillen



    Can we give an applause to him for entertaining us during a really dangerous situation👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Blue4Gaming

    I don't car how many clown vids u do,I will always love them all!😁😁😁

  • Jasmine Boyer
    Jasmine Boyer

    My sister is 10 and I am 20..we both love watching your videos! Winning a drone would be a dream for her..we love you guys and watch you almost everyday.. all the best! Subscribed!

    • Luis gamer cool
      Luis gamer cool

      i highly recommended not watching these but ok

  • Gerrick Armstrong
    Gerrick Armstrong

    I love during 13:20-13:28 that there is an obvious cut so that “crouchy” isn’t there anymore

  • sonya werner
    sonya werner

    I’ve been watching you guys for a long time and I’m like obsessed with the channel

  • Halloween Kid
    Halloween Kid

    9:35 you can see where they hid the parts of the animatronic 😂

    • Glitter Force Doki Doki
      Glitter Force Doki Doki

      Thanks! I knew it’s not real

  • Noah Hannifan
    Noah Hannifan

    10:19 He enlarged the screen to let his clown leave and at 12:45 too. He cut the drone camera TWICE just to allow his actor to escape. Now I know for a fact Stromedy was at the playground flying his drone and recording his clown on the camera. Though you probably noticed that he was nowhere to be seen at the playground on the drone camera when it was high in the air over the playground well it's obvious he was hiding in a spot trying not to be visible on the drone camera. Maybe when drone was low to the ground in the area Stromedy was maybe then standing behind the drone and following it as it moved. He then returned home to rewatch the video with his two friends.

  • Pipachoo

    Whenever I walk alone I think about my boyfriend☺️ thinking about him makes me smile but yet again I miss him😔

    • Funny Home Videos
      Funny Home Videos


    • donna hampton
      donna hampton

      What the heck bruh 😎 are you okay with it.it’s okay

    • donna hampton
      donna hampton

      What the heck brug 😎😂😂😂😂🥏🦷😎😎😎😃😃😃

    • Breana Jackson
      Breana Jackson


    • Breana Jackson
      Breana Jackson


  • Rishi Dhillon
    Rishi Dhillon

    6:53 on the top right corner of the school next to that big bush, you can see a tiny bit of red sneaking behind the building. Stromedy I hope you see this because.. Your gonna need it

  • Skylar Skelton
    Skylar Skelton

    Stromedy I'm your biggest fans and you were the one that kept me going because how do you keep on going it's like you're pushing on and that's encouraging me I really and far away from where y'all are but someday I wish to meet you

  • Paraplegic Spooder man
    Paraplegic Spooder man

    12:44 he cuts it out so you can tell that he’s gone otherwise big fan

  • Alexa

    you guys all giving me the freaks I’m so scared.😱

  • clowny_ XD
    clowny_ XD

    9:35 if you look closely behind like the bin shed thing you can see a black and red thing behind it and it looks like a regular clown

  • Espsa Disco
    Espsa Disco

    I love your channel 😍 every time when I am bored I watch you

  • Andeela Khan
    Andeela Khan

    I saw the swing moving by its self !

  • Renae Cornish
    Renae Cornish

    fun fact: when you coudnt see the clown how did the kids see it?!

  • Aubrey Garner
    Aubrey Garner

    I've been binge watching all your videos while being sick ❤ love your vids!!

  • Hunter Wolbert😎
    Hunter Wolbert😎

    Am I the only one or did you see crouchy behind that thing with his legs on top and him laying down before the first time you seen him behind the tree

  • Maxim Satterly
    Maxim Satterly

    This is clickbait but its so fun to watch + he brings up the hype

  • Skylar Skelton
    Skylar Skelton

    I saw something at the background crawling from your window

  • mmontalbine23

    I get jump scared when I turn around and see someone standing I am 7 years old love your vids

  • Justin Green
    Justin Green

    I subscribed to all the channels fam!! I live an hour outside of Toronto, I would LOVE to have the drone for my kids to make cool videos with, they're 7 and 8 🙂❤️#StromedyGang


    If you notice that when the kids run from "crouchy" (11:42) they leave their bikes and run away but when you look back at 13:43 the bikes are gone ?.

  • Patricia Moulin
    Patricia Moulin

    Did anyone else see that when the where going towards the yellow thing in the park the cut the clip so the actor could have time to go somewhere else

  • its not a mastake its a masterpiece
    its not a mastake its a masterpiece

    Dang its hard for him to get the fans to like every video he just needs to do what the fans want him to do geez

  • emily thornes
    emily thornes

    Well if you want to rest at home sometimes THEN THINK THAT SOMETHING GONNA HAPPEN

  • ツ Fxllen Abilitiez
    ツ Fxllen Abilitiez

    it’s all fun and games until one day y’all find a clown that ACTUALLY locks onto you

    • Alayna Mintz
      Alayna Mintz


    • Gracief2005

      ツ Fxllen Abilitiez true😑

    • Jordan Bandz
      Jordan Bandz


    • John Francis Maduli
      John Francis Maduli

      Did it

  • Phoebe Key
    Phoebe Key

    I have actually seen crouchy the Clown well I was walking my dog Oreo and I saw him like peeking from a tree just want to let y'all know that love your Channel

    • Alayna Mintz
      Alayna Mintz

      Where were you?? I don't want to meet him

  • Enos's Toy Review
    Enos's Toy Review

    Crouchy's theoretical height: 10 ft Crouchy's real height: 7 ft

  • Jakob Ball-Walters
    Jakob Ball-Walters

    I think I saw red hair at the playground hope this helps :)

  • Alvin Tran
    Alvin Tran

    I see something that is very suspicious behind that white cube that controls the electricity

  • Szymon Skorza
    Szymon Skorza

    12:47 There was a man beside the playground, but the paused the video so the "clown" had time to escape, then the man beside the playground was gone, so thats proof they paused it

    • NoobKing

      @Caesar Johnson same

    • Charlotte Simpson
      Charlotte Simpson

      Your a smart man

    • EmeraldMarioBros


    • Koby Home
      Koby Home

      Where bro?

    • Koby Home
      Koby Home

      I can’t see

  • Kazi Shahid
    Kazi Shahid

    Me when I see crouchy : I will call the cops

  • Roblox sisters
    Roblox sisters

    This is really insane he is so creepy and at the park omg I got a heart attack

  • Katie Burroughs
    Katie Burroughs

    At 9:35 there was something behind a dumpster……

  • Brayden Erickson
    Brayden Erickson

    There was caution tape around that bush where crouche was

  • Invadar #BP
    Invadar #BP

    I love the way he just screams at the camera

  • crazykid69

    That's why I stay inside and watch you

  • William Keitaro
    William Keitaro

    Throught the video i always tought what if the clown teleported right in front of the drone, that would give me a heart attack

  • FlynnRV

    I have done it stormy day you’re my favourite IRglor could literally watch your day

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    Dear stromedy, I really like your videos I hope you succeed with more videos for us

  • Kim Harms
    Kim Harms

    #ClownHunterSquad hope it becomes a thing btw love the video’s❤️!! Be safe!

    • Khaleesi Stott
      Khaleesi Stott

      !,,,,!,,,,fu f

  • Cat_goddess

    He’s my favorite person to watch but not in the dark like when it’s my bedtime when I watch creepy stuff right before my bedtime I really had bad dreams because last night I had a bad dream

  • Kat Court
    Kat Court

    3:09 in the window!!!!!!!!

  • Lacie Bjorlie
    Lacie Bjorlie

    When you were going close to the park if you look under the playground you can see his face

  • Dion

    How do you think I’m supposed to stay calm and not think about crouchy when I’m alone

  • Nicholas The Yoshi
    Nicholas The Yoshi

    9:37 Crouchy is hiding behind the power box on the left look carefully if you don’t see him

    • marvel_edits72

      Omg he was😯

    • The Golden Girlss
      The Golden Girlss

      he was there I,m so frecd outtttttttttt be safeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Emmersen Ward
      Emmersen Ward

      OMG he is I just noticed that

    • Autumn Sather
      Autumn Sather

      Take these clowns down!

    • Past3lMeerkAt

      Mary Jo Stebbins I uh actually don’t know

  • Korbin Pinnell
    Korbin Pinnell

    its funy how they stare at him and there like i didnt see him wtf


    i subed to every channel, please i really want that drone i never had a balloon before.

  • Melinda Croucher
    Melinda Croucher

    How the hell is that drone flying when he has his hands aren’t on the controller

  • NewToxiLee

    I seen Kräuchi the clown in the store I stood next to him he’s really nice

  • Godzilla Fan5555
    Godzilla Fan5555

    14:43 "He's moving in the freaking forest!" Me:That's not a forest

    • Michele Walker
      Michele Walker

      Are you a fnaf fan

    • Simplypixie • 35 years ago
      Simplypixie • 35 years ago

      @JustARandomKid🇺🇦 tf!? No hes not

    • Treble Clef
      Treble Clef

      @Godzilla Fan5555 He is a animatronic

    • JustARandomKid🇺🇦

      @Godzilla Fan5555 he is real. He has wires in him and is a peice of plastic

    • Godzilla Fan5555
      Godzilla Fan5555

      Btw This guy is fake

  • Kevin Chalmers
    Kevin Chalmers

    At 9:35 look in the middle of your screen next to the powerbox

  • Pål Mesøy
    Pål Mesøy

    11:06 that's the SAME PLACE FROM THE PHOTO!!!!!

  • Jānis Citskovskis
    Jānis Citskovskis

    Crouchy seems to like technology in his power he is the master of clowns

  • Kai_parks

    stromedy you make my day when you upload

  • ~•midnight_mushroom•~

    Him:dont imagine crouchy me: *immediately thinks of crouchy* welp I'm dead :D

    • YaFavouriteGuy

      me to

    • Reyansh toys videos
      Reyansh toys videos

      Do not worry when I first watched this I also thought about him but I’m still alive so do not worry.

  • Johana Zelaya
    Johana Zelaya

    I think there was somthing behind of you guys the whole time

  • Blue4Gaming

    Also if"when the drone looks away and he does teleport"would that mean when it looks away is edited

  • Nwhwj Jwi
    Nwhwj Jwi

    13:24 crouches on the slide thing

  • Alayna Mintz
    Alayna Mintz

    Why am I afraid Crotchy gonna jump out of my screen??

  • Cavyl

    This guy's got one hand on the remote and is moving the drone and camera 😂

  • Shauna Bartel
    Shauna Bartel

    7:24 I think I saw something

  • David Colimote
    David Colimote

    When you put the camera at camron there’s a car where people walk

  • Ivy-Clementine Konsbruck
    Ivy-Clementine Konsbruck

    Even if I’m scared of clowns I love your videos

  • Keri Goodwin Saban
    Keri Goodwin Saban

    I saw crouching a clown when you were looking when you said there might be a clown spying on us

  • Pedrito Perez
    Pedrito Perez

    13:24 he actually just teleported right there

    • Streamingwithsquid

      Nah there was a cut when he was looking back

    • Sharz Larz
      Sharz Larz

      @ԀҋԀ-ҜөөҝїєҰꚌ Have you not head of spelling correctly?

    • ԀҋԀ-ҜөөҝїєҰꚌ

      Have you not heard off different video clips smfh🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jennifer Emery
    Jennifer Emery

    If I found crouchy at night Im always awake at night so I would scream

  • Light Is Cool BG
    Light Is Cool BG

    I'm in a park by myself and I saw the vid so I'm thinking of him so thank u for killing me

  • Lilly Gibbons
    Lilly Gibbons

    I was so scared when you went to the bushes 🤨🧐

  • Kristen Arenz
    Kristen Arenz

    I thought I saw grouchy but it was just something from the park

  • NFL productions
    NFL productions

    how does Stromedy sleep at night while he does this during the day??

    • Alayna Mintz
      Alayna Mintz

      He doesn't

  • Annemarie Murphy
    Annemarie Murphy

    I never stop watching you stromedy

  • Quamil Spells
    Quamil Spells

    I feel like the only videos that you post is about clowns, and I like that I bet other people like it to and journey's.

  • AJ Wilson
    AJ Wilson

    He is staring at you he show his own body he targeted you

  • Benny Wiebe
    Benny Wiebe

    I can't believe how tall he is

  • Gaming JokeYT
    Gaming JokeYT

    Does anybody else noticed that on the drone it’s a different time of day then on the camera

    • rosebadsreml rose
      rosebadsreml rose


    • Ninjagaming 200
      Ninjagaming 200


    • Gaming JokeYT
      Gaming JokeYT

      @Helix no because they were outside of the car

    • Monalisa Mukherjee
      Monalisa Mukherjee


    • Brianna Brown
      Brianna Brown

      Yea it kind of does