Kyrie Irving Has NASTY Handles & SICK Game! Official High School Mixtape!
Check out the official mixtape of the 2011 NBA #1 draft pick, Kyrie Irving. The New Jersey native attended St. Patrick high school followed by a year at Duke University. Kyrie is one of the smartest and most talented point guards we have ever covered here at Ballislife. He has all the tools to be a solid NBA point guard immediately and grow into a star down the road.
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  • WalkingW

    Wow this kid is pretty good. If he keeps working on it he might be 1# draft pick and maybe even play on the same team with Lebron James, drop 57 points in 1 game and maybe even make it to the finals.

    • SYBO Mike
      SYBO Mike


    • everett

      and he might join the nets then kd ends up joining with him and they end up leaving and then he goes to the lakers

    • saba r&h
      saba r&h


    • James Mac
      James Mac

      @ruzcurita this aged well he a hall of famer

    • Sean Barnes
      Sean Barnes

      700th like

  • Zach Anderson
    Zach Anderson

    His game reminds me of shaq. Hope he makes the nfl

    • Aj Thomas
      Aj Thomas

      @RayRayRamirez215 bro he was kidding you didn’t see him say i hope he makes the nfl😭

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover

      I agree

    • Zandy Howard
      Zandy Howard

      Had to come back to this to say, wtf.🌧✅😎🙏😂🤞🏿👌🏿👎🏿🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Top dawg vic
      Top dawg vic

      He did and he averages 2 home runs a game and has a Stanley cup

    • bg23allday1

      Ok this shit funny lol

  • Clique Productions
    Clique Productions

    The thing i find different from Kyrie's highschool mixtape compared to several other highschool standouts is that you can see hes always in control. He never nearly loses his handle, he always has the same shot form, he is composed and not all over the place. Amazing player

    • Wyatt W
      Wyatt W

      Maybe this comment was made before you blew up

    • Wyatt W
      Wyatt W

      Well obviously because it’s a mixtape. If he lost his handle then it wouldn’t be in the tape

    • Antonio Jones
      Antonio Jones

      Wassup Clique

  • Adam K.
    Adam K.

    No doubt this guy is a future #1 Draft Pick. I bet he'll play for the Cavs too.

    • Fovo

      @Adam K. well look at that kryie did play for the cavs

    • Fovo

      @Kerfalla Hey he was right

    • Marugonardo

      @jordan anderson you smarter now?

    • CammoAmmo

      @Luckyroo lmao

    • CammoAmmo


  • BugsBunny 313
    BugsBunny 313

    he not gone make it to the NBA. if he do he probably end up playing for a team like cavs or something

    • Grizzle 9
      Grizzle 9

      @Hehehe 😂😂😂😂😂😂 man bro I was about to say so if I say Kyrie is only 17 now guys he gone call me dumb asl knowing dam well I know he older then 17 In the nba

    • Hehehe

      @derrick smoove its been 5 yrs hope u r a little bit smarter now

  • 87GenerationY

    He's actually killing it in the nfl right now. Great receiver and even better punt returner!

    • Timothy Rogers
      Timothy Rogers

      Bruh It's Sarcasm

    • ph3nomx24

      He's a basketball player not a football player

    • Sarosh Fernando
      Sarosh Fernando

      87GenerationY lol

  • zaddy

    i had to guard kyrie back in a high school game.. never felt so stupid and useless in my life.

    • Jr Kularatne
      Jr Kularatne


    • Troll King
      Troll King

      @shap Why you do my man's like that😂

    • Bryson Cline
      Bryson Cline

      @shap Lol

    • shap

      hey, your seeing this reply 6 years after you wrote it... heres a little throw back for you to make you feel old and remember you once wrote this thing lol!

  • Eljhon Lanuza
    Eljhon Lanuza

    Nice handles, great speed, good foot work, nice bounce and a nasty jump shot. This boy will make it to the NBA.

  • MK TommyTrixx
    MK TommyTrixx

    Damn those moves and that shot remind me of Yao Ming. Good old days.

    • Brandon Figueroa
      Brandon Figueroa


  • Nat Luzentales
    Nat Luzentales

    I think this kid in gonna be an NBA champ one day. He might even dominate in the finals.

    • lil Kodak
      lil Kodak

      akaCloudz he’s in the NBA and he’s been at all-star for years and he an NBA championship

    • Miguel 2r
      Miguel 2r

      JoshGetBuckets r/woooosh

  • Sasha Shahidi
    Sasha Shahidi

    Nice talent. I bet when this guy gets drafted, he is going to be a solid backup point guard for a team. He's a steal if he makes it to the second round...

    • Grayson Pruitt
      Grayson Pruitt

      Thank god your joking

    • Sasha Shahidi
      Sasha Shahidi

      I was joking

  • Kyle

    Damn he's good, he can make it in the NBA one day, maybe even play with Lebron James

    • Zach Lincoln
      Zach Lincoln

      @ph3nomx24 r/whoosh

    • roger curry
      roger curry

      Kyle already did

  • seriouslyfuckutube

    IMO this is one of the coolest things about the internet era. seeing future greats and HOFs from the beginning like this is just fucking awesome.

    • Lah Mike
      Lah Mike

      seriouslyfuckutube fr

  • Qasim

    Damm this kid is sick. He will probably drop 57 points one game

    • Hitman25

      Nah nah. He a first pick that the Cavs selected. He's currently a reserve for the Cavaliers. It's a shame man, the Cavaliers wasted their lottery first pick on this guy.

    • Andrew Wicker
      Andrew Wicker

      This was the most funny chat in the whole video😂

    • Arman2599

      +Qasim well first he has to make the nba then yea maybe.

    • Ronald Lin
      Ronald Lin

      With a buzzer beater too xD

  • VinBones

    This dude has got some skill. Might even make it to the nba and join the cavaliers and score 41 points on golden state warriors with lebron and win a ring but who knows.

    • starboi klem
      starboi klem

      are you fucking kidding me?dude that kid has some skills but you set the standar way too high man thats an overkill

    • Stunt

      You predicted that right

  • keenon

    Damn what happened to this guy? he had potential

    • Dan

      idk i heard he’s a running back for the cleveland warriors idk

    • 2Wavy4u 21
      2Wavy4u 21

      IRglo thug Last I saw him him he was working at a McDonalds.

    • you can't be forreal?
      you can't be forreal?

      He works at a gas station now

    • Riverside 5
      Riverside 5

      jj Joyner ikr

    • keenon

      DoubleXRell _ issa joke lmao

  • Idris A
    Idris A

    Woah this guys awesome imagine him and Lebron on the same team

    • ph3nomx24

      Dude they already play on same team now he wit the celtics

    • Supreme Rice
      Supreme Rice

      Also with Kevin love and Timothy Mozgov and Jr smith😂

  • Andrew Hinton
    Andrew Hinton

    Sucks that he wasn't drafted... could have been the greatest pf of all time...

    • Cole Veeder
      Cole Veeder

      @Gregory Reed no, pretty sure hes a power forward

    • Gregory Reed
      Gregory Reed

      He a point guard dummy

    • Jon Chadiha
      Jon Chadiha

      Derek Goode Jr You take this L

    • n o
      n o

      @GetDunkedOn 39 lmfao

    • GetDunkedOn 39
      GetDunkedOn 39

      i also thought he didn't succeed because he was meant to play center and was way too big to play pf

  • Victor Williams
    Victor Williams

    Wow this guy is amazing, i can see him reaching the finals in his carreer at least once

    • Jacob M
      Jacob M

      +Flexbrook L

    • Galvanina

      no shit...

    • Anonymous McLachlan
      Anonymous McLachlan


    • AKA

      @Victor Williams I bet he gets injured in game 1 or something.

  • Max Forstag
    Max Forstag

    I remember watching Kyrie's highlights during the '10-'11 season and telling my friends he'd be the Cavs' future first overall pick. 5 years later he's an NBA champion!

  • ErikGodinez

    Damn he has potential hopefully he can make it to the mls and play with Odell Beckham

  • Nat Luzentales
    Nat Luzentales

    this was 5 years ago. haven't heard of this guy since. i knew he was all hype

    • Samu Nkuta
      Samu Nkuta

      Nat Luzentales lmao

    • Justme&you

      What about know?😂

    • The Artoon Nerdologist
      The Artoon Nerdologist

      He has a ring

    • Deon Lacy
      Deon Lacy

      Nat Luzentales It’s been 2 years & ppl still don understand sarcasm.......

  • Rifath Ahmed
    Rifath Ahmed

    It’s crazy to see the evolution in his game from then to now, will always be my favorite player

  • Mohammed Alziyadi
    Mohammed Alziyadi

    kyrie's first year with the nuggets in the nba wasn't that good,now that he went to the celtics,hes doing alright but he's still not top 10 point guards in the league. espn said that he might go to the pistons because lebron is on the pistons and he wants to play with kevin durant and melo

    • Peter Black
      Peter Black

      Mohammed Alziyadi he actually went to the celtics😭😭😭😂😂😂

    • ChuckGotNext

      Reading this made me re think what reality I was in and if there was another reality.

    • Isaiah Cole
      Isaiah Cole

      What type of sorcery are you using

    • 24 Shotz
      24 Shotz

      Mohammed Alziyadi bruhhh u predicted the future lol. he's on the celtics now 😂

    • ICS

      Mohammed Alziyadi LMAO I know this is sarcasm, but Kyrie is now in Celtics

  • Christopher Alvarez
    Christopher Alvarez

    I played against Kyrie when I was in high school. Guarding Kyrie was the toughest thing i've ever done in basketball. He made me touch the floor twice and keeping up with him takes too much stamina. Doesnt help that Gilchrist was playing with him too lol

  • Sal Gasol
    Sal Gasol

    Dude's gonna make a great Pepsi spokesman some day.

  • Henry Tran
    Henry Tran

    this dude might even get a ring today

    • Henry Tran
      Henry Tran

      +Tyler Meshigaud ik haha I was joking Cuz it's an old video

    • Tanto Brown Bear
      Tanto Brown Bear

      he got his ring ^^^

  • Nathan

    Wow, what a nice kid. Hope he does well in the NBA! Solid handles and a good range.

  • ImaFight Fan
    ImaFight Fan

    Kyri has the all the layup packages, he's amazing around the RIM!

  • Cash Cito
    Cash Cito

    this guy would be a good fit for the NBA. I hope he can make NBA

  • B-Salty

    He's so good with both hands. If you didn't know which hand he shot with, you wouldn't be able to tell which hand was dominant.

  • njb 007
    njb 007

    This kid is good. You never know he could be an nba all star. He might just make it to the finals one day to.

    • Oh Wironz
      Oh Wironz

      Lol, I love the sarcasm

    • Mpthegreat

      Please stop its not funny

  • brigidoloza1

    Kyrie Irving is the best center in the nba right now hands down... He is a monta ellis type player with the body of blake griffin...

    • Gregory Reed
      Gregory Reed

      Point guard yo meant dummy

    • Sam Sule
      Sam Sule

      great details haha

  • JiDion

    This is the best tennis player I have ever seen I betSerena Williams is proud of her son

    • Andrew Wiggins
      Andrew Wiggins

      What’s up Jidion how r u

    • Abdirahim DURKIOO
      Abdirahim DURKIOO

      ur poppin now, love to see it🤩

    • The local mouse in your house
      The local mouse in your house


    • FoxDestroyer

      Haha 😂

  • Joshua Jordan
    Joshua Jordan

    He'll probably be a great center.

    • Isaiah Cole
      Isaiah Cole

      ph3nomx24 it’s a joke.

  • Forced to take a picture with my wifes son
    Forced to take a picture with my wifes son

    Damn cant believe i saw this in 2011 and added it to my favorites list not knowing hes gunna end up being an amazing pg in the nba. Crazy

  • Brandon Weems
    Brandon Weems

    2022 and I just had to come back to this man's highlights. hate that he's going the way he is but man he's always been nasty

  • Mikey Johnson
    Mikey Johnson

    Eh, I'm still skeptical. I mean, this kid is sick with the handles, but you need more than that to make it in the NBA. The best thing that could happen for this kid is if he teammed up with somebody like LeBron or something. Somebody that can take him under their wing. I wonder if he is going to go straight to the NBA or college first? IDK, but pair him with a PF who can shoot 3's to spread the floor and he might actually make it. I just don't see that happening though. Still, I'm rooting for the kid.

    • Logic 301
      Logic 301

      Mikey Johnson now what nows he one of the bests pg in the league now talk

    • hd150

      I think he'll win lebron a ring

  • DatBeachBum

    This guys needs to grow. 8 inches won't cut it in the BangBros business

    • konkai wa
      konkai wa

      Yt Flights okay??? are you bragging ab watching bangbros kid? 😂

    • Yt Flights
      Yt Flights

      I'm 13 and I know what that means

    • EveryDaffodil53

      DatBeachBum bruh wtf 🤣😂😭💀💀💀

    • Go Pats!!! -
      Go Pats!!! -


    • batak siahaan
      batak siahaan

      DatBeachBum wtf lol

  • 5K.RIDO

    He's sick! This kid will make it in the NBA and become a champion 💪

  • Jeremy WT
    Jeremy WT

    i'm going to be truthfully honest, when i first saw a mixtape of Kyrie, i was unimpressed. He looked like he had a tiny frame and moderate speed. Also, he only played 11 games in college. I was thinking, "hes going to bust". After watching his first year, I take back EVERYTHING i said. man this guy goes off.

  • John Rey Reyes
    John Rey Reyes

    a bright future is clearly seen on this guy. i hope he'll make it at the NBA, 1st round 1st Draft Pick is alright, and win a All star MVP,... just keep practicing, there's always room for improvement.

  • Elton Val Magtibay
    Elton Val Magtibay

    sick handles, exceptional even since high school... i know there's a lot of guys in NBA that had good handles too like kyrie, but i can only see kyrie as having the coolest move of those ballers...

  • Lee Sin
    Lee Sin

    This guy is great I hope he gets drafted in the NBA!

  • Basketball Immersion
    Basketball Immersion

    Good video, definitely helpful for my coaching, I appreciate your shares

  • Florencio Lozoya
    Florencio Lozoya

    this guy is impressive! he makes me want to watch basketball!

  • Antione Crawford
    Antione Crawford

    Irvings entire career is just one huge Pepsi commercial

    • Jr Kularatne
      Jr Kularatne

      Tigue The Spectacular fr

    • Miguel Anthony
      Miguel Anthony

      That’s crazy

    • Kay Savsge
      Kay Savsge

      Are you sure?

    • Infinity Mixtapes
      Infinity Mixtapes

      I think you misunderstood him

    • Sander doido
      Sander doido

      No, he s a champion.take this L

  • TrellGato

    Life comes at you fast. Keep working

  • Manav

    This guy bats really well. I think he may be able to beat SRTs record of 100 scores of a 100 international cricket

  • James Luu
    James Luu

    Kyrie has mad handles but it's his speed is the one that makes him so good

  • ziqian

    Man i see a bright future in the nba for this dude maybe even 1st seed in the eastern conference?

  • Chance Olson
    Chance Olson

    Kyrie one of the greatest point guards of all time, if you really see his highlights you'll be astonished

  • step

    He still got a few more years of hardwork he could make it to the league

  • A.Smooth Official
    A.Smooth Official

    This guy is good. When is he coming to the NBA?

    • slickbarista ??????
      slickbarista ??????

      @Mark robinson Nothing gets past this guy

    • G S
      G S

      I think he play wit lebrun

  • IzDaChinoMhin

    He's go a lot of skill, one of the best players right now! I just hope Cleveland gets better, It would suck to see this kid get criticized if he ended up doing what LeBron did

  • Roxer

    From mixtapes to championship highlights.

  • Jaeden Monterroso
    Jaeden Monterroso

    Maybe some day he will one of the greatest shots in NBA Finals history

  • MrFuchew

    The true greats have their game set by the time they are like 16 which is amazing if you think about it. All the things he did in the NBA that make him one of the greatest ball handlers of all time are all there in these highlights when he is hardly more than a boy.

  • aa cc
    aa cc

    kid's got potential. I hope he gets to play for Australia someday.

  • Swiggity

    This kids so good even if he gets injured for his entire college season he'll still go number 1 overall

  • J Ca
    J Ca

    Wow, looks like he's been an elite finisher at the rim with both hands since high school. Still my fav player to watch.

  • Orion

    This guy has talent, maybe one day he will play alongside LeBron, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert and a russian guy named Mozgov but who knows...

    • Lachlan Hannay
      Lachlan Hannay

      Yeah, maybe one day

    • Sharpshooter 174
      Sharpshooter 174

      D.A. Productions There is something called sarcasm

    • D.A. Productions
      D.A. Productions

      Heisenberg Why did you write this 11months ago when he is already playing with them for a few years?

    • 1700 soldier
      1700 soldier

      mozgov is on the lakers now sped

  • Jose Rivas
    Jose Rivas

    He'll play for the Nets one day. Without a doubt

  • tfburrito

    Kyrie's still developing.. can't wait to see him in 2-3 years.

  • don'tyouevercometo myclasswithoutapensndpaper
    don'tyouevercometo myclasswithoutapensndpaper

    Kids insane. Wont be surprised if we see him playing for the nets or something

  • Cesar BMB
    Cesar BMB

    He seems ok just not completely league ready in my opinion he looks like he could possibly win a ring by hitting a game winning shot over Stephen Curry but idk seems not that probable

    • King Dino Dragonite
      King Dino Dragonite

      I think he and durant will team up but maybe durant will be injured or something. Idk

    • Infinity Mixtapes
      Infinity Mixtapes

      Brandon Knight is gonna have a much better career

    • Braeden Medlock
      Braeden Medlock

      RGV Hooper I really envision him in a Celtics uniform but I’m probably just thinking crazy

  • Londin Gang
    Londin Gang

    He won't make the NBA. Nice handle buy not explosive enough. Maybe overseas

    • Cancel Fazo
      Cancel Fazo

      surprise surprise he’s in the nba

  • Tez Almighty
    Tez Almighty

    Yea, this dude will never have the best handles in the league and end up hitting a game winner in the nba finals.

    • Tahir Johnson
      Tahir Johnson

      Hes in the league people

    • Sekke Bronzazza
      Sekke Bronzazza

      ph3nomx24 its a joke

    • ph3nomx24

      Jumpshot Jesus Jr. Dud he in da nba man

    • Oh Wironz
      Oh Wironz

      Sarcasm, lol. XD

  • its twistt
    its twistt

    he will def be a high pick this year

  • GodModeTone

    Hes pretty good but im assuming because of his great skill he wouldn't want to be shadowed by a star player so he would want to lead his own team

  • Justin

    this guy has NBA potential. he can be that type of player to hit the big shot for his team.

  • Buxxer

    Damn this kid is good he might even play with James harden and Kevin Durant on the nets one day...

  • Call Me Tae
    Call Me Tae

    guy is pretty good. one thing I saw here is his ability to finish in the paint. very useful in this league. tho his IQ I little questionable. he takes too many difficult shots down low. yeah he can finish but it's not high percentage looks. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do on an NBA court. when he goes through college and declares for the league, he'll be a real problem for opposing teams.

  • cpeeples3

    Keep doing what you doing because you deserve a ring

  • Aksham 1807
    Aksham 1807

    knew this guy before he turned out to be a star☺️

  • TeeTop

    Now he the best ball handler in the NBA 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • thesmoothone

    if he keeps it up maybe hell be an nba champion one day

  • Windex Bleach
    Windex Bleach

    He definitely will be an all star and play for the Celtics 6 years later

  • 706 Walt
    706 Walt

    He has the potential to be a superstar in the league

  • Malik Myers
    Malik Myers

    Man, if him and lebron team up it's going to be insane, 2 number 1 picks on the same team???? WOW!!