The Olympics NEEDS This Sport!!
How Ridiculous
Thanks to BounceINC Cannington!

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  • Raytheon Nublinski
    Raytheon Nublinski

    Yellow missed a balloon. Do the right thing and strip his gold medal. This sport has a long history of honor and dignity and has no room for cheaters.

  • Hemalatha baskar
    Hemalatha baskar


  • Praveena CH
    Praveena CH

    cant imagine how their ears are after this

  • KamdynKidwell

    Yellow completely missed a ballon and red at the end of the race

  • SteadyChasing MoneyBands
    SteadyChasing MoneyBands

    Nobody mentions the fact homie runs back while his friend is still throwing darts

  • Jaspal Singh
    Jaspal Singh

    Imagine if he forgot to record video

  • ThePlatitudeFromOuterSpace

    Both missed one, sorry boys, rematch.

  • Junior Valverde
    Junior Valverde

    How come every single video I see is about someone making a comeback when the other person was in the lead so I already knew yellow was gonna win

  • Aliya Walker
    Aliya Walker

    This looks soooooo fun 🤩

  • Just Another Voice
    Just Another Voice

    Man, Heren almost lost an eye to Gaunson’s dart!

  • Off-track Encounters
    Off-track Encounters

    I've been there, BOUNCE Cannington haha so good

  • Yossi Lampert
    Yossi Lampert

    Gaunson missed one

  • nwafor Igbo ikechukwu
    nwafor Igbo ikechukwu

    OMG, I love this so much

  • 3yoMaxenpaxen

    My dream when i was 4 years old..

  • Putzzz

    Had a laugh with the shovel smacking. I remembered the "Juice juicer" and "Concrete juicer" bits from the shovel video lol

  • Fernando Neaves
    Fernando Neaves

    I was laughing at your video only on the very beginning part of how it sounds. 🤣

  • 結那


  • kwimberly007

    OMG, I was excited from start to finish, I love this

  • StareeStars

    Kids: it's not safe to run with needles!

  • Usha Tamang
    Usha Tamang

    I also wanted to play this game with my friends