Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 11 | Martha Argerich, Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra & Jacek Kaspszyk
Martha Argerich (piano) plays Frédéric Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, Op. 11 with the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, conducted by Jacek Kaspszyk. The concert was performed on August 27, 2010 at the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall.

Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) composed his first piano concerto in 1830. At the time, he was still living in his native Poland and was just 20 years old. The premier of Piano Concerto No. 1 took place in October of the same year at Warsaw’s National Theater, with Chopin himself playing the challenging piano part.

Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 11 was popular with audiences from the very beginning. But it also had its critics, who complained that the orchestra was only given a supporting role to the piano, which was the star of the show. And it is true that the orchestra serves merely to add atmosphere to the piano as the main part. Chopin based the piano part on the Belcanto singing of Italian operas. That’s where the many decorative artistic details come from. The musical motifs of Piano Concerto Op. 11 are based on many traditional Polish melodies. That makes the concert very memorable. It is also very romantic in character.

Almost all great piano virtuosos have played Frédéric Chopin’s first Piano Concerto. Martha Argerich, for example, performed and even recorded it many times. To everyone’s surprise, Argerich discovered new facets of the concerto each time she performed it. This is of course thanks to her virtuosity as a piano performer but also due to her temperament and her surprising spontaneity.

Martha Argerich plays Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1: The tried and tested combination for audiences to enjoy a wonderfully romantic concert!

( 00:30 ) I. Allegro maestoso
( 20:53 ) II. Romanze - Larghetto
( 30:46 ) III. Rondo - Vivace

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  • Maria Teresa CLAES
    Maria Teresa CLAES

    Que sublime inspirscion de CHOPIN Y que maravillosa interprete LA ARGENTINA MARTA ARGERICH.

  • Omayra Valles
    Omayra Valles

    Se is great

  • Aureliano Jose monteiro
    Aureliano Jose monteiro

    Gratidão pelo belissimo trabalho que, nos foi apresentado!

  • Robin P Clarke
    Robin P Clarke

    One of the great under-appreciated gems of "classical" music. And one that I never tire of hearing.

  • Gabry C.
    Gabry C.

    È veramente fantastico il sentimento che sto provando sentendo suonare Chopin da questa grandissima pianista....... GRAZIEEEEEEEEE per aver inserito questo video

    • DW Classical Music
      DW Classical Music

      Siamo contenti che ti piaccia!! :)

  • 장미

    ❤😅 wa~~~~

  • El Toffel
    El Toffel


  • Francesca De Logu
    Francesca De Logu

    I adore her energy. She's incomparable.

  • Gerrie Klein
    Gerrie Klein

    Just wonderful piano player my goodness just awesome 👌

  • 怖い洗脳

    若い時は黒髪の美少女 今は半分白髪の老人 だけど 音色は変わらない

  • 怖い洗脳

    若い時は美しかったのに この人もう 年取ってしまった

  • Gladstone Almeida
    Gladstone Almeida

    When/if I will dead I 'ii lickkb

    • Gladstone Almeida
      Gladstone Almeida

      "I dead"

    • Gladstone Almeida
      Gladstone Almeida

      When/if I will like hear Mart a ....and her wonder music!

  • Gladstone Almeida
    Gladstone Almeida

    Quando/se eu morrer quero ficar ouvindo Martha !

  • david ben mordechai
    david ben mordechai

    This thing makes me questioning everything

  • Laila Bahgat ليلى بهجت
    Laila Bahgat ليلى بهجت

    Just fantastic moving performance. You were the cause to boost my mood of feeling really bad into a very positive one. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

  • Jenny coupon
    Jenny coupon

    Just awful. I've so used to hearing Slavic pianists play Chopin right. Argerich plays like a bumbling foreigner.

  • Robin England
    Robin England

    Wonderful! Amazing talent at any age!!!

  • Carmen Reyes
    Carmen Reyes


  • Carmen Reyes
    Carmen Reyes


  • M.A. Lebron
    M.A. Lebron

    I’ve read about a hundred of the comments here. My two cents, for what they are worth: I’ve not heard this pianist perform before. I’d like to explore some of her other performances. That said, I find this one to be a little mushy. Not a bad performance, just that the emotional intent in some of the passages seems to fall apart, it’s just a struggle to get through the notes. I’m not going to try to be more granular in my assessment than that, other than to say that I have recordings of this work by 8 different pianists. In my view, the best I’ve heard is by Mauricio Pollini. At least, that is the one I go back to over and over.

  • Hector Aguilar
    Hector Aguilar

    She's beautiful.

  • Knuth

    Einfach nur schön!

  • Ирина Шевела
    Ирина Шевела


  • Carmen Reyes
    Carmen Reyes

    Si pueden tocar el piANO QUE VAYAN USTEDES

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    Verito Daie


  • Daiane Barros
    Daiane Barros

    Minha nossa


    soft music.. listen to the piano OMG

  • Omar Paredes
    Omar Paredes

    Magnífico Fantástico Martha Argerich,todo perfecto.👍👍

  • Warszawska Syrenka
    Warszawska Syrenka

    BRAVO 🌼

  • robert wilson
    robert wilson

    A great musician

  • Hayden Myers
    Hayden Myers

    Most people attempt such a concerto and try to hold on for dear life, but Argerich is simply toying with the piano...

  • Jędrzej Stęszewski
    Jędrzej Stęszewski

    37:32 why not? 😉

  • Carmen Reyes
    Carmen Reyes

    Gran pianista la Sra Ingtinch y orquesta

  • J. Borda
    J. Borda

    El conductor me recuerda a Malher

  • The Piano Corner TPC
    The Piano Corner TPC

    Ridiculous speed in the Rondo.This noteshitting racehorse is an absolute insult to Chopin's lyrical music.

  • Sonia Ng
    Sonia Ng

    That’s amazingly beautiful performance ❤️💕

  • whatever

    Absolutely stunning playing of Chopin no 1 Bravo!!!!!!

  • Vera Lucia Linden
    Vera Lucia Linden

    Ela é maravilhosa e excelente intérprete de Chopin e de outros grandes nomes da Música Clássica.

  • Gustavo Rodríguez
    Gustavo Rodríguez

    Goddess Martha ... from which planet have you come to us? We love you ! Cheers from Rosario, Argentina.

  • 张泷颢


  • Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez


    • DW Classical Music
      DW Classical Music


  • T Wells
    T Wells

    ... 40 minutes. From. Memory.

  • Hazim Aldujaili
    Hazim Aldujaili

    Falls of beauty out of her fingers


    Chopin... you composed a Masterpiece here. You lived only 39 years on earth, but still managed to leave us spell bound with your incredible music long after you are gone. Never again has there been any composer like you even til today in 2021..right in the midst of Covid 19. Thank you Chopin. You are greatly admired and appreciated my millions of music lovers...and will continue to be so long after this generation is gone too. Those who are yet to be born today at the time of my writing this will be born in the future. They will grow up and discover your beautiful music and again your music will captivate them the same way you captivated many generations after your death. RIP Chopin. You are beyond amazing!

  • warner broken
    warner broken

    Chopin just smiled, Martha.

  • vcortes409

    Nada en Martha es artificial, o por la imagen. Todo es por la necesidad musical. Eso es lo que nos hace conectar sin trabas, con la esencia de su música. Escuchar a Martha es un viaje de ida. Period.

  • puertousbmonkey

    5:18 that note was like a paintor's stroke, pure art

  • 敏明 齋藤
    敏明 齋藤


  • Julia Del Valle Rocha
    Julia Del Valle Rocha

    Dominio del teclado. Excelentes manos, digitacion maravillosa

    • Alejandra Arzeno Kerr
      Alejandra Arzeno Kerr

      No sea cursi; la digitación no se nota así de fácil

  • Julia Del Valle Rocha
    Julia Del Valle Rocha

    ,un placer de placeres

  • Fuck Offmate
    Fuck Offmate

    What a silver piano freaking legendary fox.

  • Margaret Hefer
    Margaret Hefer

    ,Martha is incredible! Keep on Martha, we love your wonderful talent!

  • pghagen

    Amazing Performance of Chopin's 1st. pianoconcerto by Mrs. Argerich, the Goddess of de piano.Don't understand how somebody dares to say that she is "past her prime". She is definately NOT! She clearly enjoys every moment of this concert and the collaboration with the conductor. I can only be silent after this beautiful performance! Thank you mrs. Argerich! Keep on going giving concerts!

  • Елена Данильян
    Елена Данильян


  • Andrea Figueroa
    Andrea Figueroa


  • Sarah Benesia
    Sarah Benesia

    Extraordinary,Sublime.Masterful delivery....Body and soul aligned with the celestial spheres and dance with the stars.

    • smallworld8


  • silvia lucia Malamud
    silvia lucia Malamud

    Ella es ya casi una leyenda,maravillosa Martha!

  • Maria Silvina Gonzalez
    Maria Silvina Gonzalez

    No habrá ninguna Igual, dice una letra de tango.Ella es cada compositor, ya es atemporal.... Gracias!!!!!!

    • Maria Silvina Gonzalez
      Maria Silvina Gonzalez

      Una pregunta,Martha Argerich grabó a Astor Piazzolla? Estamos en el centenario de su nacimiento

    • DW Classical Music
      DW Classical Music


  • 流放貴族



    Эти звуки захватили в свои сети ветер, утро,рассвет и закат,а по сути,весь мир! Жаль,что гармонию мелодий Шопена иногда присваивают себе другие... Исполненение проникновенное- воздушное!

  • Servac Bonifac
    Servac Bonifac


  • Carmen ROMERO PEREZ Romero Perez
    Carmen ROMERO PEREZ Romero Perez

    Me parece muy bien la selección de música que ofrece IRglo. Gracias

    • María Isabel Bernabeu Martín
      María Isabel Bernabeu Martín

      Es la selección de música que le ofrece a usted. Es personalizada. Pero puede que si aun ha hecho pocas búsquedas le ofrezca estas melodías en predeterminado

  • Zė Portella
    Zė Portella

    A melodia foi capturada no Paraíso pela alma inspirada do compositor e materializada pela sensibilidade e arte de Martha e orquestra! Parabéns a todos os envolvidos e pela lembrança do evento! Muito obrigado pelo êxtase!

    • María Isabel Bernabeu Martín
      María Isabel Bernabeu Martín

      Muito obrigado

  • Marinella Minestrini
    Marinella Minestrini

    Grandissima e bravissima

  • The happy piano 298
    The happy piano 298

    I love how she plays the piano and the parts where the trumpet can be heard especially that what I like about the peace 😊👍 I think I’m beginning to like Chopin 😊👍

  • Joan Cox
    Joan Cox

    What a joy to hear - and watch - Martha play this Chopin concerto from the comfort of my own home. Thank you for the pleasure! Joan

  • Yukon Cornelius Jr
    Yukon Cornelius Jr

    She plays beautifully

  • Susan McDonald
    Susan McDonald

    Gorgeous, thank you Martha

  • marte thompson
    marte thompson

    God gave us Chopin, and then he gave us Martha Argerich to play the piano.

  • Ian McKinnon
    Ian McKinnon

    Chopin must hear this in Heaven!

  • Laura del Socorro Castro
    Laura del Socorro Castro

    Increíble! :)

  • Eugenia Krüger
    Eugenia Krüger

    Браво! Спасибо за подаренное упоение🌸

    • DW Classical Music
      DW Classical Music

      You're welcome! Please continue to visit DW Classical Music!

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    aloysio araujo falcao filho

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  • Gary Lloyd
    Gary Lloyd

    Well, if someone says she's not as good as she used to be, that's right. She's better. I can't explain. She has a degree of freedom that even she didn't have when younger. There is so much to enjoy here. This is just so amazing.

  • Alessandro Toni
    Alessandro Toni


  • Ethan Galloway
    Ethan Galloway

    Damn girl.

  • Byron Sutherland
    Byron Sutherland

    Goddess among pianists. No one will ever play with her penache and verve.

  • Stephanie Lotze
    Stephanie Lotze

    Martha Argerich atmet und spricht mit Ihrem Instrument,magischer geht es nicht.

  • Maria Júlia Dos Santos Cunha
    Maria Júlia Dos Santos Cunha

    🎹 ❤🌹👏👏🇧🇷😷

  • Shining Like A Star
    Shining Like A Star


  • Hanna Staszak
    Hanna Staszak

    Piękno muzyki Fryderyka Szopena to fenomen graniczący z cudem.

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    Carlos Vargas

    Bestia absoluta!

  • harry weijts
    harry weijts


  • cy chen
    cy chen

    So good. she has impeccable taste. there are many many pianists with exceptional technics, but not easy to find one with her sense. simply amazing.

  • Sergio hernan Gonzalez bustos
    Sergio hernan Gonzalez bustos


  • Rosa Himmelreich
    Rosa Himmelreich

    Bravo! 👏🙏💖🧠

  • Alfonso Martín
    Alfonso Martín

    Once again I enjoy this concert ❤️🎵👏

    • María Isabel Bernabeu Martín
      María Isabel Bernabeu Martín

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    Maria Ines Ané

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    Maria Mele

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  • Gustavo Guersman
    Gustavo Guersman

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  • pietro bussolino
    pietro bussolino

    Grande tecnica ,gran temperamento grande sensibilità, grande pianista!

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    Aja Vasil

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    Unfortunate love

  • Hanna Staszak
    Hanna Staszak

    Piękna muzyka, uczta dla duszy. Fryderyku będziemy Pana kochać aż do końca świata.

  • Cecilia A.
    Cecilia A.

    Que Calidad Dios mio. Marta A. Excelente pianista.

    • María Isabel Bernabeu Martín
      María Isabel Bernabeu Martín

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